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AI: Summary © The speaker is updating the group on their progress with postures of prayer, sun sun minor, and their synless work. They are focusing on the new studio and their plans to create content for their own personal use. The speaker hopes to keep the group together through their internet connection and mentions a new vlog.
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Take a look at Mr. Law Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate from within you, friends, this is our updates. Maybe you have been following some of us some of those shows throughout passes a prayer and anything that's been shot here all the Quran revolutions, events that we've done with below all the recording, as you can tell, there you go this we are moving studios and we are going to different things in life. So nourishment is still being wrapped up. And even our meeting table. It's all it's all gone. So what's the what's the next step for us? It's going to be carrying postures of prayer, sunnah supplements, the perfect day, and our nourishments through the Umrah

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vlog. So that's what I'm going to be focusing on. I just wanted you all who've really been here for the whole journey. I want you to get to see everything cleaned out, the new studio is being set up. And we are very, very thankful. But to everyone who's who's been with us with the you've seen the massage chair, by the way, we are trying to raise money for our projects. So that massage chair that was over there is for sale. If anyone's interested, we're going to talk about that the to table that hung you upside down definitely not for sale, the massage therapy gun that Bill did a little demo for you all here before. That's all it's all gone. And now we're starting something new. So maybe

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this is my way of closing this section of life up and starting something brand new. But for all of us postures of prayer, the perfect day, and nourishment is going to go up to the next level. So I thought about it, how a better way and Asana akin to everyone just joining us how better way for for me to stay consistent here. And for you guys to keep getting content because when I make content, it's amazing. It's unique. We all benefit we all learn, I can accept that and I can say that humbly. But then there's these huge gaps where we're not creating, so why not make an intention? Wednesday starts 40 days to O'Meara vlog 40 days to the March 11 Umrah IO que Why not do a daily

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lesson and learn along with the Sunnah supplements and keeping the blog all the things that I'm doing on a daily basis working out the postures really taking it more into the personal day as opposed to having this setup with the skeleton as we did before. But every day why not do one lesson on how to learn the letters to assemble the letters to write them basically and read Quran I think that'd be pretty amazing. So I hope this gets recorded and shared with you all soon through cow hope to keep it under three minutes Peace be within us. And let's connect through our internet was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. I'll catch up with you. We'll learn to read together. And for you just

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joining us, just wrapping up the studio and signing off from this location and we're going to start up something new