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Tazkiyah Through the Quran #25 Seeking Allah

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Yahya Ibrahim

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Seeking Allah yearning for Allah, Allah Raja Illa Allah wanting to be with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah Subhana Allah says, amen. Can I have your Julia Arabi, so many different verses where Allah says that the one who seeks to be near their Lord, the one who yearns to be in the company of Allah, mankind, ar Julia ka Allah, the One who is wanting to be close to Allah than their end will be that Allah who will seek to be near them and that they will be having elevated status. The Prophet speaks about this yearning and desire to be with Allah in the hadith of each other the Allahu Allah in Sahih Muslim where he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, men have barely call Allah,

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Allah who they're the one who has loved to meet their Lord soon their Lord is yearning and loving to meet them. Woman keti Halle ha Allah keti Hola, Julio Ka, the one who did tests that they see and meet their Lord, a lot this test to meet them. I shadowed the Allah and he said Dr. rasulillah. I cannot hear to the mouth. Shouldn't we as human beings detest having the having death be arriving to us? Is it that we should look forward to dying should we want to die? And the Prophet said lay psychedelic Aisha? No, you misunderstand. Isha men have belly ha Allah, the One who loves to meet Allah semimobile Ridwan. Illa is the one who hears of Allah's joy and contentment, while not fear or

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two who are the one who attended netta the hero of a loss forgiveness Allah's mercy of Allah gardens of Jenna of delight prepared for the leavers, believers for hatband aloha Allah so they look forward I can't wait until I am with Allah that the toils of this world are stripped away from me. The prophets I send them says in the hadith of Imam Al Bukhari, al al al dunya. See gentle movement, this worldly life is an imprisonment, a confinement for a believer where genital Kafeel but it's the paradise of an unbeliever, we look forward to a generation out of Doha SMRT. Well, our heavens that are greater than the expenses of that which is in our known realms and universes. We look forward to

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another day, we have a yearning to be with our Lord, that it goes greater than what we aspire to in this life. So when I come to make a financial decision, or a business venture, I do not judge it on the temporary world, and just what can I maximize a benefit today? If it is going to be at the detriment of me meeting a law and being shamed before my lord Subhana went to Allah, may Allah open our hearts, that we yearn for our connection with him, and May Allah protect us from hating to depart this life because let that email out, because we have held on to it too much. Allahumma amin