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The speakers discuss the process of performing fraud in Iran and the importance of maintaining hedges in Iran. They note the differences between hedge-recourse and hedge-equity processes, emphasizing the need for proper analysis and proper hedging culture. The speakers also touch on the benefits and drawbacks of halogen farming, including the lack of financial burden and the need for dedication to field trials. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a series of lectures and a discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of halogen farming.

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early or so heavy on Allah, their viewers, welcome back to a new episode. As we continue to delve into on this journey of Hajj, the filk of Hajj Hamdulillah. Last episode we discussed finished discussing the virtues of the last 10 days, or the first 10 days of the hedgerow, sorry, and this episode, we will dive into the topic on hand, the Hajj itself. Now we'll begin with your permission. Of course, with the different types of Hajj there are different types of types of hedge out there. So in general, can you just explain to us what are the different types of hedge Bismillah?

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What I'd like to say is that when you said and this will happen to me quite a few years ago, and they they said, what type of hedge Are you going to make? I said,

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I've heard you was hedge. What do you mean types of hedge? There's only one hedge. They said, No, no, there is one hedge, but there's different ways that you can perform the hedge. I said Subhanallah he didn't know that. So maybe the viewers are hearing. Similarly my reaction is, I thought there was only one hedge, there is only one hedge. However, there are different ways to perform the hajj in fact that there are three.

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Quite simply there is something called Hajj if Rod 100 If rod means to perform the hajj alone. That's it, you just performed the rites of Hajj. The second one you have is called Hajj Al Quran.

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Well, that means that you're going to perform Umrah with the Hajj.

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The third Hajj is called Hajj attempt,

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which is also Hajj with Amara. Now you're thinking that's the same as the one previous. So what is the difference between Koran and tomato? First of all, let's explain the terms. Hajj means Hajj. If rod means alone, singular. That's what that means. So Hajj, alone. Hajj Koran for the word Corona, which means to join together. Okay means to be together. This means that a person is going to perform hajj and umrah with one Iran.

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So the Hajj is going to be performed and an Umbra was going to count for normal at least. And you're not going to come out of Iran, you stay in Iran.

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The third one is tomato tomahto means to enjoy. This means that you're going to perform Umrah and Hajj however, you're going to have to harems. It means you're going to perform the Umbra separately, and then you're going to perform the hajj separately. So the different difference from the Quran, in that the Hajj and Umrah photometer are performed individually, the Quran they're done together. Sure, Misha, Pamela, we covered a lot in these two in these few minutes over here. So I want to break things down a little bit. So maybe we can understand a little bit more in detail. So in Hajj Quran we mentioned that we're performing both hajj and umrah together with one haram. So there's no

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cutting of the cutting of the hair or taking off of their haram, is that correct? That's correct. So just one straight.

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So yeah, I mean, bringing it down further.

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There's a link between how the hedge fraud is performed to the hedges. Iran essentially is the same rights is the same way you're going to do except with Iran, there was a sacrifice that is made.

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So the rights of how you perform Hajj a fraud is the same as how you perform Hajj Koran. But with the Hajj Quran we said the is you also get the reward of an ombre with it. But you have to make a sacrifice as well. With Haji fraud, there is no sacrifice. The sacrifice means that you have a sheep will you participate with a cow or a camel? There's no sacrifice for Hajj. If one haram perform Hajj and you're done with Chiron you're going to perform Hajj with the reward of an Umbra and the sacrifices made.

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Because we didn't do a fraud.

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No because we didn't is because at the end at the beginning when you make your intention which we'll talk about later how to perform or enter the state of the haram. You will make your intention and your intent your intention will determine the type of hedge that you make. And then what is upon you whether you make a sacrifice or not with Timothy to perform ombre in Makkah, of course. Now whatever place you're going to perform hombre, then you come out of the State of Iran. You finished your Amma handedly trimmed or shaved your hair.

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Then you stay in Makkah and when the days of Hajj begin, you then perform Hajj. So you have that kind of gap between performing the Ramallah and the Hajj. That gap could be one day, it could be a month depending on when you performed that particular

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The hence the name tomato. Do you enjoy your time there? Yes, that's exactly.

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So Can Can we look at it as in terms of, for example, an express hedge for those, for example, who don't have time to do the fraud, for example, versus those who have time, they can come in, they do the ombre. And do they have that relaxation time, that tomato, the enjoyment of Mecca and the Haram and then do the Hajj or?

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Well, it really depends, when you're going to assume you're Iran. If you're living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you want, you have the kind of you have the liberty of entering your Iran just before Hajj starts, then that's something you know, can be facilitated, it's easy for you to do that. However, if you're flying in from a different country, you will be required to enter a number of days, maybe a week or 10 days before hedge actually starts. So that means if you're going to do a fraud, you need to remain in the state of a fraud.

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Haram you State of Iran, because you're performing a fraud, you're going to remain in the State of Iran for a week or 10 days, which is a little bit difficult. Okay. This is why most people who are flying in from abroad to come in to perform their hedge, most of them performed

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because when they arrive they can perform their O'Mara. They can then when the normal clothes, and when it's time to perform hutch, they enter the haram for a second time for this for the Hajj. And they they perform the hajj. So it doesn't necessarily mean it's a quick way for those who are flying from a different country. Because if we're flying for different countries, you need to you need to arrive early. But for those who living close to Makkah, maybe it's

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a quicker way, an easier way for them. And it's obviously there's no sacrifice for you. So there's no, there's no financial burden for you to ever sacrifice. So it really depends on the circumstance of the individual. What about somebody who's like flying in, like on the seven day or you know, you don't necessarily know how many time to perform ombre at that point. It has to go straight into. Yeah. So

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as far as the logistics, the practicalities of that. People who are from abroad, I think there's a cutoff date, okay. That you don't find there are flights flying in on the seventh flight literally the one day before 100 knots, that the logistical situation doesn't permit that due to safety reasons and what not. I think the last time that you can fly and it differs from each year maybe it's four or five days before Hajj actually starts if you're within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a difference because you can you can drive quite close to the place as long as you have permission to perform Hajj of course okay. And then you can enter Makkah to perform your your your Hajj

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going back to Shiva, the hudgell Quran

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I'm sorry, I had to tomato. How long can somebody have that tomato face? Can it be an hour or two? Can it be a day or two? Okay, good. So this is going back to what Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran, where Allah had you assured him Aluma that the Hajj or specific months now what are these months, which are the months of hajj they are show one located under the first 10 days of Elijah. So let's say for example, a person intends to make the Hajj and performance there are MRA in the month of Shawwal. So they performed the month there the Umbra initial world and they stay in MK

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and Masha Allah maybe two months later, they're going to perform the hajj here, it could be two months between the camera and the Hajj. Those people who are maybe coming from the Americas, maybe coming from Africa or coming from Europe, they will arrive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia maybe once a week before Hajj starts. So they will perform their own model upon arrival. Most groups, some groups come earlier, some come later, but you know, average they will perform their Amara and maybe it's five or six or seven days before they they hatch. So it really depends on when you perform your ombre as long as it's within show. Well, although cared for the first 10 days or the first 10 days

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our law. So it could be anywhere from two months to two days to two hours. It could be Yeah, it could be ensures that Yeah.

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So after performing, you know,

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halogen, tomato or halogen fraud. I mean obviously if it's a fraud you just you're done with your hedge or you're finishing off your hedge at that point, correct. That's right. There's there's there's nothing for you to do after that.

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I know there's a common question as to

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Which one is better for me to do?

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What's more preferable? Should I do this one? Should I do that? Or should I do that? Okay. This is a big discussion amongst the scholars. Even some of the companions of the alliance will do the math in a different way.

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Some of them said fraud is the best. Some of them said Koran is the best because that's what the prophets Allah Muslims did. And some of them say No, kimetto is best. And each of them have the understandings and evidences for everything.

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But what seems to be based upon the evidences, there seems to be a fair justification to say it's not necessarily one is the best, and Allah knows best. Those who travel with their sacrifice. They say some of the scholars that plan is best for you. Because that's what the Prophet said our lesson leaders if you travel with your sacrifice, but this is something which is not many people do at the moment. You don't travel from the airport and have the sheep in the back of the car, or the bus. People don't do that anymore.

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So if you travel with your sacrifice that's best for you. If you don't travel with your sacrifice, then what is better for you is to meta analysis patterns based

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on dear viewers, unfortunately, we've come to a break where we have to take a break at this point. Stay tuned for our next part of this episode after the break. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear viewers, welcome back to this episode, as we continue our explanation of finding out the types of Hajj the ways we can perform Hajj as a shovel, he mentioned that there is only one type there is only one hedge to be performed, but there are different ways we can actually perform this hedge. And we left off before the break talking about what is the best type or the best way among these hedge shows not how what is in it a little bit more detail, the best type

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Bismillah what I would say first and foremost is for the viewers is is maybe to look at the first part of the show again, and just to take in fully the different types of hash. Okay, and what is Hajj if rod, what is Hajj Koran and what is hedge temat? What are they? And what are the differences between those three types of performing the hedge? This is very important to go over. So you understand what's upon you was in front of you in this journey in general Tyler, after you've done that, I would say answering your question as to what is preferable and what is the best hedge. Now there are legitimate and valid differences of opinion on this. Some of the scholars are of the view

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that they appear on Hajj Koran is the best hedge. This was the Hajj that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam performed, he brought along with him the sacrifice that was going to be made and performed Quran. Now some of the companions of the messenger SallAllahu Sallam saw the type of Hajj that he was performed, and they followed him they did the same as him.

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However, when it was very close to MK the Prophet earliest and realized that some of the companions had brought their sacrifice with them, and some of them did not bring their sacrifice with them.

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So here the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said that if I knew before what was going to happen, now, I would have done or done differently. So therefore those who did not bring their sacrifice with them, those who are performing the Tehran, and they didn't have the sacrifice with them. He SallAllahu sallam said, right, what you're going to do now is you perform your Amara, you're not you're going to make it a tenet.

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You don't perform Quran you perform tomato, so you perform because they didn't bring the sacrifice with them. So you perform your Amara, you come out of Iran, and then once again you will enter the state of haram and perform Hajj separately. This is legitimate.

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So for this reason, some of the scholars say no, even though the prophets Allah some did perform Quran, he Elisa Some said that if I knew about what I knew in the future, I wouldn't have done like this. Therefore, he said at least you would have performed better for some reason. The this for this reason I should say that some of the scholars say no matter is better than Iran.

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How as I mentioned earlier, there is some of the scholars have just a view in the middle

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that if you do bring your sacrifice with you then performed Koran that is better. If you don't bring your sacrifice with you, which is maybe the vast majority of people, then the temperature would be better for you. And it's not an issue for us to say I'd done this Hajj and my hijab better than yours. Just remember the Prophet SAW Allah some said Al huduma, bro the hajj that is accepted, not the 100 Grand that's accepted, or the hedge tomato this accepted al Hajj. The accepted one laser level just like religion has no other reward except the paradise. So does need no need for us to argue over happens to be the best. If Allah subhanaw taala writes for you to perform hajj, be

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thankful to your Lord and perform the hajj whatever hard you're performing in the very best way that you can. That is the most important thing. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant

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This all the hedge and mob rule Lahoma mean for those of us who are going up this year and those who are who are staying and didn't get that opportunity. We asked Wells Fargo to write for us a hedge in near future Aloma. So she's not from your explanation, what I can understand and forgive me if I misunderstood that the hedge Quran and Hadith are very close yes to each other. That's the fact that they're all very close but more specifically Quran and fraud. Yes, are very close. What is the main difference between them? So the difference essentially between Hajj a fraud, which we said is the Hajj alone, and the Hajj Quran is the performing Hajj, but the reward of Hajj and Umrah but it has a

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sacrifice done with it and you will stay in the state of haram. So as we will mentioned a little bit later about the pillars or the essential parts of the Hajj there are four that is entering the State of Iran. There is the standing on offer. There is the twofer if elbow and there is say

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these are the four pillars of the Hajj they are in both the Hajj Iran and also the Hajj of the Quran. So when a person undertakes the pilgrimage leaves the place where they entered the State of Iran make their way to Makkah. Upon arrival, they will perform tawassul kudu I will explain this a little bit later in the series or the explanation of the Hajj itself. But answering the question very, very specifically, is that the rights of the hedge if you're a fraud, and the Koran that they are the same, however, with the Quran, they will have to have a sacrifice made. That is the central difference between the two. So why would one choose to run over a frog?

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Well, if they want to have the reward of a hedge and or model,

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if they want to have a hedge the reward of a hedge, and then they will have the hedge Koran performed, but they will have to make and pay for sacrifice. Because with the hedge, there is no sacrifice, there's no financial burden concerning that.

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But with the Koran, there was the financial burden of

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having an animal sacrificed. If you can't afford it, maybe a person doesn't have that, then you fast three days in hajj, there's kind of another way of doing it fast. And last month I mentioned this in in Surah Al Baqarah that if a person doesn't have the headache, the sacrifice, the first three days in the hedge was about an era term and seven days, when you return to your home Tilka Ashara term Kameelah that is a complete 10 days fast that would have 10 days fasting, which would be which would suffice The heavier the sacrifice that was made for you during the Hajj, if you can't afford it financially, then you can fast in place of that.

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Going back to hybrid tomato, and that period of tomato and inshallah we're going to be going on another in another episode perhaps of what are things that we're not allowed to do while we're in the state of haram. But are we what are we able to do in that phase? Or that stage of tomato that that phase of enjoyment? Are we allowed to, for example, have relations with our spouses, okay, during that time? What are we allowed them what are we not allowed, okay. So, again, this is very important when studying

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is that you can make the soul is that you can imagine and visualize the topic that we are talking about. This is extremely important. Otherwise, it just becomes just theory, pieces of information that you know, remain in the mind for a little while, and then it just goes away because maybe it's hard. It's something that maybe you'll only do once in your life and you'll forget about those things. So as usual, you're enjoying Ramadan, you will get Ramadan questions. They asked the question last year, but they forgot. So they need to ask again. Likewise, zikr it comes once a year you forget the answer I need to ask again. So like questions, maybe you can, you can ask it once you

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get the answer. And then you don't need to ask again because you're always doing it now.

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when a person performs their model, they remain in

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however long that is one week or one month. You are not in the State of Iran. If you're with your family, you have relationship with your wife, you spend time in the Haram which is the most important thing, of course, okay. We know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam informed us that offering the Salah in the masjid is equal to 100,000 Salah anywhere else 100,000 Salah is more times more than any other place on earth Subhanallah so you're in your own home, whether you're in Africa or Europe or America, I guess once I was once in my case 100,000

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on this issue if you don't mind me mentioning please is that is this reward restricted to the masjid itself.

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Okay, the doors of the masjid because it's how mustard is known by its walls and its doors or is the reward restricted to that place? Or is the reward anywhere in Makkah? There are two views on this. However, what seems to be

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more correct with the evidences is that the 100,000 is applicable anywhere in Makkah, not just the masjid itself.

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Because we know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was taken on the night journey. And he Ellison was not inside the Masjid. However, Allah subhanaw taala says Shobhana lady s Robbie Abba De La La Nina al Masjid Al haram.

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Even though the prophet that was not inside the masjid itself, he was outside it. For this reason many of the scholars have said that the entire of Mecca the hara, you can find a reward of 100,000 So we're

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bigger than later and so if a person between the ombre and the hedge they should offer their Salah and Gemma as much as they can and try to be inside the masjid no doubt has its own virtue.

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Can Can he actually leave Mecca? For example, go visit Medina for example, or is he confined when we're speaking about halogen tomato? Or is he confined to Mecca? Good question. Right. So let's say that a person arrives very early to perform their Ramadan he wants to perform tomato. He arrives or she arrives and they perform their Aurora is a month to hedge. I have the opportunity to go to Mecca.

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Medina, my apologies they have the opportunity to go to Medina That's right. If they do that, they go to Medina and they spend some time there. They would be required to then perform rubra photometer again because they left the Harlem area

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okay so they would then go to Medina from Al Khalifa or the place where you assume you are around from the people of Medina do you perform your you live there and then when you arrive in Makkah you perform your armor again

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and then you

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perform your hedge often. We then later

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on we ask a loss Potter to bless you on your family and your time for joining us here and sharing with us this beneficial knowledge Aloma mean Dear viewers, welcome located on for joining us this episode as we learn the different types of halogen the benefits and the differences and the similarities between the different types and what's better, what's not better and they're all good well insha Allah Allah. Join us next episode as we continue this journey of Hajj and the fifth Hajj. Until next time, so don't ya Kumar Rahmatullah Hilbert