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I want you to go through the whole Quran with me. Join [email protected]

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live below him in a shaytani r Rajim makua McCallum Allahu Allahu Are you kidding?

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is Carla La Jolla Lisa in the mood our fee kawara hero Kayla Yamamoto. He will come in alladhina cafaro Raja Illa Dena Coca Cola de Naka from La

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rubbish. Silly me, looked at me lasagna Oliva hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Rasool Allah Allah Allah He was my bad once again everybody salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We're going to try to look at item number 54 of Swords earlier on today, and see if we can get through at least some of the basic lessons of IRA number 55. And I'll take a deeper look at it in the next coming days, and shout out. Well, Makoto Makoto la hola Jose remarketing and easy translation of this would be they conspired or this scheme schemed and alas schemed, which is sounds inappropriate, but we'll deal with that in a little bit. And Allah is the best of all those who can scheme or Mercado, de la

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la la Hydro and marketing and massage. Ooh, la Sol Macrophylla. Sorry will facade fee huffy half eaten, or more dadgad. The problem The first issue that occurs is the word mucker, which I translated as schemed or conspired, is used when you are making efforts to do something corrupt secretly, obviously, the word scheming Hey, what do you guys scheming doesn't sound like you're doing something good. When you're conspiring a conspiracy is not something good. Planning is a good word. But conspiring and conspiracy is not a good word scheming is not a good word. So why am I using a negative word now? That's okay. The enemies of a Saudi Salaam were secretly having their

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plans and making, you know, whatever whatever a conspiracy is to try to attack him or to frame him or to get him arrested or to get him killed. All of those things are fine. But the problem with the idea is that it's being attributed to who alasa which Makarova? makalah and so we have to deal with that problem. The thing is that in Quranic phrasing, and in classical Arabic phrasing, there's a concept basically, you can call it a cause reflection. What that means is, if, for example, if you know how you you've heard tit for tat, before, tit for tat, right, so if you know, if you do something, I'll respond in kind.

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So the idea is, if someone does something evil,

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the phrase in Arabic is we will respond to evil with evil.

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But actually, what it means is we'll respond to evil accordingly, appropriately. Okay. And the way to phrase that in Arabic, old Arabic phrasing is to use the identical verb to suggest we're going to have an equal but effective response to what they did.

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It doesn't actually mean the same act as being done by both parties. It actually means they have like in the home, Yaki do Nikita wa key Luca de Vita, right? They make a scheme I make a scheme actually similar, similar word. But they're also they're making a scheme and I am responding to their scheme.

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A way to think about this ayah is the scheme that Allah responded to their scheming. That's the way to think about the site. And this kind of phrasing where the same word is used by one party and in response by the other party. This is a common occurrence of phrasing in the Quran. And this is how you're supposed to think of it. It's not actually they did something bad and something bad was done by a law, the law in response, no, as a matter of fact, they did their scheming to do whatever harm they could, and a lot had his own scheme. In response, Allah had his own plan in response to undo the effects of their evil schemes. And then he adds at the end, while larvicidal marketing, there

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are multiple places in the Quran, where Allah speaks about the scheming of those who want to undermine Islam, or those who want to make efforts against them, and those who want to cause corruption in the case of profits, kill profits and things like that. The common thread the thread between them is they are doing this behind the scenes. So their face value is something else and what's going on behind the scenes. Well, Matt Duffy Sadhguru Akbar later on in the same surah whatever their hearts are hiding inside, whatever their chests have inside of them is much bigger, you know, cut by the tail of wahoo. You know, that will be a for him artificial

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animosity has already come out of their mouths. They've already expressed some degree of animosity, so you can tell that they don't like the believers very much. But what they haven't said and what they have inside of them is even worse and

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As a result of that, macrolane even the hardcore on will say they're going they're scheming night and day. They're getting together holding secret meetings to make sure that the dean is undermined his young guru because he Nakuru and SoTL and file when disbelievers were making a scheme against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to try to kill him. That had to be an elaborate scheme because if one tribe is arrested, or found that the killer was from one particular tribe, that every or one family that that family can become part of a civil war, so we have to make it look like it was a collaborative effort and we didn't nobody gets to point a finger at any one family, so

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scheming had to be done. Well, Mark kuntala de him is Amara homeboy holmium Quran Allah says, You weren't with them when they were making their schemes when they were getting all of their plans together. So the idea here is that a Salah Salaam is already we already know he's not he doesn't have generals and strategists and intellectuals and political scientists and, you know, police officers and authorities on his side, he's got people that day laborers. That's what he has on his side. And on the other side, you've got politicians, you've got thinkers, you've got schemers, you've got intellectuals that are holding meetings about how to destroy how to how to undermine.

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This is also something that a lot of times in our day and age, Muslims become very paranoid about. Their entire university departments dedicated to studying the problem of Islam growing in Europe, the problem of Islam in America, a study of the Muslim communities, I remember the RAND Corporation back in the day releasing its paper on the Muslim communities in America and classifying them and fragmenting them. They even held a meeting one time, I recall, I was made privy to this meeting. They call the Imams and leaders of Islamic organizations from different parts of North America, national organizations, major massage, etc. Of course, people that are from different jamaa

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different groups, different schools of thought. So they're slightly different from each other. And they sat them down on this Roundtable. And they said, Please discuss the future of Islam in America. What is your vision for the future of Islam in America, not five minutes went by, and everybody's fighting everybody else on the table. There's yelling and screaming going on. And the experts who invited them, the non Muslim experts are just

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like, we're their test subjects. And they put us in this new like those rats that go into those experiments. That's what we are, and we're playing their game, and now they're studying or these guys don't like those guys because of this issue, and they are in this region, and they're doing an entire study. How do you undermine each of these organizations because they hate each other anyway.

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The scheming is not something small. Lita? zula, menholt Jeevan I mean, they're Kay they're they're scheming sometimes it's so powerful. It could bring mountains down. When this ayah was revealed. Their scheming is so grand it could bring mountains down, we wouldn't imagine at that time, mountains could be brought down. Now, it's not even that hard to imagine that Allah says they're scheming is so powerful that can bring mountains down, you know. So, the idea that we get intimidated, we get overwhelmed by this. This suggested scheming of the disbelievers, the enemies of Islam that are conspiring to gather resources and gather intelligence and spy and survey and then

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come up with a plan to undermine or completely decimate Islam. When we start obsessing over that allows the will over and over again responds by saying, you have your part to do you your concern is not their schemes.

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Your concern is not their schemes. Why? Well Makoto who's responding to their schemes, or my Corolla or macaroon? macaron. Think about the the Macan crime, so much of the Quran was revealed in Makkah, and the mccanns were very protective of their political structure. The more Islam was spreading, the more they felt threatened, that their business practices, their social practices, their cultural practices, and their political structure is being threatened. So they were constantly making schemes and holding meetings to discuss the problem of Islam. Now, what happens when somebody says, Hey, by the way, they're holding a meeting, they're talking about you?

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What are they saying? What do they conclude? who attended the meeting? How many people were there? are they meeting again? How many times have they been meeting? What are they? What's their plan? You get paranoid, you know, like, what are they going to do? What are they? What are they thinking about us? Now? I remember the days, you know, soon after 911 in the United States, Muslims were so paranoid. You know, they're building concentration camps, just like the Japanese Brother, you have to give a hubbub about that. I was like, if I give a football or not, they're still building it. If they're building it.

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My hope I'm gonna change it. We're not gonna like the guy give us about lower the fence a little bit. It's not gonna happen.

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And what is that going to and by the way, they're holding the secret

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Agenda meetings and they're they're making a different cron. And they're going to put it on Amazon. I was like, that's not going to sell very well then

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we could try.

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Who's taking responsibility for protecting cron?

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Why are you so you're gonna protect? Hold on, you're gonna do it. Really? No, you're not. That's already taken care of. schemes of the enemies of Islam, hidden schemes of the enemies of Islam are not something that's supposed to make you paranoid. Your job is to just understand, Womack, Allah. Allah is responding homochiral omarama they did it. And the idea, even if they the pronoun being used is to suggest a kind of ambiguity and secrecy. And let it name who they are. He just said they schemed. And in response, Allah responded to their scheme, and allies the best of all that can ever make a scheme. And that last phrase will not hold title market. He knows what we call, as you will

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learn soon, a Joomla isthmian. And in that utilize me there's actually a mobile app and a mobile filet. Oh, look at that, you know about that one hydro assembled off Alma Karina is Dumbledore filet. Okay, the best of all that plan. And when you use the SM file marketing, at the end of those who plan, this idea of using a noun or an SM is that it's timeless meaning not just this plan, not just the plan that they made against the Saudis, and the plan that allow me to respond to a salary slam the scheme against a scientist, but ever again, anywhere in the world and everywhere in human history, and everyone everywhere in human future, whenever they're going to be those who scheme

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never forget a loving, it's the best of all plans, and alerts. And they don't even know that their little plan is part of what allows plan. You ever see like, I mean, you guys don't watch movies because you're Islamic. So sometimes they have these movies where the police, the criminal is running. But the police already has him surrounded completely. So they go ahead and run.

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No, take around, take a right take a left. And the cop cars already there waiting at the end, the guy is eating his doughnut, like when you're gonna get here. That was pretty slow. I was expecting you 30 seconds ago.

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The criminals plan to run and escape was already part and parcel of the police's plan.

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And that's even a part of almost mocking their plan. You understand? This is why we have to think about history, and world events differently. All of them are part of a less plan. All Events, the good and the bad are part of a less plan. You know one of the most interesting places in the Quran to understand this is soulful Islam.

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And sutureless law describes the destruction of Jerusalem. Historically, Jerusalem was destroyed a couple of times. He says, Basner la comida de la

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Oliva censured Eden for Joshua Hara Dr. Wakanda mahfouda very strange ayah. Allah says that we appointed over you we overran you, with servants with slaves that served us Ibadan, Nana, slaves that served us. So this is interesting phrasing because normally you say by Donna, our slaves, but the IRS has a burden.

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There's a kind of greed. It's like they're not exactly our slaves as in, they worship us, but they don't even know they're serving our scheme. The Assyrians, the Babylonians, the people that attacked Jerusalem, the ones who ransacked and were disbelievers pagans idol worshipers and destroyed the machine. They just struggle machines Alexa, they kill Muslims. And Allah says they don't even know that they were part of a scheme that Allah had hatched a plan that a lion has, and they were servants of ours without even knowing that they're servants of ours. How many times in history has that happened that those that came and ransacked the Muslims and attacked and conquered and pillaged

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themselves end up taking Shahada themselves under becoming the next wave of the oma the next wave of Islam. So here will long title marketing and Alliance Okay, let it roll slowly. And as to the drama. So alongside remarketing and Allah is the best of all that makes schemes and has always been there to respond to any of the conspiracies that take place against the believers seen and unseen. The idea of

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the idea of mucker also is

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Kamakura comes from an emulator mancora image semi metal

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camera, meaning someone who's complete in every way every dimension of it has been father. They think of a woman who's well refined, all of her characteristics are refined, and she very thought out in her opinions. They call her mom Kula. Right so she's sharp lady. The idea is their plans are not like hodgepodge. They're very well thought out plans, and yet they are part of a less plan. Now, the next idea is the idea of a great

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source of debate especially more recently, there's discussion about you know, skepticism about the return of a silent Salaam whether he's coming back or not should we can we rely on the belief that discard the scribe has coming back, some people have an issue with it because they believe that if these are the same is coming back household Lhasa, Linda final messenger and these kinds of issues and I'll tell you personally where I what I'm convinced up first, before we get into this, I'm convinced from a number of angles, that there is certainly a return of the Saudis now, like there seems to be overwhelming evidence that there is such thing as the return of Jesus in Islamic

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literature in authentic Islamic literature. The Hadith are pretty solid. And there are numerous but actually, even if you don't look at the Hadith at all, if let's just say the body of Hadith is not there for a moment, pretend it's not there, and we're just looking at the Quran. The Quran does not speak about the return of Jesus explicitly, but it certainly talks about it implicitly, and very strong implicit evidence. Okay. I've discussed some of this evidence in a previous lecture in when we were about I have 50 or 49, somewhere over there. We've talked about how Koran hints at the return of Jesus coming back over the Saudi Salaam, this is one of those IR that had been used by

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some to describe that he's not coming back that he actually died. Before I get to the ayah. I do want to share with you that within those who believe that he is coming back, there are two views. Basically it boils down to two views. One view is that when he was about to be crucified before he could even be crucified, he was raised the angels Burstyn raised him up into the sky, alive, physically alive, and he's still alive. And then he's going to be brought back. He's basically his age is suspended and he's going to be brought back the age that he left. Okay, so he's in you know, in a large company now and then eventually he is brought back down. Another view is that in fact, he

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was given death at the time, and his his after death, he was raised and a level bring him back to life and bring him down. Meaning he's going to have a resurrection of sorts. Okay. Now this idea of the dead coming back to life is not something alien in the Quran.

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You've got for example, the the the deceased in the key in the story of masala Suleiman the cow somebody who was dead was brought back to life. You've got the Prophet at the end of SoTL Bukhara who said and now you he had a la vida Moti, how will God how will Allah bring this to life after? Is that not a matter of Allah? Who, me at amin, Allah gave him death for 100 years, some of artha who died he raised him again. So the idea of someone being given death, and then being given life again in this world is not something alien. You can't say, well, in Islam, the only time we have death and being brought back to life is in the afterlife. That's not the case. As a matter of fact, even the

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Israelites, right for that coup masakatsu went on the road from a BATNA common buddy nautical, like the loud explosion sees you, the Israelites were told, and then we resurrected all of you after you had died, while you were still staring. So this idea of resurrection happening even in the world is something mentioned on numerous occasions, particularly relevant to the story of the Israelites, particularly in Israelite history, you find references to this idea of being given death and being brought back to life. The another kind of an orientation point that is important to I think, revisit, is that this surah in the beginning of this surah, Allah said that he decides, listen to

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this carefully now he decides what he should make clear, and what he should not make clear.

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Okay, so some parts of the IR some parts of the revelation are most common, but some are Muta. shabbiha, automata, Sharia, Allah decided Now the thing is, if you think of allies, the teacher because he does say, the Koran he taught the Quran, when you think of a teacher, you expect the teacher will make sure he clarifies what

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everything, and here you have Allah, the divine teacher, saying, I made some things unclear purposely.

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That means that making something unclear also has a lesson also has a purpose. The problem is if the lesson itself is unclear, then its purpose is also what?

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unclear. I don't know why you made it unclear. I have no idea. And so it becomes a real problem for some people that something has not been made explicitly clear.

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And they want it to be explicitly explicitly clear and the law says that's actually one of its purposes. I want to see how many

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If you can listen to something that I say that I made deliberately unclear, and you're still okay, I'm another he couldn't win and Europeana. We believe in all of it. It's all from Allah. It's from from our rub. And I'm not going to try to make what he made unclear into something explicitly clear. Is it explicitly clear that Nissan is Salam died and was raised and will be resurrected? No. Is it explicitly clear that he was still alive and he was taken up? No, Allah decided not to tell us.

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This is a last decision that he decided not to tell us. Obviously, when Allah decides not to tell you something. There's going to be what he describes himself as hikma.

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There has to be a wisdom and you have to trust Allah's wisdom. That's part of the orientation and studying of laws. Look, what he didn't want you to know, super clearly, he didn't want you to know. And it's really interesting, isn't it? Because the death, particularly the death, and the future events, in the end what transpired right after the alleged death of Jesus is some of the most controversial, most debated history in the world. Like there's more work done on the death of this man or the alleged death of this man or the resurrection of this man. And what exactly happened than any other figure in the world and ally decided that he's going to give you bits and pieces and keep

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the rest of history on purpose. If the only one who could have solved this mystery would have been Who? Allah Himself subhana wa Taala. But he did, he actually gave us just enough for us to know he was raised. But what exactly happened? He won't say. So now what is what does Allah say to him? What if Allah La Jolla? When when Allah azza wa jal said Isa in the motiva FECA certainly I have raised you I'm translating this almost in the past tense What are FECA Let me try Let me explain why for Arabic students, why am translating this almost as a past tense

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in the Arabic language the Assam file should occur as Nikita

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if it is to be understood as the future in Ninja a known film of the form? I am going to place a leaf on the earth journey load that should be Nikita. But if it occurs as a MOBA,

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okay, then actually it's already done.

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In the journey, Luca, Linda CMM I've already made you a man for people.

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The way to understand that simply an easy example. I know this is a little bit more advanced Arabic, but you'll get there eventually inshallah,

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who are Catalan fraudulant. katalon. Raja means he's going to kill a man.

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He hasn't killed him yet.

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But if you make it a methodical document, you see who are katello Raja Lin, who are katello fraudulent is already done. He already killed him.

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Look at the word cinematografica. I've already taken you. I've already taken you. It's a mobile fulfilling meaning it's already done. Now the purpose of that is one possible implication is it's as good as done this is guaranteed to happen even though it hasn't happened yet. Consider it done. Considered absolutely done. It could also be that this word is being given to or at least highly sought after he's been raised. Like he's been raised, and then the law says to him, I have now raised you. I've already I've already taken you.

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There are those who argue that the word with our finger comes from the verb tougher and tougher means to die.

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Our fire actually doesn't mean to die Arabic to fear the middle module can be understood as death. So even in modern Arabic, 250, Senate Kedah, Wakata, right he died in that year is used. But let's understand that word it comes from wafaa which means fulfillment.

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Alpha is using the Quran to fulfill promises. Alpha br D, okay. The offer and by the way, alpha means to give in full. When you fulfill a promise you gave what was owed in full. Okay, so what five means to take info so alpha is giving info and our fi is taking info mutawa fi is the one who takes fully takes completely. Some of us this word to say well, the phrases used for death. So it must mean a lot of St. Teresa I am giving you or I have given you death. I'm the one that has taken you away. And of course it's used in the Quran When the angels take the soul away.

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So by context, it could mean that I've given you death just like the angels typically come and take but I'm responsible to give you giving you a special kind of death. Allah says Allah who yet often enforce hinomoto Allah takes the souls away or takes the people away at the time of their death.

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The interesting thing about that the counter argument I want you to understand, is that Samira farakka way that Africa is tomorrow, when two words that are similar are together then

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Definitely there's a difference between them.

00:25:03--> 00:25:08

You'll find the word Dorothy used in the Quran for death only when the word death is mentioned.

00:25:10--> 00:25:12

A La Jolla TOEFL unforce.

00:25:13--> 00:25:16

Hainan Moti have a Hanukkah when a toffee will mount

00:25:18--> 00:25:26

Leanna Hama is Tamara, they're there together. So there's got to be a difference between our fellows. One of the most interesting places is

00:25:27--> 00:25:29

Han moto Yaga, Allahu Allah.

00:25:32--> 00:25:49

Allah says about women that are supposed to be under house arrest as a punishment, he says until death takes them away. Look at the phrase that I'm translating until death takes them away. If the word fee by itself is enough to communicate death, then why do you need the word death?

00:25:51--> 00:26:12

Why do you need the word mode? Have you thought finer until they're taken away? No until death takes them away. In other words, the idea of being taken away is not necessarily the equivalent of death unless death is mentioned in proximity. So endocrine when those who argue toffee means death, I would argue it only means death when death is mentioned.

00:26:13--> 00:26:17

It started death when death is not mentioned by itself, I have taken you away.

00:26:18--> 00:26:29

I have taken you in full. And which is I mean, the most explicit case again, so to Nyssa. Because you know, otherwise, if you think there were few means death, how are you going to translate whatever for Honda mode until death dies for them?

00:26:30--> 00:26:41

doesn't make any sense until death takes them away. By the way, why is the war for us for death anyway, it's used because you know, in English, even in other languages, somebody says, Oh, my grandpa was taken away from us last year.

00:26:42--> 00:27:21

Or this poor child, his parents were taken away in a car accident. What does that mean? They died. So it's a figure of speech for death, which is why it can be used for death. But it doesn't necessarily mean death, does it? It could be that somebody says his parents were taken away last year, maybe because they were immigrants in the United States and it's the Trump administration that could happen to parents were taken away. It doesn't necessarily have to mean what? Death right so it nimotop of FECA. Then he says What are you okay, Elijah, and I have raised you towards me. I have and I'm translating again in the past tense. I have raised you, towards me, my rationale for

00:27:21--> 00:27:23

translating it into past tense, it's in your buffer,

00:27:24--> 00:27:36

not raffia only yaka yaka raffia No, Ella Thea, Luca Elijah, I have raised you towards myself. Some have interpreted this to mean Allah raises people in ranks.

00:27:37--> 00:28:11

Your fellow Latina, Amano, Vancouver, Latino, Rajasthan, Allah raises people in ranks, so it means that it is on Islam as a very high rank with Allah. But in the context of it, I'm taking you away. And really, I've raised you towards myself. It sounds all too physical, doesn't it? But you have to make an extra effort to translate this metaphorically and kind of ignore what's being very explicitly stated. I have raised you towards myself. Even the word Illa Rafi ricotta rotten. If you want to talk about raising in ranks. Again, the qualifying word is

00:28:13--> 00:28:16

Allah doesn't just say you're fine La Villa de la mano. He says

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a lot of racism racism, how wait

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two minutes. Whoo. Wow, I didn't even start okay.

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So to raise them by itself is just to raise Bafana Caputo. We raised the mountain does that mean the raise the mountain in Baraka and Georgia node, when you don't qualify it, it actually means just raise. If you want to say figuratively, I have raised you in status raised you and honor raised you in something then you have to mention what that is. That's a moment. Yes, that's a qualifier, there's no way easier.

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And the only thing is towards myself. And towards is clearly explicitly used for direction.

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And then, interestingly enough, when MOCA heruka minella, Dina cafaro, and I have purified you from those who disbelieved? How are you going to translate that figuratively, figuratively would mean that I have removed Cofer from you.

00:29:16--> 00:29:21

This is not what it means it actually physically means you are now impure company.

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And I have now removed evil company, from you, meaning the Israelites that were trying to scheme and try to kill you that surrounded you that had encircled you, I have cleansed you from that society. I have removed you from them altogether. But motohiro come in and Latina cafo. There's only one minute left. So we'll talk about more of this tomorrow. But I'll give you just one little bit. Well, just to give you an idea of how this may very well be talking about his return, which are even the de la Baraka, vena cava, and those who have followed you, I will make them above those who disbelieved

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

when Jesus was allegedly crucified

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or taken either way, were their true followers of Jesus, ever in a position of dominance. No, the only time the Christian people came into dominance is after they, they added shirk to the faith. And if they added shift to the faith, then they can't be those who followed Jesus, which are Nina, Luca, those who follow you, if they follow Jesus, they would never say he is the Son of God. So if he's saying in this ayah, I have made those who followed you above those who disbelieved. I've given them dominance, that is impossible to understand historically. Some argued, well, eventually the Roman Empire came about but when the Roman Empire came about, they stopped following Jesus. But according

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to the Hadith narrations, when he comes back, the people that are going to be with him are going to be what? following him, and they're going to be following him against those who disbelieve and this is going to go on until this is one of the last things that happens before what the Day of Resurrection so you find what are you Latina De Luca sakala, Nina cafaro. Ella yo kiama

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Li, Yama, Yama, I mean, the the hints in the IR are so strong that it takes a lot of gymnastics to think this ayah is not saying that Jesus is coming back. It's too hard to look at it that way and not look at what's been very explicitly said about his return. So we'll discuss more of that tomorrow inshallah tada barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.