Waleed Basyouni – What Will Change in Ramadan 2019

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The history and actions of the month ofFinancial have been discussed, including changes in eating habits, social events, and clothing. Personal relationships and community are emphasized as important for success in life. Personal support and community support are emphasized, and small steps can lead to small goals and success. The importance of learning to adapt to change and taking small steps is emphasized, along with a new charity program called "hamduLive wa Salatu" that provides educational opportunities for Muslims and non Muslims. The speaker is excited to see results of the program and is involved in various projects, including helping veterans with their education.
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In a hamdulillah in Hemet, who wanna stay in hoonah study who in a store filled ohana with a villa him and Sheree and Pacino Musa Yata Marina Maria de la who Farah mobila who

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was shadow Allah Allah. Allahu la sharika shadow Mohammed Abu hora surah Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Allahu Mehta, Sleeman. kathira am about all prayers due to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is last and final messenger.

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Every year when Ramadan arrive.

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There's one thing I always keep in my mind.

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The Tao Allah subhana wa tada is getting the whole universe ready for this month.

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But then nebby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once came to the companions, and told them have come to you the month of Ramadan,

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have come to the month of Ramadan, a month where Allah subhana wa tada closed the gates of * and open the gates of paradise.

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He opened he opened and widely, which is an indication of the amount of people that they will be forgiving and rewarded paradise as a result of their deeds during this month.

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And this month, Allah subhana wa tada changed the shale beam, which is also another change in the universe. And even historically speaking, when you just think about the month of Ramadan, what happened to it, you will be amazed by how many things have changed in the world.

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It's been said by the Allahu anhu and Abby, that Allah have sundown the Torah to Moses and the bat and the Injeel Teresa to Jesus. And even there is a Koran as a very famous opinion among the scholars. All these three books, the revelation of it happen in the month of Ramadan, or took place during the month of Ramadan

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basically singling a major change happen to the earth and it's also been said that this is in during the month of Ramadan where a Saudi sent an offer in a sauna.

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And in this month of Ramadan change happened and some of these changes can be hard but it caused a major change in the life of the prophet SAW Selim like the death of his wife

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and can be also change that very positive like the Battle of Bethel on what happened as an outcome of that battle, the opening of Mecca for tomeka and the ending over in Africa Rashida for fear Ramadan is to see the you know the Allah and when a little the alarm and died or was killed, and that mark the end of the pinata, or Rashida and Rama bon states started. And states fall like vanilla bass. They established their state and during that Ramadan, Benny omega fee, and Delos their state started in the month of Ramadan, even in modern states like Pakistan and Oman, and you can see a long list of major things happened during this month. Angel loot, which is one of the most

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important battle in history of the of the Muslim in the heart of the Muslim world. Or the toucher, who came and wiped everybody in front of them were defeated in the month of Ramadan, right there

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in a sham

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and also areas where Islam for the first time to arrive, like the East Europe, which is known today like the Bosnian karate, karate, karate, Croatia, Serbia, all these lands for the first time, Islam will arrive and people will accept the religion of Mohammed Salah to you and He will send them even for the first time and that after more than what 400 years plus a proscenium at large, accepted Islam, not inhabited Islam be highly viewed to us by hava Islamic donor. It's amazing. Like when you go to the history that can be a nice actually lecture just to go over some historical events that happened during the month of Ramadan. But all this is not very important. And I keep reminding me

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every year remind myself every year of these things and I asked myself

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Big question. I said, What this year will change.

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And the most important change I always cite is the change that's happened in you during the month of Ramadan. And that should be a goal for each and every one of us every year, you ask yourself, what this Ramadan will change in me, what will change in my life during this month, not just the habit of your eating and your sleeping habit, it should be something even much better than that to be changed. Which is

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I mean, by the habit of eating just the habit of the eating timing, that's, that's what's really changed most of the people, not the eating itself, or the type of food that we eat it just the time when we when we eat. But the point here, what will change in my life?

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What is the area that I moved to think about it we have this weekend, shalamov, and most likely will be starting on Monday. So Sunday will be the first day of towaway, what will be the thing that needs to be changed?

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I need to think and I need to make a decision about that from now, to prepare myself. Because what I'm Yvonne is the whole month is designed in a way this act of worship that we do design in a way that helps us to make real changes in life. And that change can be related to something personal, maybe some character traits that you want to adopt, or you want to get trade off.

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So a character trait that you want to adopt, I want to learn how to be more generous. I want to learn how to be more courteous, remote, respectful, you know, more clear in the way I communicate with people, maybe something you want to get rid of, you know, I need to learn how to, you know not to be hasty. How not to be basic to rush to judge people or not to be judgmental, any whatever, something personal, it could be something between you and your family. You know, this will be a month where I want to work on my relationship with my spouse, my relationship with my family, my kids, my teenager, boy or girl or my child that will have not communicated with for a decade, or a

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parents that have not talked to or visited for years. Or maybe it's about time to return

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what I have taken from people back to them, I have to fix my relationship with my family members.

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Maybe it's about time to pick up the phone and to call and to be the one who initiate that communication.

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Or even about community. Maybe this the month where I will volunteer more where I will serve people where I will be the one who makes things happen and instead of watching things happening in the mustard or saying what happened.

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So this is basically a change in either attitude into something. Even if you pick one thing I'm happy or with the relationship with Allah subhana wa tada you know what this month of Ramadan I will read more Quran. I will come early to the prayer. I'm not going to miss anyone and you're entered into a prayer

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whatever it is, and each and every one of these things, very important, but it is all it takes from you to decide and to plan what will change in this month. Allah subhanaw taala ready for you. And Ramadan is ready for you. welcoming you with an open arm and welcoming you and making everything possible for you to be forgiving for you to be rewarded. And the only thing left is up to you to take that steps or not. And the loss of Hannah to Allah said for good See, you have been kind of ninja and em shiji to hot water. On Takara le chemin de karate Lee de la fille Buhari that didn't live in Ibiza, Salim said that Allah said, Those who will walk, Allah says, those who walk to me I

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will run to them.

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He will run towards you.

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It's amazing. If you if you look at how change happen, and people

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change happen first.

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That basically, you have to practice. So any change in order for it to happen. It's you have to start practicing that change that you want to do. And most of psychotics will tell you that in order for you to develop a habit you have to repetition basically, you have to repeat it about what 21 from six to 21 times.

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You know if you get in the habit from six

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To 21, you more likely will be able to develop this as a habit to make that change permanent in your life. If you 21 days for example, constantly you make sure that you read or before you go to sleep, more likely you will develop this as a habit became became you became consistent on it. Now you have 29 days or 30 days

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of a habit that you can develop for good deeds that you will be involved in it every single day.

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And basically, it helps you and to give you that strength. That's why it is also important in my opinion during the month of Ramadan is to try to make to take advantage of the month, but also to develop certain habit that you can be consistent in these habits after Ramadan.

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Also, among the thing that helped change to happen, that you change your psychology. So basically, instead of saying, oh, it is hard, it's impossible. It is possible I can do it. I'll do whatever it takes to do it, you know, psychologically to prepare yourself for that change. And Ramadan, every time you read and you're going to hear me talking about this, Misha come on and show by him and others, talking about the virtue of Ramadan, the reward of fasting, of praying of all this man Kamara via email or WhatsApp among sama. Ivana, you might know what to say about those so fast and pray during the month of Ramadan for the sake of Allah seeking the word of Allah, Allah forgive all

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their sins, and all these ideas and all these narrations and all these verses that we are familiar with, what are they doing the psychologically preparing you

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to commit to fasting.

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We don't do the same thing when it comes to volunteer fasting, by the way, you didn't hear that amount of verses and I had eaten you remind yourself, that's why it became a little bit hard for you to do the volunteer fasting.

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So that psychological basically preparation come usually before the art before the change take place. And that's something important for you to know. So whatever change you want to do yourself, you have to think about, you have to psychologically prepare yourself for that change.

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Also, one of the things that helped change to happen is that support from outside, so the psychological preparation is from inside, but you still you need that community support, you need the family support, you need the support of the society, in order for this change to be adopted. Let's say someone wants to make a change, and he's not gonna smoke anymore. He needs a support, it helps a lot when there is laws in place to control the area of smoking. You know, when you are living with people who don't smoke, that this basically the the support that you got from outside is so essential. And we see this clearly in Ramadan, how hard it is to pass the six days of Shabbat.

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It is hard, you just finished on the same exact amount of time. You know, he just in the habit of it, but it's not as easy.

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You know, it is hard us telling should come out that day, you know, I really try my best not to travel during the month of Ramadan. Because if you turn them on, you have to make up these days and it came hard to make them up.

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It is not as easy as on one. One of the reason for it, it is that we're all fasting.

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We're all doing the same thing. So became much easier for you. Can you imagine, if you magnify this to many different fields in life, many different areas of community, it became much easier if we are all of us go vote for example. That's why we talk about voting and Bob. We all go you know, in this camp, for example, or to do this project together, when you feel that the majority of people doing the same thing that you do. And that's something very interesting. That's why if you want to make a change, make sure that you surround yourself with people who will help you to make that change a reality in your life.

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Don't surround yourself with people who will oppose and push back when he dedicated Muslim, the Muslim community. Allah Subhana Allah destroyed us very, in a very beautiful way, Kenya.

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Collectively, they support what is good and collectively stand against what is evil.

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Allah Subhana Allah says to us, we'll have Mr. rasa tawassul they remind one another they help one another, to hold into the truth and to avoid and to be patient

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with it.

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it is important when you have all the support, as we say, conquer your fear with what with actions as to take an action to be decisive, to make that happen. You know, hesitation is one of the worst disease, one of the biggest obstacle in front of all of us to make real change happen, because I'm not sure about it. I'm hesitant. I put one foot and one out, you know, take one step forward to step back.

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I was thinking that day

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to a man hikma to shittier feet to beat ctbt Nia could Laila Ramadan

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one of the famous opinion among the scholars that every night you have the intention that you're going too fast.

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She you know, it's not easy. A lot of non Muslim. They said all good. You're fasting and the moment you hear fasting it means I don't drink water. What?

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No water. Yeah, and he can every so many of them. He can accept that. No fasting, no food, no drink, fine. You know giving up coffee, but water, even water? Wow. This is like unbelievable. It's a big decision.

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The only thing that make you do that is because Allah Subhana Allah honoree to do that.

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That's the only reason how many times Dr. Baba Dr. Moosa tried to order me to avoid certain foods. I never listened to them.

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Yeah, and you can tell That's right. So so it is different. When that decision and the order comes from Allah subhanaw taala. It makes the person deal with it in a different way. So what I'm saying is, it is it is a decision that you make every day, I'm fasting tomorrow. It's to teach you to take that decision. And to be very serious about you know what, when said a lot about I break my fast a law, I don't eat

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you very precise, and take that actions every single day for 30 days, or 29 days.

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One of the thing about also making change happen in your life, and to adapt to the change that you want. That you have to feel a sense of accomplishments. A lot of people don't change because what they want to change in their life, something that they will never feel the sense of accomplishment. It is some huge big things, you know, they will move to see the result of it for for what for very long time. That's why they give up quickly. But when you do something and you see the result quickly, you know what good you know, for since we talk about Wait, you know what, I lost two pounds this week. I'm happy you see you keep going that's why you say you know, take pictures and see that

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the accomplishment. It's interesting. That f ROM Yvonne, we don't check carnavon in the day 30. We check it on the line every day at Mr. Carlin Navy says in any law he could lay down every single night of law that he word people by freeing them from Hellfire and rewarding them 10 every single night.

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You've have a sense of accomplishment every single day.

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That's very interesting. And if you take that concept and you adopt this in your own life, that you do things that does you know what small goals small accomplishment or steps that I can grow.

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One of the beautiful thing about Travon that take you out of your comfort zone

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and change must happen by taking you out of your comfort zone.

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Teach Yourself to get out of your comfort zone. My advice

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and shoe for internet Metallica Doom mob COVID shoshan Ultra kill MOBA Li cost the law, the customs and meta word Allah de

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Romero de la answerde roughing yourself up a little bit.

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Because you can't you're not going to be staying and comfort all your life. He's not meaning that I purposely abandoned the comfortable life. No, he wanted to get out of your comfort zone.

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You know, sometimes I need to walk I don't need to ride the car. Sometimes, you know, I don't need to go to the same group of people that I'm so comfortable with. Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Those who push themselves to get out of their comfort zone can accomplish a lot. Those who like to stay always in the comfortable zone. They don't grow

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and definitely I'm Yvonne help a lot in managing your time, which is an essential component for any change that you want to adopt in your life. I asked a las panatela a new Filipino yeah COVID de la semana Akiyama manana for who don't have to do it after

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Medina, ba, ba Ba,

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I have proposed a change for Oman this year for our Ramadan program,

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which is something I'm, I'm interested to see the result of it. And I want to make sure that my community and our community here very aware of and give the support forth inshallah Tada. And that started last year when someone told me, she, you know, when you go on, you have like, one stop shopping kind of style, go to one place, do all your shopping in one place? I said, Yeah. He said, I would like to see our mustard to have this concept when it comes to sadaqa charity. And he said, What do you mean, he's a charity is a very vast, big, you know, area, what of our methods choose the best form of charities, the best organizations, for charities, the best because even the organizer

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can be good and great, but certain project inside this community, or the mustard themselves, can provide an excellent programs and excellent, you know, charity programs that they can supervise themselves. So we maximize our setup. So for example, you know what that is, somebody came here and got so excited, you donate $1,000, then another person can, oh, oh, whatever the $1,000. And I can donate to the other one, or, you know, so what we decided this year, that we're not going to have the whole title Milan, any outside organization coming. And we decided to have projects that will cover the most that will give you the details of the robot, the most important field of setup and

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the most rewarding in shadia.

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And we were gonna put part of our budget of this year 100, or $120,000, which is usually we collect this amount and more, by the way, for the last five years, for the outside companies or outside organizations. So I thought, we're going to do that. But this time, the difference is we're going to make sure that all these topics, all these projects that we're supporting are the most rewarding ones. Like for example, things has to do with education thing has to do with dharwad to slam online on site, how tall none new Muslims num directed to non Muslims directed to poor, and people who are in debt, people who are looking for a scholarship to study even their regular studies to hold them.

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And those people will be carefully selected in that community on the site yet, like, you know, set up by by debt, helping somebody to go to Hajj never been to stuff like that. So we put down our programs, educational programs, so what as well, that it will be as a condition setup, and this part with all this money comes from it. So even if you donate to this pot 1000 or 100, or a 10,000 or a million, you know, you, you get Chair of all this hair

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that's maximize your benefit from your setup.

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And I think that's one of our duties as a religious leaders act as a center is to think about how to benefit to you as attendees to the mastered the most.

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That should be the goal of the mountain. The goal of leadership of any center in my opinion, is to think about how to benefit their community the most and to show them the best way to go to dinner.

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And the shortest way to

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so I asked us to help us inshallah doing Ravana will give you more details about this project.

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May Allah subhanaw taala I would love to hear from you if you have any comments or feedback or suggestions. I would love to hear that as well. I asked Allah subhanaw taala You know what, yokomoto cm in Oman okay me ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to fast and to perfect our fasting during the month of Ramadan and to accept from all of us and to forgive our sins and to raise our level and did not ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the strength, the Eman the piety to fold this month with righteous deeds and to help us to benefit ourselves in this dunya and in the hereafter from the month of Ramadan. allama Villanova

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Idina alarm Overlander What do you Why did you know? Lee now? homina? Pokhara? Pokhara genoma happen Island al amin

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Minato Muslim no Muslim at a minimum What? llama in other gelato alum in no cream no alarm at midnight in the can to simulate it in the Kanto Brahim Mr. little corner to burn economy musalman Kabira woman kathira lm Tavella North Dakota nominal ha serene. Allahumma warham entourage Akram La Ilaha. illa Anta su Kanaka in economy no bonamy a la hum only Muslim in

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law Minnesota Can

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you know Latina Latina Deena wonderful idea done yada yada gelato from a law firm. Karina was it in a tow vehicle but like any other general economic without no yahoomail Jimmy, Jimmy. Jimmy, Mr. demeanor. morpholino licola Hi, I'm Rena Messina Tina v Casa La la hora de la to meet another the Santa Monica Robin and I mean, a Mohammed Ronald Phaeton Juan de no, not the other Gerardo ma la mina been home about and was suddenly suddenly Mubarak and Amina Muhammad Ali. He was the hero

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