Omer El-Hamdoon – Taraweeh Reminder #15 – Beware of Shaytan steps

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of protecting oneself from attacks and the use of shavons and met yahia Elisa. They emphasize the need to practice fasting and avoid becoming bored, as well as the importance of learning the tricks of the ship and mixing with the right crowd. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding mistakes and negative consequences when mixing with the wrong crowd.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa

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sallahu wa ala alihi wa Salatu was Salam O Allah see the more serene ohata minigene Imam in Miami Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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had the

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weather sorry there was and sisters.

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Today we're talking about

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the importance of gaining the protection and the shield

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a loss of Hannah Watada tada has created us

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as a body and the Spirit and He has asked many things of us.

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Now, at the same time, there are also enemies of Allah who are trying to take us away from our aim our target take us away from the path that we are supposed to be going we are heading for we should be heading for sir Robin must have been. And we have people who try to divert us from charlatans rather than stopping people call us to all different ways after signing. So it remains an important practice and important

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venture for the believer to seek protection from those attacks so that he and she are not going to be prone to those attacks that are going to weaken him or they will cause him to go off track.

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And that's why it becomes important to understand the different means to protect oneself.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, while at the W Hotel yT shavonne

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do not follow the steps of the shape one and from this ayah that Allah they deduce that the shade bond doesn't just function in a one prong plan. The chiffon has a multi product multi pronged, multifaceted, multi layered, multi leveled approach. It's all multi, very, very complicated. He tries to work at the person from different aspects, tries to attack him from different aspects. In fact, he told us a little bit about this when he said to our last panel a dialogue to malatya no human being a demon healthy him on a man in one shot at him. Voila, Tara home Shakira, I shall then approach them from in front of them from behind them on their right side from the left side, you

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will not find many of them grateful. So, he is designed lots of things, lots of strategies to try to attack the Muslim and to put him off that track.

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And therefore, it becomes very important to understand the steps of the shape and understand his modes understand these methods. So that you can be better positioned to protect yourself from the attacks of shea butter.

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And the head on works in different ways depending on your own scenario on your characteristic looks for your own weaknesses. Some people have weaknesses in terms of sheer, easily fall into shear, maybe even more falling into the minus shear which is to show off and to boast. Some people will give charity but they like to show their favor like to boast.

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He will get them from this side to make them lose the edger and the reward. Some people are very quick to fall, play or fall foul to the different

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problems that they may have with their tongue, you might find them very good, they're praying, they're fasting, they're giving charity but their tongue is uncontrollable

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and so on so far, so different methods, different modes, and also the shape and has different levels of approach because he will try to get you to fall into the biggest thing but he knows that if he were to come to you and to say to you you know either in a worship prostrate yourself to a cow, for example, you're not going to is going frustrated or a cow he knows that this isn't gonna be maybe impossible for you. But he will then try to take you through a different layer of trying to maybe gradually take you away from your seriousness in the knees and maybe make you a little bit slack maybe get you to do more permissible acts initially. Maybe get you to do you know waste your time,

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maybe get you to leave some of the sooner then maybe you are not you're careless with the farm, and so on.

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So there's also a step by step approach. Now, what is important for us is to know how to protect ourselves from the shape.

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First of all we'll will do is a very important tool. Try to maintain your elbow as much as you can.

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And that in the, in the narration, the process and said,

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You have in the moment, the one who preserves and Gods the oboe is someone who is a believer. And by having mobile, you're in that state of purity, because although it's not just about washing the limbs, although it is much bigger than this is a metaphysical charge that happens

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to try to maintain your law as much as possible.

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Because there's great power and we know that for example, even when you pray, after the prayer, and you sit there remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala just showing you the power of the Prophet site and I'm setting Malaika tele to Sunday, Allah haidakhan mme a famous Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allahu Allah Mohammed who Malamute.

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The angels continue to make dua for one of you after he finishes the prayer as long as he stays in the same place of his prayer. They will say Allah Moffitt Allahu Allah, Mohammed ALLAH forgive him Allah have mercy on him as long as he does not break his rule.

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the importance of the vicar and remembering the last

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Vicar is an important part of the strength that a person has against the ship on the ship and doesn't like when you remember our last panel, so you have to try to remember a lot a lot because that's the quality that allows pantile links to the color there Corinne Allaha Katia on with vacuolar those remember a lot a lot. And though whether they be male or female, with guru law has the crown Kathy are our sub beho bokhara 10 What are sila remember him a lot that helps to give you that extra shielding and that extra power

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when you come to do prayer, do not forget the other than Do not forget that karma. Specifically the event and the farmer also make the shape on run away. When he hears that event, he runs away here and then he comes back is there a comma he runs away when you start the Salah he comes back because he wants to also distract you from the silence. So you have those aspects of practice fasting is a shield as well and protects against the shape on in Ramadan. Yes, the Shaolin are locked up and chained up but outside Ramadan, they're back on those when you fast you reduce the ability of the shape on to attack you.

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And in addition to that, there are many other things but to summarize them anything that is excess, if you do things in excess, that is a gateway for the shape on

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excessive eating gateway to the sheer fact there is a tradition where

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the shavon met yahia Elisa

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and they got talking and they said to him or Shabbat What is your best method what's your best mode of

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getting to the human he said my best mode is to make him eat a lot. Because when he eats a lot, he drinks he becomes very tired, very lethargic, you can go up to a bar that will become very sloppy.

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So your hair says okay, well thank you for that advice I from today I will never fill my stomach

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by a lie Your hair is some swear by Allah I will never fill my stomach. So there should have been heavy.

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I thought there was actually a fool for telling you they said and by Allah I will never teach a human any of my tricks after this. So excessive eating excessive looking, you know looking always here and there and letting your eyes wander everywhere also is an avenue to the shape on and we're not just talking about looking at things which are haram we're looking at even think looking things about in the round, you know, because when you start looking and you're seeing things in admiring, you know, you know, it, again kind of absorbs in the heart.

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And so you might start to be fascinated with grief. You know, life is good and handled a life should be good. But when you start to have a feeling that like this life, you know, I don't want to be and that obviously deter us from your purpose. Excessive mixing. When you mix too much with people.

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Too much mixing with people can also be a pathway to getting lots of issues you know,

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when you are mixing together, and especially when you mix with the wrong crowd

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Most likely, their characteristics will rub off on you.

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There's almost like this pack mentality, which might also cause you to go, you know, they might do something and you're not happy doing it, but you see that everybody's doing it, then you end up following them, you might feel strange to say something. So, so, you have to make sure you mix with the right people because other excessive mixing, and with the wrong people can actually lead you to, to bad, bad direction.

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And other things would include, you know, using your senses, you know, whether your ears or whether other senses too much will also can open avenues you have to be careful, anything in excess is going to be dangerous.

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And no doubt is important to make Dr.

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Dre helps you to protect you from the last plant that is the one who gives them protect so always seek refuge of Allah. That's why I always say I always will be lying in a shape on a bargain. I seek refuge of Allah from the cursed she don't try to get used to saying that regularly and I miss karma even when we come to read the Quran we say

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something so why why

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Quran is you know, we're opening the Quran is great, it's a good thing, reading words of Allah why why was because they said, even when you read the Quran, there is potential for you to maybe either understand the Quran wrongly or deviate away from its meaning or even maybe see yourself in a different light. So, there is a there is a there is again potential channel for the Shabbat.

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So, my dear superheroes and sisters, we have to learn the tricks of the ship on and there are many books that have been written on this. One of the most prominent ones is the book of Imperial Josie called talionis. release, the

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the way that the deception of the release and other books they teach us the deceptions, the steps, the tricks of the shape on and by knowing the tricks by knowing the plans of your enemy, you will be better equipped to deal with them.

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I hope that was useful. May I'll ask my dad to help me and you to be protected from the shape on and use the different modes they're in. To achieve that.

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We're going to stop here.

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