Fear of Humiliation ā€“ Story Night Miracles

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Human beings are not like other animals. If you insult a cat, or a cockroach, you ugly, useless insect,

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you filthy creature. It is not affected at all.

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You can yell at a mouse all you want, it's not having a bad day because of the way you treated it.

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The only way you can harm an animal is by physically harming an animal, somebody, some animals can have emotional connection, we're not talking about that. But for the most part, you can yell at a pigeon all you want,

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that's still gonna do what it does. You know, it's gonna mess up your car, no matter what you do.

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But human beings, you go to work and somebody insults you at work. Some manager accuses you of stealing something, or somebody accuses you of cheating, or somebody else accuses you of lying, or somebody else accuses you of being you're doing something you haven't done,

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and you feel pain anyway.

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And it's so powerful that it can be more devastating than physical pain.

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You know, the most important example of that in the Quran? Is mother young. When she had her baby Isa,

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she was gonna go back with the baby back to her Muslim community back to the masjid. But everybody there knew that she's not married. So they were gonna ask her where did this baby come from? And this thought that she has to answer that question was so devastating to her that in the Quran, Allah tells us her words he says you're late and he took up Lucha. If only I could be dead before this happens. The fear of being humiliated is so powerful, if even scarier than being killed.

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i If you had to pick between the 2 million picked which one death, Musa if you had to pick which one is one, number one, which one is first and which one is last? What did he humiliation? And you know what? Alhamdulillah Muslims understand that because we're people of the Quran, and we've had the Quran for 1400 plus years, therefore, we never humiliate anyone, like just like we don't kill anybody. We understand that these two things are really serious to Allah. Therefore, we never make fun of anyone. We never insult anyone. We never accuse anyone. We never told anyone. We never make ugly comments about anyone on social media. We don't text anyone about anything like that. We never

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say mean words. Alhamdulillah Allah has given us Islam there for everybody to kofod have that problem, but we have

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because you know, we have Quran and stuff. I just gaslighted you but anyway,

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the point is, you understand how serious this is, yeah, to be humiliated. And this is important because Allah is teaching us that even when you're a prophet, even when you're speaking directly to Allah, and Allah is telling you to do something. Then even though you fear Allah, when you're talking directly to him,

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the fear of being humiliated doesn't go away. The fear of people's words doesn't go away. people's words are serious business. That's not such a small thing. It can even terrify a prophet, and he can tell a lot about it. Because I'm scared they're gonna call me a liar. So it's a pretty remarkable thing that Allah azza wa jal mentions that because that is a fear many people live with. And because of that fear, they don't stand up to the wrongdoing people. You see Messiah to stand up to the wrongdoing, people right. And his first fear was if I stand up to them, they're gonna start humiliating me. That's terrifying. That's why I'm going to stay in a corner and let them do what

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they do. Because it's too scary. Their words are too scary. What was the second thing after you know I'm afraid they're gonna call me a liar.

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good, my chest is gonna get tight. My chest one at a time one at a time my chest. I'm happy you got it. My chest is gonna get tight. What did I say the chest gonna take get tight means it means you get panic attacks. Some of you mashallah very well educated or you have good jobs, you're confident in your work, you know what you're doing. You're professionals, your managers, your engineers, your doctors, your your lawyers, your mechanics, your accountants and Allah He whenever he loads your own, or you do whatever you do, and people in your work, know that you know what you're talking about. You're versed in your field, you're articulate, you're able to express yourself, but when you

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are dealing with someone who can humiliate you, then even though you're so capable of speaking and expressing yourself, there are some people who can just say the wrong kind of words, and all of a sudden your entire ability to speak disappears. Because your chest becomes one. Your chest gets tight and you're no longer the person you are. Sometimes the wrongdoing people are very close to you. Sometimes wrongdoing people like in the prophets lives the worst wrongdoing. People were usually family.

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The Pharaoh is actually the adopting father of Moses. This kind of

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Emily, right. Ibrahim Hassan had to deal with his dad the prophesies that I've had to deal with his uncle's so Allah in a lot of stories in the Quran the wrongdoing people are who? Their family don't look at your family right now hold on

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and it's really hard sometimes to go and confront family and say hey, that was wrong. That wasn't okay. Because what they will say to you can be so devastating that you don't know how to respond. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section