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You should retain, not memorize, and we're going to discuss this as the time comes. These are the five classes that I teach, recite, to read, recite rhythm, reflection and retentions. Memory is something that you, you remember any evaporate memories, they evaporate. But when you repeat something over and over, and you have a love for this thing, and you are connected to this, you constantly want to hear it, your frontal lobe, the front of your brain, do all these fun facts, I think, before we move on to this as something you can appreciate the creation of,

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you know, when you learn something brand new, when you learn something you've never learned before the physical surface of your brain, it goes, it kind of squeezes together, it makes one of those holes. Every time you learn something new, it makes a hole. And this before even that, oh, by the way, now that you did, anyone who didn't know about the hole, guess what your brain just did.

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And, and as insane as it is, I actually witnessed it. During some during studies, I saw I was with some physicians, and they showed it to me, there was a brain surgery going on. And this actually happens. But before this entire process, your frontal lobe hears information, then chemicals go off in the front of your brain, and there's like a little bit of an explosion. And that's just chemicals. Whoa, that's the amazing thing.

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Whoa, that's something new in California, it's Oh, it's

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everything is amazing. It is the sun in their face. But everything so amazing. But this chemical process after a while what happens to chemicals,

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they go away. But if you continuously reinforce this process again, and again, you keep telling yourself and brothers and sisters who are trying to get out of the habit of backbiting or seeing something inappropriate or just controlling your urges, if you keep reinforcing it, that chemicals keep exploding and explode and explode. And those chemicals become a protein. Those proteins make us they sit on your brain. And the longer you reinforce it than our goal, our objective is to get those chemicals to settle in the back of your brain. These are your long term memories. And these are where you know you're walking down the road. And you have heard music in a long time. But it's wind

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beneath your wings. And you're like, Oh, yeah, I heard that. Right. So it's that long term memory. 15 years ago, you heard something and came up into your head. These are long term memories. This is the objective that we want to do with the whole time. And we've actually developed an entire system. One of the Nasir was very, very blessed in his introduction and very nice. But I will tell you this much when it comes to memorize and I would encourage you to use the system that's been developed over the last eight years in Morocco with teachers from Morocco, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, London, all over the world just kept sitting with students who memorize the Quran. And I

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said, How can you do it? I talked to their teachers that I taught him a data system. So I encourage you, if we follow these steps a lot, what data will you already promises for time, he will make it easy for us to remember. So let's take the first goal, which is to memorize the Book of

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Allah in its entirety. And unfortunately, the minimum wage of the Muslim woman has gone down a lot. Now you read so much. Oh, look, she memorized full time. Oh my God, that's amazing. When you travel, and you read our history, and you see villages, I give you a small example. We were traveling through where Egypt types such as Sudan, and we wanted to ask it and it was very common monkey has a male of less than has a similar story. You know, they don't have full arms in the Messiah. In some of the older side. You know why they don't have they don't have written for the massage. Why?

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Everybody, like everybody, it's

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so it's my mom.

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My mom is the guy sweeping the street is Zakouma, that woman that used to carry a plant that

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we didn't have abs, we didn't have Ms. And we didn't have PhDs. But what we did have was we ruled the world for 100 years. And every blind man had a surgeon and a woman could wear all their jewelry and travel from Syria, from Iraq to Syria. Why? Because we had fun. And we didn't have the best food because when they came to see obatala de la Monte had 260 patches in his clothes, but we had

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we memorize it, we read it we respect

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saying, We enjoyed it, we wrote it, we live. But until we keep some distance, and some guy who studied 24 hours is going to come

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home and be like, oh, wow, that's

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right. That is when the woman starts talking about ambiguous things, and we get lost. So if we have time intensive, students can make the next step and leave here. And next time someone comes to your sister, why don't you cover your chin?

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I don't know. I'm too busy to report on Brother, why do you wire your pants like this? Why do you dress? I don't know. What am I supposed to learn? I have to learn this book, maybe those people they memorize. And they know. But until we run into the consequences.

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So with that, let's get started with the first section of letter. So this is in recognition. So in order to recite the Quran, in order to read it correctly, we need some small components. Number one is you need to recognize if you can't read if you want to write down the words are a raw, you need to recognize a symbol and right. This is the first level. And this is possibly the most important thing. Most people listen and they jump in and say, Oh, I want to do what he does. And they jump in just immediately reciting promoting on

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me up in your nose. Oh, wow.

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But as a matter of fact, you have to recognize, assemble and bright, it's the raw. If you stay at the raw levels, then you'll be able to develop sounds at many different levels. I'm going to give you a simple example. And I really have to give up on him. He's the only one who can introduce my curriculum as wacky,

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wacky, crazy.

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So I would like you to write down and understand that there are going to be things that you may not comprehend. But in recognition, there are two words, two words, that if you know these words in and out and you understand the concept and the sound, then it will help your recitation exponentially. And you write down the word. Awesome. Awesome.

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And then second words have awesome, right, these words next separately.

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There's no definitions.

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don't need anything complicated. I'm going to say a word. And I'm going to say the word Yes, ma'am.

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Awesome, and have

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also been hacked. That The best part is there's only two states. By the way, there's only two types of sounds in one of those two types. Awesome.

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can go wrong, you cannot go wrong reading the book of Allah subhanaw. taala is either an awesome experience, where you're just blown away, or you're really

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alleging that he must have learned on your own unless Allah took us to the right and the dirty. So awesome. Are there only two states in reciting the book of Allah. So now, let's start at the base level. When I say the word, please try it one more time, it's important to have correct. Take off.

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clearly don't compare the system, some of your movies or who your teachers are, how they interact with you how much that we owe them? Because he's so casual, right? So like, yes, I'm your best friend. And I care but you don't know how much of the responsibility he carries. By bringing you up here. I don't think there's anyone else that I know. And I've been a student of grammar for some number of years, who would take 200 people 100 plus people and teach them Arabic grammar four hours a day in the morning, notice it just doesn't happen. So if you can take on the advice of the mama, mama who said make law for your teachers make law where you are a teacher, or when you make

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classroom teachers at least recognize what they're doing.

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Teachers are an extension of that.

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Told us

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teachers are an extension of our parents, and to our parents. When was the last data set. He has told us in sort of any slot you listen to other places

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to do that, has commanded that we worship Him, that we worship Him that we give our reverence to him and then immediately will be one they need to immediately decide to be compassionate and merciful to your parents. So we definitely recommend that you make law for your features. And then mama

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If you've been, teachers know that they already make blocks, that you're, you couldn't be a successful teacher by, by not making block for your students. So I say unto you, as the angels in the paradise will say to you, and remember these days, because you will get to the day of death, and you will read from your book and you will see your good deeds. And these days, the days of study will be like the highlight section of books. And you will ask me in the wire these days more heavy wire these days more important. And the angels will tell us the days you sat in the house of law, and you remember him, other people can't make.

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You sat in the house of a lot. And you remember him and learn that about him. And when the angels asked, what do you do with your time, and young people will tell the angels that I spent my hot summer days when it will be relaxing, sleeping on my face, I could have been doing this. I came and I studied your book and I learned the words of us

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a lot to cover right. So I want to introduce very clearly I started a small Institute or online organization called eco advocating for unequal literacy. And I want everyone to do your best to highlight the responsibilities that we have towards

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our last panelist that says to us four times,

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four times in sort of summer.

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And certainly you all right, wha la Salaam, with the Kofi Annan is more emphasis, certainly, definitely a lot has been easy to remember.

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So who will memorize or who will remember this book, we have to realize that a lot of it once or twice, but he said it four times in one surah. So your objective or the time that you spent together and I would like to make the intention to comment spend at least 25 minutes to kill it. So that's today, tomorrow and

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on Wednesday. So let's broaden today's introduction. In this a lot of data sets, and is easy to memorize by hand.

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So I want to turn your intentions upside down. I don't want your intention to be able to learn to read and learn good things. So your main intention after leaving for an intensive in its last four days is a law, whether I die in the state or I complete, I'm going to memorize it. And I want all of you to make sense. Because if you don't keep that in your heart, look at it two ways. Either you say oh, I'm old, and maybe I can do is to figure it out this way, when the angels are coming to change their soul. And you know, everyone asks, would you like to die in the movie theater? Would you like to die doing some activities? You know not? Why not think you don't memorize all the angels. say Oh,

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I got one more. I got one more I have that. I'm in the process and the ability to continuously memorize. And we're going to discuss that a little bit more as the time comes. But memorization of the art is not a talent. It's a gift from us. It's your chosen to be amongst the happy to go to preserve. And this is a science that will be very direct that women have left. For whatever reason I think we've discouraged in the last 200 years right to ask anyone Oh, why don't have more places for women to memorize for most men, women scratching belly eating those men will say why should they memorize the line because today the passage of it is only function is

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are very important. extraordinarily important for all of us to do but remember that the institutes of knowledge where the for our intensive

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time was the lap of

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the Institute of knowledge me monopsony powers. Where's it with Mark? So if you remember in our shop, Sharpies are very beautiful woman, very beautiful woman. Her is that passed away. And she couldn't read it. She said no. my contention is this child. she's learned on cheap baby. The knowledge from all aspects as much as she could teach she taught and then she sent him to her. So this intention right now and I literally am not making this field trying to make eye contact with everyone. Tell a law let the angels writing today. In the ink of your soul. I intend to memorize the

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And now that I've given you this enormous task of production

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All right, 632 pages, let's take a step together. Let's start together and figure out how much time will give us the opportunity to do the same. And any brother who feels like no, it's not possible. I don't have time I have kids, I can give you stories till you're blue in the face. But people who have memorized after the age of 40,

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example, included many, many companions and dabbing, but I will take it a step further. It includes people of today, how many people after five, six years in the corporate world, so you're not going to go back and do my MBA 3540 years old, I had a good friend in America started with MBAs and he said, You know what, I put about four or five hours of studying going to class, I'm going to memorize a little bit of anatomy. And yes, it was like a story book. Coincidentally, he started and when the month that he was finishing his MBA, but two and a half years, three years, what did he do? He finished memorization? No, he wasn't allowed. No, he didn't read fluently. No, he wasn't blessed

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to be around for all the time, but he knew how to play the numbers game. And that's something that I would like you to realize. So we can take a few steps advocating or adding literacy has five basic steps before you write them down. I want you to understand them, I want you to be able to feel them. The number one thing that the last time what Allah asks from us, and I'm very happy that you're doing grammar, that you're doing all that you're doing

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various of while you're learning the verbs, but the first thing that a lot asked from us was

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to be in the name of your board creating a clot that necessity and I think was set very well. But at the graduation, he said recitation, it's an oral tradition. So learning to recite the line is an enormous gift. And it is a trait that we need to learn. So for today's goal, I would like to go over the letters together. second or third revelation, depending on how you read as far as the province of Ontario, came down was wrapped in the quote by the support pillar by the strongest,

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the strongest confident dw last died as he was wrapped in this flow colosse Pamela dodda revealed the first six IoT summit and upon this after reading, on the necessity of

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Isla, the recitation of ion and fluency was mandatory. And this took us from being a little odd as a ritualistic book to understanding that the correct pronunciation of full on didn't think about it. When the Nasser said that it comes in a chain, when we recite covering your lips, it's a full

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when we pronounce the arm with *ery, with rolling a ball with touching of the tongue to the top teeth, the bottom teeth, we are ctla four on doing the angel. And when the

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step further, where does the integrator

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comprehend the concept of uttering the words the way a lot sent to us? It's very overwhelming. And it makes you start to realize this concept that we have sorcery and spells and people have to see things very specifically, but the last time it was his word, and upon this, we realized that this chain goes back through the angel to Alaska, Canada, Allah, so if you want an opportunity to feel divine,

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but you read on the way a lot, Pamela dalla sent it to us. And he sent it to us through this very specific chain. So we take it a step further, you know how to read, if you know how to recite, so reading and reciting, we're going to separate. Today we're going to work on reading, and I'm going to try to give you the tools, the next step is to recite, to articulate the points. That's maybe something you can touch today. And then finally, you start to realize the third concept is you start to develop a rhythm. And this is why you could go anywhere in the world and you could close your eyes and see

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me and you can see the

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self, right you can do it anywhere. You can feel that connection to Islam connection to the team after having a theme or after having to read them again and encourage other people to develop your style. Certain people like that.

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The slow recipe some people like the insula, and Sister, why does every sister sound like a guy version? Just reciting like the girls, learn about the motorcycle, learn what they do. And I can point you to some directions. But in the meantime, they will sister lives in Toronto,

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Arabia or over on his online

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tv.com pathlab it makes an awesome, and in the case of the Tesla auto line on the bottom, it makes it easy. Now, if you said, Rob, Bill, Rob build would be saying like, Is it recording the sound in half. So when you complete the sound, everyone's a cat. Feel?

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Cool, cool, cool, perfect.

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If you have some swag.

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Unfortunately, we don't do that we end up with

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da da da, da da, da da da da and you hear it all the time. Everyone say pucker your lips and say

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now a lot of people get overwhelmed and they say oh that's so difficult not at all. When you put a narrated by the

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party which got several books, the products have a lot of money when you read one lecture of the last

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10 blessings make it count how you feel you have to work so what God has given us an opportunity so when you see the proper passage not here so I will use

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what's the name of our Prophet

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if you say Mama, Mama right, the baby

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mama is not correct.

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So now when we recite and I think we should break but I want to show you something. Now when you look at the profanity, I guess 30 minutes. I want to start with what

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is this ability disconnected?

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This is a site everyone can use. It's helpful. Yes, tsp.com.com.

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young people something that helped me in my youth. Everything was including turning on the TV.

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Everything you do good. telling you all of the other

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stuff in political science inappropriate thing