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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam rubbish at least recently emri waterlogue determinedly Sani of cocconi ammini herbal alanine assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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So in sha Allah Today, I would like to quickly share with you all five things that you can do today to get a reward like that of hedge. And congratulations, you're already doing one of them, and handed in. And so in sha Allah, that's what I'm going to talk about today. So we all know the virtues of these blessed days that we're in right. We've heard countless health buzz and lectures about how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that these are the best days of the year, the best, so much so that a loss of hair kind of swears by them when he says, Well, thank you when al and ash and by the dawn and by the 10 nights and even caffeine and others have said that these are

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the 10 days of good hygiene.

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And so the saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by the way. And if you haven't attended one of my lectures, you don't know my rule. Any sister knows what my rule is. What's my rule on it?

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Yes. So when I say profit, we all say

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and save in a way that the person next to you can hear you because if they're shy if they forgotten, you get the reward because you're going to remind them right? And the prophet SAW Some said at value Island Hey, cafe le he, the one who facilitates someone else to do a good deed gets the reward like that good deed and sha Allah so you get double the reward. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are no days in which good deeds done during them are more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala then these 10 days Allahu Akbar and then the the Sahaba said, you have to sue the law, not even Jihad Fie Savita lag, because you have to imagine, at the time of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Islam was growing, his son was still a baby. So they had many battles, right, we know of the many battles. And so the best possible thing that they can think of during that time was what? Which jihad, so they're looking at us with a lot, not even jihad.

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And he said, not even Jihad fie sebelah, except for a man who leaves his home with everything he possesses. Imagine leaving with everything in your home, everything, every piece of clothing, every piece of furniture, every piece of silverware, and dining were everything in your home, and going and not coming back with anything. That's the only thing better than doing good deeds during these days. So in sha Allah, we're not going to waste these days. You know, panela, when I went to hedge and male illustrata allow us all to go to hedge. One of the things I regretted most was my time in Mina. Because in Mina, it's very easy to do what to waste time, yes, very easy to waste time. But

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guess what? Allah gave us a chance. Even though we were not called to Alice house to perform hajj, the prophet SAW Sam did not forget us. He gave us actions and things that we can do in sha Allah to get that great reward.

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So in sha Allah, before I talk about the five easy good things that you can do today, and you're already doing one, and I'll share that with you later, to get a reward like hedge, and let me emphasize here, this does not remove the obligation of hedge. So you still have to perform hedge, but you're gonna get a great reward. What's the reward of hedge?

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Why does everyone want to go to hedge? What's the reward?

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Yes, Your sins are forgiven and the prophet SAW Some said you come back like the day your mother gave birth to you, nothing. I've heard some of the scholars say that had is the only thing we know of that actually removes the major since the major major sins, right? And so why do we all want to go for Hajj for that right because we all have committed sins and we've all made mistakes that we wished a loss pal forgive us for and we pray that Allah forgives us for them I mean, your blood I mean, but in shows that by doing these Hadith, the prophet SAW Some said that by doing these actions

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You get a reward like that of hedge and all of these ahaadeeth or at least Hasson Okay, so they're accepted ahaadeeth. Okay, but before we get into those five easy goodies that you can do, there's a prerequisite.

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And the prerequisite is, is that I want you to imagine that on the Day of Judgment, you are so happy Why are you happy? Because you know, Mashallah, you prayed your prayers, you know, Mashallah, you fasted Ramadan, and you gave charities, and used to do so many extra good deeds, like the good and code and, and sadaqa and you would help the needy, and you even did had gender ogura and so you're excited to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then you go there, and you don't see any good deeds.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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he said that every Monday and Thursday, what's today

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our deeds are presented to a loss of panatela. So your deeds get collected, and they're here. And then on Mondays and Thursdays, your deeds get presented to Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah subhanaw taala forgives everyone, except for two people.

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And the first one and shala none of us are amongst them. The first one is a person who has shipped commits ship with a lot has a partner with a launcher handler. We're all Muslims. But the second one the prophet SAW Some said, is a person who there is in their heart resentment, hatred, anger, there is something in their heart towards another Muslim.

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A loss of panatela says put these two off until they reconcile. I'm not going to accept their deeds until they fix things between them.

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So a lot of times when we think of the hedgerow we think of a lot of good deeds, right? We think of fasting, we think of wicked and Qur'an and sadaqa.

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But we don't really think about mending relationships. Right? And you know, one of the easiest, it's not really the easiest, but it requires the less the least physical effort to go to Jenna, is to forgive. Right? We all know that one day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting in the masjid. And a man walked in at the Sahaba didn't even know who he was. He's not a known person. It wasn't Abu Bakar or Alma or Iceman, or any, it wasn't none of them. And the Prophet assumes that a man's gonna walk in right now. And he's from the people of Jenna ceman walked in another day, the prophet SAW said, a man's gonna walk in and he's from the people agenda and a man walks into the

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same man. And then the third day, the prophet the son says, A man's gonna walk in and he's a man of Jenna

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hava, we're confused. We don't even know this man. And so one of the Sahaba said to him, can I spend three days with you? Because back then, and even until today, with the IRA, if you want to stay a guest, for them, staying three days means nothing like it's the it's like an amount of time where you can visit an Arab without them feeling discomfort by you.

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So he said, Can I visit you for three days? And so he observed him for three days. And after three days, he said to him, listen, I'm gonna tell you the truth. This, this, this happens. You're a man of gender, but you don't do anything special. I don't see you fasting, like we fast or praying all night, like we pray or doing anything extra, and the messenger, right? I don't. And then this hobby was a little sad and disappointed. And so he started walking away. And then the man said, Wait, come back.

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My deeds are like you saw them except that before I go to sleep at night, I forgive everyone who has hurt me. And I don't allow there to be any envy or jealousy towards anyone who Allah has favored in this dunya above me.

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And then this happy side, that's great. That's the great thing that got you agenda. And so if you're having trouble, if you're having trouble forgiving someone, I have an article on my website called, heal yourself with the power of forgiveness and shala we'll help you. But because of time, we're going to go into the deed. So this is the perfect time to mend your relationships. Paul, send the text and email, send a gift in the mail handler. There's so many things like edible arrangements. There's cookies that you can get delivered, reach out to family members, especially your family members, right? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the one who cuts their ties of

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kinship will not enter Paradise. So if you have someone in your family, that unfortunately, something happened, and you guys are not on good terms, send the text to say, hey, Somali girl, I was just thinking about you making that for you. Michelle has the blessed 10 days of doing head j and then chill out

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Pre old as well was here in the last panel accepts your deeds. Right? The prophet SAW Some said that you're not allowed to have three days that pass without saying salaams three days, right? And so send a gift. Right even if they hurt you, you know that had been a in when they would find out that someone back baited them or hurt them, they would send them a gift. They would send them expensive dates. And they would say the same way that you gifted me in the acting era I'm going to give you in the dunya right. And so something that can help you find solace when someone hurts you is just remembering that Allah subhanaw taala will give you justice on the Day of Judgment. Nothing goes you

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know how sometimes like, oh, that person got away with it? No, did they really? Do these angels ever stopped writing? We recite suit to give every Friday, Allah Pattaya narrates to us tells us what we're going to say on the Day of Judgment what some people will say, inshallah, it's not us. But some people say on the Day of Judgment. Mali has Al Kitab. Now you had recently written a letter be written in

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what is this book?

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It did not leave out anything, nothing small and nothing big except that it was recorded precisely and accurately. And so when that person hurt, you don't think but they're getting away with it. No. On the day of judgment, Allah subhanaw taala rewards you in ways that you can't imagine loss, Pattaya says, and those who forgive a law, their reward is with the law. Do you know what that means for someone to not even tell you what the reward is? It's so great. He says it's just with me. So the five ways that we ensure a lot can get the reward of head number one, a pure and sincere intention. How right I'm going to share with you a hadith that was one of the most beautiful Hadith

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that I've read, and this is a hadith and tirmidhi and it's classed as a sound Hadith. The prophet SAW someone said to a Sahabi, I'm going to narrate something to you preserve it. Look at this. There are not many Hadith where the prophet SAW some actually prefaces and says I'm going to tell you something, preserve it, but he says it in this one. He said very early. This world has four kinds of people.

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The first type of person is a person who last Pattaya granted them wealth and knowledge.

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And with that wealth, because they have the knowledge of a law, they use the wealth in a way that pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they uphold their family ties, and they acknowledge the rights of a last patch Allah over them, and that person is in the best station, the best position, the highest position. And then he said, and then there's a person who lost the planet are blessed with knowledge, but no wealth. And when they see that person

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with wealth, doing good deeds, donating going for Hajj and Umrah, you know, taking care of their parents and the needy, and using their wealth in the way of Allah, they say, your life I had Well, I would do that too. Do you know what the professor Sam said? He said they're equal in reward. Allahu Akbar. In another Hadith, it is narrated in Bahati from NSF nomadic rhodiola and who he said we were coming back from the Battle of tabuk. So the Sahaba left for a battle, they were coming back. And the prophet SAW some on their way back said something very interesting. He said, there are people who we left behind in Medina.

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But they accompanied us in their spirits with their hearts. And they passed Every valley that we crossed, they were with us, because they remained back with a valid excuse. And in another version, he said they will share the reward with you. Only Allah knows why we were held back right? For some of us, it's financial hedge has become extremely, extremely expensive. For some of us, it's health. For some of us, it's life. We can't leave our jobs, we can't leave our children. Right. Each one of us has an excuse that only Allah knows. But guess what, if you make your intention right now, today, that you wish you can go ahead and that if these things were not stopping you, you would be there

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right now as the Hejaz have arrived in Medina and as they leave to Mecca, and as they go to minute and was deliver and data of your heart is with them, inshallah, you'll get the reward. Number two

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fudger in the masjid until sunrise and praying to the cats very famous Hadith the Prophet

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Salalah alayhi wa sallam said whoever prays for budget in congregation and sits remembering a lot until the sun rises and prays to the cat will have a reward like that of hedge enter on that and he said tan my tenma tenma in full and full and full.

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in one hour

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clicks an hour, because they pray fudger here at 615

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shoot, the sun comes up at 657 you wait about 15 minutes 715 in one hour, you can get the reward of Hajj and Umrah complete, complete complete by remembering Allah. So what do you do? What do you do when you're sitting and you're waiting for the sun to come up? How do you remember Allah?

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One of the best forms of Vicar is what is called n. And we all know the Hadith that for every letter is 10 good deeds. And he said I don't say LS la meme is one letter but Elif is a letter lamb is a letter meme is a letter, and imagine during these days where deeds are multiplied, right? And so another thing that we can do is that when we are reciting the Quran to truly reflect upon it, so if you don't understand Arabic, while you read the verse after each verse, read the meaning in your language, grow a connection with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala understand what a lost packet is saying to us. Another form of decay that we can make it just declared to be mentally ill right.

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The prophet SAW Some said, there are no days that are as great as these days in the sight of Allah. And there's no deeds more beloved to Allah than to say sapan Allah will Henri lavalette, Illa Illa, Allah Akbar, so increase in them, right? And so when we're making the kid, let's not be mindful, let's not multitask, great. Let's make Vicar from our hearts. When we say Suppan, Allah, think about that. All the magnificence of Allah, how Allah created everything, right? When we say hamdulillah think of a blessing. Just think about your eyesight. Think of the fact that you have food that your heart is pumping and beating right now without you doing anything.

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Right? That your brain is processing without you putting effort to Panama, right? When you say that you think about the greatness and the oneness of Allah, we say Allahu Akbar. Think about how great Allah subhanaw taala is that if you want something, he says Be and it is right.

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And so be mindful when you are making liquor. What else can we do make the app

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right the professor Sam said that is a bada is the essence of worship. And when you're making your app, have conviction and know that Allah can and will answer you, the prophet SAW Sam said, verily your Lord is shy and generous, that if you were to go like this and ask him to him that he doesn't give you

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a lost pet and loves hearing you talk to him, talk to a las panatela right? And then pray those to the cat and congratulate yourself because you just got the reward of head and don't read complete, complete, complete. So what are you waiting for? Set your alarms so that you wake up for fudger and so that insha Allah and for the sisters handed in that you have another sister in your house, your daughter,

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your granddaughter, your your daughter in law, anyone you can do that in your house, right? You don't have to come to the masjid. Many of the scholars said that you can get that reward by doing it in your house. So wake someone up, pray Gemma to them. Sit down make Vicar don't leave your spot. Don't speak just one hour and prayer to the cat and inshallah you'll get that great reward. Number three, this one is super simple, but shaytan always tries to make us forget and get us busy Vicar after Salah Subhana Allah 33 times and hamdulillah 33 times a low Upper 33 times what's my proof? The poor immigrants came to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam and he said, Yeah, rasulillah the

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wealthy people, they've surpassed us. It's not fair. They do like we do. They pray like we pray they fast like we fast, but they have money. So they give sadaqa right. They're surpassing us. And the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam said, China teaches something with which, if you do it, you can overtake those good deeds, because they mentioned heads and the ombre disappeared, somebody go and had an AMA we can't we don't have money. He said, should I tell you something that you can do that will make you surpass them? And then

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and then the professor Sam said, and none will excel you unless they do what you do. So you'll suppress or pass them and nobody will surpass you unless they do what you do. And this is the

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service to law tell us and he said

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you should recite to be subpoena law tech Be it Allahu Akbar. To me that hamdulillah 33 times after each salon. isn't that easy, takes about three to four minutes but what happens after our salon shaitaan comes Oh my god, you got to do this, this your child, your food, your this your that you get up and then you start doing it and then what happens most of the time? You don't complete it. Why? Why is shaytaan trying to get you up so quick? Because of this great reward. Right? Number four, just praying in the masjid. These had these I swear Subhana Allah and a lot of you sisters are very lucky. We are very lucky that we live walking distance from the house of Allah. Listen to this

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hadith the prophet SAW Some said, If any one of you goes out of his house after performing will do for the prescribed prayer. Their reward is like the one who goes for hedge wearing their harem. And whoever leaves their home to go for a Supergirl it's very rare, meaning you're just going to print enough and you get the reward like that of

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one who's getting ready for Amara. So the third prayer in Jamaat in the masjid is like head. And this the extranet those prayer is like Allah.

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And in another Hadith, the prophet SAW Some said, Whoever walks to perform an obligatory prayer and congregation is like that of hedge in terms of reward, and whoever walks to perform a voluntary prayer. It's like a voluntary ombre in reward, Allahu Akbar.

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So encourage your husbands encourage your sons and your brothers to come to the masjid and if they can come walking low aka low up but we do at home. Come walking in sha Allah tala number five. This is what you're doing this hadith. I love this hadith. The prophet SAW Sam said, Whoever goes to the masjid, not desiring except to learn or to teach what is good, gets the reward of a pilgrim who completed their head, Allahu Akbar, who here came today to learn something I did.

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Congratulations, my dear sisters, you got a reward of a head to who completed their Hajj. Do you know and had a lot of times people don't complete their heads? Why, especially sisters, what happens to us, unfortunately, right? So sometimes we actually don't complete our hedge. Or sometimes people do something wrong. They're hedging their hedges in complete. This had these the same you're gonna get a complete hedge. And when the prophet SAW Sam says something, he always uses the right words, right. And Allah says lantic Juan Hawa, he does not speak from his desires. Everything that he says is revelation reveal. So those are five easy goodies that you can do. I'm going to share with you

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five super fast, super easy goodies that you can do inshallah, during these days to maximize your reward. So lots of people have forgotten sooner. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that every day, every day, every joint in your body requires a silver cup. And you know how you can give that silica for your whole body is to pray to the God of the heart. The heart is 30 minutes after sunrises until 30 minutes before the hood you could pray anytime in between make your window and just shoot a cat. Now if you make them for the prophet SAW Some said that Allah says Oh son of Adam performed for cats for me in the beginning of the day to have prayer and it will suffice you the

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latter part of it.

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Make it it's it's the timeframe so long. Make it

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a Priority. To pray these like it takes four minutes for a Catholic four minutes. Pray them in sha Allah tala pray them before you leave for work, pray them, you know 30 minutes before the hood find a time and pray them in sha Allah tala number seven is a good deed build yourself a house in general How? By praying you know often the prophet SAW Some said whoever prays 12 o'clock at night fill in a day gets a home built for them and Jenna, how do you pay them to be for fudger to be for the hood to after the hood to Aftermath live to after a shot? Those are 12 inch children you get a palace in Jenna. Number eight fast

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rate. Fasting is one of the greatest acts of worship that we can do because the law says fasting is for me and I will reward for it in a way that I don't reward for anything else. Right? fasting especially the day of arafah which is next Thursday. Make sure you mark your calendars very fast because the prophets of sunset whoever

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Okay Quickly, quickly sisters, Adda is next Thursday, make your intention to fast from now so that even if you can't if something comes up and you can't you get the reward because remember number one was intentions right? The prophet SAW Some said whoever fasts the day of arafah the previous year sins forgiven and the coming year since two years.

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Last so generous last peda wants you to enter generate this easy things that we can do that can tinker as these great rewards. So let's make our intentions in sha Allah. Let's share this by telling and encouraging our family members. Maybe you know that a lot of people in your family they don't like to fast. Maybe know what you can do. Make it adalat right a dinner party for thought. So that will kind of encourage them to fast right. And so encourage even your children to fast that handler fasting these days haven't has not been that difficult handoffs has brought us some cloud that hasn't been as hot as it was normal dawn, the days are shorter. So insha Allah May Allah make

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it easy for us to fast me we witness the de vida family and obey Allah me. Number nine, give sadaqa charity. We all know the virtues of sadaqa right? But let's make sure every day during the day because we said these are the best days. Ramadan is the best nights. These are the best days make sure during the days you're giving silica and there's so many forms of silica right the prophet SAW Some said silica is due upon every joint of a person every day being just between two people subaqua helping someone with their animal is silica lifting someone's luggage is subaqua, right? a kind word subaqua. Every step that you take towards the masjid is sadaqa removing harmful things from the road

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is sadaqa. So be creative in the way that you give your charity in your Seneca right? smiling is subaqua. Right? How many times we enter the masjid and we don't smile at each other. May Allah forgive us smile, smile at me right now and Shaolin you'll give me stuff and I'll give you some feedback. And so there are many, many forms of civica.

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One of a cool way to get silica is to find someone who's fasting and feeding them because you get all their reward in sha Allah and the best sadaqa is to sacrifice an animal on the day of aid. That's the best soccer during these days. Number 10. help someone in need

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This is my favorite deed of all. Do you want to know why?

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Who here has been to Medina? hamdulillah? Isn't Medina one of the most beautiful places ever? Like you don't want to leave? Nobody wants to leave Medina. Nobody gets tired of Medina, right? What's the virtues of Medina? There are many. What's the virtues of praying and the mission of the prophet SAW Selim?

00:30:22--> 00:30:29

Its times 1000. So everything that you do is multiplied by 1000. At least right?

00:30:30--> 00:31:12

Can any one of us leave their life leave their children leave everything travel to Medina and stay in the prophet SAW signs Masjid for one month in ft calf, not talking about dunya only worshipping Allah, Allah? No. First of all, they don't give you a visa for a month. Right? Second of all, they don't even allow us to sleep in the masjid for a month. Third of all who can do that? Something very difficult, right? The prophet SAW Some said for you to help your Muslim brother or sister in their need is better than making ettercap in my Masjid for a month. help someone in need. There are so many people in need. There are so many.

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There's so many every day on my Facebook assistant needs his assistant needs help with this. A brother needs this a child needs this. They need backpacks for school. There's so many people in need, help someone in need in sha Allah to Allah. And so May Allah, Allah accept all of our goodies May Allah patternmaker goodies heavy on our scales, forgive our shortcomings Mila panda that same way that he gathered us here, gather us with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ingenico for DOS. I mean, you're barely me. And if you guys would like on my website, I've created a checklist with all the things and all the 10 days so you can progress and check because when you have goals,

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what happens? You're more likely to do them. I've been doing it. And yesterday, I realized that one of the things that I have on my checklist I didn't do and so I put a red mark around it. So then show it today, I'm extra careful to do that good deed. And so if you'd like I have a few copies here, but you could go on my website is donorschoose.com. Under resources, there's a lot of different articles, there's a lot of different resources. This is called the dual hedger tracker, so you can download it and you can print it and give it to your friends and family. And then all of these ahaadeeth that I talked about today are on my website under Dean with dunya it's called hedge

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from home. So you could print it out and you can give it to any of your family members or they can watch the livestream inshallah, and Zach and law, height and medical unfrequent May Allah bless you, may Allah grant you happiness in this life. And the next and by the way, about fasting.

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One thing I wanted to mention that I forgot because I'm rushing, don't just fast from food and water. The prophet SAW Sam said, Allah subhanho wa Taala is not in need of a person's fasting. If they do not leave lying and bad speech. There. Allah does not need their them to leave food and water. So let's fast with our hearts. Let's fast with our eyes. Let's not look at head on. Let's not listen to head on. Let's not speak, head on. Let's fast, real fast. Right once two women came to the prophets lesson and the stomach was hurting. And then the prophet SAW Sam said you ate meat and they said, we're fasting and he sold them throw up, make yourself throw up. And when they threw up,

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there's pieces of meat. And the prophet SAW Sam said that you back by did your sister and that's their meat. So sisters, be careful because the prophesy son, he wonders, especially us. We have a lot of free time. And we've talked on the phone a lot. And it's very easy for us to fall in this. Don't do it. profit loss I'm set on the Day of Judgment. People will come with mountains of good deeds and they'll be bankrupt they'll have nothing left. Why? Because they backbiting this person. They hurt that person. All their good deeds become gone. So don't put your good deeds in a purse that has a hole in it while you're stuffing it with good deeds. But guess what? Because you're

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saying things they're falling. Right? Let's really really really take care of our good deeds. And really that's what it's a habit they will put rocks in their mouths Panama we don't have to do that. Every time you feel like saying something negative say something positive. Say this be here. If you can't think of something positive to say say so. panela unless God bless you, man, let's put that help us because I know it's difficult. mail us packs up from us and just talk about hate on that one and hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali Salim I mean, I mean I mean just like Lahaina salaam aleikum ligature.

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I have two announcements inshallah ignaz. Doing mass mailing to our neighbors about he is a