Fitra Rx – Ramadan 2022 Vision

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Salam Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu friends welcome to fit the RX, where we all believe that you are innately programmed within you on deeper than a DNA level, you are programmed with a Fidra. With an inner inclination, if you are all set to go to unlock that inclination from within you an inclination to guidance, again, inclination to fulfilling yourself purpose, and an inclination to knowing that inner GPS, the biggest issue is most of us get stuck on a spiritual component. And then here in the body component, there's a lot of mistrust in the body, maybe dislike towards the body, and also a lot of shame associated to the body. So finally, when you do say, Yes, I am I have been

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thrown inside me, you then start to realize how many parts of you hurt. So we're going to look at our joints, we're going to begin to look at exercises that will improve and strengthen our muscles. And then we're going to look at the regression because usually some fitness person shows you an exercise, you don't feel you try to do it and you can't get somewhere deep enough into that exercise and you get stuck. And you're like, Well, I can't even do the exercise to start. So we're going to do multiple forms of regressions together. Thank you and welcome to Fidra are expert we would like to unblock the body and the mind allowing you to introduce yourself to your soul was said I want you

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to market the law.