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And you swim and swim and you swim, and there's land where your disciples

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and you start to get tired.

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Stop stopping an option that

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is quick enough. Because if you couldn't, what's going to happen? You will drown, you'll see, you'll drown your job die or perish.

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So what do you have to do? kind of keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, whether that is

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a lot stronger without a song, an officer said, I'm almost

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certain enough, you ever been sent for all of humanity, you have an ocean.

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And there might not be any light inside there might not be an end in sight. But you keep going, you keep going and keep going and keep going.

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That's your job. You're swimming in an ocean?

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Yes, you would think again, practical question. If somebody has had a very, very difficult first day at work, and they come home, and they're just crushed and devastated and tired, and just completely emotionally exhausted.

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What do you tell that person that don't worry, tomorrow will be better? Do you love them? Oh, tomorrow's gonna be even worse today.

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You tell them that? Of course not.

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Today was difficult, right? Right.

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This is where you had a whole ocean in front of

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last time I said this in the process.

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I was trying illustrations, I was making him understand something very important that this advice that you need to do, why is someone telling you to do more difficult than today,

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the job will get harder, the message will get heavier.

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Because the most time will tell I want you to take this advice that has been given to him series.

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That if you thought today was different, you got no idea what I

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thought it was still to come

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from your wife and your uncle.

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The migration the three years in Charlotte, what we thought about

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the hitter from our couch.

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The legal department where you will bury your own uncle with your own hands.

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hung up in a trench around your city.

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Praying to us to save you some way somehow.

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And what will get you through today and will continue to get you through the days to come. Is this right here? Stand up and bring it through.

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That's the strength. That's what will give you the ability natural immune to resolve to continue to do your job. Today your homework was right.

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And that did not feel good.

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That was very painful.

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And you're aware, you know, it's like a wound on your heart.

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But there is something that heals them. There's something that heals the heart. And that's called free. When you set up and you pray you talk to God you pray for Allah subhanaw taala that he was behind.

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And that's why the Prophet of the Last one is his default mode was

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First of all, whenever any situation came up with any serious situation, what was the course of action of the process? What was his game plans, you didn't even immediately resort to murder, you rushed to the break room. It's prayer.

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That's how we got through the most difficult moments of his life. So the reason why I bring this up is because

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all of us in this room, we are all carrying our own wounds are all ours. We all have our own challenges. We all have our own difficulties. We all have our own adversities. We all have our own tragedies. And some of us are carrying wounds for a very, very long time.

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But what we have is that in our hands,

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we hold the cure for the wounds.

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We have the revenue in our hands. That remedy that cure that solution is a lot of training. But then again, like I like I brought up last time I visited and I've said this multiple times. But that begs the million dollar question. Well, brother, I do pray in my prayers. I'm healing my wounds. Well, it's this relaxing thing in our brain. That's something useful for sure which we'll talk more about tomorrow morning. But it's basically quality is what it boils down to. We lack quality and our creditors. Well then how do I get quality record? As I mentioned, when is the best time as well and I said this earlier

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Tonight, the best, the most efficient and the most effective directly that gave me that bonus within our prayers is to understand what we read and when we say within our prayers, because that will be the focus, which will bring reflection, which will bring that probably means your prayers, and then you'll see the shot, you'll see the blessings. And the mercy no was a shower down upon you in your life, when you have that quality connection with almost 3d printers. So that's what we're going to try to achieve.

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Now, logically, we should go ahead and start with the beginning of the prayer, from the very beginning to the beat a lot, but we're not going to do that.

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Tip, because oftentimes, whenever I teach this course, I think this is like the, you know, I've taught this course almost about 14 times now, different places all across the country. So usually Friday nights, there's a bigger turnout, people in most communities are somewhat of a traditional fan of Friday night events and things like that. So Friday night, usually a lot of people come out. And the main goal is to motivate them to make the commitment to attend the rest of the course throughout the weekend, so that they can complete this study of their prayer. So what I like to do on Friday night to kind of give you a microcosm, to get to kind of put it in a nutshell, to give you

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a good strong dosage of what a meaningful prayer is like what quality within the salon. So what I do is I like to kind of reach into the prayer a little bit of pull out something from a little bit further into the prayer from the very beginning. And that's what

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so what we're going to do tonight is we're going to study Spotify, to how within the context of prayer, what symbols, in fact, to have means when we read it within our salobre memory within a prediction. So that's what we're going to set. And

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before we get started, one thing, I'm going to start off by kind of explaining the concept to you that you see up there on the screen. One of the things about these types of weekend courses, weekend seminars, it might be kind of something new to your community. There are some because I know this the first time I'm visiting here, as spoke to some of the other instructors as well. And they they haven't yet had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful community. Nevertheless, some communities that we visit more often that are used to receiving seminars, the sample seminars are an opportunity to kind of take a little bit more deeper look into our religion, to kind of roll up your sleeves and

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get your hands dirty a little bit, so to speak, and two fingers between us really scared to sink your teeth into something electriss electrical, you get 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes. But that's all I mean, there's only so deep you can get with in a lecture, but a class a seminar, a program like this, that you kind of sink your teeth into something. And so what I like to do is, while I like it, I want to keep the course at a level where everyone can benefit, I still like to go ahead and teach you a few more detailed concepts. All right, the first one is at the root of the letter you see up there on the screen.

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This is a literary concept. All right, this is a literary concept. So it's a it's

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it's a function of balau of Arabic elements. And that actually is found in other languages as well, as I'll show you an example. And that concept is this we have two employees with juice.

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That's good. Because we juice what that means means what that refers to is sometimes you have a whole entity, but you refer to that whole entity

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by saying the name of just department. You refer to the entity by saying the name of a part of it. I'll give you an example. I don't mean to be morbid, but it's just an example that comes to my head easily. Apple.

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So I know now Steve Jobs is dead. I realize that but before he died, you know I've had to the iPad took me about so somebody said, Did you see Steve Jobs released a new product? Steve Jobs, he released a new product. Now, the question I have for you is did Steve Jobs release new product? Or did the company release a new product

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which will guide

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the company? What's the name of the company?

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I was reading

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my two year old and chooses a year old sheet to shoot every couple completions. Welcome to Apple.

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so but so the thing is Steve Jobs don't release a new product that Apple computers, Apple the company released a new project.

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But when you say Steve Jobs are referred to Apple, why'd you see Steve Jobs?

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Because he's the most well known part of the companies the face of the company. He's

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The most important person in the company. All right, so you refer to the company facing just name of a person. You know, unfortunately, as you're going to discover this weekend, a lot of my examples tend to be like sports analogies and sports examples. It's part of the values of growing up in Texas. So but you know, like,

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somebody says, you know, Tim Tebow won another game lesson there. Tim Tebow won five games in a row. He's the quarterback for a team called the Denver Broncos. Alright, so he's a player on the team. Now, the team team will win five games in a row. The team has been focusing on five games in a row. But you seem to TiVo why, because he's done.

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He's the quarterback. He's the most important position on the team. All right. He's definitely not the best player on the team. All right, everybody wants to sprint well knows that. But nevertheless, he's doing he's the face of the world. All right. So sometimes you're referring to an entity, but you won't be seeing anybody one part of it.

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One part of it. All right. So that's a principle that's an that's a function of those. Now, guess what this function refer works in reverse as well. Because we get to choose we

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sometimes refer to as something try to get to get the name of the hole.

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To explain on the way here to class, I call you when I say brother, I meant you're completely out. What happened? My car is busted.

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I call you and I tell you why. Car is busted. Now my whole car is not busted, the engine is fine. The you know, the electrical stuff is all good. The doors, the windows, the steering wheel, everything's the wheel, everything's rigged. The transmission is busted the transmission data.

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Now, when I call you, I see my car is busted. My entire car busted. No, just a part of the transmission. But without that part of it, can I get to where I need to go? I can't, my car won't.

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So therefore I don't say my transmission was busted. I see by car or bus.

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So I think the whole thing is busted, even though we're only a part of it.

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Again, because that part is so important that without it, the rest of the car is useless to me right now. All right. And again, that's a difference really works in the reverse as well. Now, even though I explained this to you, right, well, you don't know why I explained it to you. Hold on to it. Remember it, I'm gonna come back and revisit this later. All right. So it's kind of like a process of learning. It's a learning exercise. So just remember this whole principle, we're going to come back and it's going to make a lot of sense.

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Now, there's a big booty

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booty basically mean sacred tradition. Like I mentioned before, I don't assume anything in this class. I anytime I mentioned terminology, I'm going to explain explain it. All right, so that everyone in the course everyone in the class, everyone here in the West can benefit. I have been putting as a secret tradition when you're comfortable most of the low body subsets that Allah has said. Alright, so he specifically made that distinction. I have a little company of mine in the bottom

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of mine who is married in advance.

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So we have to assume a lot these are the logo it was sort of a a poo. He says I heard the term of peace and blessings be upon him saying

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Elia said, so God Almighty has said, but somebody who saw the baby will may not have to do the same.

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I'm going to explain for what the first part is about something or someone who went the Arabic language means I have divided I have distributed I have divided Alright, very important to remember this a song whenever I say whenever they divided

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us about what is robbing everybody the prayer I have divided the prayer they mean unless in between me what maybe not I believe and between my slave midspan

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misspelling the word ms fe is the dual form

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the pair form of the word Miss Miss means half.

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So the spelling means two halves. Now, let me tell you something about linguistic and grammatical analysis. Whenever you have a word Miss, so this could be kind of have sort of have exactly how it could be a lot of different things. Depends on how you interpreted whenever a word like this is used in conjunction with a word that has a mathematical meaning and a mathematical indication on your assumption when there is an assumption meaning everybody I have divided the article up

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Absolutely, whenever you combine the word like Miss, with the word that's a mathematical meaning, it doesn't just mean kind of half sort of half it means exactly have one over 2.5.

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exactly half.

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here, I have divided the prayer between me and resumed my state into two equal halves. I want everyone to be who is famous for everyone to equal out. Very, very important. We're going to come back to this when you're outside. And for enslavers, whether the effects are guaranteed to not be totally guaranteed for my status, whatever he's asked for, he's gonna get it.

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Now, what does that talking about? What is that referring to? We don't really know. It's kind of it's almost like a teaser, right template just teasing us on. This is kind of leading us off right now is bringing us in is drawing us in.

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So when is the second asteroid that was guaranteed? We don't quite know yet. Let's read on it and see what happens

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for it.

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So now when the slave says, so I'm not praying.

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Have you read it? Okay.

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All right. Well, that's exactly understand what this means

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for us, so we're happy to help anyone I'm looking forward to helping everybody pray that means praise. However, it means a very specific type of bridge. How would you reverse your praise that is deserved? Praise that someone or something is worthy of someone or something deserves?

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All right, when you praise someone, and they're not really deserving or worthy of praise, it's colorful, but what is the color?

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All right. So if I bring someone for being very tall, did they do anything to be really tall? That's

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all right. Secondly, if I present them falsely,

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if I say Oh,

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bless his brothers, brother. You know, he set up all the chairs in the room all by himself, but that's not the truth. He walked in after the class started. All right. So if I fall asleep, raise someone,

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then that's not 100 either. That's

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all right. I'm just praising someone whether it's right or wrong, but to make that decision, how does when someone is deserving and worthy of that phrase? All right, let's reconvene specifically. Now, let me show you something else about the word. The word count as I find out.

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Number one, what that means is the word of other adds a meaning the right under the the definite article is definitely alright to being phrase. That's the equivalent in classical Arabic, we're sending the ultimate prayers, the ultimate prayers.

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Secondly, because we understand, we know that it's not a verb, but this is a this is a noun is not a fad. It's not a verb, it's about now what's the difference here?

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In English, can we make the distinction? Can we compare nouns and verbs looks better at our verb? Do we do that or comparison? It's not a discussion in English, right? Especially how to honor English. In classical Arabic, though, it makes a huge difference there compared and when you compare now reverting classical Arabic, and now the superior to a verb in classical Arabic.

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For many reasons, I'll share two of them with you here that are pertinent to this conversation. Number one, and now it is better now to superior to a verb, because number one, and now a verb. For example, let me just give you the example. If I say he spoke, what timeframe did he speak in?

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past is the central point of presence, or the feature? No, he spoke. If I say he is speaking, what time is that? presidents trust the password future. MSA even will speak what time frame future don't talk about capacity.

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But if I say he is a speaker, he is a teacher

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as a now

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then at that time, does that mean that he spoke the past present and will continue to speak in the future? Absolutely. It opens up it opens it all up. And in classical Arabic, it's that much more profound.

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In classical Arabic, past, present or future versions are limited. And now is a timeless word has no beginning.

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It's an ideal.

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Second reason here, why not rehearse will begin something here let me give you an English and if I say sapt

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eating, what question are you going to ask me?

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Exactly What's up? What's up? Everyone? Who I'm saying we spoke, eating, what? teaching? The question is whose fault we walk in, who's eating who talk. That's the person who,

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what you learned from that is now are they knew someone or something else.

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They need someone who's going to be verbs. They need someone to carry out the action. Verbs need to do. Fantasy spoke to say who I am saying Hamlet spoke, or he spoke, or she spoke, I said what verbs need to do.

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Now, that's

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another kind of central idea. If I say table, computer, foam, mustard,

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those are independent entities or they're independent ideas.

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It's an object independent. I will ask the computer looks after talking about.

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So now, independent verbs are dependent