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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the progress of their vlog and the completion of 30 pages. They mention the use of Adobe recording and the need for more time to complete the work. They also discuss the use of a memorize portal and the upcoming production of the Gracie Baja takeover of the Quranic world.
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pumped up. Here we go. So I'm gonna was definitely a full on rage. So we just, we did it without Adobe guys, we there's no Dobby, we

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gotta figure out our washers. Okay guys we recorded for four hours without Adobe. Somebody called me good. Alright, so we did it, I dropped it we did fantastic. Welcome back friends, I think this is our first day of the vlog.

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First day of the vlog has us completing Alhamdulillah, we finished the first four pages of the 30 pages. And for those of you who want to keep track, it is right before Joomla. And we have one surah left to finish the first quarter. And then to finish the 30th just we are basically let's see, 123

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we're about three pages, three pages away, I think we're gonna do fantastic. The next time we see you, or hopefully maybe one of the blogs, we'll be able to say 30s Jesus complete. But guys, our goal is to try to come back post Juma prayer, put in another two rounds. And then I hope by the time we can close out today's vlog, we might say something about how close we are to the end of the just because I feel like we're gonna get very close to finishing the 30th. But our goal then is to finish it up tomorrow. And the great part is you're going to see the second juice. So maybe we don't know what to show you about the journey. But we're going to go into uncharted territory. No one's done.

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The second just, everyone's done. Oh, let's read the first maybe let's do a summary of Bukhara. No one's taking people that far in many starting io 142 The first page of the second years. Do you guys, the hard part is getting all this stuff recorded.

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The hard part is getting it all edited afterwards.

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We did it different we did yeah, we we did the recording in a different order. So that the editing would be a bit easier or a little bit more seen. Because I gotta say this I it was easier to ride my bike to Montreal, than it was to do all the editing for the first just

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that it has completed. Okay, folks. So this is day three. And we are actually starting the day off by finishing the 30 pages. So when you want to showcase where we're at real quick for everyone who wants to know what this means we have this page left. What does that mean for you guys? When Billy and I finished this, the 30th of June will be complete. And what does that mean for the memorize portal? We are 1/5 off finishes editing that the 30th You finished the first right? Yeah, so that means we're going to take those two jewels and the sample portal and go to 10 schools from coast to coast in the United States 10 Quran schools that are going to be hosting this and using this

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platform. So just finishing this one page here unleashes the beast and known as below to finish

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and then to take this and then bring a bring the memorize portal to a to focus and then we'll go straight into sort of Accra. We're looking forward to hearing about the whole school to school thing. Yeah, it just huffy schools, all the schools tend to have schools across the technology for it because in my just devices Yeah, the students are just going to use their every kid's got a Kindle, iPad, okay? Because every kid is individually connected. Yes, but their schools are going to introduce it to them say hey, you're not doing this behind our back. You're you're not getting a shortcut, but you're getting a help here. And the schools are gonna say hey, some of you need to

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take some Oh, essentially, this is becoming like the Khan Academy for the Quran schools. Absolutely. Absolutely. And if we could, this is the beginning of the Gracie Baja takeover of Quranic study. Yeah, we should say it very clearly. We do want to make this the universal system for the world. So Moo ha ha. Were out to take over the world in Granick teaching. There we go, guys. Let's get it all we're about to start rolling.