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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a conversation they had with a man who was among them. The man had a history of drinking alcohol and was using it as a political adjuster. The man used the man himself as an icon to his unit and would not allow anyone to join him in a gathering.
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Having the loss salatu salam ala Rasulillah I was giving a right to a scholar who many considered to be one of the most knowledgeable scholars in the US. And I had picked him up from the airport and we had around a 15 minute drive ahead of us. And in the car ride he was he's very elderly have a little line he was asking me about myself. And the conversation revolved around Quranic verses that he was reciting and verses of poetry and, and we'd interchange between that and it was it was really beautiful. And then in the middle of conversation, he would just start raising his hands towards the windshield, and start making passionate dot, like really, really passionate, and then that would

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last for about a minute. And then he would go back to talking to me. And then five, seven minutes would go by and then he'd against are raising his hands really passionately and start making noise. And it was at the beginning was very awkward for me because I didn't know when He would interrupt our conversation to just start making dua.

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But then after a couple of minutes, it really crystallized the concept for me, you know, the province and the lady said that when he was asked by GBD, about Hassan, he said untitled Hola kaneka Tala, they limped a Contura in New York, that you worship Allah as if you see him. And if you don't see him to know that he sees you. Now, if there was a third person in the car with us, if there was someone in the backseat, it wouldn't have been appropriate for us to in the front to have a side conversation for 50 minutes without involving the person in the back seat, right? We'd be talking to him as well. We'd be throwing some conversation his way we'd be discussing things with him as well.

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So that's exactly what he was doing. It's just that the third amongst us, was unknown to me. But it was as if he saw him Allah as he says, Are my Hakuna Minaj usr asotin Allahu Allah. Allah home setting Illa who has this home? Whether dinamika adekola XR Illa Who am I who am icon to my unit beyond Bhima Yama, Allah says there is not a gathering of three people, except that he's there fourth, and there's not a gathering of five people except that he's there six. There's not a gathering of more than that, or less than that except to use with them wherever they are, and then he will inform them of what they did on the day of judgment was an almighty Allah