I Want To Lead Salah In Masjid Nabawi

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AI: Summary © A man named Jesus Christ is reciting a Bible while on a trip. He tells a story about a woman who killed herself and a young man called Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a Christian and is a Christian himself.
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Oh bro my hedge buddies

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check them on

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for Honza berry shake for Honza very his brother in law Sheikh Mohammed mine in his he dies is way higher than mine he got ijazah from shake with a fee. So one day I want to Rice recite the whole Quran to him.

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That would be awesome.

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Oh trip story you ready for a trip story? Caucasian Australian student of mine who's been Muslim for 10 years, married a Pakistani auntie who studies Quran Allah Hooda

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Pakistani on these brother moved to Saudi Arabia back when Mary the Saudi girl had a baby, that baby of mixed heritage but blood of the mother rose the ranks and led Fajr and mozzie NaVi last month

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for all when he sent me a clip like imagine a white guy saying hey, my nephew lead in Monopoly and I was like, Oh, he doesn't know what he's talking. Maybe he doesn't know.

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And then I was like, Are you for real? He goes That's my nephew. And I was like bro, bro bro there's that there's hope there's hope

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I want to believe it bro for us some fluke some alignment of the universe.

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Right this work gets except something happened and they're like, Hey, do you want to leave and I'll be like no, yes, let's do it. Oh, Allah. Not for the recognition bro. Not for the fame.

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But just then delay down and be like okay, I'm ready to die now time to go.

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Imam lays down after salah. Okay, last page that got me boosted I gotta show you a clip and I even corrected him. I was like, your nephew. He goes yeah, it's my wife's brother's kid. And he killed

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I don't know his name, but I have the clip.

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It that's just I don't know what the equivalent to that is. That's me getting into the NBA and beating LeBron James but more 321