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So we've got a question. I'm here with Wissam. And the question is for Wissam from his comment section on his YouTube. So it's a question from Tony O'Neill said Oh my sweet brother your waist. Hey, Tony.

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Sounds like my sweet brother. Your waist size is 26 and this is a comment that is on a video that we saw was what were you demonstrating? I was doing Fidra RX working on heels and opening up the hip. Okay, so So the exercise ball, like the like the bouncy kind, you know the one that's like for kids kickball, but it's adult size.

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And so, anyway, so it was Sam was demonstrating some stuff. And so we get the comment says your waist size in reference to Wissam is your 26 it is not 26 it is not 26. Okay, that's probably lower right? That's the only

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female supermodel.

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Sadly, mine is a 46

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By the way, I've been a 48 at one point in my life, okay. So and this individual is five foot eight tall. So what you're doing is impossible for most of us. So I'm just gonna, you got to unleash the beast on this one. Tony, Tony, I'm a sweet guy. Like you gotta love me on this one. Tony, I spent two years in a wheelchair. So I could have sat around saying what you guys are all doing walking around. It's impossible. But my friend, it is those type of exercises sitting on the ball stretching, sauna, yoga, Pilates resistance bands, the pull up bar, it is those tiny, incremental millimeter improvements in my legs that allowed me to walk. So Tony, let's put it this way. I'm

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definitely not a 26. But if you need to get from a 46 down, how about we go one step at a time. Don't look at where I am presently. But look at where you're going to get. So every time someone said, so do you think you'll get out of the wheelchair? And I remember, you know, not really knowing until somebody said it was impossible. And they're like, it's impossible. You can't regenerate dead bone. And so I was like, oh, so I can't do it. Then I said, Oh Allah, they said it was impossible. So Tony, if you can do what I did those many years ago and just sit back and say, Oh, Allah, I'd like to see the impossible, then you and I together through those videos that you saw with FITARA RX

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will make that pretty possible for you, Tony, I'll see you soon. So like the law I got I got a quick tip. Yeah, please, Tony, there's so much like this is just abstract, there really are things we can do from diet, fitness, and lifestyle all together that will truly begin to make that transformation, all you got to do is want it. Alright, so Tony, a couple of practical tips that might be of help to you.

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Your 4046 waist five foot eight. Okay, I can understand that I've been there I've been a 48 waist, although I'm six feet tall. But still, that's even more maths having to get rid of in comparison to somebody who's five foot eight for 46 weeks. Now, two things that I would recommend that would be a help to you, to help you along your health and wellness journey. Assuming that your other than that you're mobile, you can move right number one is walk right get at least an hour of walking in daily, right, if that means walking after Federer, if that means walking after or just before after maghrib. Or during lunchtime go on for like, like something one thing that I started doing was not

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walking an hour at a time. But walking 15 minutes at a time, you know, something as simple as parking the car far away, just so I can bring in that total hour spread throughout the day, right? Taking a 15 minute break during lunch after eating my lunch walking. So that's tip number one. Tip number two is your your the mass that you put on your body in terms of fat is going to be directly proportional to how many calories you're consuming. So the thing is, the question that comes up is how much should you be eating? In reality? The answer is based upon what your target weight is, right? So if you're five, eight, it's safe to say that a target weight would be maybe 150 pounds,

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right? That's fair. And so. So if you want to be 150 pounds in terms of your whole total body weight, then to know how many calories you need to consume, just add a zero. So 1500 So 150 pound person should not be consuming more than 1500 calories daily. So then this brings up a follow up question that's for you to answer. How many calories are you consuming on a daily basis? Right got effects, and that's going to end what I always suggest for for at least three days, right? I normally recommend a week especially with folks that I coach, but what I would recommend is for three days

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I would say track what you're eating right log. You could do a food log, you could download something called a My Fitness Pal, which is an app literally track, like scan the barcode, right? And boom, serving size and what you've scanned, it'll tell you a caloric count for that, like for that meal, and do that for throughout the day. If you're consuming maybe four or five meals a day, or maybe three meals a day. You'd be surprised how much you eat. Some people can consume, like 1500 calories in one meal. Yes. It's not that hard. It's 1000 in a day happens all the time. Yeah. Oh, yeah, for sure. So something as simple as going out to going out to eat right? You said read Love. I

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was gonna say Red Lobster. Right? Because because it read Love. Cheesy, General. Man, those those buns they bring up for appetizers. Those are like, what, 90 to 100 plus calories each. Right? Yeah. And so like, by the time you're done eating, you've consumed 3500 calories.

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Lost. And so yeah, so that's, that's just the reality of like, understanding what you're consuming if you can, like once you know how much you're consuming, and you recognize how much you actually need to eat to stay energized, as opposed to being like, I just

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so eating for nutrition versus eating, nutrition and energy as opposed to being a social eater. You are the ritual of I have to eat a breakfast, I have to eat a lunch. I have to eat a dinner we can totally you can trim that down. But Tony, you're probably having a good time when you wrote the comment anyway, but I hope you enjoy all the food that you eat and you're happy in your body. But if for whatever reason you want to make an upgrade in life and your health, take Belaz suggestions just hanging out with him. My health has gotten better my physique has gotten better. But once you make the diet change and stop, stop calling it a diet and call it a lifestyle of you know hydrating and

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giving nutrients to your body is going to change the world but we'll keep it in 10 minutes. Tony, thank you so much for giving us this time. We were excited to find you and reach out to you was salamati combined.