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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulties of celebrating things at the beginning of a project and the hard work required to complete it. They also mention a person named Omar who will be in the hula industry and encourage others to help finish the project and make it a success.
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Upon the completion of Surah meno and friends you know it and I know it it is easy to celebrate things at the beginning and as they're just kicking off but to close out and complete a project and or a surah and your memorization and or any place or thing that you've tried trying to accomplish the end is the hardest part. Oh am I yeah dear Omar Allah He Eli

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LeBeau Rohan Allah who will be in nama he Sabu who are in DOM on be in hula up holography rune work Quran below zero our hum why Delphi you raw he mean? And I need you I need you friends to help close out this launch good we started two years ago we've made great progress. Help us finish out our vision to memorize

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