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I just want to let you know, it's the most amazing program Subhan Allah, I never imagined that I would be somebody who would be memorizing. But what makes this program stand out is the community that we have, in terms of people around the world and teachers collected a couple of friends who would, you know, one of them was a Hatfield already and the other one was memorizing, and they would sit together and recite to one another. And it was just such a beautiful thing. I work full time and I'm a busy working mom that memorizes Qur'an to small children and wife to take care of. So it definitely helps having a more flexible program that I can do things in a timeframe that works for

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me, and that's why memorize mentor is just perfect for me, it's not always possible for us to you know, stop everything, let go of everything and just go and do just memorization right? So this program has been gated in such a way that in spite of all the responsibilities, you can proceed in your HIV schools alongside of hamdulillah without letting go of those responsibilities. Inshallah. So I joined the program about 18 months ago, after a journey of getting hooked with the idea of memorizing a dat come from Arabic speaking background, I didn't come from a Muslim childhood, and became a Muslim as an adult.

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For me, it was a matter of aloneness. So that I got some material from my prayers. And by the best plan of Allah, it felt like I fell into mn by accident that Allah is the best of planners. It's a positive program that's not harsh in any way or negative. The memorize mentor has helped me to focus on the process of memorizing on the journey of memorizing, as opposed to the outcome or the goal of becoming a habit. I feel like we're some Sharif is encouraging us as well to be better people and better Muslims.

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It's not just about

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memorizing the Quran. memorizing Quran has become a part of my everyday life. What has been my biggest takeaway in this last several months, is that it has strengthened my relationship with the quad, going through the five, doing all the five steps that Michelle has recommended and whether my days are lighter, whether my days are busy, I still turn to the cloud. And this is ultimately one of the blessings of getting on this journey. And that's why it's perfect for any adult who's busy and has a life and you need a system and a mentor.

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To help you actually memorize the Quran. I spend

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every day that I've been in the program I've I've read or recited or did something with I've been in the Quran,

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you know, an art of myself for you know, being someone being a Muslim that that read the Koran every day.

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I joined this amazing group of people. There's no fitna there's no strife. Everyone is so supportive and lovely. What the best way to recite them with Stanley samurai shadow was an amazing teacher so the staff are amazing they're always made to feel you can do it but never make you feel bad. If you stumble you trick or if you have a weak way you haven't done quite as much as you used to

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do so encouraging. And this is an amazing program. But yes, like any program, you need to put the effort and the fellow students similarly encouraging.

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More highly, and it's not just about memorizing. It's about transforming your whole life.

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So join us