What is the Subscription of Al Hidaayah? How is it Different from Other Free Platforms?

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The next question from Shakir Ahmed, a student from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, what will be the subscription fees of al Qaeda? Why are you shifting from your policy of free Dawa? How will this platform differ from the other free platforms of yours, like pitch TV network, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

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But the Shakir has basically asked three questions. What would be the subscription fees of holiday platform? Why have I shifted from the normal policy of free Java? And how will it differ from the other free platforms that speech TV, Facebook, YouTube, etc, the subscription fees of this platform, unlike most of the other Islamic learning management systems, where they have a fee, per course, normally ranges from $25 $30 $50. And if you have to do those costs, it becomes expensive. And on our platform, there will be a lot of courses. Initially, it will launch for 25 courses in my section and more than 25 in the other section, other speakers, but it will end up maybe after a year of more

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than 50 courses my section and more than 100 courses in there, the speaker section, and later on, it will increase. So if a person wants to watch all these courses will be very expensive. So in our platform, I'll hidayah we have kept a monthly subscription fee, the subscription fee for Dr. Zaki next section, we will give a launch offer an initially for the first six months, it would be for $11 per month.

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And you can watch unlimited 1000s of hours of videos. The video on demand as well as the courses as I said initially would be 25 would go to more than 100. If you subscribe for the complete year, you get a discount of 25% instead of paying $132 level multiply by 12 will have a 25% discount, you save $33 and you have to pay $99. But together, we have a discount of 25%. If you take for one year together and you pay in advance for the full year.

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In the other speaker session, we'll be giving a launch offer of $9 per month for the first six months, that is a monthly subscription. If you pay yearly together, nine into 12 should come $208. Again, we refund over 85% that would be about $27 discount. So if you pay together for the full year, the yearly subscription would be $81. This will be the launch offer. After approximately six months, we'll go to the original rate, where for doctors actually next section it will be for $14 per month. And the subscription if you give monthly $14 the yearly subscription, instead of $168, there would be a discount of 25% would come to about $126 25% discount in the section of the other

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speakers, it would be after six months, the nominal rate would be $11 per month, for 12 months. together instead of the $132. There'll be 25% discount, it will be for $99 there's one more option that if you subscribe to both together both the platforms, if you want in the launch offer Dr. Zack and 911 dollars, or the speaker for $9. If you subscribe both together, instead of $20 per month, you'd have to pay only $18 per month. That's a discount. Similarly, if instead of monthly, you want to subscribe annually for both together it will be $162 again, discount of 45% if you subscribe both together for nearly $262. So this is the launch offer for the first six months and later on

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inshallah we will have the normal rate. Regarding the second question that why have we gone away from a normal norm of everything free. And you know that one of the first projects that we really did start charging was for the school Islamic national school, but that too, was subsidized. Because if you want to give high quality, it's expensive. So what we did that we charge from the rich people and 1/3 of our students for free, because the school we cannot have mass number of students only 24 class. So we took fees from those who could afford it and we give free to 1/3 so that both could benefit but it wasn't a wholesale it was retail. If you compare with all the other activities of

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ours which are there, whether it be pitch TV, whether it be Facebook, whether it be YouTube, and our conferences which are attended by lagina

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But of people, hundreds of 1000s of people, 1 million people more than that, it is wholesale.

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So in that, we want to keep it free, so that we earn more. So if we have to charge for the pitch TV and you know Alhamdulillah the pitch TV has the viewership, all the four channels speech tv English, or do Bangla and Chinese put together has got 200 million viewers, I just checked up Netflix, in the last quarter of 2020. The paid subscription was 203 point 6 million, or 204 million. And that is huge. So PhD, we're hamdulillah. The wholesale reaches about 200 million viewers, but it's three, if we charge, the viewership become known to maybe 5%, from 200 million and become known to 10 million or lower, we don't want to lose the server. That's the reason we want to keep it free. Same thing

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with the Facebook, the Facebook has got 22 point 7 million. It's a huge leak wholesale, and we have no ads on it. Similarly, with the YouTube, I would say it's medium, it has got 2.4 million subscribers, and many more millions others also watch. Facebook is great 2.7 million followers, but the viewers will be much more. YouTube is a medium scale of 2.4 million subscribers and many more million more subscribers also watching. But we have no ads on it. We don't monetize on YouTube at all. We don't give ads so that the people can watch freely and enjoy. This platform is not a wholesale platform, like the pitch TV or the Facebook. It's not in millions, it may start with 10s

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of 1000 men shall increase to 100,000. But it will yet be according to us retail or low, rich. The reason we are monetizing on this is because the bandwidth for watching high quality programs of 4k and HD is expensive, and feel free to give good quality. Those who can afford can pay, there will be a small section like how we have in the school. Those who can afford will get scholarship. So here are two for the general Muslims. Some of them may get scholarship, there'll be a separate section for non Muslims. And most of the non Muslims if they want, they can subscribe free, so they don't want to do the Sava, there'll be a separate section for the scholars of Australia of knowledge, the

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two majority would get free, but the general Muslims not all. But if we are satisfied, they'll get free, there'll be a section for the other subscribers if they want to donate

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for helping the non Muslims to watch all the scholars, all the students of knowledge or the gentle Muslims, they will be an option that they can help in supporting the non Muslims to watch all the students of knowledge to watch on the gentle Muslims to watch. This is a separate section that they can take part in.

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And if you know the way my projects run is not at all by massive donation. It is mainly by few friends of mine who fund most of the big projects do anyone is welcome to contribute. But the main contribution done by selected few people as times are changing, I don't know how long will I live. So I want to create a platform which will also be generating on its own. So instead of donation, we have found the system and this platform. We have what five milestones the first milestone is to reach that number of subscribers that will let the platform run on its own. The second milestone would be to have more number of subscribers.

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So that it will take care of part of the cost of my other directivity. The third level would be it will have more number of subscribers, it will take care of all the other activity that Henry the fourth level if that maybe if there are more number of subscribers, it will help me to support the other activities in the world. And the fifth level is it will help me to start more other platforms or more other projects so that we can do much more but we are not at all going to compromise or change any of the other avenues of our the piste will remain free. If we monetize pitch TV, it will be multiple than more than this platform. The reach is already 200 million, but I don't want to lose

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the server. That different project on Facebook. There's no monetization on YouTube, no monetization. We have huge conferences we have huge lectures we never charge any money that would remain all the activities all the projects 100% are free except the school

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which is there in the subsidized? And this is the second project. Regarding the third question that how will al hidayah be different than the other free Java projects of mine, that at the beach TV, or Facebook or YouTube, this alley, Daya will be different in many ways. Number one, it is an amalgamation of all most of my other free projects. This other platform is amalgamation of the pitch TV network. Also, the Facebook, also the YouTube, also the pitch TV app, and something extra, something extra speak later on.

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Whatever you have on pitch TV, most of it or maybe the best of it would be available on the platform, the difference in pitch t wave that in pitch TV, it's already programmed, what we will show, so you have no option if we show doctors I can next program from nine to 10. Every evening, you have no option you have to watch from nine to 10 you're going to watch in the morning, you're always in the evening in our pitch TV app, you have option then you can see last one week program at your leisure. In this you can select what you want to see.

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And we know that the viewership of certain speakers is much more than the others. So don't have to wait the advantage in this platform is that number one, it will be high quality, same pitch difficulty would be there, or maybe higher because pitch TV Alhamdulillah you know, the English became HD in 2009. The PC we all do became HD in 2014 if I'm not mistaken, and for a couple of years old again became HD but since October 2020 Alhamdulillah, all four channels have become HD English, Urdu Bangla engines, but it's not 4k, this platform besides the pitch TV quality will be higher it will be 4k. So there are programs which are recorded from December 2015 onwards would be better

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quality than HD versa. 4k, HD with non 4k, number one. Number two again watch it at your leisure. What programs you want, you can navigate you can feet, you can watch continuously, the same speaker for five hours, 10 hours, a few minutes, it is permitted. So it has most of the pitch TV, almost all the best programs of pitch TV, initially it will be only English up to six months. Then later on we'll add on my platform, it may be English to Bangla sooner, but the other speakers will add on maybe after finishing English after six months will add on overdue, then maybe Bangla then Chinese it takes time to upload for the full platform to have its complete form that we are looking at maybe

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more than 8000 to 10,000 hours with finalizing all the my new details it would take about two years. But at the launch itself, it would be the largest platform not our target of array there but compared to the other Islamic platform that will be the largest from day one would have at least one and a half to 2000 hours of programs. And every day we'll keep on adding every month there'll be hundreds of other added every month then mini courses added it will keep on expanding for the next maybe two years at a fast rate. And later on then as we keep on producing new programs it will be there as far as Facebook is concerned.

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The Facebook contains mainly two types of posts on my Facebook. It has Mashallah 22 point 7 million followers, it has got post that the photos, as it's called graphically designed, and videos. The videos will be the same of YouTube on this platform. And the posts that are there will be putting into the Islamic courses. As I mentioned my early answer that is Islamic courses besides having the video and the study guide and the transcript of my complete Islamic course. The fourth would be additional resources in this additional resources. If I'm giving a course under man, which is for about 24 hours video. The study guide would be additional about 10 hours there will be approximately

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three 400 posts of mine and each post for the drumline made a half a minute so you have an additional 200 minutes or maybe three hours for in the post. transcript is day so most of the best part of my Facebook posts would be the the videos are the same as YouTube.

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So even YouTube would be there on the platform. On the YouTube we have good full length but if you want to go to the Facebook and watch my post, two years back, very difficult. You have to scroll down may take many

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minutes difficult here at the click of a button. So everything almost all the good part of the field book will be there on this platform available at the click of a button searching is very easy. The videos which are there on the YouTube also there on the Facebook, most of them. If you go to the YouTube videos and full length, it will be in this program. Also, there are videos cut, every question is separate. So you can easily try and find out the answer to your question type it will come same would be in the spectrum, YouTube, the searching will not be that efficient as our platform. But on YouTube, though it is the second largest best search engine in the world after

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Google. But only talking about my YouTube channel, it has limitations, which this would be far superior to find what you want is much more easier. And the video would be high quality again here. So it's much better than the YouTube, YouTube with all its limitations is there. Yeah, with that we'll have the script ready of all my speeches will have along with additional material, if it's a course, will have the study guide also so much more than the YouTube. So the difference is, it is higher quality,

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easy to navigate, easy to find. Besides these three platforms, even the pitch TV app, it's better pitch TV app, you can only go up to last seven days. Besides watching all the fortune life, which you can also watch on this platform. All the four channels pitch TV, you can watch live. But the complete library is at your disposal in Sharla. In the first six months complete English library would be at our disposal, then we'll add on new library then the Bangla then the Chinese the fifth platform, which TV network Facebook, YouTube, which TV app website in this platform, there is a separate section to know about doctors, I can click that the separate section, which is an

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abbreviated version of my website, my website is there. It's the new website, this will match with the theme of the platform.

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So all the information which is there on the website also available yet, but the upgraded version, the notes are available. So most of the free platforms that we have five, all five are there on this but much more higher quality, much better. If the navigation. The additional thing, the only thing that will be exclusive on this platform and not available outside are my courses.

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My Courses would be exclusively available on another platform, the VOD the video on demand section, half of that section is available on the pitch TV, on the Facebook, on the YouTube on the website on the pitch TV app. But higher quality, easy navigation much better. Even if VOD is available on this platform video on demand, I would prefer going to a platform and pay a few dollars a month and watch what they want to watch rather than wait for that time to come and match the schedule of the channel. much better, much easier. paying a few dollars, you can get much more knowledge you can do for us together. The additional that is there. If the Islamic courses, though the videos of the

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Islamic courses may be available on the YouTube, you can see on the beach TV, you can feel the Facebook, but the study guide is not there, the course module is not there. Furthermore, the addition that will be one after the program. That is the Dawa training program which was one of our biggest or largest and the longest.

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Even on the pitch TV, or recorded, it was recorded for 45 days 33 working days, it was one of the biggest budgets, IT professional said it was done in 2016. And we were supposed to start telecasting it in 2017. But because of the situation that came and you know, then in your mid will after me and add to hegira from India to Malaysia, because of that there was a gap of three years. So it starts with all in 70. Now, we haven't released these programs that is the international Java training program on this platform. And since this program is for 33 days, on average 10 hours a day or more than that. So the video itself would be about 330 hours along with the notes and study guide and

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with additional material it would be for 500 hours. I don't know of any course that is for 500 hours. So this is a marathon course of 500 hours which will be divided into maybe 2030 long courses.

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only find with them only for Christianity only for Judaism only techniques only structure only debate. And this again, Christianity will divide into shorter courses. The short course of mine varies from

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With the video ad set to put together three hours to about six, seven hours or longer courses are eight hours or more than 10 hours. So the whole training program, the super long course of maybe finded hours would be made into about 20 to 30 long courses and short courses would be between 102 100. So this Dawa training program exclusively will be on this platform, we have decided not to put on any other platform. So, the exclusivity of this the USP of this, if you want something which is not available outside on this platform, as far as Dr. Zakir Naik is concerned, would it be the Islamic ocean number one in particular Dawa training program.

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And as I mentioned earlier, it was done very professionally on 14 4k 8k cinematographic cameras, it was a world record, it had a total about more than three and a half petabytes. And we have started editing this, our training program may or may not be available at the launch, but inshallah, if it's not there, the launch, after I'm done, will start showing one course at least, per month, one shot cost per month, that me through us will be editing, and the full Java training program to be launched on the platform would take maybe

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three to five years for complete, because it is massive training levels, you can imagine it's going to be massive. So the duration we have 30 for three to five years, but the complete diversion program may be more also. So every month, we'll be releasing at least one or more of the poles of our training program, we will try our level best to introduce the first short course during the launch, if we cannot, inshallah after nine will be there. But at present, we are concentrating mainly on the remnant costs, which has the support without the different aspects of Ramadan, so that in Ramadan, the people who want to know about Ramadan, the post is ready.

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If we can complete that in time, we'll also start with the international outreach program. If you cannot, then after I'm done, the International our training program would start and that will be unique. By itself, it will not be available on YouTube because it's difficult to have the techniques and the secrets etc. On the YouTube or on the Facebook, pitch TV, we haven't decided yet. But on this platform, it will surely be there all the hours. If you want to learn only one particular session, you can learn one particular section, it will be massive. So this would be for those people, though the cost is very cheap, according to me, just $11 or $14 a month. If you take it

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annually, the launch offer and pay $99 a year, it's only 8.2 $5 a month. And after six months when we increase to $14 then the annual rate yet would be cheap after discount would be 120 odd dollars would be hardly about 10 to $11 a month, which we again very cheap. And we have access to 1000s of hours of video on demand of hundreds of Islamic courses. Mashallah, after a year, more than 100 courses on the platform and at your leisure and the USP would be the Dawa training program. So I hope you satisfied the difference of this platform compared to the other platforms and the reason why we thought of monetizing it and also making it available to the world in this particular way.