Omar Suleiman – Angels In Their Presence S2 #15 – The Poet of the Prophet

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © Speaker 2 discusses the importance of the Prophet's words in protecting the people from evil behavior, citing examples such as "has he spoken ill of the prophets?" and "has he spoken ill of the prophets?" as key messages for protecting the people from evil behavior. The Prophet's actions, including his deceptivism and use of his tongue to harm the Prophet's wife, led to injuries and loss, leading to the development of evil behavior.
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I started going through but all the a lot of times

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who is known as the poet of the Prophet slice Allah has a very interesting story. And he's actually a lot older than what might be suggested. When you're reading about him. He was actually older than the Prophet. So I said, um, so Hassan will the low tide on who was about seven years older than the prophets I seldom, and he grew up in yesterday, which would, of course, become Medina. And he actually could recall when the prophesy son was born, some of the rabbis in Medina expressing objection or speaking about the coming of ama that this prophet had been born that they had a feeling that this prophet had been born. So he remembered quite a bit and he was quite travel

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now, his role, even as a young person was to be a poet and Hassan will the Allah Tala and who would do nothing but poetry. And he had a very unique genre of poetry, right. And this is going to spend, by the way, what he's believed to have lived of a total of 120 years, okay, 60 years before Islam and 60 years, after all, the a lot of time on hold, and his whole life is poetry. So, growing up, all he wanted to do was read poetry, attend poetry, festivals, write poetry. And eventually he got so good at it's that when he's traveling the world, whether it is Damascus, or it is the rest of a sham, greater Syria, or it is Yemen. He is meeting these empires, and he's meeting these powerful

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people, and they start to pay him to author poetry on behalf of the rulers of those areas. And so what he does is he authors these poems, but as we said, it was a unique genre, all he did with satire. So if you wanted to ruin your enemies, then you would bring Hassan or the Allah outside, and he would speak on behalf of the Emperor's in different places. And that was enough to make him a very rich man. In fact, he would be invited to poetry festivals around the world. And if you really wanted to put someone down, you hired Hassan all the allotted time and hope to come and to author a poem on your behalf. So he was actually hired by some of the hypocrites in Medina, to go out and see

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the Prophet slice. I mean, he was older than the Prophet size, and to you know, author poems against the prophets I seldom, instead what ends up happening is he comes out, he sees the Prophet slice on them, and he's the most beautiful person he's ever seen. He is the most noble person he's ever seen. And he falls in love with the messenger SallAllahu Sallam and dedicates himself to being the shadow of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to being the poet of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now we know when we look at the Prophet slice, I'm Rasulillah Salam did not use to respond in like manner to people. But Hassan will the Allah and who could write so if someone came and they

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started to speak ill of the prophets lie Selim, Hassan will the law outside and who stood up and he would basically run them out of the room. So that was her son's job was to stand up. And that was his natural talent. He didn't fight in battles, he could not throw a spear. That's what they said about his son, you couldn't give the man a spear. All he could do was write poetry. But he used that talent to defend the profit slice of them. And one time, he had this conversation, interesting conversation with the profit slice alum, which was about the way that he would do poetry, usually he insults the poem, usually he insults the people. So he will either insult you know your tribe, or he

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will say that you are not worthy of your tribe. And in the case of the prophets lie Selim, also la Sai Salam is, you know, fighting against his own people, right or rather, his own people are fighting against him. This is Qureshi versus white. So this is an interesting situation, because you can't insult abusive yet and he's my cousin, you can't insult Abdullah hobbies, my uncle, you can't go after the ALM and start to assign certain things towards the poem towards their their tribes. And so Hassan will be allowed to I know he says to the Prophet, slice on what he says yada, so Allah, I'm going to extract you the way that a person would take hair out of dough, right? So if someone's

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preparing the dough, and a piece of Harrison there, he's saying that yada so I'm going to take you out so carefully to make sure that I never insult you when insulting grace on your behalf because of what they throw towards you. So what does he do? He studies the lineage of the people from Mecca, throughout Wilbekin vehicle have a lot of data. And so he goes to record all the law and who was the most knowledgeable of the companions of the Prophet slice about the various lineages that existed in the tribes and where they came from. And he learns all of those tribes so that he makes sure he never says anything about the tribe of the Prophet, slice Allah, or anyone even remotely related to

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the profit slice on them in a direct way. So he has the help of local Beckett or the law of town and hope, but he also has the help of who he has the help of Djibouti and it has said

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That and that is a notable distinction for him. There were three poets that were notable amongst the companions of the Prophet slice on them there's Kaboo grammatical the Allah Tada and who are beloved there are a lot huddled the Allahu Anhu and I saw him and thought with all the a lot of time but his son was the one who was so skilled that they literally put a member up for him in the most of the profit slice um, so you had the member of the profit slice on him and then you had the member of Hassan with the Allah Tala and who were if someone came forth, he would stand up and he would praise the Prophet slice on them. And if someone tried to insult the believers Hassan all the a lot of

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times on who responded with satire towards the disbelievers and those that were hurting the prophets lie some and hurting the believers and also loss. I'm looked up at Hassan all the a lot of time on one time. And he said to his son that Djibouti already has Saddam is standing next to you, and he is supporting you. And Djibouti and it has salaam supports Hassan Ali Allahu Taala Anhu so long as he defends the Prophet SAW Salem as long as he is arguing on behalf of the prophets lie Selim to breed it his Salam is standing with him. And so we find that Hassan will be allowed to and on the way to battle. He is the one who is chanting out in this little life Hinomaru Good to see lace Allahu

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keyfile that we are marching and the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is amongst us and Rohit goddess, the Holy Spirit why Islam has no match. And the prophets lie somewhat encourage him and say, Oh, John was tricky and fitna, Gibreel and mark that respond to the disbelievers and Gibreel. It has Salam is with you. And something very powerful about this is that the Prophet SYS and I'm said that while Hassan will the Allahu anhu, was authoring this poetry, that the poetry of Hassan all the Allahu Taala and who was more impactful than any arrows that would be thrown towards them. Okay, so the Prophet sighs I'm told Hassan will the Allahu Anhu that your poetry hurts them

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more than arrows and that is certainly due to the support that would come from Judaism and that should be a lesson for us as well. That when you defend the Prophet slice, I'm intellectually, when you speak on behalf of the Prophet slice Allah, that you can be more impactful than any other way of defending the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, however, and I hesitated to mention this, but I will mention it because I think it's important that Hassan Ali alongside

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was aided by Jibreel anti Islam, so long as he defended the prophets lie Selim, however Hassan will the Allahu Anhu fell into a major sin. And that was that he was one of the people whose tongues past the splendor of actual of the law. And so can you imagine this Pamela, this was the man that would defend the Prophet, slice alum and Jabril it is Salam would be there on his behalf, but Hassan will the lights on and who slipped, and that same tongue that would defend the prophets lie Selim hurt the prophets lie Selim, by passing the slander of Asha to the law and, and of course, he repented and he was punished and he was forgiven. And the prophets lie some did not hold that against him,

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even though that was very hurtful to the prophets lie some of them. And this part is really to the virtue of ISIL, the alonside that are essential the Allahu Tada Anna was the one that would defend her son, when other people put him down because of that mistake that he made even though she was the primary victim of that and so the virtues of Hassan some of them are narrated by Michelle the Allah on how she's the one that will speak about the virtues of Hassan Sabbath will the law Tada and who, and that is from the heart and the forgiveness of your soul the a lot of times, and there was a time where her son visits her at the age of 120 years old. And you show the Allahu Anhu honored him even

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though Subhana Allah one time he slipped and he said about Isha what he should not have said about her. And she honored him and she had a cheer place for him. And she treated him with respect. And I'm the man the brother of Isha found out about that, because people talk they said, you know, Hassan, visited i She let him in the house and she honored him despite the fact that he was one of those that fell into the slander of Aisha at one point. And that man came to her house and said, Is it true? Did you let him into your home? Did you honor him in this way? And what did she say? She says, you know, may Allah forgive him. First of all, he's blind, he's old, but secondly, counting

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Adelphia on an obese lifestyle and he used to defend the Prophet Seisen and Rasul Allah sai Salam was pleased with that defense, or webinars Zubayr, who wrote the Allahu Anhu captures much of the Sierra for us. He, he wants was sitting without a shadow of the Allah on her and she was his maternal aunt. And he said to a son that I want started to say some bad things about her son, and I showed the law and I objected, and she said, let her subwoofer in the hotel to you now if you her and Rasulullah Salallahu Salam do not say anything bad about Hassan, because he used to defend the Prophet sallallahu it was Allah Subhana Allah it is, you know, a lesson for us of the blessing of a

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man when he's doing right but also that a person can get caught up in their own talents and that a tongue that was you know, frequent in defending the prophets lie Selim and studying

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environments and, you know, putting satire forward and things of that sort also slipped for a moment. However, because of the redemption of Islam, he's held by the standard of which he was supporting the Prophet slice on LGBT Isom ating him, not the time that he felt to the temptation of shape on and used his tongue to hurt the profits ISIL

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