Final Moments Just Before Death

Abu Bakr Zoud


Channel: Abu Bakr Zoud

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a situation where a person wants to return to fulfill their dream cars and footwear dream but doesn't want to come back by their own means. They express frustration at the person's desire to prove it to themselves and mention the law of fighting 71. The speaker also talks about a woman named Jesus who wants to do nice things and prove to someone else that she is a woman.
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It is a standard

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and this is what

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we do. You'll hear

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when does he want to come back?

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Because it's just I want to come over so I can resume

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because my son's

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to come back to fulfill some dreams of his own life. He doesn't want to come back by his dream cars dream shattered his dream, chooses footwear.

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That's the desire.

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What is his desire? And in my own law,

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he says

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his desire to come by

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disease, it's his desire Kulla the law of fighting 71

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You want to do nice, nice, he wants to prove to

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because Allah,

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