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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fear in Islam, including the belief in the word "ran" and the need to act on what has been sent down to be satisfied. They also mention the importance of being a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, or a homemaker to avoid future struggles and challenges.
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If you ask me, where do we stand here, so free of everything around me proudly and say,

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I am a Muslim

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam

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wa, he was so happy he met in Santa Monica to LA but I want to talk about a few verses. Well, one in particular verse that's recited all the time, every single Friday and every single day when you go to the football, you hear this verse, recite it, and I wanted to talk about it for a second and starts off after we say,

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he may not shy on

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Come while

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it says oh, you

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who believe? And that's you insha Allah. If you're watching this video,

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if you're watching this video, then you are among those people who believe. And if you're not one of those people who believe, then you need to go and check out a website called one reason.org. That's one reason dot o RG and you can get some more information on Islam and you can be amongst those who believe. So all you believe, to all I have Taqwa for Allah, what is our

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talk what some people translate that as fear.

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Being afraid of Allah, God consciousness? Well, I like the statement of value in volleyball. The woman who was the cousin of the prophet SAW, I saw them and he said, to always four things said and hopefully not to be fearful of a lot. Right? Now fear is one thing. That's one actual branch of taqwa

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and health melanogenic Well, I'm gonna be Tenzin and you do the things that were revealed, meaning you act on what has been sent down, you act on the Quran and the Sunnah. Many people think that sooner is like way back here somewhere. And the Quran is way up here, when actually they are one, they are one in the same, the whole on the sum, that is the interpretation and the human application of the Quran. So we have to take them both very, very seriously, what a lot will clean and to be pleased with the little that ally have given to you. Because no matter what you have in this life, you have a little it's a little it's not a lot, it's, you know, you're not even if you have the

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capsules in the palaces, it's still very little, because what are the steps that you know you're in the fourth thing is to be preparing yourself for the long journey ahead. Everything is a little if eventually you have to leave it. So tuckaway is those four things in a nutshell, to be

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to have fear of Allah, to obey and to act upon what has been sent down to be pleased with the little that Alas, given you and to prepare yourself for the long journey ahead, when you have to go and meet the last panel to allow you to live in Amna. topo la colo coulomb Salida and to say that word which is straight and to the point.

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You know, when you talk when we talk sometimes we can be very ambiguous.

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A brother will tell you for example, brother come tomorrow at nine o'clock. And you'll say okay, bro, come tomorrow.

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You're not really specific on the time. So that means if you come at 12 even though he told you to come at nine, I didn't say come at nine you did. I say I'm gonna come tomorrow. Be very straight upon what you were saying colo colons and either say that word which is straight and to the point

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when you're addressing someone, don't lie to them don't have this crooked, ambiguous speech where you're saying weird things like, just like things that don't make any sense. Like you'll say, inshallah, for everything. And you know, you're not going to do it. You know, some kids they say, I hate when my dad says inshallah I actually heard that from from kids. I don't like it when my mom and my dad say inshallah, and I said Why? So because when they say inshallah I know it's not gonna happen. And when it doesn't happen, they say, Well, a lot didn't will it to happen in sha Allah means by the will of Allah. So I did a lot of didn't mean for it to happen. If you're going to do

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it, say yes. If you're not going to do something saying no, to allow.

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Why should you do that? What's in it for me if I do that? So you would say, wow, I will have some big mouth. What's in it for me? If I if I say what has been, if I speak that word which is straight into the point

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You know, come on man, Allah will correct your deeds for you. He will make solid in your detail, correct them he will correct something that you did wrong and he will even make better than things that you did right he will rectify your deeds for you. That's one reason why you should do it. Well the filler come nuba come, and he'll forgive you for your sins. And this is the most important thing ever. You could be a doctor in this life, you could be an ex pro wrestler in this life, you could be an engineer or a lawyer or the best homemaker on the planet. But well,

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phones and alima no matter how successful you may be, no matter how successful you may wish to be, and it is good to be successful, not to say that it isn't. But the one who obeys Allah and His Messenger has achieved the highest success that one could possibly hope to achieve. If you are a doctor in this life, one day you will die.

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If you are a lawyer in this life, one day you will die. If you are an ex pro wrestler like myself or an ex pro wrestler, in training, I should say, in this life, you will die. If you are the best homemaker on the planet one day you will die. But if you obeyed Allah and His Messenger sallallahu sallam, you will never die in the agenda. You will die in this life too, but you will be resurrected, entered into the agenda and there hardly been a fear Abba of the Alo

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Valley kleemann Hershey bar they will enter gender they will stay there forever. Allies please with them and they are pleased with him. That is because they had hashish they feared their Lord until next time to come along. For watching and listening a ceremony Kamala