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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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in Alhamdulillah. Indeed, all praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala na moto Who? So we praise Allah by showering by getting ready by parking by smiling on the people who come upon us on Juma nama do who we praise a lot in not only our words but in sitting here on a star, you know who and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for help. But today or every Friday is a very specific type of help. Oh Allah rejuvenate me on a stone Pharaoh who and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us. And by forgiving our sins, then we can accept guidance by emptying the cup. We can bring in more water more sustenance or Ernesto Fierro who I mean to be he Ana de

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la. But it's not only about asking Allah subhanho wa Taala for guidance, but it's us trying our best. asking Allah subhanho wa Taala is forgiveness, believing in Allah and a part of belief in Allah is to put the worker in Allah. Do you remember the Hadith Pudsey, famous Hadith Scotty from Sahih al Bukhari where Allah subhanho wa Taala called Muhammad Rasulullah. He said, some may do Cal, mata watkyn, Allah named Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam al mutawa kill the one who plays trust. So it's not just to say that I believe in Allah, but then my luck is not good. It is that I believe in Allah. And what happens I also start placing my trust. And what happens in my life I

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placed this in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. Now one of the things that happens is that we're human beings. So as human beings, every Friday we say, one or two billahi min surey fusina. O Allah, protect me, give me refuge from the evil that's within myself, the innate human feelings, lust, greed, when you find it in the Bible, like the seven deadly sins, these are humanly innate things. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, to protect us from that which even laziness and from being cowardly. Oh, Allah save us from the evil that was within ourselves. Or I mean, say, Dr. Molina, and every Friday you say, oh, a lot, the byproduct, the smog that comes out of my car, the effect of bad

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deeds, our luck keep that away from us. Someone said to me in the airport, they said, Why do you worship so much? What did you do? Like they saw me praying and they said, You must be a bad person. Why do you keep praying? And I said, it's not about what we do wrong. It's about acknowledging Allah. But then I thought to myself, it is also about all throughout the day, when I look at something wrong. So the gentleman in the airport said, when I look at something wrong, nothing happens. If I do if I do something wrong on the airplane, it doesn't get struck by lightning. So what is this constant? I said, there's an effect. When you eat chemically processed foods over and

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over. If you eat a chemically processed food and you have a burger, right? It doesn't immediately give you cancer, it doesn't immediately make you sick, it's over time. So what we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala before Juma Hooda starts over like cleanse these effects, the effect of not praying, fascia, lewdness perverseness, it becomes easier. When you don't pray the five daily prayers, then the dirtiness that's around us, especially during summertime, it doesn't become that bad. When you lie to your parents, you don't your parents won't lie back to you. But your children will come back years later. And say we saw you deal with the elders this way. So this is how we will deal with you.

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And when we lie, it doesn't affect I mean, it gets you out of a lot of some really tough spots right? When you tell them when you tell a lie. It gets you out of the trouble you're in. But then what happens as narrated in Buhari the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a spot a darkness blocks out the window we Let's leave the heart for a second. Just one spray paint of dot comes on this window and as you continuously lie it blacks out the entire window. So Oh Allah protect us from what we did throughout the week whether we prayed or we didn't pray, whether we read on whether we gave ourselves time to reflect over law protect us from that and give us an understanding of the

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statement. mejor de la bufala mo de la la omae

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little fella ha de Allah, over life we could just accept this statement could but would be complete. Whoever Allah guides of Allah guide me, whoever Allah subhanho wa Taala guides, nobody can misguide them. But when you flip the coin over whoever Allah has not chosen for guidance, and let's put something in parentheses here, whoever Allah subhanho wa Taala has not chosen for guidance, he won't be guided. But what about he or she that guy or that gal who keeps doing actions that stop guidance from coming, for example, you listen to a lecture, and it makes sense. But you're like, I'm not ready to be religious. You're not ready, or you haven't asked a lot to allow that into your heart.

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See the difference? we set this an economic conference was last week and 1000s came and I said, I took their permission, can I extend Salaam to my family members on the West Coast? And they all said yes, so I bring their Salam from there. But during this time, we all realized one thing. It wasn't about conservative Islam or liberal Islam activism versus spirituality, it was just us asking for hedaya. We just wanted to do the right thing. So we said to Allah make us do actions that will not stop the guidance from coming, missing or leaving one part of Islam out one time, this is a mistake. But closing the doors and saying, No, I don't believe in that. That's a completely different story.

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So the statement that brings us back is the one who has not been chosen for guidance, the one who ended up spray painting all of the windows closed, breaking all the bulbs and saying a lie can't see anything and he closes his eyes. This person, no guidance can come to him. But there's a statement even for those who have their who are blind who cannot hear the good word. There is one statement that pulls all of us east coast to West Coast together on a Chateau La Ilaha Illa long. So whether you saw something dirty this week, or whether you missed a prayer or whether I wasn't good to my parents or spoke to my spouse in maybe not the best way, whether or not I bear witness and testify

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today, at this moment, on one o'clock on the.or two o'clock on the dot O Allah we all bear witness, we all testify whether we're good people or not, whether we prayed or not, there is no other God, there is no other creator sustainer other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's what brought us here today. But that belief in Allah alone doesn't help us act doesn't help us interact with each other. Afterwards, I want to go shoot hoops with the brothers. How do I act while that there is one who taught us that wanna shadow Mohammedan Ah, boo hoo rasuluh. We bear witness we testify that mohammadu rasulillah, the final sleeve, the final messenger, the Seal of prophethood. And whether

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cnn accepts his marriage at the age to a nine year old or not, we do and we're happy with that. We're happy with every action, every step, every drop of sweat that came off of the face of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam we sign on the dotted line. And we say to Allah, make us amongst those who are lazy, our own Salah Rasulullah, who will Buddha Allah sent us a messenger not just to show us that he was good. But he came as a messenger to all of mankind. right he came later be falling while our buddies in the Hadith Guzzi Allah says he's not harsh, nor was he hard hearted wanna and he didn't sahab in a swamp, he didn't raise his voices in the marketplace. He wasn't just

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a regular person. He brought spirituality, knowledge and activism for for entire mankind, not just for us, but he came to complete and seal the message of Isa Moosa and, and he carried on the legacy of our the father of the prophets, Ibrahim Ali Salam. This was Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and whether we accept or not brothers and sisters, the Quran and the message that we have, it needs that accent, it needs the frosting on top of the cake, and that was the life of Muhammad Rasool Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala sent Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam below houda what do you need help with guidance and the true system of living? So we have

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mainly dads I wasn't sure if it was going to be youth are mainly fathers. But fathers a lot didn't just send us guidance solely so we could tell our kids but he sent What do you need help. The way to work the way to act the way at the end of the month when your wife is screaming and yelling at you to smile, the way that mohammadu rasulillah and this is better than the hook by and all it's worth

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Put together when Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walked into his home, and two of his spouses were standing there. And one of them she was a little bit older, and we remember she was converted from Judaism. So one of the wives younger wife said, You son of a Jew. Whoa, that's a little uncomfortable. And then she's felt very uncomfortable. Why did you say this to me? Muhammad Rasulullah walked into the house. This is a man friends. This is a man. He walked in, and they were both squabbling. They were both uncomfortable. And she said, but she said this. So resuit a lot turn to the first wife and said, the Jews were they were a lineage of prophethood. The many from their

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nation came many, many prophets, you are the daughter of prophets, she smiled. He turned over to the other wife, who had made the comment and said what, you're the wife of a prophet. And she smiled to defuse the huge situation, sisters try to try to figure out how long it would take to to settle an argument like this where one sister made a comment to another it would take time, but her mother rasulillah with a few words and a smile, settled the hearts. So dads, it's not about being a man. It's about being a guardian. It's about being a firm pillar that holds the house up. And who better to give us this example, than the example that we asked Allah subhanho wa Taala. Throughout the day,

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throughout the day, Slava, Lavina and amta Allah him, Allah guide us to those who are favored. So I gave you an example about how Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam how he dealt with his family. Now let us start the example of the best and the most chosen, the the father of prophethood, the father of the prophets, Ibrahim alayhis salam. Before we do this, I would ask you in request you dig deep into your heart or into your frontal lobe and say these words Allahumma elohiym ne roosh D, what are his name in shchedrin fc? O Allah before I start these words, cleanse or inspire my heart make my mind and my heart blossom into action into words into humility, where even even shutter

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enough see and from the own shutter of minutes from the own human capabilities of Allah give me refuge. Brothers and sisters make this to our constantly throughout the day when you're at work when you meet people Allahumma Allah him new roosh D What are his name in shchedrin fc? Then listen to the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala in Surah number 26 ayah number 69 ooh Billahi min ash, a budgie. I seek refuge with Allah who told us what do I lay him never Edo he and narrate and tell the story of Ibrahim is or allele Abbey he waka homie Hema da boo. Don't you remember in the story of Abraham when Allah subhanho wa Taala told us, Ibrahim asked his dad separately young people, he

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separated his parents and had a very specific respect for his dad and will call me Mata Buddha and what is it that you guys are worshipping? Or Luna? They said we worship el snam

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Lula ha Kiki in that we worship not only do we worship idols, but we wrote worship them devoutly. Not only do we worship idols, and I need to share something with you. During the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they used to make idols and they would shave one side of the head of the idols and they would leave one side with hair. Then people would say what are you doing? We are following our idols. We're acting like our idols, they would make sacrifices for their idols. They would sacrifice food, we sacrifice eating food, so we can look like our idols. And they kept saying find out what Luda harkavy that we are devout to these idols. Whatever these idols do, we are going

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to do the same. Ibrahima, Sam's question was what mattered? It was a question what do you guys worshipping? You see the immediate response? We're not going to worship Anything else? And then he asked them all hell yes. morona

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is dead.

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Is it such that these idols when you look at them, when you ask them do they give back to you? When you invest four hours every night to watch only the ball going into the hoop? And you you give your life to this? Do they answer you, when you cheer for them? Do they answer you? Is that their own? Now what's the reaction? their immediate reaction? He said, do they hear or can they respond to you can these idols that you have put on top of your head that you drink

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like them, act like them talk like them pop your collar like them. Can they respond to you?

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Oh yen foreigner como yo rune? Or do they benefit you or disturb you in any way in the little idols that we keep in our pockets that we will live and die for the idols of today? We fold them their green paper, they put them in our pockets, can you? Do they benefit you? Do they? Do they cause you to have good in your life. Now they respond to him or lose

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loon? So it's a logical question. This is where I guess religious and non religious kind of makes a parting of the sea. Ibrahim Ali Salam said so what do you guys worship? What is it that you guys are worshipping? In response that we worship idols and that's it. Okay, calm down. I was just saying, Do these idols do they hear you? Do they respond to you? We are going to worship that which our forefathers we found them doing this or new birdwatcher dinner. We saw our forefathers doing this same exact thing. So we're going to continue. Is that a very logical answer? No. So he turns to them in in surprise, all after a

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DA boo.

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And it's a very interesting question. It's a young man. By the way, these questions are being asked when Ibrahim Ali Salaam is a young man and his dad is carving idols. His people are prostrating. He hasn't even gotten to the point where they're gonna burn him alive. He comes in he says, on fri McClinton, Dabba doo. fr a Tommy's like, you guys. Really? You're gonna you really, are you looking at what you're worshiping? Are you looking at what you're willing to sacrifice yourself? And I give you a small example, our clothing 10 years ago, we would say yes, we choose our clothing. But as our idols have cut our T shirts shorter and shorter, and made our pants tighter and tighter, we say

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fashionable. Is that their own? Do they even hear us? Or do they pleasure at the way that they dress us? Do our idols pleasure the way that they tell us? What is life, do our idols pleasure when they tell us bizarre words, but there's a beat in the back. So you kind of nod your head to it. Our idols tell us and he's saying, What are a tumor? Don't you see what you're worshipping? Now he says something very interesting to his people. He says, Don't you see what's happening? And don't you see that this is? This doesn't make much sense. How is it possible that we as a nation, with the Koran with a book with 6000 years of prophethood, behind our shoulders, that we run behind another idle?

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Does it make sense? Or is it possible that we are following unto nwaba kumal Award when he said Do you see what you're worshiping? And then he returns the logic? And he says until What about

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you? And your forefathers your ancient old fashioned forefathers? You've seen them doing the same thing. So you do the same? Is this the same? He says no. For whom? And he said that these things are the lampoon that these idols, they are a clear, they are a clear enemy, and they will come in front of you. The pursuit of life is not haraam. The Pursuit of Happiness is not wrong. But when it becomes the idol that replaces Allah, then all of a sudden, Ibrahim Ali Salam words come up. Illa Allah, Allah, Allah mean, he said, it's not about the pursuit of beautiful things. But he said when they become a law, and you think but we don't worship American Idol, we don't worship Jay Z. We

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don't worship the sounds that we hear. We don't worship the basketball players who play but my friends when Allah subhanho wa Taala calls us Hey Allah, Allah, and we can't pull away from something that's so beautiful. When Allah subhanho wa Taala calls the Quran amazing. And then spider man's amazing two, we kind of have to choose between the two right? No But Allah subhana wa tada is asking us to find this balance and the balance. I pray I can finish the first clip but on this balance, so his nation, he stands alone, standing alone doesn't look like they do doesn't act like they do, doesn't speak like they do doesn't throw it up for his homeys like they do. He doesn't do

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this but what happens? He then explains Illa Balala mean I worship the Lord of the worlds and how is this Lord of the world? He explains in for beautiful Isaac now you I hope I caught your attention. These are what I want to talk about. He says a levy holla funny so who is the my God my Allah is not angry. He's not trying to destroy everyone.

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Not everyone's going to hell. He said, My Allah He called me. He made me for who I am Dean, and he didn't place me like a goat on the middle of the street that I eat. I dress up I procreate and I go for Who are your dean? He gave me he Daya. He gave me a book that teaches me He gave me a mustard to nurture me. He gave me you directors to stand and hold my hand for who I mean. What levy levy who I knew is clean. And it is he he didn't just make me he didn't just guide me. But when I was hungry, whether it was at in or out or at the Pacific Coast restaurant, or whether it was at a five star or whether it was breaking bread with honey, he fed me and when I was thirsty on a hot day, he gave me

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something to drink. Ibrahima Elisa Lam's vision of Allah. Did he say that he fed me first or he guided me first? He thought about guidance before food. He thought about hedaya for Who is the one lady who are you? 30 monix that he thought about Yeah, and there are cars and caches, and they're beautiful. 2032 inch rims now. They're all there. But first, Allah gave me the hedaya what are you there Maria poofer who is feeding? And when I got sick? He cured me. Did you see the missing of one word? One levy and one God made me sick? No, he said when I when I left my health when I started eating junk when I started listening to junk, and looking at junk and disrespecting my parents then

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I started to get all sorts. And so they started feeding me medication. But anytime I respected my family, anytime I started to turn towards what Allah wanted, he cured me. So even the negative things in life friends, even the negative things you say why is this 28 year old have cancer? Well, I've been making dinner all week. It's hard to explain why does a 28 year old he's right the brother is I just announced What is a 28 year old have? does Allah make him sick? Or has Allah tested him? It is your choice to see a lot through the lens of the prophets or see Allah through an academic lens. Why does God cause earthquakes? Why does God hurt people? It is your lens or the lens that

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Ibrahim Alayhi Salam gave us. So he said when I'm sick, Allah cures me. What led me to knee

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pain. One lady and I will pass and he will make me to pass through my and after a time I will meet Allah. His first statement was God created me his last statement was and Allah subhanho wa Taala I will meet young people summers upon us my time trickles adults Ramadan is upon us. When will we cross that line? Not of making more Salawat but bringing more Salah in our life. When will we cross the line? Not to where our friends are asking us? What are we going to do after Juma where we realize and we have a plan. We have asked a lot to guide us. So we have found out where we can get guidance. It's not only about classes, but it's also about the group of friends that you're sitting

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together with. So then he turns to Allah. He says Allah created me Allah guided me Allah fed me Allah gave me drink Allah subhana wa Taala cured my illnesses and May Allah subhanaw taala cure those who are not feeling well. But then he said I'm going to meet a lot so if I'm going to meet Allah what levy he says and the one up tomorrow a Oh zero Lee hoppy aunty a woman tea. Look at the word. He says a Kumar, he says, Oh Allah, the One who I hope will forgive and overlook my faults on the Day of Judgment. When sisters Allah will forgive us when we begin to forgive each other. And some of you may be artists tuning me in and out of the hood. But so if I can kind of jump in your

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head for a second, maybe some of you have a grudge with a brother or sister, your actual brother or sister. Why not try now to call them drop them a text and say, yo, on the day of judgment, I want to be forgiven by Allah. I hope you can forgive me the person who did you wrong, send them a text saying I hope Allah forgives us. And upon this, he says I'll be Hubbard, he helped me.

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He saw he he. Now he forgets about that. He's talking to people. His conversation began talking to us talking to his people who are worshipping the idols of this world. Right? The Ferrari sign is still a horse guys. The things are real. It's not abstract that they were worshipping some idol and we're so advanced farther than that. Allah gave us the same signs. But now we realize now we turn to Allah and we say, Be hubballi hoekman will help me be slightly when I sit on these words and I give these words to my fathers who are sitting outside in here as well.

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Ibrahim Ali Salam as a young man was asking a lot, not just for wisdom, hook hikma, his authority, and the ability to say the right thing at the right time. So when your kids come to you this summer, and they ask you to do something and you know it's wrong for them. Remember how to say no. Remember how when your wife says something and she's complaining and she's angry and sisters vice versa, if your spouse is just in a bad mood, remember, it's not about earning sooner now. It's about the right words at the right time. Well, I'll help named beside him. So for dads, patience will actually overcome your authority. But young men will help me beside him. fam you could hear the greatest

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other man Murphy and I could get put back together. Right? And it still nothing would happen unless we surround ourselves by people who are going to do righteous things in this crowd as you leave. Ask yourself How can you surround yourself with better people? How can you surround yourself by better words? How can you remove the CDs and the mp3 files that are in order on your iPod? And how can you replace them with a better word, some words of Allah some translation between the sittings of the hood but the DA is not rejected. We had a very heavy topic now. ask Allah subhana wa Taala to pull the points that made sense to you and that you hold on to them and utter the words Allahumma

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elohiym. Nee Rushdie D. What are his knee Minsheng enough? See all a lot inspire good. From what I heard from the life of Abraham inspire good even from the idol worshipers who tell us to dress act and live a certain way inspire good in them. And Oh Allah give me the opportunity to hear even right now you're enough to saying you know what, I probably could read Koran a little bit more. I could speak to my mom a little bit better. Maybe instead of watching 12 episodes of white color in an evening out sprays it out a little bit. You know, I'll give myself some time instead of overwhelming myself. I could bus 22 minutes. So is an episode. The problem with the Hooda is when I'm done there

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is no next episode. You just keep going right? But on Netflix, it just it doesn't stop. While la v you can't stop and the stomach doesn't feel because if it was food at least you could eat and say man, I can't take any more. I've never seen anyone say oh that last Bollywood film buzz hoga that's enough. But it's always one more step. How is it possible that we are supposed to reverse 100 hours unless you can open the book and connect to Allah between the sittings? remember Allah asked for the benefits and the strength of Musashi Salaam. When you face adversity, and ask for the wisdom my father's when you are dealing and learning the life of Ibrahim alayhis salam Subhan Allah because

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there is that they are merciful massaman Allah mercy

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah harrowby nara alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Nabil carry wa aalihi wa sahbihi Nakai, Bina po Hedy Allahumma

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worming, Casa

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de Vaca

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I say the main event of goodbye if you took nothing from could but just take this sentence, nothing, nothing else. Young people, we come up here we yell we scream, you go home, but you get a chance to do something that the angels do every hour of Juma in a wahama la

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luna Naveen nabby Yeah, you

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he was suddenly mu destiny ma Allahumma salli ala Muhammad iwana Ernie Muhammad Tommaso later Allah Ibrahima, WA and Ebola human in hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Mohammed comma Baraka Allah Ibrahim awada Ibrahim in me the Majeed May Allah subhanho wa Taala make our youth below the age of 40 spent in the servitude of Islam. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make our old age not overcome by ailments or sickness. We pray that our joints as long as they are flexible are used for such that and record and that Allah saves our joints from arthritis so we don't have to at the end of our life, so that we can say Subhan Allah and go as the great imams did as the great Allah

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did. We asked a lot to save ourselves from cancerous mutations and this is not

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ADO are over love bringing healthy food into our bodies. Oh, well I'll bring healthy milk a lot Masood Nam In May he bring clean and fresh milk into our body. And may He bring the eggs that do not have hormones and byproducts that cause these cancers. mutations, may the effects of financial debt not affect us. May Allah save us from the smoke of interest. That will be at a time the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said interest would be so rampant that it would be like a smoke that when you inhale it would go into your it would go inside you or law save us from the effects of interest or while make us content with the finance that we have our love fulfill our hearts with

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love and your mercy. Make our daughters and sons have love for this Deen and give us the opportunity to come closer to Islam. La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran domina Wadi mean has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who Allah He talkin to

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Kareem Allahu Allah him new roosh v What are his knee Min shchedrin fc La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran to me nobody mean we didn't complete the last five is Surah 26 is number 69 if you can go home just read street translation he asked a lot of be heavily on his name beside him, save me protect me Make me amongst those who has wisdom knows when to say what at the right time and give me good companionship. What are the Santa Slidell team Phil asked him and make my mentioned the mention of Ibrahim make that mentioned make that mentioned for generations to come amongst the Saudi hain will are hidden in the best of words. Imam suhaib Webb said something and I'll close on that.

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He said you know all the famous singers of your time, and all the famous singers of my time, all the famous actors of your time and my time. They were famous at their time and he gave us some like funky Jazzy Jeff. I had no idea who that was. So we kind of stared at him. He goes See, in my time. These were the most famous. But he said go to anyone on the street and say Ibrahim say Abraham, say Moses, say Jesus even say Mohammed. And every person in every generation will know them. Or Lama have said, you can live in the margin of the textbook. You know where people write notes, you can live in that margin, or you can live in the text and live forever. See what you can do to leave a

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treasure on this earth. Whether it's words whether it's learning the alphabet, whether it's being a good example, find this and be mentioned in a positive way afterward. What are the cruel law he Akbar? Well law who is now a famous letter