Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J04-052C Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 172-174

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses the loss of their bodies during a confrontation with Islam, including their health, fatigue, and frustration with their actions. They also mention the loss of friends and family, including their names. The goal is to eliminate the opposition to Islam in the United States and eliminate the opposition to Islam in the United States. The upcoming attack on Afghanistan is designed to turn the US into a war, and the focus is on trusting oneself and others when dealing with difficult situations. The Battle of War was a loss for the rest of troops, and the history of the Battle of War describes the loss of the city of Ohio and the Battle of War as a victory for Muslims.
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Levina stojo Buddha Allah He were SULI those who positively responded to Allah and the messenger, ne Alladhina. This is referring to the believers that they are those who positively respond to Allah and the messenger. And he they obey when they're called, they come this is St. Java is to Java is to give Joab Jean well bear in you, when someone calls the answer, when when Allah called them, they answer when the messenger SallAllahu Urdu said and tells them to do something they obey. So they responded to Allah and the messenger mimbar the MA or Saba whom will embody after Asaba, whom will come after the wound reached them. And he after they had been wounded after injury had struck them,

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and is from cough Raha and Potter is painful wounds. And he basically clutter is an injury or a wound that causes pain. You know, sometimes you get hurt, you know, maybe you fall or something and you don't even realize that, you know, you have a bruise until you see it. Because when you touch that part of the body doesn't really hurt that much. But when you see it and you see the bruise, you're like, Wow, this is different. Kata is such an injury, such a wound that in which there is pain, in which there is pain. And fatigue is also especially an injury sustained by weapons and because of the blow up of a weapon. So you're talking about a cut or like a serious injury. Okay,

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now mimbar, thema, Asaba Homolka, after injury had struck them. When is it that they had been struck by injury? This was at 100. Right? The Companions were wounded, many of them had been killed. And now those who had survived were wounded, not just physically but also emotionally. Right. So in that state, while they were wounded, what did they do? When Allah and His Messenger called them? They responded, they came, they didn't say, No, I can't do anything. I'm hurt. I don't feel like it. I am very sad. I'm very upset with myself. I am hurting in my body. I'm physically exhausted. No, they didn't let their wounds prevent them from responding to the call of Allah and the call of the

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now this idea is talking about a certain incident. Remember that on the day of or her the when the machine launched a surprise attack causing panic and chaos in the files of the Muslims. Then when she can only stop their onslaught their attack when even Camilla said that I have killed Muhammad Sallallahu earlier, because the machine had come to kill the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, right. And when it was rumored that Muhammad Sallallahu artisanal had been killed, they said, Okay, we're done our job. And they basically stopped the attack, and they began preparing to leave. Now, at this time, though, Muslims had taken shelter in the crevices

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of Mount Hood. And I was Soufiane, the leader of the machine in the Battle of Ohio, he came and he shouted out that yo, mom, Bo me, but this day is revenge for the day of brother, meaning now we're equal. Okay, now, this is a tie. Okay, so you won in brother and we win in a herd. Okay, you killed 70 of us in butter and we killed 70 of yours today. So this is a tie, but the Muslims responded less our Atlanta agenda will Cutler confer No, no, this is not a tie. We're not equal. Because our dead are in paradise and you're dead are in *, right latter seven Alladhina cathedral feasibility and water. Those who are killed in the way of Allah or not like those who die, especially those who die

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as disbelievers while fighting Muslims. So most of Yun asked is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam among the people meaning Is he alive? And the Muslims were quiet? Nobody said anything he said is a robocall among the people. Is Ahmad among the people meaning Are they alive and the Muslims were quiet? So then it was of Yan said all of them have been killed? Because if they were alive, they would have replied so remodel the Longhorn who, who was alive and well, he could not help saying it he just said it out loud that you are a liar Oh enemy of Allah. Allah has kept what will make you unhappy? Any Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is not dead. Abubaker is not dead or what is not that

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were alive and well. So it will Soufiane said Allah and he by Allah and he do swear by Allah, you're telling the truth. And Roma replied Allah by Allah. Yes, they are alive. So most of you answered by Allah Omar, you are more truthful to me than even Camilla. And even though when Camilla said in the

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battle that I have killed Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and now you're saying the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is not dead, I believe you, you're more truthful to me then even come here. And then many of us have answered a few more things, you know he glorified his idols etc. And then basically, I was a peon left or hood. And then we should Keene also in the they left or they left the battlefield in order to prepare to make their way back to Makkah. Now, on the way to Makkah, the mushy keen, they stopped around a place called Hamra al Assad, which is about eight miles from Medina. And they said to one another, that yes, we killed many Muslims, but they killed 22 of us

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right now in the battle of 122 Mushrikeen were killed, okay. And they killed 70 of us in battle. And when they started doing the math, they're like, you know, we didn't actually win. And we're not really even because they killed 70 of us in butter and took 70 as captive. And right now, yes, we killed 70 of them, but they also killed 22 of us and we never took any captive. And we didn't end up killing Muhammad Sallallahu arias and or Abu Bakr or Omar, we didn't bring any prisoners. So what exactly have we achieved nothing. And it came, I said, who was on the side of them was 16. At the time, he said, We haven't done anything worthy of praise yet. So they decided that you know what,

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let's go back and attack Medina and actually kill Muhammad Sallallahu autism and then we go back to Makkah, and he saw they began planning to return and attack the Muslims and eradicate them completely. On the other hand, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he also wanted to find out about the activities of the Mushrikeen. And he wanted to make sure that they were actually going back to Makkah. So because they had launched a surprise attack once so if they launched a surprise attack once, that means they can do that a second time. So the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said I'm sent to our little de la Mourinho with some companions to go and find out what the Mushrikeen were doing.

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And he gave them instructions, he said, see if they're riding horses or camels, because if they're riding horses, this means that they're making their way to Medina in order to attack. And if they're riding camels, this means that they're making their way back to Makkah. Now, the prophets, Allah who are descendants sent these companions in order to go and find out. On the other hand, Gibreel came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam informing him of Allah's command to go after the Mushrikeen any wish basically meant that the battle was not over yet. So the prophets of Allah who said them himself now went out in pursuit of the enemy. And he only allowed those who were actually present at

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or hurt to come along with him. And he didn't allow anyone else from the people in Medina to come along with him on this expedition. He said, No, it is only the people who are present, or who can come and the people who are present or heard, they were who they were those who, who were wounded, right, Asaba, who will cut injury wounds had struck them. They were wounded, emotionally and physically, but they were the only ones who were allowed to go. Now the other room, say the people now let's say that in this was actually an opportunity for the companions to redeem themselves, right? Because imagine the previous day when they were at Ohio, they made such huge mistakes, right?

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They left their spots, they ran away from the Prophet sallallahu orthonormal. He was calling them, they fled the battlefield. So they were drowning in regret in sadness. And of course, they were also very upset with themselves. So now when the prophets of Allah who are this and I'm said that only those who are at O'Hare can go now to pursue the enemy. This gave them a chance to make up for their mistake, and the sudden shift any here they were sulking, you know, they were sad, they were upset. And all of a sudden, now they had to go and pursue the enemy. It shifted their attention, right? And it ensured that the Muslims did not remain in prison. Now they had to go and pursue the enemy,

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right? So it meant that they would no longer remain in grief and the Mushrikeen their enemy would no longer remain in force in happiness. Right? So the prophets of Allah who are New Salem went about eight miles out of Medina and reached him roll acid, and the intention was to combat the machine at home roll acid, okay, that come and complete the battle because it is not over yet. Right. But when the Quraysh saw that the Muslims had come to unroll acid to fight them. The Quraysh actually got scared that people moko got scared and they wrote

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their camels and they went back to Makkah. They did not stay to fight the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah cast fear into their hearts. So they said, let's go back to Makkah for now we will come again next year, because they knew that there was no way that they could win against the Muslims once their rows were organized. Right. They had experienced that, at how initially when the Muslims were in their roles where their files were organized, there was no way that they could fight them. There was no way they could win against them. The only way that they managed to cause any damage to the Muslim army was by launching a surprise attack. So here, they were like, You know

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what, we can take this chance, let's just go back. So Alladhina ster Jabu Allah he will Rizzoli, those who responded to Allah and the messenger mimbar Dima Asaba, humble Cara, okay. This is referring to the time when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded the Muslims to prepare and go pursue the enemy. And what did they do? They obeyed, even though they were wounded. I imagined this was the day after or heard the very next day when they were physically, emotionally mentally shaken up, they were exhausted, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam only allowed those who were at or had to go for it. And by the way, there was only one exception, and that was

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off jabot of an arc de la de la hora know the sun off of Lebanon lumen haram. He was the only one who was not at or hurt, but the Prophet sallallahu it isn't allowed him to come along for this expedition to Hello, I said because Jabara Dillo, where and who actually intended to go to or hurt, okay, what happened is that his father was also going to hurt. Now, only one of them could go, because our beloved cameraman had actually had many dependents, he had many children. So he told his son Jabot, that No, you stay, and I'm going and Javon was asking his father that no father You should stay, I'll go, and both were actually eager to go. So the prophets of Allah who are new

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salaam judge between them, and he said, that of the law should go and Javid would stay now, because Jabara de la Mourinho had intended to go, alright, this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam allowed him to come along in this expedition where they had to pursue the machete King. We learned in a hadith in Sahih Bukhari that I shall do on her on her said to Aruba, that Oh, my nephew, your father, zubaid and your grandfather, Abu Bakr, were among them by Mangu AlLadhina stojo Lillahi wa Rasul. And she explained that when Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam suffered what he suffered on the day of or her and the pagans left, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was afraid that they might return. So he said, Who will go on their track, and he then selected 70 men from amongst them for this purpose of 70 men in total went to Humbrol acid. Now, can you imagine if we are tired by some work, okay, because of having done something very difficult. And then again, we're called the next day. Who would we go? Hey, sometimes what happens if we're fasting? Right? We think that because we were fasting now, you know, I'll just pray the three Rokoff Maghrib.

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Or in Ramadan. It happens with any people that because you're fasting, they don't want to go for therapy. He, when we are tired, then we allow ourselves to stay back. But look at the companions and Latinas dejavu de la hora Suleyman bar the MA Saba Homolka. Allah subhanaw taala says, Lil Medina, our son, woman whom for those who did your son among them, what the call and they feared Allah for them is what a jewel and Arlene for them is a great reward. Now this statement, Lil Latina arsenal, Minh home was the CO agilone Earline. This was a bomb bomb for the wounded Muslims, because the Muslims were emotionally more hurt than they were physically. Right. They were upset, they were sad,

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they were regretful, they felt like they had made such a huge mistake because of which they had suffered such a huge loss. And just a little while ago, we learned about them into Island Ron verse 155, that in the Latina toe alone income Yeoman called Giovanni in the musters Allahu shaytaan. We brought him at Casa boo, that those who fled, right, they fled because shaitan made them slip. They were reprimanded in that ayah and now these are the same people about whom Allah subhanaw taala sang lil Medina Arsenal min homebirth Toccoa Jun Earline, that those who have done good among them and they have feared Allah, they will have a great reward. How did they do airson That they went forth,

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even though they were exhausted, they were wounded, and they were afraid of Allah with the coat so they will get a great reward. And he can you imagine they made a huge mistake, and yes, they were reprimanded, but then Allah Subhanallah

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Try to give them an opportunity to make up for their mistake to go in pursuit of the enemy to humble assert, and what happened. Now they're getting reward. They're getting a junior Aleem. What a huge relief. how merciful is Allah? How forgiving is Allah? Lin Medina Arsenal Minh home with taco aduna Aleem, you know, when you do something wrong, you do it because you're human. Whatever the reason is, it could be because you were angry, it could be because you weren't paying attention. It could be because you're ignorant. It could be because you think that you're very incapable or whatever the causes, whatever the reason is, but at the end of the day, you made a mistake, right? You did

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something wrong, you did something that perhaps you shouldn't have, you know, Allah subhanaw taala gives us an opportunity to recover from that mistake. He doesn't leave us there. And sometimes that opportunity comes in the form of a huge challenge, like here, hate the Muslims were wounded, they were injured. And then they were told, come in pursuit of the enemy, and they went and when they went, look at how Allah subhanaw taala gave them such huge reward, and He forgave them. Allah subhanaw taala further says about them Alladhina kala Holman nestle in the NASA Kojima Hola, como Alladhina those who call Allahumma NASA, the people said to them that in a NASA that indeed people

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but Jamar Ola Khan have gathered against you, Fox show them Sophia them, but did they fear them? No Frazetta whom Imana it increase them in faith Subhanallah Now I mentioned to you earlier about how it was of yarn and the machete Keane were contemplating they were basically preparing to attack Medina and eventually it will Soufiane learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had sent, you know his companions in need to check the whereabouts of the Mushrikeen. Now, what a Luciferian did is that there was a delegation or rather a group of people of our bill case, okay? They were traveling, okay. Now imagine this group of travelers is going and they're going towards

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Medina. So Abu Sufyan said to them that go and tell Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that we are planning to attack Medina, and we're going to kill Muhammad Sallallahu Urdu settler. So this delegation of Abdullah place this group of travelers when they were on their way to Medina, they actually met the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and they told him about what was Sofia and had said, so you know what the companion said when they heard that Abu Sufyan is preparing to come towards Medina and attack the companion said has spoon Allah has spoon Allah Who an airman will kill sufficient for us is Allah and what an excellent Joaquin he is. So Alladhina those who these are the believers call

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Allah home set to them, who said to them and NASA, some people who are these people, the travelers off or they'll face the rock of the case, who passed by Abu Sufian. Right and who brought the message of Abu Sufyan to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Right? So they said that in the nursery, indeed people who is the second and that's referring to it is referring to abuse of Jana and his men, the mushy kin, and that they have a jamaa ruler comb, they have gathered against you, and you they haven't returned to Medina, they have gathered together in order to fight you in order to attack you. So they're coming for showhome fear them, he fear them, you cannot go and fight them.

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You have to go and defend yourselves and you have to hide for showhome there's so many of them. How exactly will you fight them? You're only 70 but the response of the companions was bizarre the home Imana increased them in faith. This is like but what happened and better 300 companions that actually gone with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam with the intention to intercept the caravan of the machete keen. But the caravan escaped, right. And the army from Makkah came. And now 300 Muslims had to fight the Macan army, and they fought and Allah's Panther to help them. So the Muslims that Hamra al Assad basically found themselves in a very similar situation, that there were

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only 70 of them, and then they find out while they're there, that it was if Eon is planning to attack, there might be a battle and there were only 70 of them. So what was their response? fuzzer the home Imana instead of waiting for them to come to Medina. They said we're going to fight them right here. The prophets of Allah who are who seldom showed up, the companions were there, they were ready to fight and when they were ready to fight, that is when

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Will Sophia and felt afraid, and he knew that there was no way he could win against them. If he was getting flashbacks of the Battle of other probably, and so they just left they went back to Makkah. Now we see in this ayah, that the Eman the faith of the companions increased when they learned of a new challenge, right? This hardship increased them in their faith because they were sincere to Allah. They put their trust in Him. And they knew that with the help of Allah, they would be able to overcome this challenge, facade the home Imana will call you and they said husband Allah, who Nirmal will kill husband Allah sufficient for us as Allah, when they are milawa key, and he is the best

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Disposer of affairs. These are the words they said, you know, we have to be very careful about how we think and what we say, when we hear about some frightening news or something challenging, or something that we weren't expecting. What do we say? And what do we think the companion said has when Allahu Nirmal Joaquin, and in their hearts they increased in Iman, they increased in their thought Quran Allah, they increased in their European in Allah, they increased in their Toma, Nina, they were even more content that yes, we're in the way of Allah. And yes, this challenge has come up and with the help of Allah, not with our own help, but with the help of Allah will be able to do

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this. Allah is there. We're not alone. Allah is their husband, Allah sufficient for us as Allah when airmen were killed, he is the best Disposer of affairs. Now this statement has been Allah when airman will kill is a very important statement. And it means haspin Allah has been Allah means Allah alone is enough for us. And really, if you think about it, the Companions, they didn't have much in their hands. Right? They were wounded, they were exhausted physically, and they had a huge challenge before them. But they said Allah alone is sufficient for us, he is all we have. And having Allah means if you have Allah, then this means that he will compensate for every deficiency of yours. And

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he will suffice you against every challenge that you face. So if there's something that you're missing, like, for example, numbers of men, or resources, it doesn't matter, because Allah is there, he will compensate for every deficiency. And if there's a challenge before you He will suffice against every challenge, because nothing is difficult for Allah. Right? Allahu Acquah any if there is some force that you are facing some force that you have to fight off, whose power is greater than the force that you're facing Allah, so husband Allah, Allah alone is enough for us. Even if all odds are against us he is enough because he's all powerful. And when Nirmal will kill, how good is the

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trustee. Now Nirmal will kill Nirma is a word of praise. Okay? And it's praising Allah ke ne Nirmal Joaquin de ver keyless. Excellent. So by saying when airmen were killed, we are praising Allah azza wa jal that Allah is excellent work he'll work he'll is the one who is trusted, okay, the one who is dependent upon the one whom you entrust your affairs to, from the root letter as well kefla Any you entrust your affairs to them, so that they will take care of all of your affairs. So normally what kill What an excellent will kill Allah is because Allah will suffice us and the thing is that the one was were killed is Allah, then even if the entire world is against that person, that person is

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fine because Allah is enough in total and file is 64. Allah subhanaw taala says Yeah, are you Hannah Vu has smoke Allah or prophet, Allah is enough for you, woman, it's America, middle meaning and Allah is enough for those who follow you among the believers. Allah is enough for his prophet, and Allah is enough for you. For me, for those who follow the profits of Allahu alayhi wa salaam, husband, Allah Who an airman will keyed when you say this with your heart, and he knowingly with the clean, you are able to avert anything that worries you. Anything that frightens you, anything that you dislike, you'll be able to deal with it. When you see a husband Allah Who an airman will keep

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because you see when you say a husband alone air multiple kid, you're not putting your trust in the hospital that you're in, and the team of doctors that you may be dealing with. You're not putting your trust in yourself in your genes,

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you know, in the medication or in the treatment that you're taking. No, you're putting your trust in Allah and you know that if

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there's anything that is missing. Allah subhanaw taala will make up for that. He is the one who will cause everything to come together and who will cause things to work out in your favor. Hussmann Allah who in their mother will kill, you know, Ibrahim Reyes, and I've said this when he was thrown in the fire by his people. This is the last statement that he said. And what happened to the fire. It became coolness and safety for him. Because I spent Allahu nierman woking, Allah is enough for me. My people have abandoned me, they have thrown me here. But Allah is here for me, Allah will take care of me. Yes, they're throwing me in the fire, fire burns, but Allah is there. When airmen were

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killed, I rely entirely on him. And you know, sometimes when you're in some kind of difficulty, and it just gets more and more and more difficult, and you feel more and more alone, and you feel more and more helpless. You know, for example, if you're ill, if you're unwell, you're dealing with some kind of illness, and, yes, it's painful, it's hard, there's a lot of difficulties associated with that, then you find out that you have a doctor's appointment, right? That gives you some kind of hope. But then you go for the doctor's appointment, it doesn't satisfy you at all. And then you're sent for a test and that test comes out negative and then you go for another test and that comes out

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negative and then you go for something else. And that doesn't work out. You know, everything that you thought would be a solution ends up not being a solution. So then what happens you learn to depend on who, only Allah, he learned, and he you increase in your European in Allah azza wa jal, because the different tests failed you the different doctors couldn't help you. He has been Allah Who an airman Joaquin, Allah is enough for us, he is sufficient for us and He is the best Disposer of affairs. So when things got really hard, no matter what difficulty you're dealing with, it could be something physical, it could be something financial, it could be something, you know, emotional,

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whatever it is that you're dealing with. Say Hussman, Allah Who an heir Maliki and to say husband Allah when airmen were killed. This is actually a statement that expresses the what call on Allah, the statement shows it reflects that you are putting your trust in Allah you know, we're always talking about put your trust in Allah put your trust in Allah how do you actually do that? You do that by saying such statements husband Allah whenever Maliki because what is the local Tawakkol is that you believe in Allah. Right? That you actually truly depend on Allah. Right? You truly depend on Allah you truly believe in Allah you believe he is there you believe that? You know he's going to

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take care of you he's going to take care of this matter. So that is what has been Allah when everyone will kill right? And so what cool is that you put your trust in Allah with full confidence that he's there I'm not alone. Husband, Allah, whenever Mala key the vocalist that you expect the best from Allah, you believe that he's not going to abandon you husband alone airman. Okay, nevermind. Well, Keith is excellent as Shaquille because he doesn't abandon. Right? What happens subheadline the world, you put your trust in a doctor, right in a team of doctors and they try to help you out and then they're like, I'm sorry, we can't help you anymore. Right? So they basically

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say goodbye to you.

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But Allah azza wa jal does not do that. You expect the best from Allah, this is the local you expect the best from Allah that He will bring you relief. And the local includes that you do whatever is within your means. So husband Allah Who near Milwaukee, and earlier also Intuit Alia and Ron we learned that Allah subhanaw taala loves those who put their trust in him. Right and the believers should put their trust in Allah. He this is actually part of Iman and Allah Subhana Allah says in surah, Tala, verse number three that were May at what color Allah Allah He for who has bull, whoever puts his trust in Allah than Allah is enough for him. You say a haspin, Allah, Allah will be enough

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for you. If you said with sincerity, said confidently with the attain without any doubt whatsoever. And the thing is that in life, you absolutely need the work. You absolutely need to work on because to move from one, you know, step of life to another, from one level to another, one stage to another, and you need the worker, without the worker, you cannot climb up the ladder of life, you cannot make any progress. You know, one is that we focus all of our attention on to our deficiencies, and the hardships that surround us. Right? This is focusing on fear. And if we focus on fear, then we're not going to be able to get anywhere. The other is that you acknowledge the

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deficiencies you acknowledge the dangers, but you focus your attention on Allah azza wa jal there

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I am not alone. Allah is here and he is enough for me. He is excellent as someone who is dependent upon because he does not abandon, he does not find anything difficult he does not fail. So put your trust in Allah. Husband Allah Who Nirmal McKeel. Allah subhanaw taala says regarding the Companions, that fun kala boo be near my team in Allah he will fuddle so they returned with the blessing of Allah and favor. Allahu Akbar. They went out of Medina in order to pursue the machete keen. Right? And what happened, then was she keen, became afraid, and they went home, Allah subhanaw taala cause terror into their hearts. So now the Muslims returned back to Medina from kala Boothbay return. This

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is talking about the Muslims, the believers that they turned back, and they went back to Medina, how veneer MetalMan Allah with the blessing of Allah and fuddle and then lamium Suzume. So they came back completely safe and sound, no evil, touch them. What tomorrow did one Allah and by going in pursuit of the enemy, they followed the great pleasure of Allah. Right? So you can imagine now, the Companions felt so relieved, and so happy. They had a sense of victory, that we went after the machete cane. And then was she keen fled, beer ran away. So this incident, what did it do? It turned her into a victory. So the Battle of a herd remember, it was not a defeat for the Muslims, it was

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actually a victory. This incident turned the Battle of or herd into a victory, it was not a defeat. Now, when we typically talk about the Battle of or hood, we only talk about the time when, you know, the Muslims were at or hood, right, and how they were fighting. Initially, they were winning. And then the machine began to flip within the archers left their spots. And then what happened there was she came came launched a surprise attack, this caused chaos, the Muslims fled, and so many were wounded, so many were killed, so many were injured. And then basically, they had to, you know, hide, take shelter in the crevices of Mount or hood. And many had to run back to Medina. And that is how

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they survived. And, you know, it was just really sad to know, that's not how the battle of Ohio ended. It actually ended on the following day, when the Prophet salallahu earnin said on the Companions, they went out in pursuit of the machine army, they went out after them, as if inviting them that come fight. The battle is not over yet. But what happened, the wish the keen, felt afraid, and they went back to Makkah. So basically, the Muslims chased them away. So the Battle of war heard was actually a victory. Right? And if you think about it, overall, any in the Battle of or heard what happened to Quraysh, they lost around 22 people and the Muslims lost 70 Okay. But the Koresh

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was still not even with the Muslims, right, because the Muslims had inflicted greater losses on them. And

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secondly, the Muslims actually remained in the battlefield and the Kurdish left and mushy keen left in Yes, the Muslims were, you know, hiding in the crevices of Mount or hood, but they were still there, at the site, and the Mushrikeen, left or hood, right. Thirdly, we learned that the Quraysh actually did not pursue the Muslims. They were heading towards Makkah, and then they stopped, and then the Muslims came after them, they pursued them the next day, and then the Quraysh, the machine went back to Makkah. And at the end of the day, if you think about it, and Medina was safe, so a herd was far from being a defeat for the Muslims because of this incident, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah says

00:33:53 --> 00:34:38

fanclub would be normative in Allah he will fuddle now again, be near Metin, near Metin. Is Nokia, any, Allah's Panthro does not restricted here. What this means is there was a huge favor of Allah huge blessing of Allah. And what was this blessing? This was essentially the safety of the Muslims. Right? And the fact that they were now victorious, because they pursued the enemy and the enemy ran away. And the fact that now, The defeat was turned back into victory, because Medina was safe and the enemy did not come Subhanallah but not just Nirma they came back home with the funnel of Allah with the additional favor of Allah. And what is the funnel, the funnel of Allah is really am I say

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

this is referring to the fact that Allah casts terror into the hearts of the enemy. And he was a peon was actually contemplating any that he was planning to attack the Muslims, but then it his heart was filled with fear and they went back to Makkah. So who did that? This was Allah subhanaw taala is work. This was an additional favor from Allah.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:47

or the Obama said that fuddle is referring to the financial gains that the Muslims made at home roll acid, because a hedge was going to be soon all right, and the you know, a caravan passed by. And it was typical of the time that people would, you know, buy and sell like this. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam bought and sold many things and made a profit which he divided between the companions. So this was the funnel of Allah. Another interpretation is that the funnel is referring to additional reward that the Muslims got for having gone to humble Essent. Okay, they got reward for what happened at or hood. But now when they went to unroll acid, all right, and they

00:35:47 --> 00:36:32

dealt with another test, and they passed that beautifully. Allah subhanaw taala gave them even more reward, Allahu Akbar. And another interpretation is that when collabo binaire met him in Allah, He will fuddle This means they return to Medina with the blessing of Allah Nerima is referring to all of these benefits that they got in the world, right? Safety victory, how Allah subhanaw taala help them financial gains and other benefits that they got and fuddle is referring to the favor the rewards that Allah has in store for them in the hereafter. Allahu Akbar. And Allah's pantherella says lamium says whom Sue lamium says whom it did not touch them What did not touch them. So when

00:36:32 --> 00:37:19

any evil, he they came back home safe and sound, they came back home without any further wounds or injuries, any further suffering and he didn't get hurt at all. None of them were killed. Allah subhanaw taala protected them what Tibet rooted when Allah and most importantly, they actually pursued the great pleasure of Allah. Any why is it that they went to her role assert what was the intention to make up for their mistake the previous day? Right? What the Buddha when Allah, so they went out in the way of Allah even though it was hard, and they wanted to please Allah, and that's what they got. Well Allah Who fuddling or Aleem and Allah is possessor of great favor, the zoo Folin

00:37:19 --> 00:37:51

are lame or lame again is an Akira. Allah is transplanted does not limit it. So that you know that he Allah's favor is so great, it is so huge that there's nothing after that any This is the favor of Allah, it is truly great greater than you can even imagine. Subhan Allah Allah who will fall in our lien, so you can imagine how the companions were feeling now they felt good, they felt a sense of victory and Allah azza wa jal was also pleased with them all right let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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dAubigny Musa Hoon very Hanaa Reema

00:38:11 --> 00:38:12

was savvy she

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shot him in country him

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yes service you own at

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minimum law.

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you have was only me Dima.

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Elodie you

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shown home

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while God has shown us law one young man working

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minute law he

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Learn me

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Allah he will Allahu alim.

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