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in Alhamdulillah

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indeed, all praise and thanks are due to a loss of Hanwha tala

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who so we praise him on a star in Ohio. But it's not just him. It's asking Allah as help. So we ask Allah help. What kind of help do We ask Allah subhanaw taala for Ernesto Pharaoh who and we believe and we ask Allah for forgiveness, so you don't just believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala you don't just praise him but you realize the only help that can come from Allah subhanaw taala is forgiveness because everyone else can do something for you. So that is the reason why we build why no camino de

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we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why we attend Juma. We place our trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why you don't work for this hour. For this hour. You say it's for Allah. And you say to Allah subhanho wa Taala I praise you I ask for your forgiveness. I believe in you I placed my trust in you. But above all before I start Friday, Friday Sermon before I listened to it, we all say one statement. When are the Billa Himanshu the fusina Allah before we hear what but anything that's inside with some the nuts the human being will not cleanse that from us. So last week, last week, I heard a good bug and maybe I forgot it. This is a human characteristic. Or I saw

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someone's nice car in the parking lot and my heart start MNC Adam center people right to the heart starts to say something when I will be lacking in surely and phocoena the natural human inclinations that can be evil Allah cleanse debt from us, keep us safe from what makes us Abdullah

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when I used to be like him initially and fusina women say Dr. Molina, but it's not just me that affects my surroundings. It is our loss save us protect us from the effect of bad deeds. What is the effect of bad deeds though? What are these bad deeds? Take three quick examples so you can understand when we say Oh Allah wanna Ooh, billahi min sruti and fusina. O Allah, we seek your protection from the effect of it's a narration in body when a person tells a lie, a constructive, a lie that he knows, and he has no fear upon him. Possibly when your parents asked you if you completed the task, or your wife has asked you if you did what you asked what she asked and you say

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I'll get to it, but the words Yes, come out of your mouth. In this creates a small black spot on the heart. Ask a cardiologist to tell you there is no black staining of the heart. What happens though, it's like spray painting the windows. The only way the light of Allah subhanho wa Taala guidance comes in is when Allah subhanaw taala wills. So when I don't when I lie, my heart becomes black and when I disrespect elders, this is an effect of bad deeds. Do the elders disrespect me? No. A generation later what happens? kids grow up and say, well, that guy he never spoke to people respectfully. Do you see the effect of bad deeds? Maybe one last one? Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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that Salah what namaz what we pray enough, that

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that Salah namaz, what we pray, will keep the dirtiness that our eyes keep falling upon. It'll make that difficult. So now you might say to me, but brother we pray. And we still watch Dancing with the Stars, nothing happens. Nothing connects. Bollywood is still jumping on the screen we pray. So Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us when we don't do things with a purpose. We don't do things with a function. It just becomes yoga, up and down. It just becomes speech. It just becomes a cup of old people who pay my tuition for college, not parents, sponge old people. When you remove purpose, there is no more v. So this is why we attend Fridays. Every week and Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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you have to pay Allah for. Allah says it's difficult for you Listen to my words, and you pray to make it easy. Allah subhana wa Taala gave us a purpose. Now let us find that purpose on Friday by saying the statement why not Chateau La ilaha illallah wa

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We bear witness we testify that there is no other creator. There is no other sustainer there is no other God there is no other judge other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And how does Allah subhanho wa Taala communicate with us? Why not shadow and never have met that Naboo was rasuluh and we all bear witness and testify. And because you love him so much, you're actually sitting here. We bear witness and testify that the final messenger that the greatest human being to set foot on this earth is Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and when you say this, listen to the narration of Anasazi, a loved one, a young man who lived till the age of 103

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam passed away in his in his teens, the men lived or the loved one to 103 he said I have smelt the musks and the perfume memory Islam has spread everywhere now by 103 70 years after the passing rescued a lot there's a lot going on masks and perfumes are coming from around the world. unnecessarily. a loved one said I never smelled a musk a fragrance like the sweat of Rizzuto law. And they asked him how did you know this? He said because he touched me here.

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How many years ago did he touch him here 70 years ago? He said that's the one I say when a shadow a number hamedan. Outdoors. So what's the purpose? What was the function of this pursuit? We said when I showed one line I had the law when I showed the one now Mohammed Abdullah, pseudo we bear witness we testify we sanctified when you say Muhammad Rasulullah big Dhamma what do you do with your lips?

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You kiss because if you saw the suit of law, the first thing you do with Mohammed Rasulullah but now it feels good. It feels good to say but then Allah subhanho wa Taala increased us tenfold by saying who Alevi our Salah Rasulullah who will Buddha Hua Allah subhanho wa Taala wanna Chateau La Ilaha de la sala Ross rasuluh, who is the result? Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam this ayah is done we could say done and say a lot about us and St. Mohammed so that Islam is complete, just follow Muhammad Allah. But he didn't say that. He said there was something more for us to see our Salah Sula, who will Buddha that he said Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the greatest

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human being to set foot on this earth, along with his brother in Raisa Jesus Moosa Noah all the way to administer them. He sent these people with guidance. And the guidance wasn't only how I dressed, this was the key factor Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came in the time is so short, but take any example of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with his family. This was the purpose Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I'll give you a quick example. Because of time. This is husband and wife

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suta last a long holiday with him and his beloved wife. I showed her the love Dada. They're sitting together in the house. Maybe it's a little bit late in the evening. Someone comes and knocks at the door.

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receded resuit a lot is the Prophet of Allah but at home, he's real. his religion was real, to turn over to his young wife and said, What wretched company. The guy at the door has the worst manners. He said something to the effect to catch the attention like, Oh, great, this guy's here. I showed the lawn tanahashi stayed quiet. rasoolillah opened the doors a lot his helmet entertained and spoke with this person. And then he left. So his wife I'm telling you the perfect hedaya is not just the way we dress, but it's the way we live. It's the purpose with which we live. Priscilla Salahuddin sallallahu Sallam then looked back and she said but you're smiling and you're comfortable. And I

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thought you didn't like you know, when your cousin comes over, you're like, Oh, great, here we go. He's gonna hit me up for some money or he's just gonna talk complain. But Rasool Allah was smiling sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I told the Allahu taala and has said, why is this he said he's, he's I still have to have good manners with my guests. And you're all saying subhana wa wa rasulillah had such great manners, but we couldn't he had the most relaxed manners with

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with his wife. He was open enough to teach her a small lesson or to share his the feeling in his heart that was it backbiting was no she didn't respond to him and say Yasuda law. Why did you say about this? They experienced this feeling together. hedaya is to be real with your religion, to really live that what you believe. What do you need help. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't just come to tell us how to smile, Live Act. But he also said human beings you will make mistakes.

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And you will have these transgressions. So, a last panel what Allah sent an institution, Salah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brought an institution of the five daily prayers, and you might say so this is all about Salah. In the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala takes the word Salah, and he calls it out famous slide down Tony victory. When musar Islam took off his shoes came around the monk tour and Allah subhanho wa Taala instructed mankind to pray, did he say pray so that you'd have good lower back muscles?

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Did you pray so that people could see how long you prayed? Ottoman sadati decree for the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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I will repeat in 20 seconds what you just heard in Alhamdulillah who wanna stir in who wanna stole Pharaoh who want to be he wanna wanna II wanna Ruby la

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fusina amin say Auntie Nina

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who Allah V, Salah rasuluh Bill houda de la

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Leo hirahara de coeur de oro carry handle machete coup, took 20 seconds to say you hear it every Friday. Why doesn't it cultivate that feeling every Friday be it's not about the Arabic and the translation. It's about the purpose and the function. So as I was requested after hospital Hadji, I was supposed to speak about Jenna so what I will ask and request from the brothers is between the sittings I will I won't say this again. Between the sittings of the Hooda make dua there is a narration that are made between the sittings of the two standings is not rejected. Look someone's in foreclosure someone wants to get engaged and I'm sure you all got finals five seconds of your draw

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the last five seconds after your parents and you know the good things in your heart make bla for the oma somebody's sick today someone needs donations MSA has got a conference that's great. Make do offer the oma for this woman is trying to bring change is trying to stand up and he's trying to have a purpose. But let's take one example. Make Dwyer those five seconds inshallah it's okay to not in the football. People laughed in the summer two people got up and left the hood. When a caravan came right. They just got up and walked out. Priscilla was like, You can't do that. It's Juma time. I'm calling your attention to that because what is Juma? What is Joomla? in itself? It's a reminder of a

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lot of women selectively decrease Sora Joomla. I say that's all good for this world. One narration I share with you and then we sit

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Hadith is lengthy and if we have the opportunity, we will study it in a in a better fashion. But do we know that there's a Friday in the paradise right? So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is narrated to have said the people of Jenna

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the people who will inherit paradise, they will be called on Fridays it will be Friday.

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And the small angels are the small creatures of light we'll say the people of Jenna, you are being called to a banquet you're being called to a sitting in a gathering. So the people of Jelena have settled in their places for 1000s of years. And the people in the hi Jenna have experienced the various treasures of Jenga, but now the last person makes a settlement. This you'll find this Hadeeth in the layout the slide when the last person settles in general and some period past and now he feels that he didn't just move in. He feels like this is home. He feels comfortable. So when the last person

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jannetty Manzella the last person will settle and say this is home

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Harada will instruct and call the people together in a banquet.

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The seating of this banquet is reserved. Large couches are put out Have you ever been to the masajid? Where they have they have those little sitting chairs in the for the first row? Believe it or not? I have no problem with this. Because on the Day of Judgment, the people who feel the first round tables who filled the first banquet the lounging Lazy Boy chairs will be the people who people will point out and say how did those are nice seats and the angels will say those are those who filled the first rows for Juma.

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But then you say what is Juma has to do with the banquet there it is Friday. The people who have remembered Allah subhanho wa Taala in this world will be called to hear the football by who

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will address the people of gentleman

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and he will say, Are you satisfied? Are you content with this meeting?

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And the last person agenda will say, Allah de to Jacobi. I'm satisfied.

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Juma is a dress rehearsal for paradise. Before I sit me down, that not just the sitting includes you in general, but the day of Friday becomes like, I sorry, I can't do that. It's your man. You cut your nails you manicure, you pedicure you shower, you clean up, you smile, you drive nicely, because it's Joomla.

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And then tell someone but what's the importance of Joomla say nothing, nothing to you. I just have a banquet to get to. And I need to get to this banquet between the sittings of the hood but make sure that you are amongst these people. And as far and abstract as Hollywood wants you to believe Gemini is it's so obscure. It's not real. Ask yourself if gender is not so real, why did they try so hard to make it here? Ask yourself when you see things on TV, and it's one the next years just gets better and the new m five has a twin turbo V eight but the last one had a V 10 and it just keeps going. It's not that important. Why strive for it. Between the sittings remember Allah subhanaw

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taala and remember who are lady Ursula de Souza who Bill houda What didn't help

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make dua between the sittings panel on my cell phone and Sarah will not Emersonian habla

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah here on Bella alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah hiner will carry him while he was

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in ocho Hedy Allahumma salli ala oming Casa de Okta.

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yah, yah, you Allah, we pray that our youth is spent in the servitude of Islam, and that our old age is not overcome by ailments or sickness. We pray that our joints are safe from arthritis and our cells are safe from cancerous mutations. Oh Allah, we pray that we are content with the finance that we have. Those of us who are in debt will love free the next from the slavery of debt will last save us from the effects in the smoke of interest, or last save us and protect us from the effects that our children may have. And the surrounding areas that they live in. Oh Allah, we pray for the children of our family, we pray for the health and the children of our families. And we ask that you

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give us the opportunity to die in the statement La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, May Allah give us this death in the state of Islam and at the highest state of Eman? May our tongues be soft to answer the questions of the grave. And my arguments be full of light. Oh Allah, we pray for our parents. And for those who are ailing La Ilaha Illa, Allah Subhana Allah and he couldn't have been avoiding me mean, I mean, in the closing moments that we have, in the closing moments that we have,

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this Dean has a purpose. And the purpose of our religion is functionality. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us a lot to organize the day gave us Juma so that we could meet together gave us hijab so that people could respect females as human beings. But when you start to pick and choose, for example, you pick the beard. And that's the only thing that of Islam that exists. It doesn't have a purpose after that. It becomes functions function lists. So what we are asking be in the middle of the youth, we are asking us to return to a simple functional Islam, where we turn to Allah subhanaw taala not to get to Jenna. What is the purpose of gentle brothers and sisters? It's not to get

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It's to meet the one who got you there. That's the purpose. When you remove if you say Subhanallah 33 times, you'll get this this this.

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When you reach a station, and we're all trying to get there, it's not how many Suhana laws. It's how often Allah blesses you to say Subhana Allah. It's a different claim field when you enter and say I'm going to learn to read books.

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I will learn to read between, as the great poet says in his poem, that's great. But are you reading it with me because the people can see you? Or because Allah subhana wa tada on the day of judgment will look to mankind and recite urashima

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and he will recite the narration tells us how is it possible to experience the recitation of God you take that up with your own teachers? I'm going to share the fact that I don't want to get to genda to get inside. I want to get to Jenna so Allah can be pleased with us in the law, my law equateur who you SWAT lunarlon nebby Yeah, you

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swallow Allah, he was a limo. Nima. A llama suddenly was suddenly marlana beginner Muhammad, Allah, Muhammad he was Mohammed in Gmail. So late Allah Ibrahim awada Baraka, nicomedia Majeed, Allahumma barik Allah Mohammed Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim nica, Jaime de Majeed, we end for those who came late. I mean, I want you to get used to doing this and then putting it down. But all throughout the day. I know the biggest complaint after all my hookup rather you make dua in the middle. Yeah, we don't know when it's up when it's down. I want you to get used to it. I can't tell how many people think about how often they How many people think how often do they put their cell phone to their ear? Right before coming here to small closing thought, right before coming here. Before I left the hospital, a man had tendinitis in his arm. The only thing he couldn't do was what it hurt when he did what? When he put

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his cell phone up to his ear. So I asked him in return, I said, Sir, why don't you put your phone on speaker and hold it like this? And he goes, Hey, that's just like prayer. Yeah, kinda. So brothers and sisters make it common fact. Throughout the day, your husband came home late and he doesn't like the DAO Allahu Akbar. Allah said he was an ally, Amina Mohammed, your wife didn't put the salt in the homeless Allahumma salli wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, I promise, the salt will get corrected next time. Don't yell. complain to Allah for Allah subhanho wa Taala in the rewire which is sound listen to that. When the believer when my slave raises his hands, and he opens them asking for

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something. A lot feels shy. Say to yourself a lot and shy. A lot of fields and English is weak, but a lot feel shy to let the hands close without giving that person what he needs. had that the angels come and say this guy was playing to a statue want to come gonna come like the whole thing. Right? And Allah subhanho wa Taala then says, There's no one else who can answer so fulfill his need. I want you to put yourself there. Allah subhanaw taala wanted for us good. Last ayah that we close on in a la jolla movie loudly when ye edu.

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Indeed, Allah has enjoined. You want one message from Friday. He has enjoined justice. Be just with yourself. Be just with those who are under your authority when your boss yells at you don't go home and yell at Fatima. Well, some knowing that Allah can see us at minimum knowing that Allah subhanaw taala knows that our hearts are beating and some are beating on the on and some are beating on the off what he thought he will Korba and spend on your family members. If your wife asked you what was good about today, don't say nothing. Just say nothing.

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Right smile of you won't remember more than 800 words the first 800 words then it's all just a up and down. Smile, say I learned in the hood but to be good to my family members. Why and

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if Allah wanted justice, he did not want facha lewdness, Jelic Moloch the dirtiness that

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creeps all throughout our veins, while fascia while Moncur the line in the sand between right and wrong, don't walk up to the line and say, is just a little Haram. It's not that bad. One and I'll leave the best for last. And don't oppress if you took nothing from today's football. Take one thing, could Lumo lose the new lead Wada fitrah everyone is born on a fitrah human beings on the plane look at me like hey, and you can start and then you talk a little bit about Islam. And all I say is don't oppress, not your family, your knifes if something is good, then do it. If you're honest to be read, then read it if your wife is to be respected then respect if your childhood is to

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be wiped and white. So you can meet a loved one or they could lie about well long young mothers know nothing