Final Call – Lets Complete The Quran

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As salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah final few days in Ramadan, I've had an amazing month of worship and I wish the same I know with certainty, yours had the potential to be the same. I'd like you to cash in your chips now say thank you, y'all Allah for a beautiful Ramadan. Here's to 355 days of living like I'm going to paradise here from memorize studios. Were here closing out those last 72 hours of Ramadan with the intention of completing the Quran, friends, this is one of those, invest a small amount, get your piece of the coin, if you will, the NFT of the Quran the picture that we're going to make publicly available to everyone get your piece on a daily basis. I see five pounds one pound.

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Let's get our piece retained helped me finish the project