Fitra Rx – Ramadan 2022

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Welcome, friends, this is my Dibbler, you might want to orient yourself towards the, towards the direction where you pray. Let's start with our first body scan, you want to for the purpose of your exercise and the purpose of your improving of Salop. Spread your feet apart just a bit, even if you pray with your feet closer together, if you would open your feet just a little bit wider, making them shoulder width. So if females if you're not used to standing shoulder width, I'd like you to open it and gentleman, I would like you to open to a shoulder width, find and identify your toes and heels are your feet out like a duck, or are your toes facing forward? Let's

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go through the basic posture. The objective of this video is let's see where it hurts first. So when I go one, wherever I place my hands, I'm engaging from the joints. So whether I have hands or no hands, there is no scenario where I'm slouched over him like, Yeah, I'm almost done. So from a, I take myself to the standing posture, body weight in the heels, big toe, baby toe, tripod it. And from here, finding the joint within the hip. And I'm bringing essentially my sternum forward. And I'm grounded here into my stance, my hands are placed, and I'm not leaning. But my body weight is distributed evenly. Here, I'm not focusing on my hands being the spot, it is the it's my midsection,

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so I have the lower back tighten, the abdominal cavity tightened. And so did you experience pain from posture one? To here? Did you find yourself collapsing? Do you find yourself going here? Did you find the clicks and pops as soon as you do, you pause, find that part of the body. And then one of our links below is going to take you to anywhere from shoulder neck pain, anywhere to I don't have proper posture, I'm tight in the shoulders and upper back.

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And I believe fewer people may have pain here, my opinion is somewhere in your lower back. When you put weight into your heels, that lower back tight ends up. When I asked you to put weight up into the front, the toes are all bunched up, there's a lot of pain so that that knee gives out, I want you to be able to come completely out, I want you to find the floor. And I want you to be able to do that, shouldn't you wouldn't you want to if you're able to move 17 times a day in a posture that strengthens you and even I jerked a little bit even I did not have full control on the way up and down. Because we're going to work on our VMO our teardrop muscle. So I want to stop here and our

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first component of our body scan and say I believe more of your pain could have starting in your feet in your heels. And then it's working its way up to the shins, knees, there's a whole bunch of tension here in the hips.

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Pain in the lower back. And then the you could say the clicking and popping of our shoulders. So today, I want you to come from here. Once you find yourself in a record, you are only doing this outside the prayer. So you're practicing outside the prayer. And now you've presented yourself in front of your Lord, a greater distance, a greater distance between my hands and shoulders. And I'm coming over here a lot of us might feel bottom heavy. So are your femoral is your femoral head? And is the socket pelvic bone fully pushed forward without hyperflexion of your lower back. Are you flat here?

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And are you willing to then reach over? So I think a lot of us have pain. I won't go for the such that yet. Because I like to have a different angle. But I want to say outside of the prayer. Are you able to find toe engagement, all of your toes engaged? Are you able to sit through this seat? A lot of us have so there's tension in the ankle tension in the toes and definitely in that big toe joint. Let's take a moment

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Let's bring ourselves to attention that this even though in the direction of Qibla, in my in our Masjid in our prayer area, this is not the prayer. I am using the postures at the the abilities that Salah has taught me to start going through to find out what clicks, what pops and what hurts. If you've gone through this first stage, we're going to take you over now to say, what's the first exercise that can help us get longevity in all of this? Let's go for that front split squat. Let's open up our knee was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh all the advice here is intended to help you get to where I got only based on my personal opinion, my personal study and my personal

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exercise. I do recommend you check out the ATG system and follow their programs and their qualified folks. Those who are certified will direct you even further but to get you ready for Ramadan. This is my effort. This is my intention. I pray that it benefits you and that you consult a physical therapist or medical professional to further discuss your case. law said I want ecomo Rahmatullah.