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We will begin with sudo Fatiha. Which by agreement

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goes without saying is the first chapter in the Quran. There is not enough. There's no difference of opinion. There's no even asking what's the first chapter? alpha is the first chapter of the Quran and is widely translated as the beginning or the opening. Alpha. The surah itself

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is considered a Maki surah. It is a chapter that was revealed in Mecca.

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What a llama denier it's also said it was no, it's the Madani surah

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you should know that there were portions of the Quran that were revealed while the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in Makkah, and that there was also caught and that was revealed while the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in Medina. So sometimes you hear this is a monkey sorta. This is a Medina surah what's the defining moment

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in history or during the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to define something whether it's monkey or Madani? The Hedgehog. According to many of the scholars, anything revealed before the Hydra is considered mucky, anything after the hedgerow is considered madonie even though maybe eight were revealed when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was what on a journey he was neither in Makkah nor Medina.

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Maybe he was on his way to the book, or coming back from the Battle of tabuk and the iron from sodas and Toba, for example. Well, that's not in Medina.

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However, the time of the hijra is a defining moment was in the anything before it's considered murky, and anything after that is called maddening.

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So the first opinion we send the strongest opinion is that sort of unfair to high was revealed in muck and it is the strongest and the most correct opinion. Even though some say it was revealed in Medina, some actually say it was revealed twice. It was revealed once in Mecca. And again in Medina. However, I saw the strongest opinion and even because he said when a will.

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What's more correct, what seems clearer is that in fact, it was revealed in MK once, not twice, but once Well, he has several a team below he left and it is seven verses, without any difference of opinion. sought after 30 How is seven verses?

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Well in Nima della fulfill Bismillah that they differed concerning the saying of Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. How, what is Bismillah? AR? Well, how would you say that Arabic You call that the best mela the saying of Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim is called what? The best Mullah.

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So the scholars have differed over the best Miller. Is it considered a verse of Surah 1030?

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Or is it not considered a verse of Surah Al Fatiha?

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He says, Rahim Allah, majority of reciters from Kufa. Kufa is in Iraq

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and a Jama attend a group of the companions and some of the followers of the companion students

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it is not considered

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from the verses of Al Fatiha is not it goes into greater depth later on. I'm just touching on the issue as he mentions here.

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So, he says that there's a difference of opinion. And the sia t Takahashi mold, he insha Allah and he mentioned this quite often.

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He touched on the issue. But he said we're going to deal with this issue of the best molar in greater depth a little later on.

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Because we're still talking about Al Fatiha.

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At first he has a chapter itself, because when we deal with each chapter in sha Allah will talk about what is the chapter does it have any other names? Does it have any there's only difference of opinion over the number of ayat then we'll go into the the surah itself.

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He says quarterly mama Buhari mama Buhari Rahim Allah

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because talking about now the different names of this particular chapter, and photo has a number of different names Sumitomo keytab, it is called own armies the mother, the mother of the book.

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Leon who,

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the Quran or the most half begins with

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Al Fatiha begins with this

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And also that you begin your Salah, you begin your prayer by reciting from what from the Quran Al Fatiha.

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And it is also mentioned because all of all the other chapters in their meanings, that they go back to Al Fatiha and Quran. He mentioned something he said that in the Arabic language when something is called

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the mother, it means the central part,

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it is the central part that everything goes back to that, like in the house and on and on. The mother is the mother, there's no substitute for the mother.

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So, it is the center and it is mentioned also what I mentioned into his or roughly in the translation.

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For example, MCC is called what

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or Malcorra the mother of all cities.

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one of the names of alpha to his God, on

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on mallacoota on omega promacta. The mother of the book, as we mentioned is also called alpha to her.

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Why because recitation begins with it from the word Fatiha for the homies to open

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and also the companions that are the ally on whom when they wrote down the Quran, that they would begin with Al Fatiha

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It is also called several muthoni and 30 is called several muthoni sebert meaning what

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sub seven and muthoni is

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something that is repeated often

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something that is repeated often. So does the seven often repeated versus several muthoni.

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Leon had to fend for Sala because it is repeated in the Salah. alfetta has repeated in the Salah, because it is recited in every araca

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then he mentions a hadith which is in Al Bukhari.

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And then whenever I can, I'll try to give you the rest for reference for that Hadith that I'm mentioning and these are in line with the translations of all the Hadith books that you can find in English, okay, or the six books of Hadith are printed in English. So these numbers of headings you can find it

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in all of those books. So there's a hadith in Bukhari, which is number 4585 4585.

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That it is narrated by Abu huraira rhodiola. One,

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that the Prophet sallallahu is another part of the Amilcar n that he said regarding the math of the Quran, he omole Quran, it is the mother of the Quran. Well he has several old Matheny and it is the seven often repeated verses where he'll earn and all them and it is the Glorious Quran.

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He says although who have injuries as one

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and this is one of the occasions when he quotes from injury as I mentioned earlier,

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okay, he quotes quite often from injury.

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So these are some of the names of authority.

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He has all those other names like a Rokia as she for the cure.

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doesn't mention this here.

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What about the Father What about the blessings of Al Fatiha the blessings of Al Fatiha the blessings he mentioned the Hadith

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which is found in the most net of Imam Ahmed

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even the most native Mr. Mohammed the Muslims of Mr. Mohammed has about close to 30,000

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Hadith 30,000 in the Muslims of Imam Ahmed, that's even been translated English they've done the first three volumes. The first three volumes have been translated to English the as far as I know the work is still going on and it may take them another four or 567 years to complete inshallah.

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So Subhanallah

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you have no reason

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not to have access to the meanings of what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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we have the meanings of Allah subhanaw taala His revelation in the English language in many languages and Quran and also a hadith.

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So far below 30 her The benefits are the blessings of

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all the virtues of Al Fatiha.

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So as I mentioned, there's a hadith which is in the Muslim of Mr. Mohammed and it's an authentic hadith

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that I will say, even

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more Allah.

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Allahu Allah. He said that I was praying. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called me and I did not answer him until I had finished praying because he was

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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Monica and Tatiana what prevented you from coming to me when I called you what prevented you from coming? He said about 11 years rule of law in the country or solely in the country or Sony indeed I was praying.

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Then a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lm Yoko de la did not allow supanova to Allah say, and this verses and sort of that and fell in verse number 24. Yeah, are you 100 Xena, monoester ji Bulli, La Jolla rasuluh, either

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oh you who believe

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Ansar Allah and His messenger or a substratum? When they call you to that which gives you life

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from Mahal and then he NB sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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though only Monica that indeed I will teach you the greatest surah in the Quran before you leave the masjid.

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So he took me by my hand and the beside him took him by his hand, and they were walking out about to leave the masjid.

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So the companion he said,

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You had a pseudo Lord, didn't you inform me? Didn't you tell me he was going to teach me the greatest surah in the Quran.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he taught him he said Nam Alhamdulillah Allah Allah alameen

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and he sallallahu Sallam recite the knockout and sort of the Fatiha

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so this is an authentic hadith.

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Also, Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Allah to Allah mentions, a records a hadith that Abu hurayrah the Allahu anhu. He said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu, ala said went out wild with obeah minicab

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a similar incident happened with urban cap

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and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam taught him

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Solomon Fatiha indeed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that I will teach you a surah lemons and love it turati Walla fill in Gili, what is your booty What are filled for corny Miss la? I will teach you a chapter that was neither revealed in the Torah or the Injeel or the Zaboo or the forecast nothing like it.

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So this is one of the great blessings

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that was given to us that we have the greatest surah

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in Al Fatiha and Jimmy Alma and all the meanings of the Quran, they go back to Al Fatiha.

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Then Eben Cassio Rahim Allah Allah, he mentioned and even though this is a concise version, he mentions two or three or other Hadith talking about the same incident.

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Okay, he mentions an aeration which is found in Sahih Muslim. And

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another narration from a different

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different set of narrators. So you can see here that his extensive knowledge and Hadith is being shown here immediately. It is talking about this incident of the fatwa the virtues of welfare at home. And he's mentioning all of these different Hadith in different books, ordinary or of course, African authentic.

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For example, you find it in a Timothy in Hadith number 2875, as well.

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Then he says, After talking about all of the virtues of sort of welfare to her in that it is the greatest chapter in Oregon, as you know that there are 114 chapters in the Quran. The greatest chapter is what I refer to her. That means some chapters have virtues over others.

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Some chapters have virtues and benefits over others. And he mentions here

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he says that this hadith can be used, that one's mentioned one or two. In fact, there's three or four that he mentioned. He said that these can be used, and many have their own amount of the self, that they have used this as a proof

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to state that there was a foul ball philomela that there is some of the speech of Allah subhanaw taala which is more virtuous than others. Yes, there are certain speech of Allah subhanaw taala and all of it is virtuous, but some is more virtuous than others. What is this based upon number one

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It is based upon texts. In fact, the fact that the professor told us is not my intellect that it make it up. The Prophet Edison told us that this is more virtuous than other chapters, and all of it is the Kalam of Allah.

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Secondly, you find great dilemma,

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for example, is hard to ignore Hawaii

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is hard to narrow away from the great Mojave soon.

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And also abubaker Abu Dhabi, and they've no Kasama Maliki he mentioned these three elements. He said, they were of the opinion amongst others, that there is a chick with a slumber himolla mentioned as well, that there is the Falcon, there is some speech of Allah it was more virtuous than other speech.

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And then His justice and his furnace, Mo ly says, What about biophoton, okra, he said that there is another opinion, and the hula to follow the phenolic letter for the rufina like that there is no virtue of some speech over others. There is the opinion.

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The under the under the Jimmy column Allah, He says, speaking and mentioning their evidences, because all of it is the speech of Allah subhanaw taala. And so that it doesn't enter the mind of a person who doesn't really understand things properly, how can the speech of Allah some be better than others?

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Of course, all of this has logic.

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And he says, not alone, to be an ashari.

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So you find that maybe sha Allah, that they would have such an opinion. However, even Cassio, Rama he mentioned it,

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but the fact he mentioned that first opinion, and he mentioned a number of elements, this is the strongest opinion and was in fact the opinion of his teacher as well. Shaken Islamism. Tamia, Rahim, Allah to Allah that there is fallible, there was some virtuous, some calamity last month is more virtuous than, than others.

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He goes on now to mention, still on the topic of the virtuous.

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He talks about an incident and this hadith is found in Al Bukhari, in Hadith 5007. Maybe the last one, we'll mention and we'll finish here inshallah.

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This is an incident where it was recorded, well, I will say, the hoodie or the Allahu anhu.

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He said, once we were on a journey when a female servant came out and said that they were on a journey of sorry, that the leader of this area has been poisoned.

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The pathway of people and the leader was poisoned, and he was dying.

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So they said to the Muslims who are passing by, is there our rp? Is there a healer amongst yourselves? The people of Jay Haley, I used to know what a PA is. However, there Rukia involved what schicke involved, associating partners with the last panel, Tyler. So they asked, obviously, they tried their luck, it wasn't working. So they said to the companions, is there anyone who's a healer?

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Then a man who's healing expertise, as he mentions,

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did not interest us stood for her. And he read rockier for him. So one of the people with Nokia, and he was healed.

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The chief gave him 30 sheep as a gift and some milk.

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When he came back to us, we said to him, you know, have a new Rukia or did you do this before?

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He said, I only used a monkey tab as

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an alpha.

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We said, Don't do anything further, until we go to an episode of lorawan. We need to find out what's happened here.

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So they went back to a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they mentioned exactly what happened to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. The prophet SAW Some said,

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Who told him that he was autopia

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divide the sheep and reserve a share for me.

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That alfalfa, the point of focus, so what the point of the story is, what is that 30 How was used

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as a source of healing she fed, which was one of the names of it is given to this.

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So for many of us, we could we should use alfetta as a form of schiefer as a form of cure. Don't go to medicines, tablets, whatever. Use Al Fatiha and put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala that he's a pinata and a bit Isn't he what he that he is the one who cures. So you place your hand on the place that you have pain, and you recite Al Fatiha and teachers to children as well. teaches your children

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Let them if they ever have a pain or complain about anything, you say get your hand placed and where it's hurting you

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and let them recital 30

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that from a very young age they will have a tight lock will know that they will have this relationship with the last parent either because maybe time comes that they have no tablets are no access to a door. But they do have access to reciting keytab of last Montana. So teach your children this.

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And the last Hadees I'm going to mention here in sha Allah I didn't say those the last one just so we can finish this particular topic

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is a hadith which is found in an essay and also found in Sunni Muslim in Hadith number 806.

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The Wild jabril la Salaam was with an abyssal SLM he heard a noise from above debris SLM, lift his sight lifted his sight to the sky and said, there is a door in the heaven being opened. And it has never been opened before now. An angel descended from that door and came to an abyss is a limb and said, receive the glad tidings of two lights that you have been given, which no other prophet before you was given

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the opening of the book and Fatiha the last three is of Al Baqarah.

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You will not read a letter of them but you will gain its benefit. This is the word and collecting unnecessary. So here's another great blessing informing us that this was never revealed anything like it to any of a profit previously, but except to an Obi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He will stop in Charlottetown

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and we'll continue next Thursday. Evening later ledges aka manohara was Allah Allah wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad was early he was on the edge main