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A woman is waiting outside the airport for her flight to finish and finish her flight to Los Angeles. She is waiting for her flight to arrive and finish, and she is waiting for her flight to go home. She is grateful for her journey and hopes to be the final winner of the HUD challenge, receiving a certificate of honor. She discusses her past experiences with death and limitations, including the importance of acceptance of death and the end of existence, and her experience with the SNA airport and being a successful driver.

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What a tinfoil hat jeweler Murata Lilla welcome home everyone

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and as salaam alaikum Peace be upon you friends you've been here you were here rather for the Dallas wake up and the medina arrival so why wouldn't we be together for the ride home checked in for from Jeddah to Los Angeles and we have a 16 hour ride ahead of us. But if you check it out with me here we have it is 12 o'clock and our flight departs at

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four o'clock so I'm gonna see you guys on the other side

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saying goodbye friends. Jessica we're boarding

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for 25 and I'll see you guys all in Los Angeles

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This is about

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how many hours 15 hours

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we're landing in one hour

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for a flight Holy Moly guys got back to the airport landed in LAX God secondary screening and trying not to get

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trying not to get appointed out like in Medina airport. So here it is landed home and see you guys outside of all please be upon your friends feels fantastic in the parking garage for the gym for lifetime.

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Swim, sauna stretch,

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power plate, I

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got to do everything that I wanted to. And I came straight from the airport. And I know that you all know that if you get back to your house or wherever you're going hotel, you're gonna go to or jet lag. You know, there's so many reasons to not do what you're supposed to. So cut out the opportunities for opportunities for difficulty, ie, if you're going to fall asleep, then you know come to the gym. And Oh, was it worth it. So I'm so happy headed back in now I'll go check into the hotel, and we will call it well once I get to the hotel. We'll call it an arrival home. But tomorrow morning is the flight to All right friends, it is 4:45am The next morning I slept well. Gonna head

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out and get a quick workout. get the day started because I gotta jump on the week and grab that JetLite best way. Let's get that word

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finished up at the gym. I was wonderful. It was beautiful. Thank you lifetime Subhanallah who will be handy he Subhanallah I love him on the way home from hudge full rejuvenation, full transformation, like appreciating everything that I have and what I can be. It wouldn't be complete without a hike. And one visit to the top of the world. It's a park at the top of the goona beach. I don't know this is closed. But let's see what we have here. Can you all see

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the top of the world and that's the peak that we're headed to one of my absolute favorite places for inspiration. You have the Pacific Ocean behind you. And you have all of Irvine, California on this side. And of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach.

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It's not so much the houses and the beauty.

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It's how much pain I've been in, in before when I was here. So when I was ill going through the divorce

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and some other unhappy things. I came here a lot of times I came here and prayed I came here and cried. I came here and and just reconnected and so many times. Right there.

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I stood and just looked up and appreciated everything that I had, thinking that you know, kept I kept being sad and complaining that

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God took everything away from me. So these pathways have have given me some great opportunity. And this was where I wanted to come right before I get home from hij. This is a last place for HUD if you will.

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I've been forgiven. I've accepted the forgiveness. I've pelted the stones. I've accepted the transitive nature of the light of our life living in tents sleeping in was Delphi.

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Making a MRI in Santa Fe and being amongst all the people and doing the practice day of judgment. You

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This is a big deal to me, guys. And the fact that you're here to share with me is beautiful. So today I say to you all Allahumma in me, us a local Jana, because I've said it right here, looking straight up and saying to the sky, saying to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, I needed you. I needed you when I was making bad decisions. And I chose to get to distance myself from God. I chose myself, because not like God abandoned me. And I think that moment happened here. That the good, the bad, the ugly, God was there the whole time. And so I'm thankful for everything that I have. I hope that you can appreciate all of that. Come, take care of problems, take your sorrows. Say hi to Uncle

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Sam or their big brother, how to watch it's make sense. So I will see you guys soon. This is it. I'm gonna head back to the hotel, get dressed up. And I'll see you at the airport. But this was it. Thank you for coming to the top of the world with me. Thank you for being along for the journey of Hutch and it was Dallas to Medina. Now it is Jeddah, back to Dallas. So friends, if you want one final technology, one final piece of the puzzle will continue there's a lot more, but take this for this trip.

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Except that Medina and Mecca are places that without your belief you can't get into without your

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affirmation without your test suffocation, you won't be able to you won't be able to access the power. So today, if you will, takes a lot Can you accept the fact that your body will expire? Even your mind will expire? But you your soul will live forever and your technology to access that. Ash How do I bear witness and testify that there is no god but God, there is no Sustainer creator, giver of life. There is no judge. There's no architect of me, other than Allah subhanaw taala and I bear witness and testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the final messenger and the slave of God, he's an employee of God, he wanted good for me and all the other employees all the other

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prophets, I accept. And that allows me the final bit of technology, I will live forever, whether I go to heaven or hell. That's the complicated part. But today I accept death is a portal metaphase. And you'll accept it a little bit when you watch the video once then twice. And as you grow, you will come to accept more. We all will live forever. Now with those fears and shackles.

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Under doubt, I'm not saying they're lifted with the fears and shackles of death and limitations taken or at least doubted upon. What could you do? What purpose could you fulfill? You are going to live forever.

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What are you going to do with the time that you have?

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I'll see you all in the other side. This has been a fantastic journey. I don't know what else to say. Besides the final technology, a shadow en la ilaha illallah wa shadow ana Muhammadan rasul Allah. We started with it, we end with it. La ilaha illallah Hua, who la sharika. The whole molecule will have the word wala Coalition for the year. Thanks for joining. You know where we're heading next. And a salam Wa alaykum back in Dallas, this is it. I don't know if you guys can remember this is the de terminal where we began our conversation for hug. This is where I left from. So it's great to be here. kind of recap. I couldn't give you any footage in Southern California. At SNA airport I

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received through four S's on my boarding pass. It was the most extensive screening I've ever got. Thank you very much SNA for you guys being awesome. Thank you, Vince supervisor on the SNA site terminal eight guys did your job but didn't make it uncomfortable. But undoubtedly, that was it. I'm home was that it was weird. They went through everything but I'm happy to be home. And I'm happy you came for the adventure. Dallas. That's over and please like and subscribe. And thanks for coming along for the journey.