The Perfect Day 13

Wisam Sharieff


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their desire to maintain their perfect day schedule and avoid mistakes. They express their desire to create a positive environment and achieve their goals.
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And that that middle ground because sure I have a perfect day schedule.

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Sure I have a perfect day schedule. But in that schedule, I am ready for the real day. And I only know that these are things that I would like to do and if I don't get to them, I still know that these are great things. This is what I aspire towards.

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And maintaining that,

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that positivity in the in the muck in the crap right now. My apologies. When you're in it, and you're like, and you're still like, yes, but this is how it's going to be. And you project. I believe that is how I brought my perfect gay to pass. And if I wasn't trained to move through the murky Earth to a very, very positive place, then I don't think I'd ever be able to flip the switch for the perfect day.