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Peace be upon you and around you friends, I wanted to give you some side videos so that the writing videos made a little bit more sense for you. So for today, we're going to call this our cheat sheet. And on our cheat sheet, we're going to learn all the functions of the accent. So if you want to build it with me, you can, and at the end, you'll have a final sheet that you can use to put in your Koran, and you'll know what we're writing. So right off the bat, we'll start with our cat

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And our cool, that's the first basic accent, that's the app, the E and the EU.

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II that you know, and you're comfortable with, then what happens when we double the accent two lines on top made en two lines on the bottom made in

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and to ooze,

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which could be written like that, or

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the EU or it could be written like the Yang gang sign that would have been on

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and in on. So these are going to be called the basic accents. These are going to be called Double accents. Then we introduced the basic stretch, the basic stretch was what if I wanted to take an R sound a cat sound, cat, and I wanted to make the cat sound

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I wanted to make into

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and I wanted to make the E The E into an e g, I add a year. And what if I wanted to make an oo into an O and pull the sound then I would add line on the top plus LF line on the bottom plus Yeah, and ooh plus, while all of these we call them the basic stretch, each one of them was plus two. Okay, I could put any letter here, plus two plus two Bucha tu tu je ne Hae Ra Ra.

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That was a fail. Let's try that again. But

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basic accent, double accent basic stretch

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that became your first nine accents. And that was a lot for people they felt really comfortable. Then from here are e o n n n, e, whoo. I brought in the C for Connect. C said to connect. It wanted you to connect the complete sound. It's really all I didn't want to put too much here, connect the sound of the letter with the complete sound I eat let me give you an example not to leave you

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out there, excuse me.

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And that is

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if there was

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a line on the top plus a bar.

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So what if I put ah, and there was a connector on top of this

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Okay, so that's what connect was about. And you'll see this again and again, I thought we could get one shot of it as you before you had to jump into the writing. Next is the W, the W is a sign that says to connect

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and hold the sound. There's a big big concept here, connect and hold the sound, i e, I live with a line on the top bar with the Kinect and hold would become

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and the W would make up

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and then two lines on the bottom been been

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been? Do you notice how we're holding

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been been? Perfect. Basic X and E double x and and in on basic stretch. E. It's the r plus the lf the E plus the and the O plus the while that make it stretch for to see means connect W means connect and hold. All right. I've got a bunch of squiggly lines. What do I do with those squiggly lines? I'm going to conveniently categorize them into

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to north to south, okay, equals two counts. And that'll make sense to you momentarily. East to West

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equals four

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or more.

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So if I see a squiggly line going from north to south,

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north to south, that's even the EU sign going from north to south, then I will automatically

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II. Oh, that's true. But what about these squiggly lines? What do I do when, when there's these enormities? Like, what do I do? That's what we're going to discuss together

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as we move forward, but right now you know, it's four or more e o n, n, e to connect, connect and hold and hear your basic stretches. I wanted to keep this within five minutes. So I will there are a few advanced signs that I'm going to leave on the side, there's the fish head, there's a fish head that will arrive on an Alif. This fish had means

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cancel means to cancel the letter. What if there's a zero on top of an ad if you will see an Elif with a zero on top of it, cancel. They're all it's just telling you to skip here. And we will continue to grow and discuss. But for now, I think you know all the sounds that you need to and I hope that next time you watch the recording, you'll be able to say hey, I now know what all these signs are about. This is Earl around the world. Oh, and this is a a we'll talk about these two in an upcoming series. For now. Basic X and double accent basic stretch, connect, connect and hold and your squiggly lines. All you need to be reading this from Milan