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Hola My intention is for you shadow nine

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if we're able to push the door I'm trying to zone out the fan. You know what the fan will sound like?

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Yeah, I know it's gonna get odd.

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Three, two

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh friend, if you're watching it, this is the day of Arafah Welcome to our autofab playlist. This episode will be the names of Allah subhanaw taala. If you would like to seek out a Names of Allah subhanaw taala list, there are multiple lists, there aren't those one codified 99 names. Were going to enter the door through a Rahmani Raheem, you can listen you can repeat you can say I mean, you can allow my dua to trigger you to say Oh Allah, I want things like that.

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So today,

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putting myself in a posture of dignity facing

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in a direction if you could face the Qibla that would be fantastic.

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Don't lean don't slouch. Get in a posture while you're collecting your body parts and you're holding yourself. Hands up or down. It's your choice. I'm going to start in a posture of dignity.

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Three breaths friends

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hoo Allahu La de la

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ilaha illa love who it is you Allah we call upon you today on the Day of Arafah who wat ra ma no Rahim. Al Malik who could do so salah. alamode me no more HeyMy analyze easily Zul Jabba will monitor cat bear. Think about what makes you fantastic on with the cub bear on Medaka bear Amata Kabir I'll call you upon Barry almost slow will acknowledge He created you with no blueprint that he puts skeletal frames, vascular free skeleton frames inside you and wrapped it all up in a perfect body of our Rupa ha Noah, Hubble, Rosario Concetta uneme Oh ALLAH There are obstacles there are doors that are closed for me. Oh knower of all things. Open the doors. I look labia doodle bow

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sleeve to longfin don't wrong fear and more reason Mozilo semi bow sleeve, l Hank amoun laden or loud leave 10 leafs yellow leaf, yellow leaf o knower of my internet browser. Oh no or have my Netflix Curie oh no or have my phone and it's deleted contents. Oh knower of my thoughts and the subconscious thoughts. Yeah Latif, oh knower of my greatest vulnerabilities. And oh hider of all of my secrets

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Yamaka liberal group submit Columbia Allah Denecke alternative the hearts I'm vulnerable in front of you. Turn my heart, yarmulke liberal Kulu sorrowful Biala Arctic yarmulke label Kulu Sabbath cobia Allah de Nichia Missouri fernkloof Saudi Fabiola partic Yeah, lovely full hobby rule. Hani Imola Alima la Fuu Shaku Lolly union cabbie, a Shaka take three minutes and praise Allah subhanaw taala as he is the one the only one who can appreciate you.

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Subhanallah Subhanallah you are the appreciator of my worship. La ilaha illa Allah, a Shaka it is your slave of the Shaka Yasha core. It is your slave Your servant your subject Subhanallah he will be hungry he Subhanallah he loudly

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Yeah, sure I sought appreciation. I sought attention from others.

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And I was never fulfilled Yeah, sure. Pay attention to me. Oh, appreciative one. appreciate me. A shokudo Lolly Yoli Gabby rule heavy doodle mochi it Yeah. Hafeez 11 times in your seat. Oh, me

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Oh secure grounded me Oh most secure allow me to take my fantasies to fruition almost secure ground me and make me feel secure almost secure do not allow me to be affected by prejudice and negativity around me. Yeah leave a lovely full hobby rule honeymoon Alvim a lover for Russia curule Ali, you will Kebede al Hafizullah mocha you will have Siebel jelly l carry more rocky Abel Mooji Bula Cyril Herky Moanalua do the hand on your heart identify the the beat pause with me and for

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as soon as you can feel the beat, say I love you to

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Allahumma in me as a Luca hubback

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Oh Allah love me and you would have never taught me this dua never put this youtube clip in front of me never had me on the day of Arafah if you didn't love me, oh Allah if you didn't love me, I wouldn't be here and if you didn't love me, I wouldn't be saying these words. I love you too. Ya Allah.

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Wa Obama in your book. Wow, Obama Ling you Cory Boonie Isla How Big Al Majeed Alba so Shaheed will help or I'll walk you through Luca we you will Mateen Hello Ali Al Hamid Alhamdulillah let me get for that you joining me for for Surah 40 has, yeah hamidou Alhamdulillah listen to the transformative nature of all most praiseworthy Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah almost praiseworthy Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah yah hamidou Alhamdulillah yah hamidou Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah here on being la I mean, a raw Manuel Rai Raheem, Maliki and Woombye Dean Yackin Abu Iyar canister in deep breath.

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Guide me in the urinal slid off one more step Hakim slid all bloody Lavina Nam darling him late in my Lubyanka him wah wah Pauline Allahumma Ratan was stalking him Allah Houma slaughter Latina and I'm dolly Himalayan Moldavia Allah him Allah God lien I mean, Allah Houma Allah wa Samad lamea lead wala mula Diwan Amir Kula who for one I had, all of these are to us. Allah whom my lamb your lead wala mu lead wala Mia Kula who had Bismillah hir rahman Rahim Al Hamdulillah Hyrum being lied, I mean, a Rahmani Raheem Maliki I will meet Dean Urich and Abu dua canister in it did not sleep long. One was still team so it all to Lavina and I'm dialing him while you didn't do Bialy him Allah wa on

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lean. Yeah hamidou Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hurom Billa mean, a raw manual Rahim. Maliki me Dean. Your posture is your Ibadah yuck Kena boudoir canister in Idina slid off one of the most stellar team exhale is no sleep at all, one of the most stellar team sleep at Auckland levena and Nam died at him. Lady mallu Viale him was born on only one more friends Bismillah he'll Rahmani Raheem. What if a caterpillar crawled on what if a cockroach called on your leg right now would you stop coming here

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whoo hoo Allahu I heard a love was llama de la mia Lido Allah mula. wollemi Akula, who Khufu and I had were good. One more Fatiha. Bismillahi Rahmani r Rahim. Al hamdu lillah here on Bilad I mean, a ra ma nu ra e mi Molokhia we'll meet the Yaquina bu dua Yeah, canister in India. No sleep at all boil mousse turkey. So you've all been levena Amnon dialy him? Well, you didn't know Lou Bialetti him while he was on I mean, you have three more fatty hearts. Yeah hamidou Alhamdulillah mostly Mughal do more Eid al Mahi and more meat and how you look at your

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eye to Accorsi Hola Hola, ilaha illa who

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Well hi you look at you love that Hulu who's in Douala? No la Houma is some hour Do you want my feeling on? Man the lady Ashfur though who Illa Illa B is ni MUMA Bina ad he more miles Alpha. Y Allah you here tune wala you hito Nabi che a mini me he Illa Illa. Eman Shah was he accuracy us some our viewers

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while I wudu who have the Houma Wahoo or Lolly you love him. Yeah Hey yo Yatta une al Mahi al Mamede and how you look are you a little wordy? Don't Maggi do Lulu hadal hadoo Sarmad Allahu Sarmad Allahu Samad Surah ikhlas whoo Allahu Ahad Allahu Sarmad La Mi La the wala mu lead, wollemi Akula who Khufu and ahead will do it nine more times in another Eva Allahu Samad I'll call the rule no quota the rule mocha de Monaco. A one a one a

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a VA hear about him create a Metaverse Allah, Allah Allah. Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Hola. Hola, Al bow thing.

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I'll call the rule Mahkota the rule mocha demon.

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Riva, he wrote about him and Wiley, el matale. Alberto wa give me seven estafa Allah Yato wa Oh, most oft forgiving. A stuff that a lot. I ask for your forgiveness, yet the wob OH Most forgiving. I seek your forgiveness of stuff that Allah I accept your forgiveness. Yet the WA most forgiving a stowford Allah I You forgave this sinner. I exercise forgiveness and I forgive somebody around me a stole federal law Yatta Wah I forgive myself for mistakes that I've made a self through law Yatta Wah by accept forgiveness and forgive myself by accepting joy in my life. A still federal law yet though up.

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I am a miracle and the miracle of forgiveness comes through me a self it Allah with every other human being saying a self it Allah and every person today right now, if you're ours enough early, you're saying stuff for Allah with the people of Arafah yet the wob element out the moolah for water off Mani goon molk Regina anyone Lee kromm al mochan simple Jami Rouhani Yun Magne those of you in financial trouble those of you who want to swim in abundance, Al Jami Rowhani you'll move ni l. Jami. Vani. You'll Magne l man, you're on or run your own. No, Allahumma Elif bina kubina we're asleep that have been in our Drina Sula, salaam Ana Gina Amina Ludo Mattila know what Jana even

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Alpha Keisha Mahara minha mon button along robotic line if you're smart you know what I was slightly now what glooby Now was watching I was reacting well to ballerina in Atlanta the wobble Rahim, Al Hadi Allahumma Ania circle Houda what to call alpha for Latina Alba the Albuquerque Ulduar is Rashida Cebu Robina for the valet now Sabra, what are for now Muslimeen Allahumma Xion busine Atul Eman wa Jana who that? That in Allahumma, Xena, Xena till Iman was your Allah Who data more than in La La La La La La Ilaha illa Allah, O Allah on this day of RFI worship you I worship you with my colleagues, with my friends, with my staff, and with those who are my family

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friends at home Youtube, Instagram or whatever medium you see this today or in a recorded fashion years from now.

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Hold the next 60 seconds and ask your Lord I'll hold the time

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in English, use your mouth in your language speak to your Lord

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thank You Allah

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you are Allah. Allah of mine that will be Lai La La and collect anywhere and Abdo Quan Allah and Nicobar Ticketmaster part I will be coming Shari mass on our to Abu Lahab in Yamato gala yo boo be them be faithfully fulfill Linna

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in no lie of the novella and 10 seconds, pay for your parents, Robert.

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Robert humble Nakamoto

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your spouse existing or non existing Rob around manakamana

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Practice praying for your wife and kids

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send them love send them admiration along

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Robina Hublin ominous wodgina will react in our Kurata Iranian Madonna and we're talking a mama if everyone would take the last three seconds to mention any country place people in the world Uighur mid any place Detroit people without water people being crushed

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Ukraine Philistine.

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Subhanallah Robbie Gobi Desert Yama cellphone, wa salam, O Allah and Morsani.

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Well, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen.

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Friends, this is one activity, this is one a bother, but 15 minutes.

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Don't pause a little bit more. Within that 15 minute mark, you were able to do one act of worship. If you would like to song a lot, you'd be like I really like it and turn it off. Play that. Play that record one more time. And once you feel satisfied from this, I would like you to don't stop here. Let's move straight to the next activity Bada and if I may propose, let's go read through a glass 10 times Fatiha seven times and we'll sprinkle some AYATUL kursi last four of Surah harsher and the Office Finally we'll come up with another we'll put some whipped cream on top come on down. So what we may do after 15 minutes, seven minutes, or mostly bother done in a week. It is RFR Stefan

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curry didn't stop at No. Oh, I made 100 Maybe I should stop. We're going to drop in some bombs all day long. So let's get it going friends Arafa out of Arafa was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.