Nouman Ali Khan – Iman Vs Propaganda

There are many lessons to learn from the story of Prophet Musa (AS) and his confrontation with Pharaoh as recounted in Surah Taha. When Allah charged Musa to face Pharaoh and free the Israelites, says Nouman Ali Khan, Pharaoh had already launched a propaganda campaign against him. His counter message was that Musa and his brother Harun were magicians who wanted to drive you out of your land and that you must defend our way of life because it is the best and doesn’t need any improvement. In short he sold the people an artificial patriotism that only benefitted him and his small clique. Yet despite the odds and despite his fear, Musa confronts Pharaoh and overcomes him. This is a reminder that propaganda has always existed and that politicians instilling fear of an imaginary enemy is nothing new. The Quran has taught us about that so we would be mentally prepared. Don’t feel intimidated and know that this is a test of your eman.