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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah interviewed Kareem Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters much welcome Great to have you all welcoming you with that one person who is with us if I can get one in the chat box to know that audio is streaming great for you has to be Allahu La ilaha illa who Isla Ito a girl to horombo La Silla Alim Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh audio on your side friends, looks to be solid has to be Allahu La ilaha illa who la heeta Local to World War off por la fille loving him.

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Allah Jimenez shaytani Raji regime, while ACHEMA Salam Sharif and fam there we go thank you so much friends. Let's get started with our Juma reminder we will be one and a half minute if you would like to mentally call that Athan in your head signifying the Friday and if Alia and family were all set up let's get a thumbs up with Saddam on eco.

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Has we hola hola ilaha illa Who are they? He talked to us

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and for Instagram we should be live. I was relaxing shades on era Jean Lila Hill Allahu Akbar hula sharika lah Holy Moly koala hula hummed

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what one actually she and

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I will be logging into shape on your regime. I one in the chat box for audio up here friends are Ecolo he comes in la la de la jolla to Roadmaster che when Phil or the wildlife is summer you will who are Samuel Adim

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excellent friends. Bark love ficam let us begin our Friday reminder together you seem good usIm good. Sister Maryam Sharif and family let's do what we do.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah here on bill. I mean, was salatu salam ala Rasulillah he Nabi Kareem while the he was speaking in Upper Ubu not pa he in Al Hamdulillah na Madhu who has the you know who want to stole Pharaoh who I mean Obi Wan atta or Laura Leigh. When are we lagging into the unforeseen warming say the Nina Maria de la bufala la la. warming your valla ha.

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Wanna shadow?

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Ila ha

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what a shadow

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ilaha illa long. What a shadow. Mohammed Abdullah, who are Zulu. Our Salah was hula who will hold our deen it will help to reduce the Euro who Allah Deen equally. Allah will carry heavy machinery cocoon

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Alhamdulillah what is what I just said? What is that? Because this is not a Friday football right? It's a simulation. So what did I just do? I didn't translate. I began with the ritual fulfilling the Islamic rights to God's commandment in Surah Jumuah

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Are you Hello Dean? No is new the new swala de mio Mina Jo ma de France right

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Oh, first Wila the Canadian like you are the owner bear that equal Malayala come in going down la Moon Surah 62 i as i a nine and so what is God say I'm making a bigger point here he said oh ye who believe on Friday established Juma pray Juma salah and the Juma Salah become something right so for a call the her become tour occur and the what we're pretending to do they mock chutzpah is what takes up those two records you agree with me so is that you're here and now if I can get a one one if that is you're here in now that you are fulfilling the rights of a Friday as per God's request. And so that puts you here would you go back in the past? So where are you right now you're in

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Jumeirah and what is the closest past that you can connect with a positive relationship to Allah so Allah subhanaw taala Sister Maria we did these in our in our discussions. When were you closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala last anybody? Ramadan? I know that you're saying it to yourself Sharif Jelani mahal kids, when were you closest to Allah subhanaw taala before this in the month of Ramadan and where were you at the end of Ramadan?

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Allah whom I did not mean

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Allahu my idea of Mammon and Allah whom do you know

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where are you now Juma? fulfilling the obligation even when

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there's no place to go to gym Ah right outside this masala people, scars are driving in checking the masjid door and they're shooting and jetting around finding places to pray. I would recommend you check those things early. But the point is, are we making the effort even though it's not there for us? Correct point made and where were you last with Allah subhanaw taala in a 10 day quarantine? Oh God save me from the fire. Oh, God saved me from the fire saved me from the fire. And what did we collectively say on these platforms? Ulis masala folks, and Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. We said if I said oh Allah I don't want to go to jahannam for 10 days straight. Did we not have at least a

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month or two to believe that we were not going to jahannam Allahumma. Iniesta, Luca Jana. Can anyone now if you haven't done it already?

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He acknowledged me said Allahumma edgier nomina now was I not if my heart was open, effectively saying and what Allahumma inni Luca Jana, I don't want to go

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to jahannam I don't want to go to hell.

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But I definitely want to go and enter Jana Jana to Lima one

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and so if I was given that how many of us can feel that slight drop in what was you got it you feel that you can acknowledge that I'll oh god I don't want to go to hell and where are you now the pandemic has gone nowhere. You are at Jumeirah are sitting at home fulfilling the rights through a screen. Do you deserve the credit? Can you give yourself the one for the credit? Because I want you to be able to do something with that credit. So Oh Allah, I don't want to go to hell. I want to go to Jana. I accept that. I'm sitting here in Jumeau are waiting for a reassurance that I will go to Jana. And now tell me what's coming up in the future. What are we on the cusp of what would I and

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one of the Sharif Niihau family folks, can you confirm that my flight to hudge would have been tomorrow if I'm correct. So now just like Joomla hotbar became virtual.

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Are you going to roll over and play dead for this Hutch? Are you going to roll over and be like there's nothing to do? Who's

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gonna like want to watch Islamic things? I gonna be Islamic. There's a big difference here friends. So are you ready to transition into that second phase? Is hedge coming. Okay, so before we transition to the second phase is Hutch Can I get a few is hudge the ultimate celebration of the Hall of Famers of God

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Does Hutch celebrate five or so iconic people who transcended this donut and transformed they didn't transform and they became religious. They transformed into understanding the limited late nature. Whether it be on the nano level on the atomic level, the subatomic level, no matter how deep we go into this dunya no matter how much science we learn that I can encourage us to continue going and seeking and exploring is Dunia transitive is it limited is the love happiness, flashy cars is the music of the world is the entertainment of this world and the dunya within which it plays limited.

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And here in our world, it's hard to say that because we're connect you're on a device getting this but when hudge happens, can you give me a 774 tawaf tawaf does some part of this world stop. When you go when you think of Makoto, mocha Rama and the whole city freezing five times a day, during the 10 days of Hajj, the Rebbe increasing during the days of Ramadan, the worship increasing I'm asking you in these 10 days, are you ready to bring a cosmic transformation, a cosmic transformation now I know there are 10 other reminders that are going to tell you that we can't cut our nails and our hair we should avoid fighting and doing and stay in acts of worship. Now bear with me. Ladies, let's

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start on the first side. We are meant to celebrate the um the really the unkept nature of the hedgehog and we don't clip our fingernails and we don't

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cut our hair. Now anyone who wants to take that off I'm too I don't believe in that. That's a different. So ladies, can you help me? I'm not going to trim my nails and my hair for the ritual but I'm going to put on

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foundation makeup.

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Yeah, let's go there right now because a lot of things that are keeping us from the external transformation. Are these the worldly things? Oh, if I don't line up my beard, how will I look? Right? I won't look so fabulous. If my coffee doesn't match my job, which it doesn't today? What will happen? And when if I was in hudge I think about it what I wear this outfit. Yeah. You're not all fresh and dolled up at hutch, you come out of your minutes and you're very happy to have something this clean this fresh all this would feel amazing. So I'm showing you today friends, are you with me? That and if you are this is not a for or against makeup? This is a mindset. Are you

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with me on the moment? I can't clip my nails. This is when we said in in the Ramadan time. Oh young men, I can't touch my spouse or kiss her in a fasting state. But you can watch. Did that make sense? You can. You can lust and see other women TV shows and music throughout the day. But a married person can't touch. Does it make sense to you? So today I am asking for those of you who may have been influenced or saw the UPW Unleash the Power Within this is it this is our week to change our lives and to not allow so to my guy group. Guys. Are we going to listen to the same music during the 10 days of the ledger? How are we celebrating our Hajaj? And I asked you as I conclude and I hope

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you're getting that picture of the future. We were at a love my dear nominee and now we are in Joomla can you ask Allah now that I'm not going to hell? And I know that I'm headed to paradise. Oh Allah, what's my life purpose? Oh Allah what's my soul print? Oh Allah, why did you put this chess piece on the table? What do I Soumya Arceus show a hardest individually have to bring to this global picture not just to my family or the people I know. Why did God create this character in this in the season? A love Miami and and before I sit I know each person can say my husband doesn't let me be religious. My sons don't listen to me. My wife isn't into deen and everybody has a scenario. Am I

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correct? Everyone's got a story.

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My dad's not religious, so I can't my stepdad is crazy and right it can kind of broaden the scope there with you. Will you with me for a second? Haven't you seen season 1234 and 10? Of Stories of the Prophets? Hasn't Allah subhanaw taala given us every scenario, pious husband, Buddha lay Salam not so pious wife, pious spouse, Asya Salam and Allah He had not so pious husband fit around. Are you with me that every scenario even out there, daughters, kids are pious, and parents not so pious we have it in we have it in the story so that you can follow son is a prophet Ibrahim Ali salaam father makes idols. I know your dad doesn't let you wear hijab or do Islamic things or whatever it

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is, you don't make no idols. So can you push through your comfort zone? Can your transformation in the days of Hajj be I have some character that fits into the mythology, the historical look, and I use the tough word into the characterization of the stories of the past I fit into it. Are you ready to find it? And lastly, as I sit for the foot bus, if it ends up being you your own ego that is stopping you from worshipping Allah subhanaw taala your own ego, your own excuses your own chatter. Are you willing with the word ego in the chat box to use this hedge to say you know what, it feels uncomfortable, but I'm going to do it for Allah. It doesn't feel great and I'm not going with the

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I'm doing it for a love. I know this thing I watched on my Kindle. Yeah, I do it every day. But today I'm not I'm doing it for a lot. I know I struggle when I argue with my spouse or my kids or my sisters or my brothers or I don't say nice things to my brother all the time. But you know what?

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I'm gonna do it for a loss. So I would love to see the word ego up there. I would love to see the word ego down here because that is Hutch. That is transformation. That is many individual people having a transformation what is it called? A revolution allow this hudge revolutionary portal that opens up that we could all change our life and it's not about losing weight or be or being more religious. It's about loving Allah subhanaw taala more in the now and as I sit I asked us for one concept the concept of gratitude

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A one one to confirm audio is good.

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And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah here on Benard I mean what are doing Salah Marla was doing him knowing you getting him wanna early. He also be here in applying maybe not blocking Allah Humann the solemn warning

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about what other jewelry will leak from paying our debt in darkness. Yeah, you Yatta you La ilaha illa and the Subhanak iniquity Minato aalameen Subhan Allah he will be humble he Subhanallah dal them. These are the days ahead of us are the days of HUD. The days ahead of you all are the days of doodle HUD. So start yourself out. cheering on the team that this year I would like my kids to think about this this year. how few people are going for Hutch. Cheer the team on friends in every step you take during the day oh ally pray for the judge. Ramadan was too fast so that you could get Dakhla what a team will have JaJuan row Murata

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Lila, hygiene aamra are four for Allah. Make the reconnection with your Lord again young old Shuaib a 10 a 12 a no doubt would make a greater connection with Allah subhanaw taala if you know of your God, and if you don't use these 10 days to transform in a lie a little bit lightly. Anyway. By the way in our annual fascia you will among very well well what a degree Allahu Akbar will love we are in a mantis now an optimist Salah May God how

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Help us to break through any and all obstacles and shade bonds that are whispering and holding us onto our path to fulfilling what God asked even if we have to go against our own selves was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I may not see you next Friday, we could be in the gym I was in there eight spirits. So if I don't see you, I hope you have a wonderful romp around wonderful hedge. And if I get a chance I'll give the EA the reminder and I'll see you all soon was salam. Wa alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu and as I am not home for several for a while here, a special salam to sumiya asiyah harvest ensure that with the Jana you all mean a lot to me and then sometimes I'm not

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able to

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do always be able to share that Mark lofi come friends may Allah and Allah bless you all, and keep you safe was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu heading for

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a heading for the her prayer and in 10 minutes, I will begin my now I should ask Allah for a class in 10 to 12 minutes after this, you can register and find that Acetamide ecomark with the lights open to the public Jomo Kareem in Allahu Yap model beloved every Sunday where you die the Obi Wan Han and fascia evil monkey well belt, what are they called? Allahu Akbar Allah Haryana mattes now and Athena sledder and so for all of you please make the dough her at home and during the broadcast. Thank you again