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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Welcome to a tagalong episode, I am your host, because I was on and I'm here with Sam Sheree? Yes, well, we Sam is been pioneering adult learning for hold on for, you know, for a long time. And now like say more than 10 years. Yeah, for the last decade plus, so that I get the learnings from that led to put on revolution. And you know, with a motive and all these other guys, you know, have systemising it and making it accessible for all of us. Now we're going into year two, almost a year to begin to when your cue will begin in February 1 semester will complete. So for about February 20. year two will begin. Gotcha. Now are

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the plans. I know we talked about certain things. But are these plans like solid in terms of what's happening with your two or is there so right now the only thing that's in place for everyone is there is a year too. But we've decided that there's no way for us to pin it down and say this is the single track year two will most likely and I'll announce it now have two tracks a track for understanding and a track for right to retain which will lead you to are meant to work towards a memorization track. Okay, gotcha. Oh, cool. We're talking about that. And yeah, right. And just to give a quick touch before we jump in, adult education has completely changed. The idea that I stayed

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in a mother assigned sat and read we're on from 100 to sometimes 10 to 12 hours a day. The the idea of that isn't in scope anymore. So on the flip side, I'm then going to tell you, there are how many how many lines of

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doing calculation as to All right, so if somebody really wanted to memorize but on let's do some basic math, right, you're smiling with a smiley Muslim,

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Muslim, or the smiley must have, or this money Koran has, what 15 lines per page when you have 20 pages per juice or per bottle, and then you have 30 just right, so we subtracted the banners of the surah names and 100 and yeah, 113, between last cassuto. But it's $113 and 114.

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Banner titles and pseudo titles. Well, we basically came out to something like 8773 lines, right? So now if you were to break that up into how many years would it take if you were to go with the philosophy of one line at a time? Well, this, the actual philosophy was by little What do I

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What do I teach to people or promote, propagate and propagate? Even if it's one line, right? So if we look at it, the number a number wise, one a day would get you? 25 years? 24? Yeah, we have

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just over 24 years. 24.6 years? Yes. Right. This is the geeky guy in me coming on the math number, the numbers, the mark, the analyst.

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The So anyway, so we were looking at that and I'm like, Look, this is what 23 years? Yes. So it's own that's like the most

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chill organic way to go about it. Now is one thing to go cover to cover. Right? But that's kind of tough and deep. Like it's not it's hard to keep the motivation to be able to do that. It's a lot longer of a path. Yeah, so trying to increase in one pound increments. Yeah, you know, your, your 300 pound benchpress is pretty far away. Yeah, yeah. So and sometimes you just have to have some of those, like squat holidays, where workout three, three times a day for six days straight and you put on like an extra 50 pounds in a month. So but it's similar concepts. So one of the things that with our evolution, we have level, level four, understand a level four is understand the art of

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understanding, right? So in the art of understanding one of the things that you showcase to us is specific is that we can learn them, or would basically give us the basic keys unlock in the rest of the quad. Right so so I was just thinking like, so just and for those of you who are unfamiliar, those verses correct me if I'm wrong, is

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we got so sad to have so the last time sort of facilite the famous videos for those of you who are some old school, veterans roll back throw back, you know what, one of the things and you guys can hold me to this I'm going to put up some throwback series okay of old videos that you can hear in melongena con buena la huitong Mustang camo. Yes. Remember that? Right? I remember that. You know, the first time we went out to a tree was like, recite something. I was like, Okay. And now I listened to that. And if it's inappropriate to say, but I copy myself, like I listened to that video. I'm like, we're in the zone you captured that moment is like great. I want to make that peak

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moment each time and everyone keeps telling me to like, do it again. I'm like, No, I can't. It's inorganic. I just go back to that moment.

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But yes, from the throwbacks, we've been talking about adult learning. And if you could, if you all want

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Take a chance to start breaking down your lessons now, below is going to give you a way to go through off recited surah start with this section and then kind of divide and conquer the Quran. Yeah, my quick two cents on this is, if you're going to make a million, then why not make a billion? If you're going to get to Jenna, why not accept it now, if you're going to memorize the Quran, so here's my third piece of logic, then assume that you've done it already, and read a juice a day for the rest of your life. And then it's like, well, before you go, you'll have retained most of it. So I'll come back with you later. But consume a juice a day, touch a juice a day, run your fingers

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over, but every day for the rest of your life. And in 20 years, hey, you might have done a little bit more than just memorize, but you'll get very familiar with Now the thing is, as I understand it, you're basically communicating the idea of me on part of our life and lifestyle right? Now, when you go buy the exact mathematical number of one Joe's a day every day for the rest of your life is like, Oh my god, how am I gonna do that? Right? I could barely read it in one hour have like a page, right? Somebody might be at that point where, and I think what works is set out a block of time, right, that you can dedicate for sure. I think 20 minutes minimum is fair, you'll get through a page

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easy and 20 minutes. And this is the other thing, the other calculation I was doing. Okay, so 25 years seems kind of overwhelming, right? Granted, if I do it organically make it part of my lifestyle, it's fair to say 25 years. So if we're not the other thing could be like, Okay, what if we do page a day? Okay, right. Not memorizing, but reading. You read a page a day again and again. And that's 500 pages, right? 500 pages a year and a half approximately gets me through the entire code on once. So I was just thinking to myself, okay, at minimum a win like, and this is something that easy life hack, I suppose one could go about it, right? Like I started this workout program. It

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was a six month program, how do you ensure that you go through the entire program for six months, right? Some people like oh my god, I don't know if I can do it for like,

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three weeks, right? So I was like, Alright, so this program was a five day split. What is considered a winner success for me making sure that I hit the arms day, okay, every arms day this month, if I hit it, I score an A if you succeeded, yes, I have succeeded. Bonus. I do chest and back. Also, right. But like if I'm trying to go for Super saying,

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Yeah, at level nine.

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I'm probably messing it up for you. All you do is you probably cringing.

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But like, for at that point, you hit all five days for like two weeks straight. That's like, awesome, right? But the thing is, for six months, if I just hit the arms date, I went, right, like I'm setting myself something that I can most definitely do. So at minimum reading a page a day is not like, at least from me, from my skill level from what I'm capable of. is totally doable. And then once you're done with that page, yeah, the challenge for me is, can you or you turn the next 19 can you hit at least what? 20 days? Right. You finish? You finish one whole juice? Yeah. Right. And so and and the bonus beyond that would be Hey, maybe you want to take maybe an hour because I was

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looking at we were doing the writing portion. Yeah, right. Oh, yeah. Right. The writing portion with the video? It's slow. Yes. Right. So when you're talking about slow writing speed, a page took about an hour. Yeah. Right. So if we're doing if you're gonna write the full page, that's an hour, that's taking so and that's totally

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doable. Even if you don't know how to write you're just tracing. Yes. So if anyone totally like tripped out there on writing a page, like Well, I don't even really wants me to write. It's a it's a culture that's coming. If you're not hip to it yet. Just wait till it's packaged and put in a box. But everyone on the underground is totally loving the interaction of writing your own Quran, why would you read someone else's? Yeah. So if you know how to write the basic stuff, like even if, even if you can't recall from memory, like that's super advanced. I can't even do though I don't remember, right. Oh, we're on and treat it like shapes. Treat it like you're tracing. So there's a C

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with an L and a yard and then go ahead and try it and so took a photo and there's a Boolean was Anna. Yeah, Alice noon. Elif Elif Elif aka lol

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or lol

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So is what he's talking about, too is there's a word into our capital, Elif Elif, which is Anna, but it's pronounced Anna. Yo, I guess that's something we just had to figure out. Right. So

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this is my way of kind of having fun and playing around with the

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like, I think we need to

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make acronyms or you make a way to remember something. Yeah, it's gonna stay in your mind. You have to go through and you'll be contemplating it. Yeah. So you have to suck una

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So it's been a great tagalong I don't know how many people are gonna benefit but like, there's so much so much that you guys can take from the two combination. He's talking about a page a day, I'm talking about touching the judge, kind of my writing it. There's a lot of options guys hold, there's so many options. The key thing is to pick one and run with it. totally right. So it's like you got you got to pay today take 500 days to finish it, you go a line a day, you'll finish it, you memorize it, you'll finish it in 25 years that's totally acceptable. If you're gonna win the million on the million multi million jackpot lottery and make $100,000 a month or whatever they can pay you for the

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rest of your life. You would do anything for that? Yeah, if you truly believe this is the word of God and that you are going to memorize it and attain paradise. Who cares how long it takes, right? Who cares? Whether you get it everyone certifies you or you're entitled because we live in this new culture. It took me one year and I'm a doctor and I memorize the whole grand look if I'm gonna win Jana through the act of retention, I don't mind how long it's gonna take here's the follow up with the process a logbook that's that's what it really comes down and then bill I'll say tomorrow you woke up okay hey guys tomorrow morning and I pray this could happen to someone don't trip if it

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does. You wake up in your houses. Does that mean you start reading Quran? Like right that means you're gonna wake up and do nothing but now maintain that Koran? Yeah, so the memorizing is only part of the journey like my brother remember High School on before he finished high school. Right so he started when he finished Middle School Middle School. It took him four years to finish memorizing okay, but even then, only last year was able to successfully now my brother last year how long has it been since 2009? Right? I think 2009 is when or I don't even know what you finished. I think you told me six six to seven years to get it into like only last year was able to lead salon and salary

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by himself. Congratulations to me.

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That is amazing. That is that is an accolade that not a lot of people I don't know if that word is usable here but it is in a benchmark to say he recited that are we on his own without a without someone going to lead the other 10 and that means you're holding your own once you leave it at all we you know what you're doing though, congratulations. I don't understand this nor appreciate this. The idea that I'm memorize the Koran like really genuinely Does that mean you could wake me up at any point and then six hours I'll recite the whole Quran. It's a very variable science and no one likes to look underneath the carpet on how many people still are Hafez. So let me be the first to

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tell you, I memorize the Quran at least once or twice. And I'm going to keep doing it. There you go. And I'm going to keep memorizing now. So I have stopped telling people I memorize the Quran I started saying I've memorized it twice. I'm looking forward to 10 times. I'm looking forward to 225 memorization I wonder how many of you guys will be up for that

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we've got a few that's another level though for your Dragon Ball fans if you're done powering up and you want to go to the next level and need that Halo on your head. I swear I swear we're gonna hang out we'll go cool up there another time inshallah but I'm sure it's coming just so we can drop Can we say it? year two is a right to retain program or understand then memorization retention, and then I should knock it off. So I hope within the next 16 months between me and you I and belong. We belong to you guys and myself. We have written the entire Koran we have memorized the entire Quran, and that you all are very comfortable flowing in and out of the 10 recitations. I think that's a 60

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month goal. Why not?

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Why not guys? Right? Yeah, I think big or at least my responsibility in the next 60 months and I'm putting on camera hold me to this is that I will put out the system so that anyone in the world who wants to pursue it at their own pace, can go ahead and do that. So we're talking about like having choosing a thing and following it right? And just comes down to like, what is the basic adult learning? Because what is it? What would they tell people? Hey, 10 hours a day for two years, even my mind's blown? Yeah. It's like for somebody who's an adult who's passed the first year of college, that is totally impractical. reasonable, unless you really take two years off of your life. Maybe

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then you could do it like it, but I get no one has that it's not practical. And then the person who does it, he, he doesn't treat his family Well, they can take the responsibility, family, family, plus, at the same time, you're gonna face opposition and family members are going to be like, Hey, don't be stupid. Yeah, that's exactly what they're gonna say. I mean, you had your use to do this thing. Don't go off and go live in a mountain to memorize Koran. But there are ways to get to it. I hope we can start reading and I hope adult education becomes something that's a continued process, right? It's not this. Oh, you have to be modern and then you start taking class on it. This constant

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process of learning from some someone live learning online learning from seeing

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He's learning from cassettes and making it your journey your life process. Yeah, and I think this is where I think the breakdown This is one of the thoughts that I was having maybe and this could be the start of the adult learning of transitioning into memorizing to have the basic thing down right we're talking about the early the keys from level four the understand portion, yes. And then having a level two portion of that now level one, like the level one portion is like not only have you have you memorized it, but you can write it and maybe recall most of it, too. When we say level one that's like the first guy who started who just started I'd say a level one just started memorizing

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and up to the up until like, you got your you got your father how you got your

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bid, and I last few is

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sort of the AMA right?

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powerful gems of Quran and you got these down if you recall them for memory recitation, and you can write it down down and you can if you have the legal capacity to do so.

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So are you all like down with what he's saying? like can you imagine if you were able to do that you're not like memorizing yet you're just in that pre stage and you've done all these things that he said no, there you go. So you're not rushing to memorize it like I got to memorize it You're so in love that you're getting to know it and then eventually you say I want all of it first divide and conquer the way he's saying but imagine being able to write four or five passages and having that in your head maybe about the passages that like this is like the basic toolkit for build explain to anyone what Islam is Yeah, they'll get that as the oh my god these guys tricked me into memorize the

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ground but then learning the most important parts Yes, we did. So they just happen to also be some gems that if someone comes up to you and says an atheist once said how do you know there's a God I read idol corsi, and he counted 14 proves that there was a god in one verse, I took mercy All I did was read it and then we translate it together. Imagine having that at your fingertips. But yes, imagine having what belaz describing and then saying, Oh, I'm ready. I want the rest of the Quran. Yeah, so and and I'm just thinking myself like, like that's level one level two would be there's some more passages

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with the seven bands.

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So if you want to get into Bella Bella and are trying to put together to to like lily pads of Suez that you could learn you all know the ramen wati and all that, but we're putting he'd mentioned the first pad the second pad is like harder to read sewers, but there are spots social justice who are thought out the names of Allah subhanaw taala in Surah hasher surah Hadid a lot of very heavy passages that are more complex and vocabulary and, and reading, but once you have them under your belt, you kind of had that chunk of Quran that will make you confident enough to memorize anything. Yeah. And then oh, I think level three is the suitors like full on sutras of like sadaqa and waqia.

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So most often, once you've got that done, I think you already got five more once you got just the walk the list. Everyone's mom has that little list. Do cancha have molk while they are Rockman, yacine Elif, I mean, such that all of those. So imagine that you did the washer group, you did that second, and then you really polish off the major sources that you recite in prayer, you're willing to five, maybe seven, just one third of the way you're one third of all ready if you have those five to seven down, you're already in the top, like top 10% percentile of people who know how to hit tengiz you're like in the Oman you you actually become a rarity. You become a gem in yourself. You

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in amongst a billion people once you go to the 30th jurors, first jurors, and if you get to the 10 jurors mark, that's a really interesting statistic. But we all know it's like creme de la creme right? And that's the sad part. Yeah, it should be the norm right? Yeah, these billion people do believe that it's God's book, right guys. And it's I can memorize fix six albums of m&m, but I and I'm not throwing shade on anyone. I'm just saying it's dedication, right? We listen to the tracks and we memorize them. We start listening to ground, we'll start memorizing it.

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Right, no hate any of them. And then fans out there no hate to nobody. For what? I'm not judging. Nobody do what you got to do, right? I whatever motivates you, I got no problem. But just make sure it ends up with some benefit. Right. That's, that's it. I think, I think in this tag long. I hope everyone could just figure that out. You're gonna watch this episode, but people are going to be making moves, whether you're doing a line a day and doing it 24 years, in 16 months, or everyone knows the guy who'd memorized it in a year or in two years. Everyone knows that guy. But those guys are awesome.

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In arena doing something if it takes 20 years or but if you're stagnant you're still trying to figure it out.

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Just decide I'm not memorizing Don't be in that I really should do it, bro. You know, it's really just say no, it's not my cup of tea right now and then get there in life. If I don't have a million asset I'm hustling to get my million to be like, yes, stay on the grind. Why wouldn't you say I'm in the process of retaining, memorizing interacting, building a relationship with the book of Allah so that before I die, I get my million son so let's get get the Quran or die trying. Right? Yeah. Had it up and down. Again, very offensive terrible.

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Definitely someone should go out there and be like, Hey, no, do not with Mandy maybe but definitely don't want to do is you can wear a shirt that's been penciled out and just get a nice tan. And boom, blah, blah, blah. try any of these. It is late. It's time to get going. This tag along just went

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tagline we just call Kevin Hart up and

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let me tell you

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Alright guys, thanks for joining for those of you who are here.

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Whether you're watching this in its parts or as an entirety, thank you for watching and please do share the benefit out and you guys be blessed with peace, safety, security, prosperity and freedom now and in the days to come. I'll see you soon.

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