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The transcript describes Surah Islam's recitation of the phrase "The eye is on the road" and the "outside of the box" concept, which encourages individuals to participate in community activities. The speakers express their desire for unity and discuss issues such as freedom, acceptance, and faith in the upcoming generation. They also touch on struggles with being smart and the importance of being smart for one's health and wealth. The segment ends with a video of a man claims to have been swayed into saying "by" by God.

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He Mina Shame on you YG

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see him in

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the law

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I request you all to make this draw with me if you know it's about four or five words everyone please repeat with me there's no point in one person reciting recite together the room will fill with like

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busy thingy

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didn't give you enough pretzels shala one more time

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busy Danny

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Mashallah the gift petals to the brothers sort of take this evenings recitation. And this is a very specific passage I recited this at my graduation when I was when just coming out of college. And at that time, Dr. Dre was alive Capital One. And he had right before our graduation he had said pick something that summarizes the whole your whole studies. So tonight is summarized in you came here. I came here to learn something new. We'll go to a visit

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was salam wa Sunni Nabeel getting all praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who gave us today of praise and thanks for due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who gave us the ability to produce what is called the Apache. Y'all know what the Apache is? It's a sound much higher. What is the sound of the plushie

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we raise in the end colossal, I'm just playing around y'all can talk during my thing. It doesn't bother. Okay.

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Allah subhanaw taala gave us disability and we praise him for that ability tonight. We praise and thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for this evening.

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Praise and thank Allah subhana wa tada for the ability to share in so many things tonight. So analog analog, oddly, no one came genuinely to see a specific speaker. And if we did that it's a sign of the Day of Judgment. Allah, it's a sign of the Day of Judgment if we came to see someone, but we all came because even I'd like to talk about quotas. And that's why we're here. Not because of personalities, I would like to say that we're here to make a benefit. My time is very short. And I want every sentence every word for you to be able to take something home from it. So I would like to start today in Surah, Number eight, I am number 63. And this is very unique for our Muslim situation

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in 2012, specifically in North America.

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And when Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to us when Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to us. He realizes that all human beings are at different levels. We have a personalities, B personalities, there are women that are dominant men, there are submissive people, right? So from an anthropology point of view, what I'm trying to study in California right now is the oma doesn't have tax problems. The woman doesn't have education problems, genuinely Alhamdulillah. We have massages in school, and we have people to attend fundraising dinners. So for that, I would like to start today Surah Surah eight is number 63. We ask a lot to open our hearts to this before we recycle. And I implore you to

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ask Allah, Overlord, cleanse any misconceptions that we have before this moment? plant cleanse any animosity? I know that I can say this, I don't like him. He doesn't like me. May Allah cleanse that from us before we here? I mean, this is the key factor. We give talks and presentations and chandeliered but I don't like you, you don't like me? The work never goes forward. You can't go anywhere without this. So Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks to a specific type of personality and is number 63. For although we learn a lot on waje what do we do? Seek refuge from Allah with Allah from shavon? What did shavon do? He said, he told a lot, I better and that's what we do. Sometimes. We

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tell our knifes our soul, you know what? I'll donate to somebody else, I'll do something else. I'll take care of my responsibility my own way.

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Don't put yourself above the laws of a law.

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With the name of a law we started tonight and With the name of Allah, Who is Allah, the Most Beneficent law you can take a second. Obama gave us $51 million. And someone has to sell that to us. Subhana Allah, Allah because Allah man saw what? We were getting sick, and tired and lazy. The doctor spoke about laziness as a disease. What happened? So we sat here, we got served some nice food and someone told us maybe if you feel like it, you could help out a whole bunch of people. This is

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when our good deeds are a luxury. I mean, we've got every system and I'm wearing a Bluetooth Sony, what else do we need? A law says to us

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and united their hearts period.

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What does this mean? You know, when your child comes running to you and says Mom, I want to do this, I want to go here or your child comes to you and says I want a new car and they keep repeating this phrase. Or maybe you go to the mustard and you hear moon sighting moon sighting, you keep hearing phrases. So in this surah Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us the phrase that would bring the whole Omar together. It's not it's not differences of opinion in our pita, what is it? It's lack of us working together. So Allah subhana wa tada says, joining the hearts and then says period, you truly want to have be a better parent. you truly want Muslims to flourish in North America.

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So Allah, Allah says, This is what you want them the phrase changes completely young man. I'll give you an example. Keep yelling the word Ferrari as much as you can. And then after a while someone might come to you and say, I think he wants a Ferrari.

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I think so.

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Sisters keep saying the thing that you need at some points on be like,

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I think she wants that thing. So Allah Medina says, You think this dinner, this gathering facials 15 slides that made sense are going to change the oma. Allah subhanaw taala says what what's the next word after this spooky

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Blue Beam? What's the next word? Help me out here? No.

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This is the perfect thing, right? He of course. But when you think about it, a lot is reconciling with us like children. You want unity. You want to win this battle, Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam is being sanctioned. You want freedom and unity. Allah says, Then let's put this on the shelf freedom in unity. We'll put it up on the shelf. And then a lot of reminds us because we are the sons and daughters of Armani setup.

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And we are the people human beings who have the frontal lobe decision of freewill. We choose and use the word choice. So even low, even if you had spent all that was in the heavens and the earth gem, er, and it is actually all that is in the earth. Collectively, if everyone in this room donated $9,000 each, would it equal 51 million?

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No, it wouldn't. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is not telling us do the work. And I will reward you. He said even if you spent everything in the earth and some other man say that even if you took the earth itself, depleting gold and spent it in the path of a law, it wouldn't be enough. Because who needs to bless that spending who isn't?

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A lot does it's so trivial.

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Lo and Dr. Murphy out of the Jeremy, Jeremy

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If we spent and I gave each one of you, I called serenity builders. And I've built a home for each and every one of you in this house. And in this room. And I say I want all of you to agree on One. One. Let's take one sided, or build everyone in this room or house. If you agree with me and Moon side. I guarantee 90% will take it but what will happen at the end, people will say

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don't need to talk about it. Go keep your house, a Lost Planet. Allah reminds us if we spend but we leave Allah subhanho wa Taala out of the equation. So let's push the envelope. If we look at our children, and we say you're wrong, I know what's right. You never gave them the chance. And young people when we turn back to our parents and we say you don't understand, what does Allah say? No, they don't. But who are you?

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How are you going to make them understand?

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So Allah, Allah reminds all of us and pulls our attention back in. He says what?

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But on the contrary, my beloved family, it is a law. It's a law, who made us for years remember 27th night in Ramadan among su days, he would make dua and we would cry and we would cry for the people of Bosnia and Chechnya, and for the people of Kashmir, but Allah subhanho wa Taala brought it to our doorstep. Allah subhanho wa Taala brought this to our doorstep. And he said, what a kingdom law. On the contrary, my beloved friends, if you want that Ferrari, if you want that unity,

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don't think it's me. Think I am gifted to be able to be one of the 600 700 people who filled the room. I will ask, raise your hand how many people know someone who didn't make it? I got a text how many people know someone who wanted to come? But could it people text me? Can you get me in? I was like No, can't get to it. So what is it that special about these group of people that were chosen? Allah subhanaw taala says, What are

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On the contrary, it's not our money. It's not Obama alone. It's not my apologies to the young Obama here. Where is my young Obama by the way? This is Angela so where's the camera? I will say Salaam to my mom.

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It is not just It is not just that Allah subhanaw taala brought us here. But is that Allah subhanho wa Taala did it in our in our style dilemma leave this last statement. On the contrary, it was a law who united the hearts why in

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Zhi Zhu hacky, indeed he Allah who is indeed he Allah who is about him, indeed he Allah, Who with I thought refuge when I started speaking, Allah subhanaw taala is almighty and all wise and in having this ability, this gift that he's given us to choose Allah subhanaw taala ends the ayah with the word Hakeem sisters what is the word hacky mean? Just call it out and I'll work with your translation. What does he mean? wise? Okay, why is this one translation? Good? It means that he God is the overpowering, and the all mighty. That's fair. And the wise. Define wisdom for me brothers. External hikma has two components. I might be wise, right? With some headspin or brothers didn't get

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it. It's okay.

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They're all staring at me.

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It is one thing to be wise. It is another thing to have the authority to share your wisdom. Dr. Khalid is not on stage right now. The brother Faisal is not on stage. They're wise but the authority has been given to the one here a lot is the only one at all times Please take this if someone says what did you learn in his talk? allies The only ones who handle a gala that has both at the same time, he has the wisdom. So yes, our lives go through I went through sickness right a lot of people why did you why what happened? I felt very sick. But when you fall sick, people don't learn anymore. No, Allah is wise. But what does Allah subhana wa tada have that we don't have all the time. We have

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wisdoms by reading Quran. What don't we have it all the time? authority? Well,

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we don't have the authority to share these words. So Allah subhanaw taala says don't speak on behalf of your heart. speak on behalf of the words that have affected your heart with illness. When I get up here, my my speech is what my speech was when I uh, and to me literally knocked me out of my chair when I heard this, because read the sentence yourself. Well, I love

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Hulu, punto de those of you who speak Arabic 10 times better those who know the Bulava, the source of this realize, what am I supposed to do with the statement? Allah subhanaw taala doesn't want us to preach.

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He wants us to read the book. And the effect is that we will give preaching to other to the others around us that say, What are you doing? I'm studying. And I'm a student of knowledge. People say that right? But what makes up the room here today is not only students of knowledge, they are professionals and adults who say whether in the law that Allah subhanho wa Taala will join our hearts. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will rectify and again, hearts is such a generic word will lie. I mean, it's so deeply discussed. So I'll leave you on this point. Everybody in this room has an opinion about what I'm wearing. Example. And in this opinion, everyone has a thought so he word

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Allah subhanaw taala doesn't talk about that heart. He is talking about the heart that reconciles between all of humanity. And this message, this message is only understood when Adam and Sarah step back. And they realize Atlanta is nothing on the map. That one must It is nothing on the map. But Allah has allowed us to live in Atlanta, and Atlanta has these gifts. So I asked unto you, what will you do with the gifts that Allah subhanaw taala gave to you?

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We ask a lot of really genuinely that's my question. You have to stand behind your eemaan and say, Look Faisal I heard what you said, I don't really feel it. Give a real excuse not I will take the form home. Give a real excuse for when a law asks you can just say that.

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But unless you know that you're filling of the form is going to help someone it isn't. It is Allah subhanho wa Taala gift that you were chosen to be amongst those humans who united all that is cleaning purists from Allah subhanho wa Taala mistakes misrepresentations on my own. I wish to have shared some more time with you. I extend one

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mol Salaam from many I've traveled in few states in the last few days.

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Many, many people ask, but there was some you travel you see so many different cities. And I say unto you one small statement when this dollar bill gets sent to somebody else,

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and Allah subhana wa, tada calls and tells the people bring their account. What will we tell Allah? Because I told basil, I won't come into a fundraising dinner, they must die earlier this week, leave it set. It's not a fundraising dinner. So for six hours on the plane, I tried to write a speech.

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How could I write a speech for something that requires no explanation? Read surah number eight is number 63. And remove the first five words before you do anything in life. And put your words there. I want to get married. I want whatever you want. You want your kids to drink milk. The matter what do you get? I'll be glad for you. But

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the translation of that in Arabic, I'm not even going to try basically my child doesn't drink milk. If you want this and you genuinely want this and you've done everything, then turn back to a lot. But remember the action even the Salaam, my namaz my movement. It doesn't make me a better person. The gift that God chose me to sit in this hall to pray outside to speak to people, this is my gift from Allah subhanaw taala. I asked Allah subhanaw taala for his mercy and for his forgiveness of God. Maybe you can read with me I'll read it once openly. You can raise your hands, not raise your hands. I don't care. Make the door Allahumma

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No, six hours to hear that

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a lot.

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Why me?

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my dad called he had set a special salon he intended to be here. He did not get the opportunity to come and on behalf of my family. All of the students who claim I have taught them something I set up my day.