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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hrabal Alameen brothers and sisters a salam Wa aleikum wa rahmatullah a great deal of honor and a great deal of,

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I guess, anxiety comes upon me that we're finishing this page positive anxiety. It's the last page of surah. Yaseen, I welcome you to the 200 speed series of QRC Quranic reading circles hosted by AQL online.com. In sha Allah what we're going to do today, we're going to be reading the last page Have you ever seen, but I'm hoping that the meme noon with a W you you know that you're gonna be making the full nasal sound, you know that that l Thayer and VA the tongue is going to be coming out. So I'm hoping that today we're really focusing on the E and O completing the sound and puckering your lips when you need to. Like when you see the love word, the word love whom? The Hum hum versus la

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whom who let's try to focus on that today. Excellent. We're starting an ayah number 71 Apple's application alphabet Uzu Be Loved he me now shame on you Raji

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while I'm yellow, while I'm yellow and now all round on nylon.

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Me lead ad

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an Ironman you're going to commit and lift the iron and

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fo whom float the meme? And

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for whom? La Ha, ma Likud? For whom? La ha Marley Khun let's try number 72 Was l Val. You got the tongue out? Was there less ha was Lal nah ha Allah whom firm in her law firm in her raw don't say if I mean Hara for mean how Roku boom raw cool Roku boo hoo Mormon Hi yah gewoon sharpen up the Yeah, well I mean Hi yah Kulu Moon was

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nah ha Lau whom firm in hell aku boo whom? Or Amin ha yet Kulu Moon 73 wala whom fee ha mana fee ru ye Masha li boo Furla yesh Gu rune beginning of the IR wala whom fi mana fi ru ye Ma sha ri bu fala yesh school rune. Touch the tongue then Hall do what the hall do mean. Do Neil.

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He really had done what the hall do. What Takatsu or ha what the hadoo float the noon. Me do Neil.

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He and he had lau lau I love whom? La Lau whom bounce it. Noon. sukoon there's no bouncing noon. Sequent followed by slot you're gonna float it your slaw, your slaw. Your slot rune law I love whom yawns law rule rune. This is where you're pausing. Maybe hitting that spacebar going back.

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Love Yes. Deathly Runa bottom teeth top teeth twice. Yes. Deathly lie. Yes, Dell, please. Deadly deadly Dad Poor, poor, poor, deadly Runa to Nunes next to each other. So how could it be possible that you're gonna say yes, deadly or Oh nah, no. Yes. Deadly or oh no nos, or Yes. Down the route na, na

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Knouse are all whom nows. Use the pump, nows all

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All home while home Lau home while home Lau home June doin float the noon here June don't float it Julian Doom or wall rune more bah bah Barun lie yes deathly oh nine else along whom while whom low whom? Julian Doom more wall rune

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that's your pause you could have paused at any point and just rewind it. Keep the seconds I tried to keep them as clear as possible. I a number 76 fella. Yeah. Zune. Zune ca bringing the calf Zune can fella yeah zoom cow Lou whom say it with me cow cow, calf cow fronted the uvula behind it cow or calf faux cow Oh Lou whom for nasal sound and commit in Na Na la MUMA you see ru usea Runa said correctly is going to be the RA heavy so say you see you seal Runa seal rule now on your lead you in

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MMA use your rule now why MMA you are the new noon I am number 77 I will alarm your royal Insano said I will am Yara Yara all the all all the mouth your royal insan while I'm your royal insana floated in San Juan and hollow boy na who excellent while you're all in San who knows

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and now follow up on ah hoo holla or na who mean no more mean note or 13 mean note or Fantine going to float the new junior mean no poor frontier fair either who are either who are all who were all for either who are falsely movie in for either whoever falsely moves movie in. You're going to have a tech you're gonna have to count this one off wet ba ra ba well ball law by Lana Murtha

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ye Nursia lupa all mejor yield real warm we're here AMI raw meme or ram him make thorough heavy make it awesome. All meme all ama your heel real llama was he Rami? Was he out army? Pucker booty yo, ye had levy en SHA ha now counted off. floated and SHA

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Well, Raja Wella Wella mountain one mountain wha wha hoo Wah be coolly well who be coolly

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All in Alim separate clean. Ah. Well, who are we cool really hot looking gnarly him. A levy Jah Allah Laocoon Mina shine Jibreel szegedi Make sure Jim doesn't come at cha cha cha. Give it * that shirt JD

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worry. Scratch it. Full sound wall Wadi, now run

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and now

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On for either and doom

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to mean who to t do own

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one more time the whole liar and levy jar Isla Laocoon

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me now szegedi

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Wadi now or now

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tomb floated iffa

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to mean who to copy do to clay do

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almost done here was laser laser, our laser Lavie call out Osama wa t 101. Our Lee Levy who allow us

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to do our own Barbie, one our own Barbie or DD Nala isla. I mean your new car, a new car meets left home. And yeah, and

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Lou call me love home. Bella Wahoo

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Lau Hoon Eileen Wahoo I

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love Eileen after the lamb connect, say aye.

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Aye. Cool, Eileen.

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For nasal sounds stretch for three in Ma Ru who is

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on the che,

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che, and a a Akula, who good fire goon goon fire Khun float the noon, goon, goon failure, Raccoon, Akun. And again, as we've said, at the closing of the 100 series, we finished with iron number 83, from everyone on the AQL staff, and everyone who's worked hard to put this out and make it available for you for all of the teachers involved and those who helped us in making this easy and also make dua for the main brother who takes care of all of our editing work and also who oversees our media department. We pray and it's a great deal of honor and I can say pride, I can say pride that we're together finishing this last if Surah Yaseen and for you, you've read it plenty of times, but now

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the heart of the Quran beats differently for you, that you now as an advocate of the correct pronunciation of Quran are starting this last year. Poker for sober first sober for Suva.

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Levy, Brd, he malah uncool to goo Li, che you ELA he to Georgia rune. You got a chance on this one. Go ahead.

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First Suba

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Levy, Brd he Malla goo to go Lee Che E U. E. La he to Georgia rune Sadhak. Allahu La Vie him. It's a statement of respect and dignity that we show. It is a part of the culture of the Quran. When we're done reciting it, we say a sentence that identifies that shows the listener and also it's a formality for ourselves to realize we say this phrase to close the greatest speech that we could utter. So if you are finishing your Quranic recitation, you can praise Allah Subhanallah say Alhamdulillah it is a part of the culture of Quran you can say slow down, Allahu loudly, not mandatory, or even from the specific Sunon but it's something to indicate you know what, this is not

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just a book you read close and then just kind of move on to the next no sadhaka that we conclude the greatest of speech, the speech of the Most High the Most Great, I'm very happy and blessed of hamdullah we finished Yassine at our 200 speed, I'm hoping and praying that you are amongst those who seeks out further study further relationship and a more intimate close connection with the Quran. From everyone here at AQL online.com. I ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to shower you with peace and blessings. I know that there were a few small indications where I would say three or four times there were mistakes. There were some indications where I was pointing at the wrong word. Or in some times, I added in a letter, we're asking you to make dua that Allah subhanaw taala overlooks our shortcomings, and gives us the opportunity to produce high quality but also great technical teaching for our QRC Quranic reading circles. Anything that's good from these videos is from the Creator who made everything beautiful. And anything that is a mistake is definitely unto some of my shortcomings. I pray and ask that you overlook them. Let's get started on this journey

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together and continue looking forward to seeing you in the next Surah we make dua for Maulana Abdul Nasir who put out the tafsir for us so graciously two years ago, and now we're making dua for everyone who's a part of getting this video to every home and to every device where chronic learning can be advocated and we can all become a part of spreading the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala does that Clara take care and in sha Allah See you in the next surah was salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah.