Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P15 143A Translation Bani Israil 23-39

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Sunday allowed a Sunni Hill Karim Amma Bazza bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish rashly Saudi were silly Emery wash lunak data melissani A tahu Kohli for Benezia dinner in

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lesson number 143 Surah Al Israa is number 23 to 39.

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walk all and he decreed love Booker, you're Rob Allah that not who you are worship in there except a year who only him

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and then rarely Daini what the two parents if Santa do utmost good, Emma is if you're below 100 They definitely reach their indica with you. l Kibera the old age ahead the Roma one of them do Oh or killer Houma both of them to fella so do not to call you say Lahoma for them do a fin of water and do not then her humor you repel them, you scold them

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and say Lahoma to them to Poland a word Karima honorable, respectful

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wellfield and more Lahoma for them to Jana has wings of them have the humility. Men from a Russia the Mercy will call and say or beat oh my love it handwarmer have mercy on them to come and just as Little Bear knee bet who raised me so the euro as little small

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Robocon Europe LM who is most knowing Bina of what fee is in the foresee con your souls yourselves in if the CO no y'all are solely Hina ones who are righteous for India who then indeed he Ghana he is ever made aware Bina for those who returned to him repeatedly lafora mass forgiving

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or LT and give their possessor a record of the close relationship Hakuho his right on Muskegon and Don's needy webinar and son a severe of the way weather and do not deposit you'll be wasteful. Though the zero wastefulness

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in indeed, l mobile Verina the waist for ones go no they are is one brothers a share pain of the Satan's Organa and he has ever a shaytaan the shaytaan the rugby for his Rob cafetera extremely ungrateful.

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We're ima and if 30 abandon you must turn away. I'm home from them. If you are seeking for mercy men from Rebecca Europe. Third Juha you all hope for it. You all expect it for all then say the home to them colon a word my Surah one gentle

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welder and do not federal you make Yoda your hand Mahala 10 one tight enough to irmo pika your neck. Wala and do not double circle her you extend it color all elderslie the extension the spreading.

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Factor Kuroda consequently you will set Mahnomen one blamed my Surah one regretful in the indeed Rebecca your yerba Soto he extends a risk of the provision Limon for whom Yasha oh he wills work and he restricts in there who indeed he cannot he is ever very bad he with his servants her be Iran always all aware Muslera all results seeing

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wanna and do not Takato y'all kill Allah become yours children has shared the out of fear in blocking authority. National we notice Oklahoma, we provide them with a year calm and you do indeed, Oklahoma. They're killing Ghana. It is ever settled on a sin Kabira great

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honor and the caribou you all approach as Zina the unlawful sexual *. The fornication in the whole indeed it Ghana it has ever felt hush open and indecent act and immorality

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and Sir evil so Biela we

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wanna and do not Takata do you all kill enough sir this

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All Ella T which her Rama he made unlawful Allahu Allah Illa except the heck with the right woman and whoever that the law he was killed Malerman unjustly for God then in fact Jharna we have made Liwa li for his heir so far none and authority fella so do not or should not your stiff he exceed fee in Scotland the killing in Oahu indeed he can uh he was Hmong Surah one who is helped

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one and do not dakara boo you all go near you all approach manner wealth area team of the orphan Illa except bility with that which here it is a son who is best had until Yebin over here reaches a should the whole his maturity were awful and you all fulfill their duty with the covenant in indeed a lot that the covenant Garner it has ever must Gula want to be questioned

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well for me you all fulfill LK let the measure either when killed Tom you all measured was you know and your way then Chris Foss with the balance with the scale I missed the the street or the even

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their liquor that failed on better we're so new and best that Wheeler in result Wallah and do not duck before you pursue ma that which laser it is not loca for you be with it. Anyone any knowledge in that indeed a summer the hearing one bus Hora and the seeing woeful ad and the heart all over Ecuador's Ghana it was I'm who about it must Allah want to be questioned? Wanna and do not don't cheat you walk fee in of the the Earth model her exultantly strikingly concededly

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in Mecca indeed you learn never you tear apart

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the earth one and never double over you will reach LG Bilotta mountains Oh ALLAH in height.

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All very good at Ghana was say you are who is evil in those near Rob Baker. You're Rob McCraw her one detested.

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Then he Cadet Nima from what Oh her he inspired in Acre to you. God book your main from Al hikma the wisdom

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and do not badger you make MA with Allah He Allah Allah has a god other

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than you will be thrown you will be cursed. Fie in Johanna Hellfire Mahnomen blamed condemned muda Hora one rejected one forsaken

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that can keep our head

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get email

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what feels love imagina Looney Mina was Matthew welcome love. Man come on Danny's early on

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have broken

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it up who knows

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Miss miskeen our data savvy anyone did that ad or in mobile theory in Anka

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when a Shelby anyone can shave on your behavior for a while

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love 101

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Goulet and Isla

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have been super nice for me

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call me on

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push here the ingela National Novel zotoh

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level you can

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carry your while Anthropo Ramos Xena in

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Canada he showed

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one I

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said lucky help one on

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one and

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three is on

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Wallah Double

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D me he Nabi lenti XL Daya Do you know what I should

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be lahaie in Dhaka again I'm a school

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with Kayla either give you too much is false you must be there you go for your

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accent we got Weena what are the awful malaise LNKD here

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you can get my school

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while I'm shooting up

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the of bawana

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de la Bula Gulu then you can care less I

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became a

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you know you go a book I mean and hikma while

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