Challenge of Memorizing a Page a Day

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Look at this page. Look at the density. Look at the density of this page.

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And city this page. There's 1234 words on a line versus an eye this

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1234567 and eight, you double it essentially double. I'm not complaining.

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Because it because it was people say they can memorize a page a day, it really is so relative no because that we did 50 lines and like 15 lines of what it did. Like it's great. But but don't tell anyone that they'll feel so bad. They're like, because I always try to tell people like you know, that is their relative they have to fit like over here. What my crew Illa kulula, but they had to get it pretty tight. And then over here

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it's calculation at some point. It's like how did they do this though?

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Everything so that we could put it all here. Not one word could be extra. And there's nothing stretched in this one. This one's dense, too. But to think that we are here see you can see the rules. Yes.

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Yeah, yeah, look at this. They're like look at the font I feel are that takes up like yeah, like the space of the fat is usually.

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Yes, that's based off the font is filled.

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And this noon is this size of Neptune's world

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they had a good time with this

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and a good time with this one. Okay, let's finish this page of seven.