Abdullah Oduro – Ramadan 2024 – Invocations of God #05 Is Allah Sufficient

Abdullah Oduro
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So after Eben Pagan mentions the bad man or he mentions the levels and ranks of His servants and the levels and ranks of the servants in herbal dia in servitude primarily and that which is in the things that they most likely do not like to do for example making will do in cold water as opposed to hot water. He said this is the real situation and even says, he says our hamdulillah Tala well that can fall upon linguine bein in a bad attain venerable D attained he said that there's two distinct differences between these two types of servitude meaning servitude in times and things that you like to do or prefer to do in servitude and things that you do not like to do so making will do

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it with cold water in hot weather is a huge difference than making wudu in cold weather and they're both servitude.

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He goes on to say after the after this Rahim Allah Tala

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from Cana Abdullah he can hardly any vitamin d have to eat and mcru He went for that it can lead eaten our Honkala hooter Allah, Allah Allahu bkF and Abda he says here, so whoever is a servant of Allah subhana wa Tada in these two situations meaning that he is proficient in doing and fulfilling the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala in that which he loves, and that which he prefers not to do, then this is befitting for the statement of Allah subhanho wa taala. At least Allahu Be careful if there is a law not sufficient for him. Meaning that even in both situations, Allah sufficient for me, meaning that Allah and what he has legislated, is that which I use in which I perform because

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that is sufficient for me. And this is very important. The religion of Islam is sufficient for me, what Allah puts in front of me, in front of me, I am patient, in my heart that it did off Balton and it had to be happy. Listen, at rock bottom, I am patient inside, I am okay with it. I am content.

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I also I also don't use my tongue and say that which is not befitting and then also I don't use my limbs in a way that shows displeasure with the law. The three are can the pillars of patients. And also, Allah is sufficient for me that when I do actions of servitude when Allah tests me, he tests me through servitude. I do it in a way that is befitting to olanzapine and with Donna even in things that I don't prefer to do, and I'm conditioning myself to be better at it to where I desire to do it. But in this case, I prefer the actions that I even don't prefer to do. I'm still performing it giving ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada his right ALLAH is sufficient for me. Allah sufficient for me and he

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also says, if you look at ah that's an OHA a bad Well, Houma. So the unknown Mousa Mustafa fear Omar moment Gemma and then he goes on to mention another Kira because Allah said in the verse in the chapter is Zuma verse 36 allays Allahu bkF in Abba, is Allah not sufficient for his servant but then there's another another good or re citation method where he says a bad meaning his servants and then I'm gonna call him says they're both the same thing because the move rather than build off for your immortal moment agenda, so when I say his servants, or when I say his servant, it is the same as saying his sir it is the same as saying servants, right? So in Arabic when you make the possessive

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form of a singular noun, his servant, it is the same as you is using the plurality of that noun that was singular. So his servants is similar to servants, okay? Or his servants as well.

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So let them in Okay, and goes on to say here for the key fire to Tama Malibu deity time and this is a general principle here and this is very important in actions of worship. He says, with complete devotion become comes complete sufficiency. So the level and intensity of your devotion to Allah subhanho wa taala, this efficiency will come with that. So if I'm devoted in my prayer, meaning that I have undivided attention when I am praying, when I'm not thinking about things that will take me away from Allah in his actions in prayer, rather, when I think about those things, when I think about school, when I think about work, when I think about loss of money, when I think about me

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gaining money, I attribute that, that that blessing of money, firstly by knowing it's a blessing, so when I say Alhamdulillah hirable Alameen I attributed to Allah subhanaw taala Razzaq, he's provided me therefore he deserves a hand. When I think of Allah taking away something from me that I valued. He is Al Hakim, he did it with divine wisdom. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. So that is the whole short, that's the intensity, the more you think about it, the more

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Don't you think about those names that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given himself and the attributes that's attributed to them, you think about that more and how it applies in your life. This increases your undivided attention to where you only think of the things and is doing it to remind you, of the creator of the dunya to ultimately be with him in the afternoon.

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So that is when you have this level of devotion, increasing your devotion and actions of worship. And this is not only in Salah it's an anything that you do. When you attribute it to Allah subhanaw Medina, that increases your devotion. And the more devoted you are to Allah, the more the deen of Allah is sufficient for you. Because you realize that level of devotion is what brings you the level of tranquility. The more devoted you are, the more tranquil you are, the more at peace you are. And that's why generically they say Islam equals peace, the level of devotion were being that level of peace because you recognize your purpose of life and why you're doing what you're doing. Most

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importantly, the qualities of the one you are doing it for so the imminent claim goes on to say here when now cuz I'm on NACA and the deficiency the deficiency will come with a deficiency right? The deficiency in your devotion, you will not feel that suffice with what you're doing.

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For money wanted to hold on for the enemy the law woman widget Aveda Danica fella, Illumina Elon Epson, he says whoever finds good, then good for him and whoever doesn't find that then they should not blame anyone except themselves. Even okay makes a slight transition here to talk about the effects of shape on this servant. He says, Well, how old I am anybody who lives in LA sadly I do. He I think I'm so torn and these are the servants of Allah. That the his his enemy has no authority over him. He goes we'll call Allah Tala anybody. They said later they carry him so far in the chapter of hatred. Verse 42. He said, Verily, my servants, there is no opportunity that you have to

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have authority over them. He goes on to say well, Lama anima I do Allah He believes and Allah les Usili more a brother who alayhi wa ala you saw little more and even call, Furby Furby. Furby is the ticket over yonder home as your main event the Coming Home on meclizine Chapter of sod, verse 82, to 83, he mentioned here to him a lot. And when the servant when the when the enemy of Allah a bliss, finds out and knows that he, oh, he will not, he will not surrender his servants to him, nor will he give them authority over them he meaning Allah will not give shaytaan authority over them, when it bliss knows that because of their servitude, he says, What does he say to Allah, Allah forbid, is a

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ticket little we endomembrane he says, and by your authority, I will surely divert them and this is deep. Right now many of us may think we finished the vs. La by the coming home on meclizine.

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So it translates to be that she thought says to Allah, by by your authority, and by your your, your grant nature,

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I will divert them all, except the servants Your servants that are that are sincere Except your sincere servants. But we have to stop to think here Subhanallah This is a nice Nokta.

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Do you realize that shaytaan

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said that he will have influence over

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creation by the permission of Allah. Why is this important? Because it is by the permission of Allah that shaytaan is allowed to inflict upon you but there's a small window of choice that you have to allow that to affect you or not. But when you are in a bad a servant that is sincere to Allah shaped bond cannot affect you because your sincerity repels any satanic influence.

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The intensity and devotion of your prayer repels any satanic influence from thinking about things that will take you out of the prayer. Right? The same thing that you thought about, you remember the Name of Allah, instead of remembering the person that took you away from that opportunity, and further cursing them in your prayer, or thinking about something of what you want to do, after the salon, during the salon, that shaytaan taking you away from your prayer. And that's what he will always try to do till the till the end of time till Allah ticks you off on this earth. But Satan says by the is the ticket and this is important to know with a particular pillar, and that is other

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than Allah subhanho wa Taala predestined that there will be a creature called a bliss that will consistently try to take you off course, take you off of the sit off on the stocking. But what's important for you as a Muslim is not to delve into why Allah would allow this and then punish me to know what's important for you to know is what he has legislated and he gives you the formula for success that when you are sincere in this path of implementing this formula and applying this formula to your life, stay tuned.

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On shape pond cannot afflict you it is a repellent. So, this is a beautiful portion that I am mentioned that it has to sell sort of victory, that as a chain of thought when we first talked about some of the patients and then moving on to servitude and then the types of servitude or the situations of servitude and how when the slave reaches this, that the intensity and their devotion will their reach the level of being, feeling suffice for the last supine with Darla and as a result, Satan cannot affect him. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from any afflictions of Shavon May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that are aware when shaytaan tries to have Wiswell is with us.

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And may Allah subhanaw taala make a sincere tour when that comes, it by default repels him away from us as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah him but it gets

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