Prophecies of Muhammad (PBUH) in the Hindu scriptures convinces Hindu Girl to enter the fold of Islam

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Good evening, Dr. Zucker. My name is Joel and I work here for Emirates bank International. My question to you is, which other religions says that they are awaiting the coming of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him other than Muslim and Christianity? sisters as the question that which other religion besides Islam and Christianity says that Prophet mama Salah Salim will come, sister, besides the religion of Christianity, and Islam, most, if not all, most of the religions that came before Islam, prophesied about coming of the last and final messenger mama Salah Salah. I've given a talk on homeless Allah Solomon, the various religious scriptures, besides Christianity, you also

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find in Judaism about masala Salaam. It's mentioned in the book of Deuteronomy chapter number 18, verse number 18, of the Prophet masala Salam is mentioned book of Deuteronomy chapter 18, verse 19, in the book of Isaiah chapter number 29, verse number 12, is the Song of Solomon chapter number five or number 16.

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That the Old Testament in the New Testament Christianity mentioned the gospel of john chapter number 14, verse number 16, gospel of john chapter 15, verse 26, Buffalo join chapter 16 was number seven, gospel of john chapter number 16, verse number 12 to 14 there are many verses in the Old Testament and the New Testament prophesizing about the coming of Houma Salah Salam since your name is Joel and assume you're a Hindu sister, correct? Yes, I've even given the talk on masala selvin Hindu scripture I can give a talk for a few hours on your mama Salah. So in the scriptures time will not permit me to go and read as just give the references. If you read the Hindu scriptures, the Hindu

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scriptures are of two types. One is unity, the other is shooty shooty mean the Word of God in which you have Vedas and the Upanishads. Smithy is the word of human being in which you have Manu Smithy. You have Ramayana, Mahabharata epics etc. You also the Puranas if it vicia Parana, it's mentioned how we should Parana Baba three conda three a day three shlokas five to eight, which speaks about Homer Salah salam, it's mentioned how vicia para para three conda three a day three shloka standard 27 talking about mama Salah salam, as the militia is mentioned in his mentioning atharvaveda book number 21 number 21 was number six atharvaveda book number 21 number 21 verse number seven, he is

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also mentioned in atharvaveda, book number 20 him number 127 verse one to 14 which is called as contempt subtask contempt means hitting, it speaks about the coming of masala Salama that he will be the Praiseworthy, he will have 60,000 enemies etc. He is also mentioned in reweighed. Book number one, chapter number 53 was the my nine is mentioned as Mr. Which means one who praises in check. mantra number 1500. It's mentioned in Indra jab number two was the 152 years you read chapter 31 verse number 18 is also mentioned in atharvaveda. Book number 20 him number 126 was number one to 14 he is called as Nara Shantha, nerd myth, man person. Shantha means, coming from prashanta

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praiseworthy a man whose praiseworthy if you translate Naresh Anza man who is praiseworthy into Arabic It means a masala solemn he is prophesied as more masala Salam in dragway book number one him number 13 verse number three in dragway, book number 10 him number 64 was number three is mentioned regulate book number two him number two he was number five recommended book number five him number five was number two. He's also mentioned that you read chapter number 20 verse 37, digital by chapter number 21 verse number 31. I can go on and on and on. Mentioning only the references of number salasar mentioned in the scripture due to limitation of time I will just touch on one

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prophecy a little bit in more detail. He's been professor at the Kalki altar. You know when read the Kalki Parana, book number two verse number 579 1114. He is prophesied as the title key author, and it's mentioned there that his father's name will be Vishnu. Vishnu means God Yasmin servant servant of God if you translate to Arabic, Abdullah the father of the name of Omar Abdullah Abdullah

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his mother's name will be sumati sumati means serenity peaceful. If you translate Arabic, it means Amina the name of the mother of mama Saracen with Amina.

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It says he will be born in the city by the name sambala sambala means a place of peace and serenity that is maca. He will be born in the house of the chief of the villager sambala he was born in the house of Quraysh. It says he will be born on the 12th

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to clap at every point it will go on for hundreds of hours.

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He'll be born on the 12th month of mother that the 12th or beer Well, it says that he will be a teacher for the whole of humanity and we know masala Salam was sent to the merciful whole of humanity. It says he will get the first revelation in a cave known as goddess Hera. It says he will migrate northwards and come back masala Solomon from Mercado Medina northwards and came back it says that he will be uni aged upon your qualities. It says that he left for companions talking about the first focal for Russia then it says that he will be held to the angels in the battlefield. You know masilela sort of held in the Battle of bother with angels. I can go on and on talking only about the

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Prophet Muhammad Salah salon. So if you're Hindu, and if you believe in Hindu scriptures, you also have to believe the last and final altara the last and final messenger in Hinduism is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon.

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according to Hinduism, the Kalki Avatar is still being awaited. So are you?

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Is it that if you have not is not aware about it? You said the Kalki Avatar is yet awaited. If you have not recognized the calculator, you're to blame not me. I have given you so many similarities. Now you have to disprove it. You say my Scripture says Vishnu Yes. Father's name, Prophet Mama salasar. Father's name whatnot. Vishnu. Yes, you have to disprove me. Now this has been done by pundits of Hinduism. Hindu scholars have also written this. Now the Hindu scholars are preventing the truth from you. They are hiding the truth from you, you as a logical girl, as intelligent girl who's working in a high post, it's your duty to realize that if your priest a hiding the truth from

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you, we can have a debate with your priest. You can call the doctor of divinity. You know, I've had dialogues with pundits, you know, one of the very famous issues of his anger. He never disagreed. He agreed.

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He agreed with what I said about oneness of Almighty God has got no images, he believed in Prophet homosassa No, he did not accept that the defending because he will lose his following

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the forces Do you have a following? So you have no fear to lose the following. So when I've given you so many references, with giving quotations

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and not pulling a fast one,

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you can very well go and check and verify. But after you verify, do you accept in the last and final messenger?

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Do you Yes. So do you believe in Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Mashallah.

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Do you believe that there's one God? Yes, sir. Do you believe Almighty God has God no images? Yes, I do. So you believe there's God and he has no images?

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Yes. And do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God? Then you're a Muslim sister.

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What do you said is the Shahada in English? Do you want to repeat in Arabic If you want this to? What do you say in English? That there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger. Would you like to repeat an Arabic sister? I do. Okay, I just repeat it and you have to continue Sister, I shadow

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Allah, Allah, Allah ha ha Illa Allah, Allah, Masha

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Allah and Muhammad and Muhammad Abu Abu venison, I bet.

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Masha Allah sister,

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mice, my Salah system a lot of audio. You have joined a family of religion of peace of more than 1.3 to 1.5 billion. May Allah reward you And may Allah grantee Jana inshallah, and believe me Sister decware guts. I feel that Mashallah I really admire your guts more than she should be Shankar Mashallah.

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And I pray that may give you hidayah and may guide you inshallah, and sister if you have any questions, any queries, there are local organizations in Dubai, who can surely clarify misconceptions. To understand Islam. Look at the Quran and the Hadith. They are the best guides. If you have any queries you can even write to the email at Islam at IRF dotnet it my pleasure to reply and do pray from your system.