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shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. My beloved brothers in Islam in Santa Monica Monique, with the library get to

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Hamlet tonight is the 25th nights. On all accounts, we only have five nights including tonight left of this month of Ramadan and Subhanallah we should always take it perhaps this is our last Ramadan, and they will make the most that we can in every single night especially that night is an odd night. Having said that, when we try to increase in a better so what we do is we I mean, some of us actually going to eat decaf. We sort of cut ourselves off from the world which is a good thing. We try to limit our interactions with people because usually this distracts us. But we shouldn't forget that evadne is of two types. There is the part which is for Allah subhanaw taala our relationship

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with Allah azza wa

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jal Quranic recitation, also being a good person is part of a better and one can actually become selfish in your own ibadah. When you focused on your own, you know, my worship and you cut off the rest of the world to a certain degree, which is not good. And a good example of this is the Prophet peace upon he was in Ithaca, he was performing etica in the masjid, and his wife, Sophia, a mother of Yolanda.

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She came she must have very much Sophia mother, she was from a Jewish background. So when she came to Medina, she had no family. She had no father, no mother, no one in Medina, there were no Jews in Medina. So the Prophet peace upon him was not just us, but he was her entire family. And actually, often when it took off a few days, she began to get lonely. And she actually went to the masjid to visit him. And they sat together and they spoke for a period of time. He didn't say, I mean, what are you doing? I mean, he better he spent time with the elders time for her to go home. Obviously, it's the middle of the night, he got any lift? Is it decaf, and he walked home. planula. Right, this

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shows you that part of you know, the godliness is also not just with Allah, it with those those around us as well and also shows you the beautiful character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Yesterday will concluding on the story of Luke are named. And we're talking about leadership, and the effective how the examples that we have from Luke are named Elisa to serve in being an effective leader. And we see all of us have a responsibility with regards to leadership. And just one important point before we continue to judge is it's vanilla in this country, in this country. It's the only country on earth that you would find a president non Muslim president actually honoring this religion so much that he actually went into servitude we all know that he performed, sorta, whether it was for votes, well, we don't know what's in the heart may be not the lawsuit that he

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performs for the sake of Allah.

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May he continue? May Allah open his heart, and Alhamdulillah This is a great Nehemiah, you only understand this blessing if you outside of South Africa, Muslims in America, the land of freedom, they're worried if they'll be deported tomorrow. Muslims in Europe, they don't know tomorrow, a new law might come banning officers from wing you know, Islamic clothing. These are in European, you know, progressive countries. Yeah, we have a tiny population. You know, in other countries, the Muslim percentage is much bigger, like in India, much big, huge percentage, and they live under persecution. We are 1% not even 2%. But we have and hamdulillah this recognition from the highest

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levels of of government. It's a great, great blessing, which will be asked about a lesson asked us about that. What do you do with that freedom, but it also didn't come cheap. It came from our forefathers not fighting, not killing, not protesting. They did so through the beauty of our Deen being good neighbors, being good employees and companies being part of this community. Yes, we our allegiance Our wilaya is to Allah and is our school and he's Quran and his religion. We are part of the oma. Right? That's our allegiance, but we also part of this country. And we play a big role in it. So the more and more we start pulling away from working in civil society, pulling away from

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assisting government for example, we lose that capability. We shouldn't lose that so many of our, our forefathers are our elders, they were part of the struggle, because they so look oppression, apartheid is against Islam. It goes against the deen, even if it's not against me personally, it's against the dean. And they stood up and hamdulillah because of that. We live in that Baraka. So we should never ever lose sight that injustice continues. Maybe now it's political, economic injustice, maybe inequality. That's the new type of battle that we have. And we must play our role in that all of us need to play our part. To continue this grace. We don't want our kids that this blessing that

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we have. Our kids won't benefit from it. 1015 years from now, when massages are closed down and then can be given madrasa closed down. We don't want to see what happens in other countries happen here. And we this generation of us now, if you're basically in the ages of like 20 to 50 this is your struggle, our struggle. We need to make sure we've been getting

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given the opportunity, it's not droppable right? metaphor that buco can understand hamdulillah right, getting to the image. So, from the story of the codename, he comes to this place, he comes to this group of people who can hardly understand and they say, look, this is this, they are they are these people or this tribe called the Juju, Juju, and they causing great mischief. And

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some and we learn from this there are some fitness that are so great no matter what fight in spite of how great they are, you can't run from it, you must fight it, you must confront it. So don't coordinate, he built a barrier, we know a dam. So if you in our minds if we picture the Quranic words, literally these this, this this mountain and these this goal a gap in the mountain, so don't coordinate both a dam a barrier in that that gap and he closes. So behind this mountain, you have a huge image and they cannot break through this barrier and they can't climb over this wall because of what Luca lane built but Luca nine says that this is only a temporary, a temporary building, that is

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a promise from a law that this barrier will collapse one day, and when that does happen, they will swarm like waves upon the earth, they will engulf the whole world. So what are they who are they? Now we learn from pseudo carefully when we speak about the deen will speak without knowledge. We have a methodology. So let's go and understand who they are. Let's ask ourselves Firstly, does the Quran make mention of them anywhere else? So they only mentioned twice in the Quran? Yeah ujima Judah mentioned twice in the Quran first and super careful in Sorocaba mentioned blueconic blocking them up behind the barrier, this will fall down. And one of the signs of PMI is that they will come

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out. There's another verse in Surah ambia, Allah Subhana Allah says, He has made a rule that we need to store is a nation they will never ever come back that nation when they're destroyed, they will never come back, except they will be an exception. Until we open up either 40 Hagia Juju, Juju the battery of your ujima, Judas open up and they will swarm out of every mound. Now the imagery is that of ants or insects coming out of a hole, when they come out of the barrier. Obviously, they will destroy the whole world, right they will destroy almost all of civilization. So Allah says, before every time civilization was destroyed by Allah by punishment, they will never come back, except when

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you do damage which comes out they will obviously destroy the world, but the world will continue off to them as well. But this is the only other mentioned of them that when they are opened up, so again, the imagery is of huge, the numbers are a lot, lots huge numbers and they will engulf whatever they come across, they will engulf we know the famous Hadith, that when the first of the imposters by the type of the server, they will sort of drink from it. And before the last soldier, this last person have yet arrived to the river, they would have drank up the entire River. And they would say that used to be a trivia once upon a time. So the numbers are massive. Now what are the

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other people are the creatures you find different narrations? So let's go further in the Hadith What does it say about them? The Prophet peace upon him

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said in this is reported Mr. Ahmed, Wally ujima Jewish they dig through the dam every single day to the belly of the of the codename they continuously trying to break this down. And every day, they are able to make a whole so much so that they could see the other side they break through and they see Oh, and the sun shines through.

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I mean, Linda, the leader of the mill, say, look, let's go back and come tomorrow and finish the job. And you wouldn't say insha Allah. So when they come back the next day, the barrier would have regenerated it would have gone back into place something in it allows it to be rebuilt, so they continue to dig and dig and dig again. Until one day, the leader will say come back tomorrow and we'll finish the job in sha Allah. Now interestingly enough to have, this will be the third time in sha Allah pops up third time that this the link between inshallah tsuruoka via using magic pops up. And you remember the third time the first Allah tells them, don't say I will do something tomorrow

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except in sha Allah then moves us to hidden so that you do need insha Allah you'll find in sha Allah I would have suffered. And the other third time you're using a judge they say insha Allah and this Baraka, it allows them to break through the barrier. So then they will break through the barrier, and they will dig through and they will come upon mankind like waves. Right? The Prophet peace upon him once he woke up in a state of fight, she was terrified. He was with his wife Zane about mother's Xena brijesh and she asked what's wrong? So he says woe to the Arabs of an impending catastrophe and impending danger is near is coming near. An opening has been made in the world of Juju Juju like

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this The Prophet I hold the size has been made in the barrier of the barrier of the codename is beginning to crumble it's breaking. So she said, Well Allah allowed him to come out even though there are pious people who don't feel good people. People performing Salah performing hajj will allow them to

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So the problem is, if the evil, evil people increase when evil increases, and so how are we living in that time when evil is prevalent? So May Allah protect us? So what are they who are they? Even Judah Judah are mentioned in the Bible. In the Old Testament, they are mentioned as one of the signs of the times. They are mentioned in the Bible as being a tribe of people of Turkish origin and our son of the scholars of old without quoting Hadith, or if the opinion was that newly inserted Salaam had four sons that new holy Salaam had four sons, one of them Kenan, he died, he was the one that didn't get on the boat. So he died. So three of his sons came on the boat, and obviously from his

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three sons, mankind regenerated, right all of them knew his second father, right after Adam who second father. So know how the system had three sons who was on the ship, he had Sam ham, and yes, Sam ham, and yes, from some, the Arabs and the Europeans, the Caucasian people, they trace the lineage from ham you have the African tribes and from the earth, you have the Asian the eastern tribes and our and we actually our scholars and the Gita agree that from Yeah, fifth can not only the Turkish people, but also us imagine that this tribe of people from the earth now actually trace the lineage back to NaVi No. Right. So this is a this is an agreement between us and aggregated on

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this. There's no hiding there's no way to corroborate this. Some Hadith the Prophet Bishop only mentions that we will face off with people whose faces are like

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battered have like like shields, meaning the faces are flat, and they have squinty eyes, and they will wait for

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miniskirt. See this was a huge image. And when the Mongolians invaded the Muslim lands, I'm telling you something about history now that there was a time when this oma was the leaders of science and technology. The capital of the world was in Baghdad in Iraq. This was about 100 years ago. And from Mongolia, Mongolia is a country next to China. In fact, the Chinese built a wall to keep them out among the Chinese built the Great Wall of China to keep the Mongolians out of China because they were a massive, you know, group of people and very barbaric. So Jin G's can lead the United all the tribes of Mongolia, and he began a war a campaign of conquest, which until today was the biggest

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Empire ever existed. He conquered China. And then he continued to move west, all the way through Russia, through India, through Europe through the Muslim lands. And when he came to that,

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which was the capital of the Muslim world, and actually the capital of the world, the most advanced city on Earth, the seat of the halifa, they conquered by that. But the Mongolians didn't just conquer country. They massacred everyone in the for about one week, using just knives. They killed over a million people and the river, the Tigris River that flows through Baghdad, they dumped the library of Baghdad inside the server that for a year, the river was black with ink. Many times you'll find the scholars they will say I'm sure he wrote 20 books, but we only have three. What happened to the others that were dumped in the river. We don't have those books anymore, that when

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the Mongolians came to need support, so give me support. They gave me an option. You either surrender and you become slaves. Or if you fight and you lose, we exterminate everything, everything. So when they actually they support Iran, they fought back and they lost. So when the city was conquered, they killed every man, woman, child, old person, every cat, dog, sheep, everything, they kill everything in that city and burned everything down. So this scourge of the Mongolian swept across the whole Muslim dingy scan actually stood on the member in the masjid. And he says Allah has sent me as an adult as a punishment for you of your sins, the halifa the caliphate

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of the Muslim ummah. He did not you know, pay use his money and his wealth to to get the Indian Army. So they somehow you know how they killed him. They attacked him and his family up in a carpet and they rolled over him with horses. And when they opened up his vault, they looked at all this gold and says, Wow, look at this guy. He's got so much money, but he wouldn't spend this on his on his people. So the Muslim world look like it goes on the edge of catastrophe. Every Muslim country was defeated. No, the Mongolians could not be defeated. And many scholars have said this is kiama. This is a huge majority. They were convinced this was Yeah, Juju, Juju, Allah says them against us.

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Because as the Hudson says, You will not beat them. You can't fight them. And then I'll prove that it was not so because the last Muslim kingdom, the Mamelukes of Egypt, they were slaves. They were slaves. The King died. So the servants the slaves got together and they said, what are we going to do? We are the last Kingdom standing. If the Mongolians defeat us, there is nothing stopping them from going to Mecca. Medina, what's going to Jerusalem so they had a choice. We

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Surrender. If we if we surrender, maybe they'll be merciful, but then they will rule. The Muslim world will be over. But if we fight back, if we fight back if we resist them, and we lose, we'll all die. So they said we're going to fight them. And they fought the Mongolians at a place called in the same place they would be the Goliath. They fought the Mongolians, they and we mentioned this i think you know years of Islam last year, you can find it on the website. We babers beat the Mongolia first time they lost the battle and also that's Pinilla Allah who was the oma to survive? That was perhaps after the death of the prophet SAW Selim After a few moments in our history, the Crusaders including

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Palestine in the First Crusade, the destruction of the Mongolians is perhaps the lowest point this was my experience. The oma was so traumatized after the Mongolian reaction to the schema. But most survived, it came back we establish ourselves the Ottoman Empire got established, and we continue to expand once again, it's always a divide itself. So the Turks were not yet Juju juge, they still out the way that we are they because as we said, we can look at Google Earth with this barrier, they should be this mess of you know, billions of people we are they Some have said perhaps they're under the ground inside the earth because from the description of it, they trying to break through and

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when they see the sun, when they see the sun, when they're about to go out so they are not with the sun is that's one you know, one description. The other description is looking at the gene genome all around us, but they are in a world parallel to us, but we can we we can't see them.

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Or the human, this one Hadees that indicates the human and so very interesting Hadith something to listen to. Narrated by Abu Zubaydah hoody, the prophet said, some of us alum, on the day of Allah will call Adam, Adam come forward. And Allah will say, Now all of humanity standing the all the people, all of us will be standing there. So Allah will say to Adam, Adam will reply because the guy obey Allah, and all the goodies in your hands. And Allah will say, take from your children, those who need to go for jahannam start calling out the names of the people that are going to join them. So maybe Adam will say Allah, how many people have my children are going to join them. So Allah

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says, from every 1999, must go to China. And Allah says this is when, as the as I mentioned, the poor and the young, the young child will go gray, the lady who's pregnant will lose her load, that people will become drunk, when they hear this, they will lose, they will go insane and spiral out of every only one person out of 1000 will soon go to gender. And even Sahaba became very despondent when there is like your reaction now. Like how am I going to survive in this Masjid without even 1000? But we probably not even the best person in this Masjid out of the 50 of us here, I don't think I'm if it has to be the best of the 15 not me.

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So then, the companies are profitable. Yeah, oh, we have a sort of who is that one person who can be the one person in and in the prophecies don't feel what bad, feel happy, rejoice with glad tidings, because one person will be from you. And 1000 will be a judge. So from the 1998 998 is a huge image, and only to humans are in the 1000s. And from those two humans, one of those agenda will go to Jana. So it appears, meaning the ratio is basically 1000 to one to judge, a judge, and they Children of Adam, which means the human. Now this is again, beyond our full understanding. And then we continue to do so and of those who go to general prophecies feel happy to is almost good news. It began made

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us feel sad. But that's the good news, Hadith. by human who said My life is I hope that one quarter of the people of Ghana will be from the summer. And then he says Allahu Akbar, I hope that one third of all the people of Ghana will come from this room. And then he said, Allahu Akbar, I hope that half all the people in this room are from the Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, as the good news to us that half of all those who go to Jenna will come from this room, and the bulk of it's actually a judge and judge. So

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again, they appear to be humans. But what is the story how does interact? Let's stick our stick to the Hadith. And let's talk about the stichting signs of karma. Now, there are many signs leading up to the Prophet peace be upon him gave us more than 100, almost 300 signs that are minor, there are many minus signs that indicate the coming of gamma and the obtain major signs that indicate that will appear of the minus signs will lie the majority of them have appeared, you know, so amazing how they've appeared. You know, it's remarkable, the conquest of the Prophet peace upon him. We mentioned this a few weeks ago in the Juma hood but while they were digging the trench to to

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survive, they were digging the trench not to be invaded the prophecies one day, you will defeat the Romans and the Persians and Yemen. When the hypocrites looked at him, they said, Look at these people. They are about to die. They can't even fight back with digging a hole. They talk about conquering America, Russia, they conquer all this glory we have, what are they saying? And within 50 years that almost were defeated, Yemen was conquered.

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Persia was defeated. The Prophet says you will conquer Cyprus One day, the first Muslim army went to Cyprus, you will conquer Istanbul one day. Constantinople final, Istanbul is the the Prophet peace upon he speaks about the coming of, you know how, you know, the coming of technology, how the oma will expand the numbers that will be massaged, we the sounds of the voices will be elevated, and there'll be beautified the message, but there will be empty spine a lot of time close to kiama. The Prophet peace upon him sees when everyone is literate, but there are very few educated people

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who could understand you can read and write but you can't not look at it something strange that when Reba will be so prevalent that even the one that doesn't take it somehow is tainted with the smoke of Riba, one of the major sins, the Prophet peace upon him, mentions of course, close to the end of time, the Muslims will not have a leader, they will fight amongst themselves, this is close to the coming, all the signs are the all the signs have come, these are the the minus signs. But then, of course, they are 10 major signs, and what are the 10 major signs?

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We'll discuss this and then we'll conclude inshallah. So

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the Sahaba once talking, and the Prophet comes upon them, and they look like they would skate. So probably asked him what's going on. So that's it. No, we like telling each other stories. We make each other skate by talking about piano, about the spin signs of the piano. So the Prophet peace upon him says, the inside of you talking about piano, then watch out there. 10 of them. The first of those 10 signs is the coming of mercy hit the jail, the false messiah, he'll be the first and he will come. At a time when the Muslim oma is in disarray. When they have no leaders when they have no they have no leadership, we the there is no credibility in Allah anymore. We fascia is spreading,

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and he will come and he'll be a great medical worker. He will do great medicals, he will bring the lands that have droughts, you open up in the rain will come. He will be able to cure diseases, he'll be able to travel throughout the world, he will be greatly charismatic when you hear him speak, you will fall in love with him. Right? And he will show treasures under the earth and people will begin to follow Him and He will even be able to resurrect the date or appear to resurrect the dead he will kill one person and you'll bring that person back to life. And people begin to worship him as a god. And no one can fight against him. No man can stand against him as the provinces you run away from

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him. Then Allah will cause NaVi salaries to salam, the Messiah to descend. And he will be since behind Allah you know, you know what, it's scary. When we talk about the coming of the mosquito, the problems appear to be in all the Hadith in Cydia. Not in Makkah, not Medina, Jerusalem from the Hadith, it belongs in the time of kiama, Jerusalem will be under the control of the wood. Now this only happened 70 years ago, never in the history of Islam, the Jews rule Jerusalem, yes, the Crusaders came but the Christian, but only in the last 70 years have the Jews that he claimed Jerusalem. And the prophecies when it comes to be Isa will be seen in Syria in Damascus, not Medina

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not Makkah, because that's where the fight is. That's where it is. That's where the fighting with the jelly is. Then, easily Salah will be seen when he begins, he'll be the only person who will be able to defeat the jail, and he will encounter the jail and he will kill him. And he says the second time, often a visa kills the jail, the whole world obviously will follow him. And that's why Allah says that the Kitab that encounter, everyone will of course, follow him now as the Messiah, the whole world will be on Islam, there'll be no other religion Besides, and maybe Isa will be the ruler of the whole world, even the Christians, the Jews, believe the Messiah will rule the world

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ultimately. And this will be a great period of peace and harmony. And then Allah subhanaw taala will mentioned to the visa that I have opened the barrier of the Jews image, and I will sin against you servants that you cannot

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creation of mine, that you can't fight even USA, you can fight against them. So take what you can of the believers and run to the cave, hide in the mountain, something's not to the same place that removes the revelation that they hide the and so maybe he said a group of people that will survive Jamba Juice because they will come and they will destroy everything on Earth. They will hide the in this mountain for a period of time, until a tiny disease a tiny worm will infect the children and they will die from a disease. So they will cut up the world and then they will die. Then Isa will come out to these believers. And perhaps it means the sooner that after that will die. And now the

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world goes back. Now you'll have believers this believes time will happen that Jesus had to continue again people will so the world will continue as it is as it was then you'd have. So those are three signs. Then you'd have three major earthquakes in the East in the West and in the middle of Arabia. That's the sixth the sixth signs. You will have a beast, the dab a beast that will come out of the earth. As Allah mentioned in the Quran. We don't know much about him. There will be a a smoke that will come

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For the world, we will be the sun that would rise from the waist and a fire, it will gather everyone to a certain area and this will be the end of the world. So these are the 10 signs the 10 major signs of karma. As we said, we are living through the minus signs and we see many of them happening. And we are living in a time. Maybe this is 10 million years from now, hello Adam. But we need to take note of the signs that the stage is being laid basically for the coming of the gel, the first of those signs somehow protect us from seeing these kind of return. Regardless it does not happen with us. And the ultimate message we get that these things happen. When fitna when evil increases.

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So the more you know what what stops fitna from coming is good people doing good things. So Allah continue and keep us state force and safe. I mean,

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we mentioned this question is still a question was

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the Muto valleys of the masjid those who administer the masjid they have certain qualities, what qualities Allah mentioned in the Quran about them? Should they foster a lot? It's encouraged but it's not mentioned in the Quran v. Now the good public speakers they don't have to be they don't fear any besides Allah. That's correct. And they only have to be mean now that sort of prerequisites from the Quran, Al Hamdulillah. And then tonight's question, who was not a son of No, no head we said three sons. Who of them was not his son was Sammy, Sam, Wareham we have with Lucia which one is not the son of Nabina you can visit our website brown.org but baranda today, or you can go online on

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our WhatsApp or wait for triple to 1308

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fidra 14 and Vidya tienen and inshallah camela lapaz nine does Allah hate Solomonic mortal America too? So let's say Mohammed, Allah is