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an investigator investigates he goes, who's to benefit? Like, there is no benefit for Muslims. There's no benefit for a slob. What are your guys thoughts on this? This person? brainwashed for years? For decades, maybe so. And it's interesting that you know, the tiny Christian community and tiny Muslim community in Sri Lanka that really didn't have any problems in the past, all of a sudden, you know, like, why are they fighting, there's like, there was no tensions between them. You know, they were they were having a good relationship. It seemed like someone wants now, you know, these agendas, to have Christians and Muslims fighting. And this is what I like about your film that

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this is the

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suamico How you guys doing? I'm with the director of the hit documentary freedom. And to his right in the left the two white Muslims How you guys doing? I said, I'll make home.

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Great to see you. It's really nice. Last time, we were all together in Manchester.

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With you, Brother, tell us what happened. You just came back from from New Zealand. Is that right?

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Yes, I just arrived a few days ago, we went there for 10 days, six universities, we study the Christchurch moment 200 people turns out numbers, the media talking about us. And it was just amazing. Like it was the first time we've seen such a big non Muslim crowd. And they asked many questions, they were just amazed to discover all these beautiful thing about Islam and didn't want to do anything. And also the responses fantastic. And

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one robot citizen after the screening, and everybody was happy, you know, the people were happy to know that the sun is a

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wonderful religion, and they are looking at some of them to the Quran and they are going to be doing.

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So it's really good that some people, for the people that don't know, who are tuning in, and maybe they weren't up to speed about what had happened in Christchurch. Can you kind of give us a history of like what had had facilitated you actually being there, this attack that happened on a house of worship in Christchurch, New Zealand? Yeah, actually, one year ago, one of the

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watch our documentary during Ramadan, and we'll be talking about this university to way before the attack. But when the attack happened in March, mid March,

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we called each other and he said, You know, I think now is really the time for you to come over and to make a screening to let people know when it sends to you about. So

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the attack happened on the 16th of March. And I just found out when I went there that actually the murderer spent two years in training, where we did the second screening. Ultimately, he wanted to do the attack in Dunedin when he changed his mind. And he moved to crashes because they were bigger,

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bigger targets. But

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that's why the people in the staff are very shocked, still very shocked. And they just want to understand what's going on though. They want to understand what is Islam and they're really open and we went to the machine also when the attack happened, we talked to the families of the victims of subpoena, we get picked up at the airport, we need to know by basically a family that lost his son. And when they when they sent us to the hotel, they just told us we were part of the families that lost one member and the brother was driving was injured. And I was so like these people they suffered something and just 40 days after they can pick up people like us for the stream. What a

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great experience. And it just happened we were we screen on the 27th of

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April which is coincide with Freedom Day in South Africa and the Pretoria of UK and the Prime Minister were at the magic while we were there as well. So there was a lot of people and they came to talk to the family and and and we had a fantastic food by the the chef of the machine. We explained to us that actually there's no such a thing as really like a problem among religions is more about the devil, the devil, the devil forces actually behind all these attacks and instead of blaming the Jews, the Christian the Muslim we react to start to play the real

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responsible beyond these attacks, and it's a devil worshiper, and it was the first time I hear back from a scholar. And he nailed it. And I really liked it because people used to wake up, you know, the thing is that this this crazy murderer, who I will call a terrorist, committed an act of terror by going into a box with an automatic weapon, and indiscriminately shooting people at joda time. So this was a crowd of mocks. He murdered many people, including sisters, children, and brothers.

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This is an act of terror. This is what happened. in Christchurch, it happened in two ministers on the same day in Christchurch in New Zealand. And this has been globally, there's been a global outcry against this, this should never happen. The people of Christchurch, the people in New Zealand have been overwhelmingly supportive of the Muslim community, and overwhelmingly supportive of the media labeling this monster as a terrorist news, and I'm quite pleased rhetoric appears to have changed a little mix in that respects. So the vibe now that you are getting you had a lot of people that were very interested now, the sad and tragic event that happened there in Christchurch, New

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Zealand, you you you won the we send our again, our condolences and our prayers for the families who were affected by this. And you were you you got to meet a lot of the family members there. And how was their How was your interaction with them?

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I was

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rather the server for example. There were so strong I mean, I would have lose my father in those circumstances, I don't know. But they were really, you know, down to earth and life goes on and in a great spirit. So I think it was so, so strong and and we know that our D roof roof matches, at the end of the day, if you look at history, it's just happened. And we know the families are successful because they died on a Friday in the masjid. And so from a spiritual perspective, I think they are very strong, of course, morally, physically, it's difficult for everybody. But I think the community is even stronger now is very strong. And I think

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life will never be the same. But I think it's going to be for the better. And in the novice another huge opportunity to, to to look at some of the different angle and basics. You know,

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and understand the wisdom, youngest region and the truth behind this region. We got to see pictures, we got to see many women standing in solidarity they were wearing the hijab, we heard a lot of rumors how true are they that there was a lot of people that now who are showing solidarity but then they started to look into Islam and you know like you like you brothers there all three of you actually, you did the same thing. You guys looked into Islam, you look at the evidence that it provided and you guys concluded, you know, not based on emotion but on intelligence on proof and evidence that Islam was indeed the way of life from the Creator. And then is that true that many

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people in Christchurch New Zealand, they actually they also many started to accept Islam. Is that true?

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Yes, happening I think a lot of people are looking at

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some of them already accepted. PSA. I met a few event actually. Like one of the brothers came crushes. He gave us a small interview. He embraces me for four weeks ago. And it was very happy to watch the film because it's very inspiring for him to see 50 cars in 25 countries and see the Lord anymore No so so Mashallah, it's, it's a great beginning and

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definitely the awareness is there and now we need to do more. A lot of people are coming to New Zealand but I think we need to do conferences. As we talk about human rights a lot. I do remind the people you know, your first human rights is to worship us

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properly the way he wants us to worship this is we always talk about human rights but as a human being you your first human rights to worship Allah and then you have to understand what God's words and I think understood that makes sense what we're talking about, and, and we met some artists we we met also even people from Mexico, for me Chinese, some students in the North Island, and they were just amazed to hear what he said, you know, it's just what we're talking about. We're driving to come to the studio is is is so obvious that is certainly true. But how come it takes so much time for people to get now

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a few years ago

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but how would you brothers put that in perspective for someone who just for the first time they've been so disconnected from their fitrah from their natural way, that now they're being reminded and when people for the first time they hear such words as worship, you know, Allah, you know these things, you know, they have a hard time processing this how do you put it put this down into perspective that people can connect when you because you guys come also from from from, from your past that this was also foreign to you. So you're hearing this, you know, it's God Almighty, his right to be worshipped? How do you guys put this into perspective now that maybe somebody who's when

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far disconnected from that they can connect with hearing this for the first time.

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we look at what happened in Christchurch, it was an absolute tragedy for the people concerned and their families and their neighbors and their friends. tragedy. And that should never have happened. However it did. And around us, the community that reacted in a way that was actually quite surprising. And pleasantly surprising. You're right sisters came out, women who are non Muslim decided to work the job in in almost in sympathy and coming out in support of the

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unbeliever. All we saw was newscasters are nighttime, every female newscaster was wearing a job. Normally, when the job is support and just in solidarity, and just saying, you know,

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this is this is it shouldn't happen away. No way we can do it. That's amazing, isn't it? Because for the common mantra that's pushed out that that Islam oppresses women, now these women who are not Muslim, why would they be putting a symbol of oppression on them if they felt that same thing? Doesn't make sense?

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I think the message is now starting to come through, far from oppression. It's absolutely liberating, liberating,

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clearly wearing it as ambassadors for this beautiful faith, humbly law true. Cross true liberation. You think do you guys think? Do you? Do you guys think if this terrorist would have had a chance, before he did this terrorist act of killing? I believe it was 50 innocent human beings if he would have saw this film freedom? How many would you say?

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So it's 51 innocent human beings, including men, women and children, innocent human beings, if this terrorists would have before he did this crime, this terrorist act, if you would, what do you think if he would have had a chance to watch this film freedom, you think that this would have had an impact on him?

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I mean, it works on your Phaedra it's definitely such an eye opener, you know. Now, of course, we cannot undermine the the brainwashing you know that it takes this person to do that get brainwashed for years, for decades, maybe so to save as 90 minute Finn could stop at it's a bit too.

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Let's say you say positive or optimistic, right. But I think it definitely can plan the city can prevent people to do such a, and actually one of the one of the member in our field is from crashes. One of the sister in the thing is some questions. And one day after the attack, it just happened we are gathering some of our donors. And she she said that she believes that if freedom will not be spread out more, this type of hatred will diminish nobody, because pretend to stop hatred, hatred will always be there. But hatred comes out of ignorance. What will have to do? You've been doing this for many, many years, and very, very skillfully, is present Islam in a way that people

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understand and in a way that makes sense to them in in the lives at this time. You know, we say presenting Islam in a positive light, we don't need to do that. All we need to do is present the truth of Islam, present what Islam actually is, and present who Muslims are. I know some beautiful people that are Muslim. And I know that Islam is the truth. This is from our creativity from our family.

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So we have a duty to present that to people. And this total freedom has done exactly that. And I think everybody in the world should watch this. They really show what they do.

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Windows celebrates, different, celebrates diversity. It demonstrates that Islam is an all encompassing religion where some people think it took Well, people tend to feel what they don't understand. And they tend to put it at arm's length. And when actually, you start to recognize people that look like you that act like you are, like you are saying these words, actually, all of a sudden, it's much more accessible. So one of the beautiful things about the film is just this ability to contextualize the sound of the 21st century, but also demonstrate it is for the whole of humanity. It's not just for certain parts of the world. And maybe if people have seen this, certain

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things have happened. So the good news is, people can watch it for the first time online on the 11th of April, at the numeracy more digital conference, it's free registration www.nn, you conference calm, and they can watch it from the comfort of the home, especially, we did decide thinking about you and your people in the US. Because we haven't done screening, we're so exhausted, like, I think I am in the morning, la time. And then

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the screening of the thing will be around morning time for the Americans. So I encourage everybody to tune in is for free. And then on top of this, there will be 12 hours of contents from some of the best conference speakers in the world. Tell us up we're gonna go ahead and come back to that very important film and very important conference is coming up that's this month on the 11th. Correct. And that's at what at the website, again, is what's the website that they can go and register www dot

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w conference.com. Now we're going to remind them, we're going to remind them again. But now, something else I wanted to ask you guys, another sad and tragic event just happened also. And what do you guys thoughts on that? I would just be willing to I could not imagine. Again, it seems like it doesn't make sense. Because I mean, obviously again, you guys open, open minded individuals who investigated Islam, and you see what it promoted peace, love happiness. I mean, peace, love justice, you know, now you have this, this tragic event also to happen in Sri Lanka. It doesn't make sense. Like, what do you guys thoughts on that? Obviously, from the Islamic perspective, this, there's no

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sanction for it in Islam. So then they usually ask like, Look, when an investigator investigates, he goes, who's to benefit? Like, there is no benefit for Muslims, there's no benefit for Islam? What are your guys thoughts on this?

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Well, just that there is no benefit, there is no benefit. So if we take it as an absolute tragedy, and once people will say that it's done in certain ways, and for certain reasons, just to say that's okay. Because it may be the case, it's a tragedy, it's our politics shouldn't have happened. It has. And the fact is, it doesn't affect the religion in any way, shape, or form. What human beings do, fundamentally does not affect Islam. You know, Islam, unfortunately, is being judged on by the action of certain individuals. And what really shouldn't happen is that those individuals should be judged by the tenets of Islam, you know, that the media have tipped things on their head, and

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they're looking at things the wrong way up, you know, that what what happens. And these people that do these apparent acts, you know, I'm going to put my, my neck on the block here, and say that, in my opinion, that person at the at the very point at which that person detonated a device that went and killed and maimed innocent people, at that moment he had abandoned,

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even abandoned

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that time. So you know, nearly no way is any of these actions in any way associated with the tenets of this beautiful image. It's, what are we going to say, during

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my point, also, is I think, I don't want to leave the situation. You know, when people claim they did it, where's the proof? You know, like, your grandmother, when something

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we would just say whatever she says, you know, like, this doesn't make sense. People have to be a bit smarter. And when any groups claim some attacks, where's the proof? I mean, and then so because all we did is so that validated, no, this is not how we investigate things. Now, I haven't followed the whole story of silica we apparently there were some people of other faiths dressing in Egypt, most of them are part of it, you know. So it's a bit confusing, to be honest. But the thing is that this thing about always, always good

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claim that they did it. And in reality, there's no proof of that. So when it's just so easy, because people don't have the time to investigate, yeah, and you just did it. And then the problem is what we are doing ourselves, we validate this false narrative by saying, you know, well Muslim or not, I guess we don't have to do it in the first place, because there is no proof. Your results prove that. It's not because the group said, Oh, we have one behind us. Everybody could claim it based on the agenda, but we have to be smarter than this and start to always think, no, take it for a second and say, Oh, it's so bad.

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Maybe it's not.

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Julian is a one interesting thing. Robert Pape, you know, he was a terrorist expert, an academic here in Chicago, actually, he talked about this,

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where suicide bombing originated from the Tamil Tigers back there, when the Hindus were fighting with the, with the, with the Buddhists. And it's interesting that, you know, the tiny Christian community and tiny Muslim community in Sri Lanka that really didn't have any problems in the past, all of a sudden, you know, like, why are they fighting, there's like, there was no tensions between them, you know, they were, they were having a good relationship, it seemed like someone wants now, you know, these agendas, to have Christians and Muslims fighting. And this is what I like about your your film that it helps to bring, you know, humanity together. And these are the positive things

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that we need to push. But this is very interesting. One point is that Islam is free of this. There's no benefit for Muslims or Islam in this. And then the second thing is keep your brain on, you know, don't let others think for you. And don't just swallow what you're fed hold

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as a deception, because the ones who are portraying or doing the scene, they want the masses to have an eye on these events, were actually bigger things really are happening somewhere else. And this is always happening right now. You know, for example, when this thing happened in North Florida, this fire not so that the whole world was focusing on that while there was also a fight happening, Alexa? Yeah, what I mean? Yes. So so we have to keep an eye on the globe. And, and not being just focused on what the mainstream media is showing us. Because by now, people don't believe anyone necessary media. People are awake, and know that. So the mainstream media just has credibility. People are

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still following blindly, but they are losing. And we know that, that they are losing grasp, because they have been lying for decades now about making events and people don't believe anymore.

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You have to be very careful, because those are not it's not anymore journalism. We're we're talking about our background in journalism. And this is just agents of propaganda, you know, propaganda. Yeah. Agents of propaganda.

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This is this is good. Go ahead, Yousef, what are we saying? Yeah, what we have to be mindful of all the way through this is enough things do happen. These these crimes do take place. But how anybody can relate what happens back to Islam is beyond me. When I look at the Koran, virtually all in fact, all but one of the chapters of the Quran begins with the words in the name of compassionate and merciful, you know, and that's it, we have a compassionate and merciful God, that Allah now how can a compassionate and merciful God allow this to be part of the religion that he has asked us to follow? That just doesn't make any sense at all. So in no way is any of these Enos crimes committed

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in, in the name of the religion? Certainly not religion that I follow in practice? Yeah, that's a powerful point, you know, you guys wouldn't be part of something that was calling for oppression of people that was calling for destruction of humanity. Like you know, many of the hate provocateurs try to push out there. And many ignorant people they bite on that people who are just naive and people who don't research and really don't put their their mind to work because people have stopped reading people have stopped you know, investigating. The thing is that's it's ironic that you see now you know, you got Muslim women you got Muslims being persecuted there where this happened

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because people are taking revenge on them. So again, no interest in Islam, no interest are Muslim. And actually, this is bringing so much more harm to the Muslims in that community now, it's just sad for the Christians sad for the Muslims. And, you know, we need films like this, like freedom. People who the correct information that's out there that's going to help perpetuate perpetuate. So some goodness, yeah.

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We've been complaining after the attacks, you know, that

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For example, I think in Australia, one path network said that prefers an article in one year was against Islam. And but we should not expect necessarily this to stop, you know. But the question is, what are we doing? How much money we are investing in our own media, like the deen show? Like at least media freedom, you know, this is what the Muslim reflects, yes, they are tired about the cell for the comments for the narratives. But

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this is what is going on out there for decades, you know, and it's not really stopping sexually increasing. So we should have a counter narrative to allow people to understand is better. And for not even the ones who are searching but everybody out there to have a basic understanding what is it about so we are we are capable to make a difference. Now what do you guys what do you what do you guys think of the sad I just had? This has just been on my mind also you I just cannot believe you know what's going on today. You have a modern day Holocaust that's happening in Inquisition, a modern day Inquisition happening in China? What do you guys thoughts on this? Do you guys know much

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about it? You have almost three 3 million, almost 3 million Muslims, and the world sleeps, they're in concentration camps, women are being forced to marry. You know, they talk about forced marriages, they attack Islam, but everything that these hate provocateurs, they're out there lying about Islam, right under the world's eyes, why the world sleeps, this is happening and nobody's saying nothing. Okay, Eddie, with the biggest problem that Muslims have got is the problem of disunity. Okay, we have got one fifth of the population of this planet, Muslim 20% of people, humanity, Muslim, yet, they don't talk to each other. They don't respect each other, they don't unify. And as such, all of

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these horrible atrocities are allowed to continue to happen. If we had a voice, if we had a unified voice, if we all spoke the same, and delivered the same messages, these things would have to stop, because because billions of people around the world who are Muslim, have got the power to stop these, these things happening. That just just in terms of voting power, if nothing else, we've got economic power, you know, we've got we've got all sorts of powers at our disposal. But unfortunately, we can't use them, because we simply don't connect with one another. And part of our job as thinking Muslims is the think of a way of getting people to connect with each other, and

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unify on a lot of these issues. That's why again, a film like this freedom is so important projects like this, that promote education, understandings. And to counter this false narrative that's perpetuated, that creates Muslims as the other Islam is something that's the boogeyman coming to get you. So freedom, free your mind, from all this,

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we have some Chinese. And we explained that there was a lot of Chinese Muslims in history, you know, the sub spread for a large portion of China, and the Chinese, they believe in worshipping their ancestors, or you know, they believe in respective versus big time. So what's happening now, the Chinese don't realize by attacking the massive Chinese, they are actually betraying their own ancestors. So this is great. This is massively great, because a large portion of China used to be Muslim is still a part of it. But actually, most of the Chinese who's maybe the grandfather, great, great grandfather, were actually Muslims. So so it's actually even on a spiritual level based on the

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faith, which is to respect highly your ancestor, wow. Okay, you respect your sister if you're butchering the people who are falling the fate of your ancestors. So and what's happening because people lost grasp of history. They don't know anymore where we come from wealthy families, you know, but I know a Scottish blood, for example, you know, so when I went to New Zealand, don't they? Because most of the Kiwis are Scottish. Well, let me say, I'm not that different from you guys. My great, my great grandmother's from Scotland.

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So because I know a bit of my history, I could connect in the Chinese of Beijing shangai. Either we knew who were their ancestors, they will be outraged, and they will maybe know have a different approach to this. And the reality is they don't even know what's going on.

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Yeah, where are they? Where are they? I say Where are the feminist the woman to stand up for women's rights for these women that are being oppressed in China where the junk the George Clooney is, you know, they like to step up and now when the celebrities, the people of the world to come up into tweet, send a tweet, send a Facebook post share something, you know that to educate people on what's going on, so more people can speak up. So the world can be outraged. So God willing, this, this Holocaust, the modern day 2019 Inquisition that's happening against innocent human beings can stop. But you know, we can't expect the lawless into again, to do the job for us. Yeah, first of all, the

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Muslim Kuma is not outraged. The Muslim Ummah will just tweeting, like to be outrageous to do much more is to do film is to do demonstration in front of embassies, put pressure on on those issues. And so because they don't like bad PR, yeah, something that the West, that doesn't care anymore, you see the difference between the Chinese and the West, the West doesn't care anymore. Bad PR is long time gone. But the Chinese is something they really appreciate. You know, so the thing is, demonstration will be a powerful thing. But again, unless you're willing to go out of the way, sacrifice the time to make the right move, and there's no leader in the room right now to tell

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people what to do. And this is what we are

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lacking unity, but we are lacking leadership, because nobody's calling the shots in Luma. You know, and this is why we have a lot of leadership and until some strong leaders, we need some mechanics to come back. You know, you know, the not really we need hundreds of them to speak the truth to the tyrants of Islam, because this is part of it. People are listening to us today. They are probably reading the Quran, and they will realize that the story of Musa always come back again again, what does it tell us? Musa was the Prophet that stood up against tyranny? Yeah. And that's what he wants from us. That's why this story always come back, is to inspire us to not accept injustice is very

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simple. Islam is against every form of interests, the towards Muslim and non Muslim as well, yeah. Therefore, when there is injustice in the non Muslim world, we also must stand up. You know, and this is a thing we're not good at. We have to know why people will stand up for us when we are standing up for injustice are happening all over the world. So that's what the best what we advise here on Earth, we are preoccupied with everything that isn't just for the human world, and the animal world, the environment world, there's a lot of injustice happening to the animals. Were at the mercy of that narrative. Yeah, I

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often think the chickens can even get peace. I mean, the animals out there can even give you peace with all the all all the cruelty that's happening. Tell us you guys just being on this platform together. You know, these beautiful, lovely faces are dispelling great myths of injustice of Islam is just something for the Arab. I mean, you guys coming from Christian Catholic, secular backgrounds, I mean, you name it, you guys have experimented with it. But now you're actually you're, you're Once you have submitted to the will of the Creator. And that's what simply a Muslim, is what it means to be a Muslim. And you guys are there on stage together, I'm talking to all of

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you. So that's just powerful in and of itself. Meet amazing seeing all of you guys together. And one one thing I just came from, from the heart of Europe in Bosnia, and talking to learning more of the history there and there was a beautiful point of history that I'm enjoying sharing, I thought I would share with you guys and the viewers that one of the largest nation because you guys also come from back from a Christian background. The Bosnians there. They were in between, you know, a conflict where they had the trinitarians and, and people who they didn't agree, they agreed more with what the fitrah would worshipping the crater alone at the creation, Jesus being a messenger

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sent by God, and they were the largest group of Unitarian Christians. They were called the Boga meals, those dear to God's over 60,000 when Islam came to them, they accepted this pure monotheism that you guys are upon worshiping the Creator, not the creation, it was amazing. You know, throughout time you see this, this suppression and people rewriting history. But I mentioned this point because there are other people who are stuck out there, not believing a theme or theology that doesn't make sense now based on evidence improve, but when they hear this, that there are Christians like yourselves who accepted Islam, because you only want it to worship the One God

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And then I bring this point of Europe, the heart of Europe, Bosnia, and this is where my roots come from, and learning this history, man, it's freedom. Yeah, and that's what your net film is named freedom.

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This is what we need to come back to, like all our irritation, not only in Boston, Spain, for example, you together with traveling to Spain, yeah, when we were there, there's so much the word is to understand civilization, through civilization studied through some, and we must appreciate what is some gift to them.

00:35:41--> 00:36:17

taking them out of darkness, and right now in this century, is some can still do the same. And take the people out of misery and darkness. Yeah, we can treat us as human being respecting their own purpose in life. Yes. Allah says in the Quran, we have made you into nations and tribes so that you can come to know one another. Not fight one another. One Another is to be friends is to be is to be working together in commonality, you know, it's unity.

00:36:19--> 00:36:33

Unity, unity, unity. Unity is what I'm talking about. Yes. Yeah. We I mean, we believe that Islam should be the path of choice for everybody. We, we believe that, but the fact is, even for those who don't believe

00:36:34--> 00:36:49

the path of choice that will be should be I like that. Yeah. Getting on. I like that. Yeah. Fundamentally, when we talk about unity, it's not just the oma. It's a whole civilization coming together, and it feels like freedom.

00:36:58--> 00:37:36

I like that sound powerful. I like I like what I like what he said. The point he said is that, obviously we are sharing this because we want the best for everybody. When we were when we were in Spain, when people from the Spaniards when they go to their roots, it's a slum. When you feel the Philippine Philippines that we learned that 100% of the Philippines almost were Muslims. Now it's about 11%. Is that right? Julian? Then when you come when you come to the African American people, the conduction days when the Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali when they go back to their roots, it's Islam. So we want people Christians I just gave this example of the Unitarians there and Bosnian

00:37:36--> 00:38:09

throughout time when people come to want to go to their roots the roots of the first man Adam was Islam submission to the will of the Creator not the creation now if they choose not to go back to the natural way we still as God Almighty tells us in the Quran Chapter 16 verse eight, God does not forbid you from dealing justly and in kindness with those who have not fought you because of your religion or driven you out of your home so I like what you said we do this out of the love we want people to come back to their roots to their natural way of worshipping the creator not the creation but if they choose to do otherwise hey

00:38:10--> 00:38:22

we could still be like our brother use of quoted you know we get to know each other but at the same time now working for a common good to make good on earth not wrecking havoc in the land.

00:38:23--> 00:38:27

Yeah, that's the that's the effective way. Yeah.

00:38:30--> 00:38:31

That's it Yeah.

00:38:35--> 00:38:47

We got it. We got it. We got to get people on to watch this. I want everyone to watch this film freedom. So we have the director here and we got the to tell people real quickly Why did they call you the two white Muslims?

00:39:06--> 00:39:19

We got people asking about you guys. And we'll have we'll have Julian's programs also, we have subtitles now we have the D show Balkan so we got people asking about the two white Muslims because they've watched your show with subtitles in the Bosnian

00:39:21--> 00:39:29

Croatian Serbian, the Balkan subtitles. So now people people with heard your story all the way over there? translated Yeah.

00:39:33--> 00:39:59

So freedom now so we got now this film that everybody should watch if they truly want to be free and liberated from the shackles of the mind. Tell us again. How can people when is the event coming up? And where can people sign up? So they can register at numerous in Word conference or conference www.nm World Conference calm, it's free and we're going to speed this up.

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

We're also going to show an exclusive documentary of the behind the scenes. What happened in New Zealand. So it's a it's the first time I'm going to show it to people never been seen. We're still working on the edits, as I'm talking to you is going to be 20 minutes documentary film about our New Zealand interviews with the normalising watch the feed. So all this is going to be during the conference, we have a fantastic lineup of speakers, you name it, you know all the big names out there. So we're very excited to present that to the people is 12 hours life from 8am. us time Los Angeles to 8pm. And then it will be broadcasted again, back to back another 12 hours. So the whole

00:40:45--> 00:40:57

weekend to catch up with us, the white Muslim will be our host. And you know, the goal is really the theme is are we prepared to United because we just sent an email to a couple of friends of friends.

00:40:59--> 00:41:45

I told them my story, I was a singer songwriter, I my first song I wrote was no more divisions, I was tired of the fight among religions. When I became a singer, I was under the impression that the Bravo's will be strong enough to avoid division. And then I realize all these splits. And it's been seven years of frustration for me where people are boycotting this type of scholar, because he said something 10 years ago or five years ago, and people are basically bashing each other. And as one of my service courses in Canada, as a bigger fish to fry, I don't have the time to disagree with you on the 5% mean, you will never be a bar, but you and I will be a 95 Let's start to work on the 95 and

00:41:45--> 00:42:29

Allah will tell us on the Day of Judgment, if you're right or wrong on the 5%, right. So we really want people to understand we don't have the time anymore to be divided, we have to try our best to understand each other and work together. You know, Jonah and I live in a small city in the UK, you know, city, there are six masters and the leaders of those the demands of those machines, and indeed, their congregations don't talk to each other. We've got six machines and they don't talk to each other. This is so whatever that's the case, across the seas around the world will continue to happen. Because we can't even speak to each other on a local level. We need to fix this and we need

00:42:29--> 00:42:44

to fix this as soon as possible. And so absolutely so any Okay, we got the information now people can log in as may 11 freedom Yeah, we want to tell the people you know, in French and British can work together after

00:42:45--> 00:43:09

100 years of war. 100 years of work and non stop war. Now we are so so who I mean seriously, can you imagine French and British working together for during my whole childhood? My dad Tony British are the worst people. And now I was I was brainwashed that way. I'm surrounded by surrounded.

00:43:14--> 00:43:23

Oh, that's right. So you're French and they're British? Yeah. Amazing. French and British gonna work together? What about the Germans and the Pakistani What about?

00:43:25--> 00:43:35

What about the Malaysians and Indonesians? I mean, come on, guys. We don't have the time and Christians and Muslims. Everybody. Yes. All of mankind

00:43:36--> 00:43:52

is nationalism. I don't care. You know, yes, France is the best soccer team in the world. We know. But come on. I mean, I don't care so much, you know. So we don't have to be jealous about nations. I don't care if we're really sure.

00:43:53--> 00:44:31

This Saturday, in less than a week we've got a 12 hour conference with world class speakers and the first viewing of the film freedom. Everybody in the world should watch this film is going to be broadcast during this conference. The conference stops your time that space in the morning and goes until 8pm That evening, then it will be repeated again for the 12 hours and you can register for free registered for free by going to n and w conference.com. So that's new Muslim world and w conference.com.

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Where can we find

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free parking,

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free parking.

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com you registered you and you will be allowed access from your laptop from your from your tablet from your phone. whatever device you choose to

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To watch this on, you can watch this conference from the comfort of your own home handling law. We look forward to you joining us on the 11th of may inshallah, and Edie Thank you so, so much for allowing us to come onto your show once again we very much appreciate it I'll humbling that you're a great man and an inspiration to all of the statue. So thank you guys and we'll see you guys on freedom. May God Almighty Allah rewards you for all your wonderful work and for this beautiful film and the events and I hope to see you all soon inshallah.

00:45:36--> 00:45:37

Thanks again, have a great day.