Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 23

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Ramadan Nightly Reminder, 2018

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all below him in a corner.

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corner of the shortlist for the WASC Li Md wafu local

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militia Nia Babu Kohli

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Bobby shocky Sunday with the Dr. Tommy lasagna, Cody is my favorite guy in the Quran I said pretty much every time I give it

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a try man. Today inshallah Allah will talk about the DA masala Salam when Allah spoke to him on the mountain

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and asked him to address the Pharaoh. But when Allah told him this instruction before he gave him this after he gave him this instruction, Allah Tobu sadly Salaam to throw his his stick onto the ground. And it turned into a snake and Mossad Islam was terrified and allows origin while he was terrified, asked him holy cow allowed to have to have grab it and don't be scared. So then this is how Allah taught Masada Islam that the stick is actually the staff is actually one of the miracles Allah is giving him. The other was the hand so Allah shows him these miracles and then says linaria coming iottie no Cobra, I gave all of these to you so I can show you some of my greatest miracles so

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you can show them to the pharaoh is have elected Allah in the hota go to the pharaoh he certainly has rebelled. The reason I'm bringing this up before I talk about the drama is that a legit and just terrible Saturday so I'm to go and speak to the pharaoh he gave him some of the most incredible miracles that have ever been given. And empowered him with that and and said, Now your job is essentially your job has been made easy now you can go. But musala salaam understood that the real mission is not to throw a stick onto the ground and it's gonna turn into a snake anybody can do that. The real reason he's been chosen is that he has to speak to fit on, he has to clarify the

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message to fit on that is the purpose of a messenger and Instagram. The real the real job is what he has to he has to do now on a level to a level that he's not going to turn the stick into a stick that's what a lie is going to do. But his responsibility is not removed in any way shape or form. And so by can't bite by parallel, I want to remind myself of course we all believe Quran is the word of Allah and the Quran is the miracle. It's not only the Messenger of Allah, it's also the miracle of Allah. But just handing somebody a pamphlet that says, Here's something about to honor you know, our, our efforts, we're here, watch this video, and this video is done the job or in something else

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is going to do the job for us. You know, that's one part of delivering the message. The other the more important part is what you're gonna, what are you going to communicate? How are you going to carry yourself when you present the message of Islam, to your family to a non Muslim, anybody, it's actually our job. That's the hardest part. In any case, he has to speak to one of the toughest audiences ever. He has to speak to fit down who's, you know, a world renowned politician, the most powerful man on earth at the time. And he has to confront him and Musab needs some personal strength and the first personal strength he asks for is what we should actually suddenly master expand my

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chest for me, for me, especially expand my chest, this means a few things. One, you remember before we learn that he gets angry, and his tongue doesn't move. And he's, he's asking Allah, Allah keep me calm when your chest is expanded actually means you're not nervous. You're not anxious, you're not disturbed. You didn't you didn't get bothered, you didn't get agitated, because when those things happen, you don't know how to speak clearly. Yeah, like, keep me calm is one of the meanings of rubbish actually. Sorry. The other is keep me brave. Don't let me get nervous. Don't let me get intimidated. Of course, they know all of those people in Egypt. They're gonna say You're a murderer.

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You ran away from this place. We are cops, we're looking for you. And now you're going to tell us about what's right and wrong. Who are you to speak. So there they could potentially humiliate him and make fun of him, or even arrest him and he says, Yeah, but don't let that nervousness get to me. Sometimes we have a massive task in front of us. That's intimidating us. And we don't know how to handle that task. And it's actually this powerful. Rubbish actually suddenly Yala, keep my chest expanded, meaning keep me calm. You know, tightness of chest, even doctors will tell you like tightness of chest is when you can't breathe properly. And they ask you to take a deep breath. Like

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you're in, you're at ease. And so he's asking Allah azza wa jal for that state of comfort, even in face of the most difficult challenge. That's the most important part. And actually, what's beautiful about this door Also, before I tell you any further is before anything you have to do. It's actually the state of your heart that matters first. If not, if your heart's not in the right place, whatever you're going to do won't matter much. My Yahoo juvenile Columbia, St. Louis, they'll call the Arab says what comes out of the heart goes into other hearts. So that the work we do the service we do the the tasks we're going to take on none of them will mean anything if our heart is not in the

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right place. And so he asks first for his heart to be in the right place. This is a gift of love, give to our messenger sallallahu wasallam when he said to him, I'm not sure

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same words, didn't we expand your chest for you? Didn't we give you comfort ease. And this is he was given this by way of the revelation coming by way of Quran coming. And so by connecting those two phrases of the Quran, we learned something about ourselves when we ask Allah to expand our heart when we saw the psalmist in his context, but when inspired by that, when we asked a lot to expand our heart, give us calm, give us ease, remove our anxiety, get our nervousness, remove our nervousness, all of those things. If we ask Allah, we're actually asking Allah for more and more and more of the Quran to be in our hearts, because that is how Allah expanded the chest of the messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this is this is actually the connection between these two doors, the door of Masada Salaam, and the expression of love gave to his messenger sallallahu sallam, didn't we expand your chest for you? But without an anchor was like, Can we remove the burden off your back? You know, this is um, say about the profits Iseman was about when revelation wouldn't come and he would feel burdened. You know, it's crazy when Muslims think that learning the Quran is overdone. Like, how can I learn so much or I don't want to know because once I know I'll be responsible. I don't want that heavy burden on me. It's we reverse engineered the whole thing. The purpose of

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Revelation is to remove your burden is to actually make life easy for you. You read the law, Julio huffy. Frankel. Allah intends that he lighten your burden for you. So May Allah azza wa jal expand our chest by way of his enlightening word. That's the first thing that I wanted to remind myself of. The second is he asks after that, we certainly agree and make my task easy for me. Make my task easy for me is another profound statement from Mossad Islam. Why? Because he's acknowledging that nothing is easy, unless Allah makes it easy. No task is easy, unless Allah makes it easy, and the most difficult task go talk to fit on. And I remind you, when Allah says go talk to fit our own, he

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doesn't just have to go into Egypt, he has to go through to Egypt, which is a police state. And he has to get through all of the streets and corners, and he has to go to the most secure building the Pentagon of that time. And he has to somehow make his way through the most secure building into the Oval Office of the time, and then talk to fit on phones are sitting at a bus stop somewhere, finally sitting in the most powerful secure building on Earth at the time, and he has to make it there before he can open his mouth and they want to kill him before you know the on site. How's he going to get there? And this seems impossible. And so he tells a lie. Yeah, Allah from a logical point of

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view. All of this is impossible. The only one who can make this easy as you Well, yes, certainly, Emery. And this is the incredible faith Allah inspired through Masada, Islam and all of us. Whatever task lies in front of you, whatever, whatever job you've decided that you're going to do whatever service for the sake of Allah, you're going to do whatever good you're going to do. However impossible, it seems. No matter how insurmountable the obstacle obstacles seem. There's one door that shatters those obstacles. And that's why Yes, sadly, Emily and ally is telling us something incredible here that if your chest is at ease, if your chest is full of light, then Allah will make

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things easy. That comes first, when the hardest in the right place, then everything else becomes easy, which is why I remind you all of these doors are thematically connected even the door of the salon from before it's connected to this. You know, he told Allah, nothing will matter except the sound a healthy heart. And Allah tells about him about Ibrahima, listen in era Bobby. Calvin said him when he came to his master with a with a calm heart. Another expression for that calm, safe and sound heart is a sharp facade. It's an open chest, expanded chest. Why is that important? Because Ibrahim alayhis salam is being thrown into a fire and he's calm. He's being told to slaughter his

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child and he's come, you know, he's putting him he's been put in most the most impossible positions and he remains intact because his heart is in the right place. And that is what Mossad Islam is asking for Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sidley Emery, and then he gets to the third part, he acknowledges within him, yes, there are lots of difficulties. But there's one particular difficulty of all the difficulties that has to do with my own weaknesses. You see if he gets killed on the streets by the police, that's not that's not under his control. Life and Death is in the laws hands that can you can't control that. But if he makes it all the way to the Pharaoh and he has to speak and he's not

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able to say the right words, or he's not able to pronounce because of a stutter, that's his personal weakness. So of all of the difficulties, you know, when you ask Allah for help, there are things out of your control. And there are things within your control. First you ask Allah, make everything easy. Whatever is under my control or whatever is not under my control. But then you acknowledge take a good stock of yourself and think about yourself, what is it that is my personal weakness? Where do I have the chance of failing? Or where do I have the chance of not meeting expectations that Allah has of me? You know that for yourself, I know that for myself, I you know, my weaknesses

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are not yours. your weaknesses are not mine. This is valid in Santa Ana de basura. A human being has good view full view of their own selves. Everybody knows exactly where they

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weaknesses lie, Musa alayhis salaam recognizes his own particular weakness, which was speech. And so he says to a lot, what do you mean listen, untie the knot that is afflicting my tongue. So what what in the world does that mean? It means a few things. Of course, most literally, he had a stutter. And if he gets nervous or agitated or aggravated, his stutter is going to get worse, he won't be able to speak. Of course, he's already solved that problem. And if his chest remains calm, he won't get upset. And if he won't get upset, he'll be able to speak clearly that the task will become easy for him. That's so they're connected in that sense, too. But there are other implications of this. Dr.

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melissani, you know, rock dynamic is a not jumbled up, like if you have cables in a drawer, like lots of different kinds of cables, and you're like, Where's the end, and you're trying to undo the whole mess, right. Or if you have, you know, the youth here, don't remember any of this. But you know, back in the day, when you had a cassette tape, and it went bad, and you had to do the pencil thing, and then you had this orchestra. Alright.

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So the idea is, I'm old.

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So, but the idea of undoing a jumble. And when you you know, when you see a knot like that, a mess like that you don't know how long this thing is, you don't know where the beginning is, you don't know where the end is, it's confusion, the knot is actually a representation of confusion. When you undo the knot, what happens things become clear, this is where the beginning is, this is where the end is, this is how long it is, you understand, the idea of tying a knot is actually going from confusion to clarity. Also, something that was confusing becomes clear. He's saying to allow xojo Yala not only let me pronounce things clearly, but when I present my ideas, when I have to

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communicate my message, then there should be a clear beginning, middle, and it shouldn't be jumbled speech all over the place like a knot. Because you know, when someone gets nervous or upset, or they get excited in the moment, they start saying all kinds of nonsense. And at the end of it all, when they get off the stage, they're like, I don't know what just happened. Well, and even the audience is like, that was I think he said something about something, you know, but it was all over the place. It wasn't organized. It wasn't systematic. And that happens when a person becomes nervous or upset or anything else. I know that about myself, if I'm not in a good mood, or if I'm, if I'm upset

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about something, my speech even at home or among friends, or even if I put a mic all over the place, it won't be coherent. So he's asking Allah azza wa jal, Yala MC, I want to make sure that my speech stays on point, it doesn't become an, you know, jumbled not those of you that have to do presentations at work, they have to share a message with family, you have to go talk to somebody, you have to go talk to your uncle, and it's gonna be a hard conversation, you have to go talk to your husband or wife about some difficult subject. And as soon as they start getting upset, your speech becomes a bunch of jumbles. Well, this is the right door to make money. Dr. melissani keep

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the keep my tongue tie, you know, my knots untied. Let me speak clearly, let me get my point across as it's supposed to get across Yahoo. coli. And this is the final bit that is, you know, it's it's a job of what's called grammar giavotella. And we'll conclude with that. And that is so that they may deeply understand what I'm saying. In other words, the purpose of my speech is to get my point across to make sure that the one I'm speaking to truly understands what I'm going to say. In other words, you know, when I study, just to give you a personal example, when I study I'm studying to see it I'm studying the city of Nashville, Rahim Allah, or I'm studying for dinner, Roger, I'm studying

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even look at you like an alarm, studying one of these new facilities. And they're just called to be and they're discussing this idea and what the Sahabi said, and what this one said, and what this one said, and what the grammar is, and what the vocabulary is, and all of that. But when I put this on, I don't tell you what I read. I don't tell you what I read, because my purpose is to speak to you in a way that you'll understand not to tell you what I understand. Because I have a certain background, some of you here have no knowledge of the Arabic language, and that's okay. That's not your headache. That's my headache. Right? I have to do that. But then once I learned something, then I

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cannot speak from my point of view, I have to try to understand the audience's point of view. This is an important thing for us to learn. When you're going to speak to an elder, try to think about what their point of view is first, before you speak. What are their concerns? What are they worried about? what upsets them don't just speak from your angle? Because your angle may not be understandable to them? You have Kahoot coli. So they understand what I'm saying. The language you use, the tone you use, even the the speech that you decide to give? What's the beginning? What's the middle, what's the end should be determined by who is it that you're talking to Hollywood nasaka the

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recording address people according to their levels, according to their backgrounds. This is the Manasa Bob speech, the appropriateness of speech. And so this is a very important principle that musala Islam is asking that Allah I want to remain Cognizant, aware of the fact that I'm speaking in this place.

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You know, if you take a step back and ponder this for a moment, Musa alayhis salaam knew multiple languages, masala Islam was raised, you know his mother's Of course somebody was raised in. So he speaks Hebrew. He's, he's raised in the Palace of the pharaoh where they speak Egyptian, the ancient Egyptian language. And then he he ran away and he ended up where it Medan and Midian is Arab land. So he learned what? Arabic so he's like, at least three languages. And every language has its own expressions, its own culture, its own literature, its own way of communicating, something is funny in one language and offensive in the other. That happens. Now when he's coming back after years,

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he's going to talk to the Pharaoh, he's not going to talk to him in Arabic guys. And he's not going to talk to him in Hebrew. He's going to talk to Pharaoh and Pharaohs language, you understand. So he's going to, and he hasn't been practicing that language for a while. So he's actually going to, he's asking a lot to be in the right state to be able to speak to him in a way that will resonate with him and the audience around him. This is a profound, profound thing that musala salaam asks, and this is something we should take into consideration when we communicate in any matter, not just when you have to give a speech and you don't look at this door and then say, you know, I'm going to

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speak to my father in law today. Might as well look at how he spoke to fit on because he reminds me a fit Oh, no, no, no, you don't have to have a fit home to use this door. Anytime you have to communicate something clearly. Or ambitiously, somebody will suddenly Emily, who actually looked at me listening. If cocconi is a it's a beautiful dog to learn. I actually I've my 20 years of trying to speak and teach something about Koran. I've taken advantage of this dog virtually every time I've spoken. Why? Because I know the first time I tried to speak I didn't make this dog. My teacher asked me to make this job before I speak. And I didn't. And I gave a hot bath. And I remember I was

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holding the paper like this.

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And the words on the paper flew off.

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And the goodbye ended and it was the most horrible experience not just for me, I was sweating in the winter. I remember that and the people even really

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and then when the Salah was done, people came up to you know people come up to you and like say Salaam to the Steven stuff. So when he comes back a lot of people came to me for tashia like condolences. It's okay. It's okay. Like this

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idea is that regardless of the situation you find yourself Take advantage of this beautiful direct mail messages through this door, make our tasks easy for us, give us give us calmness of heart First, make our tasks easy for us and also make us effective communicators. barakallahu li walakum fucoxanthin Hakeem when finally we are coming out with him I forgot to mention the the reference for this or these I add this as sort of task number 20 and these it will find I am number 25 onwards, I 2500. This is short number of IOD easy to memorize in shallow tala, or at least put on your fridge if you're Buxton Okay, so I'm Ali Khan.