Taraweeh Reminder #23 – Remember Allah

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AI: Summary © The host of a video reminds the audience to remember the last panel and the power of words like "will" and "will" in relation to retirement and investing in one's house. They stress the importance of connecting with the last panel and the power of words like "will" and "will" in relation to retirement and investing in one's house. The speaker also discusses the importance of remembering the actions of Allah and how his message is a great one, and mentions a recent interview with a woman named Melissa. The speakers suggest practicing these activities to achieve the greatest benefits.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. And welcome once again to another of the Rama one nights reminders, asking Allah subhana wa tada to make these reminders of benefit to myself and yourself, and that we will find it in sha Allah in our scales of good deeds on their treatment. Today's reminder is something that is not of any news to as every Muslim knows the importance of remembering our last panel, what

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we are talking in this context about how our Muslim can excel to the greatest levels, and excel beyond any other by remembering the last panel.

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Those who have the ability to remember a law a lot, be they male or female, than they are on the right path to get so much reward from Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why in our book 30 steps towards refreshing Ramadan, we talk about how this is like a form of investment is mobile banking is a form where you are getting reward from our last panel retirement and investing it in your house in it in a way that doesn't really cost you much it doesn't take much out of your time out of your effort.

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However, without going into too much details, I want to concentrate on a few points. First of all, the importance of the remembrance of Allah being with the heart, it's important that a person remember who was pantalla from their heart, meaning that they are present, when they are remembering a lot they are there. They know what they are saying, and they can feel it, they can interact with it. And that means that you need to know what the different adkar means when you say su Panama Al Hamdulillah, La Ilaha Illa, la La, La La La La quwata illa de la, la li la creme and so on so forth, you need to know what these words mean. So that least you can be able to feel them. And therefore

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get that power that comes from saying these words, we should never underestimate the the greatness of these, the powers of these words. Because these words do have great power

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loss subhanho wa Taala has control over the whole of the universe. And with his ability, the words which are mentioning him will have great effect. And I'm sure most of you know the whole power over power. For example, Rokia which is a form of using the Quran using the idea of using the good words to to try to initiate a healing process, obviously, is Allah pantallas healing, but he has made in these words a power to heal. And so similarly with the words come gray powers to give you an a whole different

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dimension, change in terms of your spirituality to change in terms of your mood change in terms of your attitude, a lot of things come with us. So liquor is very important in that regards. And it's important that the vehicle is, like we said, is internalized something that's coming out from the from the inside from the heart.

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Secondly, it's important for us to remember our last panel wattana a lot. And it's about connecting yourself with Allah. So every aspect of your life, you are conscious of our last part and that's what liquor is about. When you're eating, you're remembering a lot when you're drinking, when you're going to sleep when you're waking up, when you're going to the bathroom coming out will also allow resuscitation upon into the house, leave the house put on cloth, every aspect of your life. You know, there are aspects of you know, thicker when a person is blessed with a child when a person's relative dies, you know, from there to there. It's all encompassed in things that you can say, and

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things that you can link to our last panel down. So if a person really understands the decal and really focused on the car, then their whole life will be linked to a loss of habitat. And there you go, how that is the answer of how people differ

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amongst themselves into terms of their ease.

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Man because Can you imagine somebody who the moment they wake up to the moment that they go to sleep they are in remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala not just by, you know the saints, Carlos, Carlos Carlos Han a lot, which is great. But in terms of every aspect of their life, then they're thinking, how would Allah view this action that I'm going to do? How the law view what I'm about to say, Okay, I'm going to do this now how does Allah see that and so on. So they're always constantly conscious of Allah, which is what he's talking about is, and that kind of initiates a great feeling, a great attitude, a great strength, in achieving more and so on.

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But the power is greater than this, in that Allah Subhana, Allah has given you an important link. And that link is that when you remember Allah, Allah will remember you. So there is that great, you know, a great link that you have today. You know, if you have some of these, I don't know if you imagine the queen, now going on television. And then while she's reading her message, you know, in the thanking, I think recently, they came out on world the world nurses day or something, and they were doing all these zoom calls throughout the world and speaking to nurses, we imagine the Queen comes out on the table right? Then, while she is doing her, she said and by the way, I would like to

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and this special occasion, I'd like to remember Abdullah and Fatima they did such a great job in doing this this how do you think those people would feel you know, being mentioned in front of so on so forth? It would no doubt be a great honor to be mentioned by somebody of of high pressure in the dounia scenario so imagine, you know, the queen is nothing compared to you know, she's a human like the rest of us. How is it when a loss pantalla is remembering your allies mentioning you by name? It's such a it's such a humbling experience. And that's why in one Hadith the prophet SAW Selim was talking to he called obey evil cab or be evil cab was amongst the most learned of the companions of

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the process. I sent him in regards to the plan and the process and said Accra home obey. And indeed one day on one occasion, the process lm quite quizzed, obey and he said to him obey, what is the most greatest surah that you have with you? So obey said Allah and His messenger? No, and he didn't want to answer he. Because obviously, this is knowledge that wasn't given to him yet by the process. Mmm. So it's going to be something they, so the Prophet kept on asking him and then he said, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen meaning Al Fatiha. So the prophet SAW Selim.

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He, he patted him on his on his chest and said, Leah nikoline have been Muslim. Yeah, the knowledge will be of of greatness for you, it will suffice you it will give you pleasure. Congratulations for the knowledge that you have about Melissa is a learning guy. So once the prophet SAW Sam brought, obey, and he said, Allah has asked me to recite on to you Sora albina. So he the program called obey, and he sat him down. And he said to him, sort of and then obey said, was a Manny, he named me and he said, me by name, he said, and he named you by name. So obey power law, you know, imagine you're in that kind of scenario. So obey obviously cried from the emotions that imagine a lot of

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dialer tells the prophets I seldom go and you know, get away or read to him this surah specifically, it's amazing. So that's just an example. So when you remember the last one that Allah is remembering you, you remember him, if you remember a lot in yourself a lot remembers you in

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in himself. And if you remember a lot in a gathering, Allah will remember you in a gathering greater than that. So it is a great experience to be linked to a lost pantalla. Through this act, in addition to the many great things that we have mentioned in the book, you can go back to the book and see all the great benefits that come with Vicar, as well. It's something that we should try and practice as much as possible in Sharla. By doing that, we will get so much benefits, the least of which is the reward as so many other things that can be achieved in Charlotte.