Nouman Ali Khan – Iman Vs Propaganda

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The story of the arrival of Masada is discussed, including his struggles with actions and the use of force against opponents. The history of the pharaoh's actions, including his use of force against opponents and his use of the word "arson" to describe actions, is emphasized. The potential threat of Islam is discussed, including the need for actions to prevent false accusations and the potential loss of one's number one status. The Magician's plan is discussed, including its use of power to force people to see the greatness of the pharaoh Makalu beer and the potential return of the Magician.
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Let me show you sorry we are silly Emily Wagner, Dr. Tammy lasagna Hokulea Bella Hama Sabina handle Moti B La ilaha illallah wa la la mina Latina, Amina Sally hurt. Whatever Saville, Huck, whatever Samba Samba mineable Allah mean.

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The story of Musa alayhis salam is recorded in the Koran more than any other story allows it which I mentioned many, many dimensions of that account. And you can collect at least over 70 different places where he's mentioned even by name.

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This tells us something this Omar like the prophet will also describe to us center is very close, and has a lot to learn from the history of the need the last oma the Israelites, and a lot of the mistakes that they made. And a lot of the experiences that they had are going to be similar to the experiences that we're going to face. And we're going to come close to making the same mistakes that they made. So we have to learn lessons from their mistakes, so we don't fall into the same traps. But today is not about their mistakes today is actually about the early encounters of Masada. He said, I'm with the Pharaoh, you all know that Musa alayhis salam was appointed as a large messenger

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when he was in exile. And he found a fire upon on top of the mountain and he went there and allows the region all of a sudden spoke to him, and charged him with the responsibility of being a messenger and going back to the Pharaoh and challenging him, even though he was someone convicted, and wanted for murder. And the fear was that he wasn't even going to be given a trial. As soon as he enters the city, they're going to kill him. There's a lot more to the story that I'll highlight in this hood. But because we have brief time, I really wanted to get to a particular couple of ions in Sula Taha, and that's why I want to set some of the background information for those of you who

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don't know and for those of you that can benefit from at least some of the review of the accounts of Masada, etc. So he comes back to Egypt, and by Allah as well, he's not only able to come back into Egypt, but safely make it all the way to the most secure building of the time, the Pentagon of the time, the castle, and he gets through security also. And now he's in front of the pharaoh face to face. And the generals of the pharaoh are all around him. He is alongside his brother, Harun on Instagram. And he obviously has travelled across, you know, the desert. He's come from muddy and all the way so he looks like he's traveled and he's disheveled. And here is someone who basically looks

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like they're homeless, standing in front of a king. And they're also convicted of a crime and they're going to now speak to him, you would imagine that this is going to be a very humbling kind of conversation, you know, honorable King, thank you for making the time to see me. And, you know, there's formalities when you meet royalty, but he actually begins very much by declaring that he is Allah's Messenger of the actual king of the actual Master, that you're not in charge. And you better let the Israelites who you have taken as slaves who you are mistreating in your population, you better let them go. You better not enslave them and oppress them anymore. So he threatens Fishtown

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as soon as he walks in. And Firaon is in shock, like, Who are you to talk to me this way. And he this debate begins between the two of them. And this remarkable exchange is captured in sort of sharara, which is not the subject today. But I want to give you some background, that surah number 26, and how it overreacted. And then how musar responded and the dialogue that took place, you would imagine anybody else who spoke in that position would be given the death penalty right away. How dare somebody speak to the king that way, some of us who don't even extrapolated that when the pharaoh used to walk when Fidel used to walk, people would avoid eye contact with him. Allah fill

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out one of the expressions used for him, like he was high up in the land also means that he looked up, and he looked down at people. And if somebody made icon, they'd get in trouble and just eye contact, and they would get in trouble. That kind of arrogance is what he carried on here you have Musa challenging him directly. But the summary of it is that Musa alayhis salam, in that incredible debate, by the end of it was able to actually not only defeat fit out in that debate, but also humiliate him in front of his own crowd, his generals, his servants, the inner circle of the king, he's now been humiliated. And he can't, he's threatening that he's going to throw musallam in

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prison, but he can't, because if he does, there's going to be even a bigger problem for him politically. If he throws him into prison, the people who are impressed the generals that are impressed inside the court will go meet him in prison and continue the conversation. And if they do, there might be an internal revolt against Iran. He can't afford that. So he lets him go. Because, of course also, if he throws him into prison, or has an executed, it shows that he's weak, because he didn't have an answer. You know, if you don't have a response, and you don't know how to Shut, shut someone up, silence somebody, then you use force against them. You silence them what by any means

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necessary. And so that would be a demonstration of his own weakness. He can't afford to do it. So what he does is he allows musante slum to go where I started

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Today in Surah Taha is the message of Musa alayhis salam, who are you which god are you talking about, and the author, so universal and levy da da da, da da Matta and the one who made the earth, you know a cradle for you meaning a place to find comfort in for you. This is by the way, in it, there's interesting nuances found believe that the earth belongs to him.

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And the land of Egypt was made extremely well irrigated because of the the river that went through it and the Nile going through it. And actually, we know from the story of Yusuf Ali Salaam, that there was a drought. And because of that drought, there was the the entire region was going to be suffering. What a lot of people don't know is back then in the time of use of Alexandre used to be multiple kings, all of them have equal power. And because of the strategy of Yusuf Alayhi, salam, they actually dug canals, and they they reserved water because the river was gonna dry up later on for seven years. And this one particular family of Kings was the only one that had water left for

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seven years. Meanwhile, all the other kingdoms became bankrupt. And that's actually slowly how the pharaohs became a unified Kingdom in all of Egypt, and the most, you know, economically powerful in all of Egypt. It's actually because of the strategy of Yusuf alayhi salam, that over generations, the pharaohs became who they were otherwise they would never have had they were there was a power sharing kind of situation. In any case. Now he says, you know, what have the hill and heritage leave intact The, the pharaoh arrogantly arrogantly says, Don't I own all of the land of Egypt, Elisa Lee McComas, and these rivers flow beneath my feet, I have ownership of these rivers. And look at the

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commentary of musante some so subtle, he says, the one who made the earth comfortable for you. And then he says what silica lukumi has done and he carved out pathways within the earth, just like Yusuf Alayhi Salaam had carved out waterways. Actually, Allah is the one who facilitated this for you, your kingdom didn't come into place because of you. Or because you're entitled what enzyme in a semi EMA and and what would have happened if he didn't sell sand water from the sky. He says, I'm sorry, Sam says and he's the one who said water from the sky for Krajina be here as well. I'm in the bottom chapter. So he sent from it all pairs of plants, all kinds of vegetation that grows all over

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the place in diverse fashion. coonawarra and Amma can eat and feed your cattle also feed your animals also enough, either legal or it legal in Doha. In all of that there are some pretty powerful miraculous signs for people who truly possess sound intellect, who can stop and think and interestingly enough in the Arabic language, for the ability to think is related to the ability to stop. Now he in Arabic is to stop or prevent. And one of the words for intellect in Arabic is people people of intellect unova. Another word for the people of intellect, the hedger in the valley calaca. Someone the the hedger why hedger, hedger is a rock, because a rock or a boulder prevents,

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you know, to for you to go further you have to go around it? What's the connection between stopping and preventing and the intellect? The thing is, you're presented with all kinds of ideas, what we call today, propaganda. And you have to stop and analyze what's being said, You can't just keep consuming information, you have to actually stop and critique and criticize what is being said, Why is it being said to me, what game is being played? Is there a game being played, because if you keep on taking in information, you will think you're becoming smarter, because you're listening to a lot of news, or you're getting a lot of, you know, insights or whatever, you may just be getting a whole

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lot of confusion in your head and you've never stopped to think about any of it. You just take everything at face value. Musa alayhis salam says there are signs in it for people who will stop and think meaning for people who are not going to apply their intellect they will benefit nothing from what I'm saying. fit around sees a very powerful threat here. So he has to heat and I told you already, he's not going to kill him. He's not going to kill him. There's other reasons why he won't kill him also, he also loves him. There's a special level of put inside of it all and for Mossad a salon, which kept him from killing him for many years actually. And eventually he was convinced of

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killing him. The Rooney act will Moosa finally let me be I'll kill moose on myself. But that's at the end many years in between of a struggle between federal and Mousavi salon, or I will describe them literally as in in a hospital home is seen. In any case, what I wanted to share with you is how does fit out and then in the meantime, deal with the problem of Moosa. There are two phases here. And the first phase he says, fine, you've shown us these magic tricks of yours, the staff, the stick that turns into a snake, or this hand that turns white, this is nothing but magic. And you know what, I will prove to the nation that this is nothing but magic. And we're gonna meet together

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again, but this is going to be yoma Xena, the day on which everybody gathers. It's like their independence day, even though they're under the pharaohs, so they're probably not gonna call it independence.

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Probably Independence Day, but you know, whatever that is, the day of festivities they have is when he wants to gather everybody and he wants to do a showdown between Musa and fennel. That's what he's hoping for. But what's remarkable about that also is people were not patriotic, people were not interested in this theater. Nobody wanted to come out. So Quran even comments that he forced people to come to attend will kill Allah, nasty * and too much than your own. People were told, are you gathering or what? Like soldiers would go door to door and say, Hey, you better show up for the parade. And they'd force people to come because it's a totalitarian regime. He's forced it. So it

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looks like people are patriotic, people are forced to be there. So it looks like they stand together with him. Now in the meantime. And we all know that in that in that time, he, you know, he gathered the best of the magicians, and this was actually supposed to instill fear into Musa alayhis salam. But what I before I want to get to that that's actually not the purpose of this call. But today, here's what it is.

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Musa alayhis salam, as he continues to spread his message, fit our needs to come up with a counter message. You know, there's messaging and there's counter messaging. And what is the counter message inside of the administration of the Pharaoh, there are lots of experts. Some people are saying, let him be. Some people are saying execute them right away. Some people are saying let's call him a liar. Some people are saying let's call him a murderer. Some people can't say let's call him a magician, whatever. There are lots of different opinions on how to deal with the problem of this Islam that has come into the land. And we need to get rid of this threat to our homeland. We need to

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fix this problem and they're having their meetings. And so Koran says, For the naza, Amara hamina home, what a sovereign najwa they had lots of disagreements about how to deal with their situation among themselves. And they secretly conspired a great deal. They had a lot of secret hearings, to deal with the problem of Islam that was coming to this new land of ours. And so finally, they came out with a unified messaging, because they can't come across as people that have disagreements within themselves. This is important because the pharaoh At first, he contradicted himself. When he first came into contact with musala, a salon as a messenger, he would call him a liar. He would call

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him someone who's denying that he committed a crime. Then he accused him of being a magician, like there are multiple phases of what he was seeing or someone who doesn't make any sense. So there are multiple allegations. Compare this to even the Prophet of Allah. Salallahu, alayhi wasallam. Some people called him a poet. Some people called him a magician, some people call them possessed, right? Some people call him someone who secretly has an agenda. Some people said, He's learning this stuff from Christians and Jews secretly, etc. People have different allegations. Can they all be true at the same time? No, because they're contradicting each other, aren't they? You can't be insane and a

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genius at the same time, or a magician at the same time, as someone who's learning from XYZ. They don't add up together. So when they came up with multiple lies, those lies started contradicting each other. And the people started questioning, hey, which one is it? And that actually makes the profit looks good look good. On paper makes people more curious about the profit. So they had to come up with one line that they're going to stick with one agenda that they are going to teach everybody when you go out. This is what you tell people. This is why Messiah is bad news. This is why Messiah is a problem. And here's what it is. In her danila hirani, these two Musa and Harun

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they're nothing but magicians. Number one, whatever they have to say is a kind of mind game, say had an Arabic is actually a way of deceiving someone. These are people that will that will get inside your head, they will manipulate you don't listen to them, don't go near them. By the way. This is the same thing that was said about the sort of loss of the law where he said them. If you go near him, just put something in your ear so you don't hear his magic, which is what they refer to the coroner's because if you hear it, you're going to get messed up, it's going to mess you up. You're going to go against your family, you're going to leave home, it's going to drive you insane. So save

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yourself. Now their first propaganda. They're nothing but magicians. But here's the fun part. You read only a new creature coming out of the coma rahima their agenda is to get you take you away from your land, using their magic. They are a threat to the land. This land belongs to us and they want us out of here. They want to dominate us What are these two men in front of a standing army in front of the one of the greatest kingdoms that ever existed, standing there with nothing but a message that Allah is the one who sends rain from the sky. Or Allah is the one who made the earth humbled for you. Or Allah is the one who opened up pathways and roadways for you on this land. They're the

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threat. This is their great threat. And one of the greatest military mites in human history is saying they're gonna kick us out of our land or out of your land. And notice by the way, when he said this phenomenon I've already told you before when he was in power he used to openly save

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Who does the land land belong to me, it's my land, these rivers flow beneath my feet. This is what he would say openly, well, how the * and how to get him into it. But now that he's threatened, and his power is about to go away, he says, I people will not back me up here. I can't go give a public speech and say, I really want to stay King. And I'm scared of Moosa. He can't give that kind of a speech and expose his own weakness. So he has to say, Hey, guys, this is your land, these people and this Islam, this new side, how old they are a threat to your land. He's never said your land before. It was always Milan, what happened all of a sudden, oh, this is about the people this

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propaganda is even though he's an elitist. He believes everything is entitled for himself. He feels himself superior to everyone else. When he gives us political speeches. He makes people feel like no, no, I'm there for you guys. I'm worried about you. And I want to save this this nation, and I want to make sure it stays great. Or gets great again. That's what he wants. And that's how he's going to position his speeches. That's the second part you need any annuity document of the compensation EMR, but my favorite of all parts, where you have arbitrary kotico Musleh. To incredible, and he wants to remove from you get rid of it from remove something from you what, what

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does he want to get rid of from you, your exemplary lifestyle, your way of life is better than everybody else's. And these people, they're against our way of life.

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Literally today, the way we live the style in which we live, by the way, the pharaohs. They were the only ones Living Well, the vast majority of even the Egyptians and the Israelites were living under hard times. They had economic trouble. They had political trouble, their voices were not heard the only people benefiting from the land where the elite, and yet they sold people, we have the best lifestyle. So what if you're going bankrupt? So what if there's nobody to take care of your medical needs? So what if you're losing your jobs or barely enough to get paid enough to survive? None of that's important, what's important is Egypt is number one, baby. And we better hold on to this

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number one status were the best. And these people they're a threat to our number one status. These poor people that were being given this propaganda, what does the Quran say? It's the fuzzer is the huffer. He took them for a ride. He made them he took their ability to think away, he made them emotionally weak. So they would hear his propaganda and they would get scared, really, our lifestyle is gonna change, everything's gonna go away, what little I have is also going to be gone. I can't allow that to happen. We don't have arbitrary catacomb. But then he used the word Muslim. Muslim comes from the Arabic word Ansel, it's the feminine of it. Ansel means that which that whose

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examples are most given, let me put that in simple words for you. When you come across something, like for example, if you're talking about school, the number one school in the nation, everybody gives this example, right? We want to be like that. I want to go to a university like Harvard, I want a great car like a Mercedes, people give the example of the elite thing, the highest thing. The thing who's example is always given the elite example that's always given in any space. That's actually the example that's unfair. That's the word that's being used for the feminine form, and Muslim. In other words, we are so amazing, as a nation, whenever anybody thinks of advancement, or

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justice, or security or lifestyle, when they think of the very best they think of us. We are already number one, we don't need any improvement. We're already the very best. There's no better to have that us. How can they bring anything that's going to improve us? We're already perfect. Why not have arbitrary catechumen Muslim, he sold people this artificial patriotism in the name of being the best that needs no improvement whatsoever. And the only one to benefit from this messaging was himself and the people close around him. They were the only people that were going to benefit. And now he has successfully crafted counter messaging. What is that counter messaging. On the one hand, there

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is a man who's just saying we believe in God, and that there's only one of one God and he's the one who sends water from the sky. He's the one who provides just be grateful to him. It wasn't even a political message actually. But on the other hand, on the other hand, no, doesn't matter what they say. It doesn't matter if it doesn't sound threatening. There's a threatening undertone. There's a secret threat to your society, in their message. Don't be duped. Stay away from them and be afraid of them. Be afraid of anyone who follows Moosa in his way, instill an irrational fear in people. And by the way, the only people who are able to see through that irrational fear are people who stop and

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think legally no harm people who were able to stop and actually think we find ourselves in interesting times. And I won't explain to you the obvious why I shared why I decided to share some things from this whole book or these art with you today.

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But I do want to share with you what comes next for edgemere

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Then gather all of your schemes. This is really interesting language. There are multiple departments, there's a security department, there's an intelligence department, there's other departments, I need you all to work together on this. And you need to come up with a united scheme to deal with the problem. So to soften, then attack and go on the offensive united, everybody needs to be on the same page here. We need to align everybody and synchronize everybody to get rid of this problem altogether, what called afla Julio mamani stand up, and today's the only one who will, you will, who will be successful is the one who is able to show that they are superior. Their purpose,

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their agenda was to show superiority, Musa alayhis salam comes with actually a message that he himself is a humble slave, that he himself is there to just preach the truth. And on the other hand, the only agenda was to demonstrate superiority. So now when musala sermon, this is the part I'll fast forward, and only get to one, one conclusion, inshallah. And that is that when finally the day came, this was the propaganda happening before they met, the magicians met with the Pharaoh, magicians. Mossad is around when it all goes down. And in front of the entire crowd that was gathered, all of it collapses, I just want you to think about one thing here.

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Pharaoh and had a military at his disposal. He had basically the propaganda of the entire nation at his disposal, he could control the messaging and unify the messaging, right. And we already talked about, you know, how he could gather people, I mean,, and scheming and secret meetings, all of all of these resources are with him. And what everybody's talking about across the land is in his control, he controls the media, the military, the propaganda, all of it. musalla Islam has no financial resources, has no political resources, has no military resources, it has no resources. He's simply all the only resource he has is the truth that that's all he has. All he can do is just

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talk about what Allah told him. That's all the words of truth. There's nothing else at his disposal. And ferons scheme is to crush this messaging altogether, by making a huge spectacle out of it, forcing people to come and getting them to go against each other. And finally, when he's humiliated in public, this Islam thing will die. In other words, he wants he wants people to see how bad and how untrue and what a failure the religion is. And he wants to show that to the public all at one time. When he does this, and I think all of you know the story, it backfires, isn't it?

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The Magician's who were supposed to be against and demonstrate the greatness of the pharaoh makalu beer is that if your own international Holly Boone, they actually started their battle with calling on the glory of the Pharaoh, they made it they tried to make them look good, you know, and when they were overcome, when they fall into such that, when the greatest threats, the ones that were supposed to be the greatest obstacle to the truth, were the ones that were going to undermine the miracle of Allah given to them musala cylinder staff in the hand, when those people the greatest weapon of the Pharaoh, the ones at the front of his propaganda machinery, when they fell into such detail,

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then What message does that send to the entire nation.

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And Pharaoh doesn't know how to deal with this. Now the whole he's a magician, and he's gonna get rid of your power and he's gonna get you kicked out of your land. All of that is failed. And you better believe in our heroes, these magicians they will save us. He's putting their posters up. But when they take Shahada, they fall into such that

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he now has to come up with an immediate alternative screen. You know, scheme. I know hula kabiru kumala de Allah. Allah ma como se l. o, he's he's your ringleader? He's the one who taught you magic to begin with. I see what this is. I see. And now they're obviously that isn't true. They trained in different cities. And he brought them Miguel Medina, any? You know, I feel bad that any haszeldine brought them from all over the place, that obviously isn't true. People can see right through it. But before people even get to question it, I'm going to make an example out of you. I'm going to chop you up from opposite ends, right arm left leg, and I'm going to hand hang you from the park box

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of trees so people can see what happens when they're, you know, traders against me. Now he knows the only thing left is to instill horrible fear in people for anybody who dare question him in any way, shape or form.

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This is the nature of propaganda it's always been. There's nothing new, instilling fear into people, keeping people from thinking straight, spinning a story about what believers are and what they represent to a society describing

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them as a threat to the nation. This stuff isn't new. We've always experienced this is why it's in the Quran. Allah didn't just tell us stories. He told us to be mentally prepared. He taught us how to be mentally prepared. And by the way, what they had to fear then the fact that you're feeling afraid, you're not less of a believer if you're feeling nervous and afraid. If because of what's happening around the nation and the rhetoric that's happening in the massage that are being attacked. And you know, the things that are being said on the street or your family has to hear in the mall or whatever's happened with you, or your children at school in public schools. If you're

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feeling afraid, that doesn't mean you're, you're less anymore and in some way, the bravest of all of these people who faced propaganda and faced corruption was Musa alayhis salam himself, and at one point for all Josephine FC, he he fought and Musa

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in his own self, he felt fear. Moosa, also alive and says even Mussa. And so it's okay for you to feel afraid. But that's when you come back to the last word. And that's what it was word will mean something to us, called na na, na, na, na, na, na, na. Don't be afraid you're the one on top, you're the one very much on top. Don't forget that. Why? Because you're with a lot. And because Allah is with you. Well, I'm Tom, we are alone in quantum meaning, you will be on top, you will be superior, you will not have anything to be afraid of, so long as you truly believe this is a test of our human. If nothing else, this is a test of our human, your citizenship is less valuable. Your home is

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less valuable, your family's security is less valuable, your finances are less valuable, your emaan is more valuable. And if this experience will increase your amount, it's worth it.

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It will increase my mind it's worth it. So let's take these difficult times as an opportunity to really increase our reliance and our Eman And Allah and know that these things these these people have come and gone. This kind of propaganda has come and gone. And it's not something that should intimidate you away from your faith. There are going to be people when they're under this pressure. They're going to hide their Eman. They're going to run away from their faith and think that if they run away from their faith, they're not this The problem is going to go away. And here it is allows that we have describing that under the most impossible odds. Allah keeps musala histogram safe and

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secure only because of his human knowledge origin secure us because of our Eman barakallahu li walakum falcor Anil Hakeem when a foreign er can be IoT was Hakeem

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al hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa salam O Allah de la Vina Safa Hussain, Allah of Bali him Maha tamina been Mohamed el amin where Allah alayhi wa sahbihi Marine called Allah azza wa jal Fie Kitab al Karim Banda and akula rubella he managed a regime in de la Mola eketahuna soluna lnav Yeah, you Hello Dina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed tamasa later Allah Rahim Allah le rahima fill me in naka homido Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Allah Allah Allah Mohammed comma Baraka Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin in Naka, hamidah Majeed, Rabbi de la rahima como la de la in the La Jolla, San Juan de even Korba when her and infectious evil Monica,

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Politico la Akbar La Jolla alma mater stone, aka masala in a salata Cana mini Nikita makuta

There are many lessons to learn from the story of Prophet Musa (AS) and his confrontation with Pharaoh as recounted in Surah Taha. When Allah charged Musa to face Pharaoh and free the Israelites, says Nouman Ali Khan, Pharaoh had already launched a propaganda campaign against him. His counter message was that Musa and his brother Harun were magicians who wanted to drive you out of your land and that you must defend our way of life because it is the best and doesn’t need any improvement. In short he sold the people an artificial patriotism that only benefitted him and his small clique. Yet despite the odds and despite his fear, Musa confronts Pharaoh and overcomes him. This is a reminder that propaganda has always existed and that politicians instilling fear of an imaginary enemy is nothing new. The Quran has taught us about that so we would be mentally prepared. Don’t feel intimidated and know that this is a test of your eman.

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