Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P25 258C Tafsir Al-Jathiah 7-11

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The use of "has been" in various ways, including pride, arrogance, and punishment, is discussed. It is important to learn from the Quran and use humor as a shield to avoid mistakes. The segment also touches on the importance of avoiding embarrassment and not being embarrassed by past experiences. The transcript describes a negative statement made by Jahanna about her work and her reputation, and it is important to not share her views on the internet.
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Waylon whoa liquidly for every effect in extreme liar, a theme in extreme sinner, whoa meaning a great punishment is for every person who is affected and a theme, who is effect effect is from if an if a lie and effect on the structure of foreign one who lies a lot. One who believes in lies. One who lives according to lies, meaning his whole life is based upon what falsehood and a theme extremely sinful. Who is he? Yes, Maru, he hears I Atilla he, the verses of Allah, meaning he hears the Quran containing proofs that are undeniable. Dhokla Alaihe it is recited on him. But then what happens Thumma you say Rue, then he persists. Musa Buren as arrogant, he persists, arrogantly

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meaning he does not believe he's not affected by the verses. You sit through from the root letters, slob, rah, rah is love, which means to persist. The word is from the word slaves and slaves is used for intense cold, write some sort of remember Salt, salt, fast, cold, violent wind, right? From the same root is the word subtle, subtle, is actually used for a leather bucket, you could say a water skin that is used for drawing water out of a well, but because it has become so weak and feeble over time, because it's being used so much, it is tied, it is tied up, you know, there are knots, and there are handles and because it's falling apart. So it's been put together, it's been stitched

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together, it's been died from different places, right? This is what sort of is and from this as the word is slower, to persist, to persevere on one's act, do not give up to continue.

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Alright, just like that water bucket, that leather skin. I mean, it shouldn't be discarded. But a person is making way to make sure that it's continuously used. You know, for example, you have this old, old old bag, but you're just emotionally attached to it. Right? And you've used it for years and years, but you just won't get rid of it. And you'll make sure that you know, if it's falling apart from somewhere, getting torn up from somewhere, you ask your grandma to stitch it for you write the zip breaks and you do something to fix it. Why are you coming up with all of these ways because you don't want to leave it you're persisting right on using it. This is what Assad is when a

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person doesn't give up on doing something. So so my usage grew, he persists as mostakbal Run as arrogant, meaning he persists on his denial on his wrong ways on his ism on his if arrogantly what is a stick bar is the bar is to be disdainful of, you know to look down on what is right.

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When a person doesn't agree with something he just looks down on it belittles it, but that will help. Welcome to NAS. This is stickball so somebody you said almost appear on he persists on his ism on his sin on his wrongdoing and also on his if the lies that he's been living, even though the Quran tells him otherwise. The Quran says this is Islam don't do it. The Quran says this is if leave it but he persists. Why? Out of arrogance to Allah me a smart her as if he never heard it, meaning he carries on as if he never heard the Quran. Allah says for Bashir who will be our love and Aleem. So give him glad tidings and this is sarcasm for Bashir who would be or that been Aleem of a painful

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punishment? This has mentioned and sort of look man I have seven also where Allah says what either took Lolly is tuna while lamb was stuck Whelan Allah miasma.

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when Our Verses are recited upon him, he turns away arrogantly as if he never heard them. So what do we learn from this if what is pride? What is arrogance? Not paying attention to the words of ALLAH to carry on unchanged to continue unaffected?

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Because you see, all of us, we make mistakes, don't we?

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Right? We commit isn't. We do make mistakes. When we listen to the Quran when we read the Quran, the Quran is like a mirror. It tells us what our mistakes are, what our faults are, what our errors are. Sometimes those fall

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are in our thinking, and sometimes they are in our actions.

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Maybe those faults are lies that we're holding on to lies that we believe in. Or there are lies concerning other people or lies that we've been saying, or they are wrong actions that we've been doing whatever it may be, the Quran told us, you know, this is not appropriate. You have to fix this in yourself.

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What is pride that a person carries on as he was unchanged, even after learning what the Quran says?

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Allah says Furbish shift will be our lab in Aleem and this is something that should really frighten us and make us worry

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because Allah has given us the opportunity to listen to Quran to learn Quran to reflect on the Quran. So we really need to check ourselves that when I listen to the Quran, what changes within me? Do my thoughts change? Do they improve my feelings towards other people?

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My actions, my speech, how are my words? How are my habits?

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What about my dealings with other people? Are they changing? Or am I persisting on my old ways?

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Because this is something very scary over here. Phurba Shin will be our love and Aleem, who are either and when Alima he learns Minaya Tina of our versus che on anything meaning something, even if it's very small, something that he learns about our I add it to her the her he takes it as Hua as ridicule. Meaning if he got anything from the Quran, he uses it to attack the Quran.

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And this is how many people will approach the Quran, they will approach it not to find guidance, not for the purpose of self improvement, but for the purpose of finding fault. It Dakhla the HA who's Allah?

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Allah Iike those law home for them? Are they able Maheen a humiliating punishment? Why a humiliating punishment because he's trying to humiliate the Quran. So Allah will humiliate him. What do we see over here? That Firstly, when he hears the Quran, it's as if he never heard it, because nothing changes, nothing improves. And secondly, if he did learn a thing or two, then he uses that to attack the Quran. But how through humor? Who's the one laughing at the Quran? So he takes humor as a shield. Like many people do. humor as a shield to poke fun at others to say racist things to attack someone's honor to attack someone's dignity, their work their life's effort behind the shield of

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humor. People will say the worst of things. Not all humor is bad, but we really need to think about this. In total CalFire 56 We learn why you Jared Leto Latina kuffaar Whoville Bellini Leo Hello Bill haka with the hadoo IoT woman on the row who's where they argue why, in order to refute the truth. So here also he's attacking the Quran through humor. It da da who's well, why do refute the truth? Allah says min wha him before them is Johanna, who is *? What are you him, we translate this as before over here and not behind. Because the word wall is used for before, for behind for beyond. All right, it's used in different ways. The context determines the meaning. So mill wha em Jahannam

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ahead of them is *, meaning right now. They can continue arrogantly and they can continue to poke fun at the Quran. But before them ahead of them is Hal Walla ugni on whom and it will not avail them, what will not avail them Makka, Cebu, whatever they have earned che on anything, whatever they have acquired in the world of wealth or fame, of any work, whatever it is that they've done in this world is not going to help them on the Day of Judgment, it's not going to help them in *. Why? Because all of their life's accomplishments will come to nothing.

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Their work will come to nothing. It will neither save them nor will it be relevant anymore. Because in * a person can say you know, I wrote a thesis and I gave lectures and I did this and I it's useless it's irrelevant.

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Well I union hamaca, Cebu che wala and Nora ma that which is the hurdle they took min dunya Allah He besides Allah Alia, close friends, protectors as in false gods, meaning those whom they worship besides Allah will also not

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them to their aid in the hereafter. What a home are they gonna leave and for them is a great punishment. What do we learn in these verses? punishment of * is being mentioned for who? For those who mock at what?

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At what?

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At what?

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The Quran, the verses of Allah.

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So don't even do it by mistake

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in fun

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mocking at the Quran at the words of Allah, it is something that doesn't fit a believer in sort of cafe 106 Allah says valleca Jezza ovum Johanna will be maca follow what the hadoo at what oh, sorry, who's where

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their punishment is held. Why? Because they made fun of my profits. And my verses

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sometimes will make fun of the way a person is reciting the Quran.

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Be cautious of that also. In total Arafa 48 We learned when other us how will arrive at Jalan era the foreigner won't be Seema home, Coloma owner and congenital coma quantum the step your own people and how will be told that all that you gathered up in the worldly life. And all that you were so proud of, is of no avail to you. It's not rescuing you today. And so with Maria Maya 82, we learn about the false gods that can last a UK Furuno very bad at him were Kuno gnarly and

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they're not going to help them at all.

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And this is exactly what's mentioned in the verse, that their life's work is not going to help them, nor will their false gods help them and for them is a serious is a great punishment.

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And if you think about it, mocking at something that's very serious, and something that deserves respect and honor making fun of someone of something that deserves respect. This is out of what out of pride again,

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isn't it? It's out of pride.

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That when a person is not accepting someone status, then what does he do? He doesn't want to accept it. And he doesn't want look bad either. So he'll make fun. He'll mock. So this is also pride. Refusing to bend before Allah was I asked mocking at them and Allah hates pride. He hates arrogance. Heather Hooda This is guidance meaning this Quran that people are mocking at in reality what is it it is guidance?

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As Allah says, Cool, who Alladhina amanu who done what Shiva for those who believe the Quran is guidance and a cure a healing? Well, Latina kufan will be it will be him and those people who deny the verses of their Lord Lahoma Allah boon for them as punishment, marriages in a Lehmann. Notice over here are that one middleaged Xin le moon, right? Remember that when nouns they end with the same sign? All right, that means that there's a relationship between them. So either Boone and Ali moon to the end with the same sign, what is it then we right, so are that one Aleem is describing other painful punishment? But what kind of painful punishment millages in off reads meaning of foul

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nature reads from rajasa alleges is to quiver to shake lodges are buried a camel is when a camel is, you know shaking as it's walking. Why? Because it's overloaded, or it's too weak. It's old, it's sick, it's tired. This is a larger set of berries. And from this ridge is used for something that is so foul that is so vile, it's so ugly, it's horrible, that that just the sight of it. The sound of it, you know, it disgusts the person. So Madrid isn't meaning or foul nature it will be severe punishment that causes people to shudder meaning just thinking about it hearing about it causes them to shudder.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses you can stand up if you wish.

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Why you loon equally keen healthy. Yes Now

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he taught

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your flavor almost be on.

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The sheet will be on early. We're either going

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to have

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movie me.

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All evening, gentlemen.

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What are your knee

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Boo novoline

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Will Lavina CAFO be

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Regis in early in

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an item for seven while and then an item number eight are there been Aleem I in Number Nine are the urban Maheen is number 10 Are they born or leave it number 11 Are the verbal messages in Aleem.

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Have no doubt.

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It's emphasized over and over again.

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Pride arrogance rejecting Allah's I add mocking it Allah's I add at Allah's Dean, this is something that's not acceptable.

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