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The importance of bringing the Quran to the heart and bringing it alive before the eyes of children is emphasized. The use of the Quran in teaching and reciting is discussed, along with the importance of practicing every day to improve understanding. Jesus gives a speech on forgiveness and gives a card to encourage students to visit APAC, highlighting the need for the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa-rat to protect people from complaint and desire for the Prophet to be pleased with the job. The need for the Prophet to be pleased with the job and be pleased with the job is emphasized.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Shara Colombia, de vida de was Javi

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Oh by my dear brothers and sisters, we come to the last of the seven rules of teaching the Quran and that is to bring the Quran alive before the eyes of the children.

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Before the eyes of the students, whether they're children or adults, bring it alive before the eyes of the students. I always say bring Allah subhanaw taala into the class, show the people that this is the live speech of the God who lives it is a live speech of a living God, Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is alive his speech is alive. The Quran is a dynamic conversation. The Quran is something which is alive which we need to bring alive, not turn it into a dead repetition of of lines. Like we repeat poetry for example. This is not the Quran the Quran is not put.

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How do you bring the Quran alive? My dear brothers and sisters, the first and foremost thing to do with bringing the Quran alive is to follow once again the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in a famous Hadith narrated by say the Ayesha Delano Raja lon ha a man went to her and asked her two questions. He asked her he said tell me about the life of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and she said to him don't you read the Quran?

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She said the life of Mohammed Salah Salem was the Quran. There is Allah Salam sera is the living tafsir of the Quran.

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And that is the reason why we must refer when we are teaching the Quran you must refer again and again to the Syrah because the Syrah tells us how this Quran was brought alive by Asana. The man asked her the next question and he said tell me about the night prayer about family of salah and says I just did Elena, she mentioned to him the beautiful as Baba knows all of Surah Muzammil where Allah subhanho wa Taala sent the surah and say the Ayesha Siddiqa Bella. She said that Allah subhanaw taala send the surah and he sent these 19 out and then he did not send the 20th is for one year and she said for one year Rasul Allah Solomon the Sahaba, prayed Rama Lael, they prayed

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tahajjud like it was fourth. Now remember this, that the Surah Muzammil is one of the earliest sower to be revealed after the the opening Ayat of surah Allah and for Salah only became formed during his our marriage, which was in the 12th or 13th year of of his prophethood so for all that period, the Sahaba and Avi Sarah Sarah were praying family and for one year they prayed it as if it was fourth, and it is my belief inshallah, that the sourdough bread with Nabi sallallahu sallam, they never left Campbell after that, they prayed it as if it was for one year, and then they upgraded as it was for for the rest of their lives. Now, what does Allah subhanaw taala say in this surah about bringing

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alive this column, think look about this? Why is Allah subhanaw taala? Why did he send this surah? And why did he make this forgone Salah to pray and to pray ramble for a year.

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I'm talking about bringing the Quran alive. And I'll tell you some other tools also. But remember, we seem to have we seem to live in a tool oriented world. So we have got used to tools. So we talk about this methodology of teaching and that methodology of teaching and using of this instrument and that instrument and this gadget and that gadget, and we forget the main the foundational methodology of Quran is to get the Quran to enter the heart, Islam entered the hearts of people, because of the Quran. They heard the column of Allah subhanaw taala. Remember, the Quran is not a written word, it is a spoken word, it is something which is heard. It is something which was listened. And then

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because they heard it, it entered the heart. The issue of speaking that word, the issue of writing that word down to prayer to preserve it was much later this hour did not accept Quran because they read it. They accept Quran because they heard it and that is why it is so important to keep asking this question. Whenever we listen to the Quran and see what is it doing to my heart. Now see what Allah subhanaw taala said in the surah Allah will human or shaitana Raji Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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i o halmos mila meelo kami Laila.

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Lila nice photo when cosmin Oh, Cali. Oh zero.

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hora de la in

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La koco p in Seattle lately

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in Seattle lately he shadow

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Allah subhanaw taala said,

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or you who wrap himself in garments, como la la la la kalila stand up in the night to pray except for a little time this photo. I mean, of course we know Khalida, maybe half the night, maybe a little less or more hours is la hora de de la Stanhope in the night for the whole night. Maybe except for a little, maybe half the night, maybe a little less, maybe a little more, and then do what, what a little khorana anttila. recite the Quran in a beautiful way in a measured recitation, recite the Quran before Allah subhanaw taala. My brother just asked you to reflect who is asking him to recite Allah in a class, you have the student who comes in those stats as above so now it just

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says reside, what have you memorized? This is the start a new start here is Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla Allah who the one to whom that column belongs, and the student is Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the one who first received that column on the face of this planet and Nevis Allah Salam is being asked by Allah subhanaw taala to say, Okay, now recite, repeat your your lesson. Tell me what have you understood? Allah subhanaw taala knows what he wants to listen to his column. We saw the Mohammed most of us Allah Allah Allah He was Abu salam, who can decide better than the one who received the Kalam who can decide better than the one whose understanding of the

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Kalam is superior to the understanding of every other living being my brothers and sisters. Allah subhanaw taala then says And Allah gives this time for this recitation, this this could have been done during the day. This could have been done at midday, it could have been done at sunset or or, or or sunrise, but no, Allah subhanaw taala says in the night, stand in the night and recite the column of Allah and Allah subhanaw taala then says He is the Creator and he knows he says, indeed, the hours of the night are more effective for concurrence of the heart and done and more suitable for words. In a nutshell the lady actually does is getting up in the night is difficult. We know the

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getting up in the night is difficult, but very truly, it is the getting up in the night is the best thing for you to understand the caliber of Allah and for me, it is very good for discipline. My brothers and sisters, remember I said they have a delana she said that it was after.

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After it was after one year that Allah subhanaw taala then give them rasa Allah subhanaw taala then sent down the last Ayat of the surah where Allah subhanho data, then

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made this into a novel about Miriam will lead into an uphill battle but remember even there, Allah subhanaw taala did not say you can stop doing it. Allah subhanho wa Taala only said you can do as much as you are able to do where Allah subhanaw taala said in Arabic I'm one Agata Audrina toloza la 11 is fo so Luiza one is fo furusato if Amina Latina mark will law who got the rollei 11

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tozo vida de la COVID for Roma dias

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Konami, como de

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una de la buena de la vilardi Juan Juan Lillah wa Haruka de Luna visa de Falco is

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work a masala tohsaka

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Santa Amato pandemonium was a comin do horrendous,

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mean high area tattoo or in the LA Pharaoh

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in Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Jalla Jalla who think about the Sahaba think about what what honor Allah subhanaw taala gave them Allah subhanaw taala says Oh, my NaVi, Allah knows and loves rhinos, Allah knows that indeed your Rob knows that you stand in Salah almost two thirds of the night, or half of it or a third of it, and so do have

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group of those with you. Allah is bearing witness to the fact that Rasul Allah Salamis to pray the hydro at the Sahaba used to create the hydro and Allah subhanaw taala determines the extent of the day and the night, he he has known that you Muslims will not be able to do it.

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Meaning consistently, meaning continuously we Allah knows that we are weak. So Allah says Allah knows that you will not be able to do this on a regular basis forever all your life and therefore will not turn to you in forgiveness. So read what is inside what is easy for you of the Quran. Allah knows that there are among those who are ill, and others, those who are traveling through the land seeking of the bounty of Allah and those who are fighting for the cause of Allah. So decide what is easy from it. Fuck Roma, there's Robin and decide from, from the Quran. What is easy, and then akima Salah wa to soccer musica established this Allah gives a card and then give more alchemy to LA

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carbonara then give more because Allah subhanaw taala then says that give more because this has been beneficial for you. So give more because Allah subhanaw taala likes those who give

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and give more and it is better for you and it is greater in reward because when you will find whatever you give to Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever you give us or the car, whatever you give us the car, whatever you spend in the path of Allah, you will find it with Allah and there it will be better and greater in reward. Will Allah subhanaw taala will give the reward in keeping with his magnificence and grace and then seek forgiveness or start for Allah. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us. Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala in Allah for him. Verily Allah subhanho wa Taala is all forgiving and he is most merciful. Our brothers and sisters, the bringing alive of the caliber

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of Allah is through camel lane is to the hedgerow it is incumbent upon him to me it is incumbent on the Asada to stand in the night and create the hedgehog make it further on yourself. And in that tajo make dua for your students. The student will learn because of your watch the student will not learn because of his own effort he will learn because of the ally, I tell you it is a draw of Masada because of which whatever I learned, I know I know how much of effort I made May Allah forgive me, but it is a draw of Masada is the daughter of my teachers, which comes to my head, whenever I'm in difficulty is a draw of my teachers. And my teacher, the one who taught me karate was my mother, may

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Allah subhanaw taala grant her the greatest of rewards and mela swatara keep her healthy and happy and I'm very lucky. And may Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with her. My brothers and sisters seriously ask ourselves this question and say what is it that we are doing to bring the Quran alive now because we are all addicted to tools, let me also tell you something about the tools by all means use means there is no problem in using the means that we have. So in the Quran, when you are teaching, teach history through the Quran, t geography through the Quran, teach science and ethics and politics through the Quran. For example, if you are teaching the Quran and you're talking about

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the the ayah relating to Riba, Himalayas, show maps, create maps, let students see from where when we say what is a solemn, left his family in the valley of Makkah. We said fine, but where did he come from? He came all the way from fall asleep. Show on them on the map today and hamdulillah we have Google Maps, we have all kinds of gadgets, where we can show people actually, what is that land? Where did he travel because he walked he came through hills and valleys and mountains. What did he move? What were the conditions like during his time? What kind of difficulty must he have been going through? And then bring it today and say what is happening in those lands today? What is

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happening to our brothers and sisters in Palestine for example, that is the place of Abraham la Sierra. That is the value of of the Gambia, that Alaska is the place of the Gambia It is a place of the prophets. Think about this, bring this alive, bring this alive, link it to the modern times link it to modern times, show us research data use models, show them how is it that they can take it forward? What is it that they can do recite the Quran in right my brothers and sisters, this is how the Quran will inshallah enter the soul. And this is what happens when we are we allow the Quran to do this. My brothers and sisters, I invite you and I remind you I remind myself do all of this

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because your teaching is for yourself. It is not for them. Do all of this because one day you will need the Quran to intercede for you not to complain against you, the Quran, the it is not for me or you to become the hafeez of the Quran. It is for us to ensure that the Quran becomes our half is because one day we need that he fossils of the Quran. We need the Quran to intercede for us when we are in our power. My brother and sisters teaching the 100

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Land is not a job. It is a calling. Ask yourself, am I listening? We need the Quran not to complain against us. We need the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam not to complain against us and see the complaint that Nebuchadnezzar Salam will make against his oma, what did Allah subhanaw taala say? What will the prophets Allah say, on the Day of Judgment May Allah protect us from this complaint in Surah Al Furqan Allah subhanaw taala as it were called Rasulullah or have been Tomita. Hello, ha. Cora

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has an kurama Hydra. My people deserted this Koran. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from this complaint of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we want the Shiva Mohammed Salah Salah. We do not want this complaint, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from that. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to feel the glory and magnificence of this wonderful job that he gave us. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to do this job in a way which is pleasing to Him and which is in keeping with the son of his hubby Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam jaakkola Hara wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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swannack Allah La me MD, Masha Allah I learned stuff rucola mana to Lake wa salam ala Alana bill Karim Allah Allah savage may be Rama Amina al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen