The Perfect Day 5

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AI: Summary © The speaker is asking the audience to create a list of activities that bring joy and happiness. They suggest breathing, meditating, and listening to positive affirmations to generate a spectrum of joy. The goal is to create a list of activities that bring joy and peace.
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This is the the the sliding. This is the slippery slope. I'm asking you to make a list of things that bring you true joy. So a you have to identify what is joy, happiness and peace. Peace is happiness at rest, and happiness is peace in motion. Can you try to repeat that to yourself a few times? Yes. So just take that a few steps at a time and then say what things bring me joy, ie peace, ie happiness, try to bring them somewhere on a spectrum. Now I hope to start making a list of activities that are going to give you joy, breathing meditation, hanging from the pull up bar, stretching some yoga, or listening to some positive affirmations. So here maybe we need to suck side

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caveat, jump out and let's make a list together of things that could bring you joy. Maybe you didn't know about them. Let me introduce them to you