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Al-Imran 14-22 Translation

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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I do want to slowly get him on my bed for a little bit let him in the shape of a dream Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Allah Bashar Al Assad re we're sadly Emery Washington of data melissani of poco de urbanas. In

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Zoo Gina, it was adored mercy for the people who love and share hilarity of the desires men from Anissa II, the women

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and l Bernina. The sons, the children, well and an athlete, the heap treasures and mukaan parati the treasures heaped up main from the Hubby, the gold

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war and Elphaba, the silver.

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Well, and I'll hide the horses. I'll Musoma the one branded, marked what and anom the grazing livestock

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what and, and helps the land, the fields?

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There Lika that matter is temporary benefit, temporary enjoyment and hayati of the life. A dunya of the world

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will Allahu and Allah in the who is with him, her snoo most beautiful, excellent ALMA, the resort the Abode all say shall not be a comb, I inform you behind in with better men than the comb that are you on lil Athena for those who it the Oh, they adopted the core, or in the near for pay him there. Jonathan gardens that re it flows, men from dirty hair underneath it. And how do the reverse Holly dinner once abiding eternally fee her in it? Or and as weijun spouses wives mapa her rotten ones once completely purified

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well and the real burn much pleasure

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men from Allah He Allah

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Allahu and Allah, bus lead on always on seeing, being a bad witch with the servants. And levina those who Yoku Luna de se robina our up in Nana indeed we Amana we have believed for so you forgive learner for us, the novena, our sense, what cleaner and you save us are there other punishment and now of the fire. A saw between those who endure with patients was saw the pain and those who are truthful one on 18 and those who are constantly obedient, while 115 and those who spend while most of fearing and those who seek forgiveness, then

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at the last hours of night shahida He bore witness Allahu Allah, and know who that indeed he learned not either her any god Illa except who he one minute equal to and the angels wa and Oulu possessors

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of the knowledge are among one standing, Bill test with the justice, law not either any god Illa except who he Allah disease these the always Almighty and Hakeem the always always

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in indeed, a dean, the religion or in the near Allah He Allah and Islam the Islam submission

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warmer and not Eastern Africa he deferred and lovina those who go to they were given al Qaeda the book lol

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Except men from body after man, that just a home, it came to them, I will remove the knowledge Illa except men from body after man that a home it came to them and remove the knowledge. Bahian due to envy, rebellion, by the home between them, woman and whoever he or he disbelieves Be it with versus Allah He of Allah. For in, then Indeed, Allah, Allah said he earned swift and who served in the accounting for him. So if he had Duka, they argued with you for coal, then you say, a slum do. I have submitted what you hear my face lilla he for Allah, woman and whoever, it apparently he followed me

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what call and you say, Linda Vina to those who

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they were given al Qaeda, the book, war, and I mean, the illiterate ones, the unlettered ones

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did a slump? Don't you all submitted for him. So if a slomo be submitted, for when, in fact, a demo day obtained guidance, we're in an if there were low beta and the way for innama then indeed not but I Laika upon you allow the conveying while law who and Allah bursledon always all seeing binnorie bird with the servants

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in Indeed, I levina those who work for una de disbelief, be it with vs. Science, Allah He of Allah, wa and yaku to Luna they kill and Nabina the prophets be lady without have been any right. Wa and Jaco to Luna they can Almudena those who yet more una de command Bilkis three with the Justice main from an se the people for bat* home. So you give them glad tidings, you give them good news. We are there been with a punishment at Lehman one painful America those alladhina those who have you thought it was wasted or murder whom their deeds fee in a dounia the world when our hero and the hero after warmer and not the home for them, men from NASA 18 any Helpers?

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That's the sort of the recitation of these verses.

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little lady let

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add nothing.

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A learner

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all Sabino sadiya

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la dee da

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dee da da

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da da da da da

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da da manager

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you wanna

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in as

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Welcome to Luna lady