Pray Entire Salah With Perfect Tajweed #2 Allahu Akbar

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AI: Summary © The speaker gives instructions on how to start a prayer, emphasizing the importance of clean intention and facing the direction of the body. They also give a series of instructions on using the hand and body, including raising the hands and not rushing. The speaker encourages the listeners to use their hands and body to bring their feet closer to their face, and reminds them to not rush.
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Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah. To begin the prayer. We have intention we have direction we have the need for ablution wudu. The Hara, there are a lot of boxes you have to check off and I'm going to take up it upon myself to believe you've reached that state of clear minded pure tea. You've made wudu you're facing the Qibla your clothes are pure, and you're looking for a first statement. Many of us might use the phrase in knee what Jack to what he had in law, the Fatah sama what he was out that Dean Hanifa we might say this phrase, some of us might say a phrase in order to do all Hola. I intend to pray facing the Kaaba.

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With clean intention, you might say it in your colloquial local phrases and languages. The prayer is an intention and your body posture, not your face, your entire body faces the direction of your Lord. With that, you will turn towards your Lord, preferably facing your posture towards the Keebler and you will say now you must raise your hands how you raise their hands and to what level that's between you and your teachers and your further study with the hand gesture, a law will act bow I'll bring that back over to you the gesture Allah is greater focus with me along who AQ bow at and a fat hat Elizabeth crackle click through your calf, ack vowel, a lawful X mountable please don't rush the

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Elif and lamb now, whoa, hoo X Bauer, l a w obey the law use the back of your tongue. L law who vowed

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friends, the first component that will open up our prayer is that can be al Gula. The gesture to bring the hands closer to the face. Some of you might touch the ears. Some of you might come up higher. Make the gesture be clear of what you're doing. Keep your hands towards towards your direction towards your Qibla Allahu Akbar. Give yourself 10 more seconds. Yes, it's true. You haven't said the name of your Lord with the full passion that you feel. Take the moment

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Oh, I'm awful. Bow. Ali Fatah absorber

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up now.

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I'm Walb work. Fantastic. I'll see you as we continue our pronounciation of prayer was Santa Monica Warahmatullah