Do Not, a Reflection of Do Not in Surah Al Kahf

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hamdulillah in Canada who want to stay in who want to study who want to start Pharaoh? When I was when I'm in Shoreham fusina woman siata Marina de la Fernando de la la Allahumma you build further howdy Allah, wa shadow Allah Allah Illallah Hola Hola, sharika wash Adana, Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad while he was off to be he was a limit Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira. About all praise due to Alon His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment, I bear witness that allows the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger,

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one of the surahs that are many Muslims and hamdulillah charactery site and Friday sort of tilka

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and there is a hadith been reported recommending Muslim to read and to recite sort of the calf on the night of Friday, which is Thursday night or the day of Friday. And there is debate over the authenticity of it, but it is widely accepted and recommended by many of the Muslim scholars. And it's a very well known surah to many of us. And one of the things that is important for us whenever there is something we've been asked to read or to recite, often to reflect upon them. And today I want to just pick one thing in this order, which is the don'ts in the soil, Dawn's la sawtell calf, when I lost my daughter says do not or one this verse that is something about do not do that or do

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not do this. You find one of the basically we'll talk about There are nine of them. So the first one you will see when Allah subhana wa tada said, fell out to Maddie fee him in euro euro.

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Allah subhanho data said after he telling us how they will argue over how many

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persons were in the cat in the cave. They were 457 whatever the numbers, you know and all this debate 4567 Okay. And the eighth is their dogs which number is correct Allah subhanaw taala told the Prophet Mohammed sauce on them. So all Mohammed Mallard is most knowing of their number. None knows them except a few. So do not argue about them.

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Do not argue about them with an except with an obvious argument Illa Mira and baja except with an obvious obvious is it's not about translation, but also the word to me and I'm blah, Hannah, it's an obvious argument. And also a nice argument in a bottle of coffee, and lovely lady Lisa V and Hilda that you're not aggressive, you're not mean. So that's what Mira Avada means Allah subhanaw taala here telling Muhammad sallahu wa salam do not argue about this. And this is something that very interesting that because sometimes we argue over things, and we have really no facts, or we or don't have facts about it. Nobody knows how many of them exactly are there. So sometimes we get engaged in

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arguing over things that we have no knowledge of, we have no facts to back up our claim, and we should not be engaged in such arguments. Also, this shows you that no need for arguing over something that is not beneficial. Any what will make a difference of the order five or six, six or eight? What will be the difference to us? The point of the story is still there. Sometimes we get distracted into arguments that is not beneficial at all. And unless the first thing he's saying you just don't and even he address Mohammed zasada but it's all of us. Even this is about this particular story, but it can apply to everything in our life that we need to learn to avoid so many

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of these arguments, which is waste our time waste our energy and drain us especially in a time of social media and people engage on back and forth an argument arguing over you know matters many times are not beneficial.

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At a gentle be Shakeel ameth Moon from Orion was sin, generally speaking, arguing is something written criticize something negative, something not been praised in the Orion and the sun.

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Only arguing are recommended if it is done by right methodology with the right intention. And not only that, what kind of muscle How long do you have an intercooler see thus I have in the Akash when the Kunal is a wonderful massage

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Mr. Huston Nia hola sila to confirm of setup modality. So no matter human law said that three things that has to be with the right way of arguing, so I argue with knowledge, not with no desires or ignorance with the right intention not to just to show off, not to prove you're wrong, not to pick on you not to, you know, prove my family or my group or whatever, my my, my canvas is correct. And also said, third one, that there is a greater benefit. Because so many times even if your intention is good, you want to learn the knowledge, even if you argue with evidence and stuff like that, but so waste of time

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as no no benefit that is much more important things to talk about. Here. So the these three conditions, if you look at it, it will eliminate so many of our arguments, and I believe that this is also a great advice for us at home. So many times we engage in argument, you know, it is such it's a such a I know in certain age, children love to argue, love to for the sake of arguing why and why what is this? What is that? So make sure that if you ever have to go into that argue with them, to teach them first of all argue is not a good thing.

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And t let's let's make sure that we start from home from early age, you know, debate has its own rules and situations and Manan limited time. But he cannot transfer out of life to be all debating one another at all. And we argue with one another all the time. And if I have to engage in such argument, make sure that you rise your words not your voice.

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Because remember, what truly makes affects on the ground is the rain not the thunder.

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So make sure that you always elevate your argument. You know, you can say whatever you mean but not in a mean way.

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You can always make your point without you know disrespecting the others.

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Number two, which is comes right after it. What are the stiff diffie Minh whom I had an Aveda and Allah subhanaw taala next set and do not and that's the second one choir about them. Among the basically from any one of them, and you don't ask about the numbers or the knowledge of the people of El Cap the story of al Qaeda from them, don't seek knowledge from them. Why? Because they have no knowledge. And that's also an important lessons for us in our life.

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pelegrin Amanda delille Allah Adam jervois stifter nj Rama, Rama. Rama said that's a proof that you cannot ask and seek photo from someone who is ignorant, or someone who has no knowledge.

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It's like, you know, you can do that. And we know that but when it comes to religion, when it comes to Unfortunately, many areas of our life, we don't practice what we know. We go ask and seek advice and guidance from people who have no clue would be talking about. Also, don't ever seek an advisor, or an aura, or a judgment or an answer from someone you know that they are bias that they are filled with hate the odd filled with jealousy. Don't ever seek guidance from someone who follow their desires, because they're not going to guide you.

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And don't seek any knowledge from them.

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The third one, what are takodana Nishi enough? Daddy Gohan Illa Yasha did not say and never say of anything. Indeed, I will do that tomorrow. Except when adding if Allah Who else. So you're not allowed. You don't say I will do this tomorrow. Without saying in sha Allah insha Allah is something to be said about the future, not the past. Because if Allah wills you cannot say in sha Allah, my name is Walid colosse. My name is really long time ago. It makes no sense. You have to use inshallah about something in the future. It's in Charlotte's Friday. It's already Friday, unless you look and I don't know everybody's Friday house, but it's already done. So you can't you can't

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Say that and a lot of people do it, but they don't pay attention to it. But the point is, from a loss of either telling us this, what's the point?

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The point is that you connect your heart with a loss candidate in every matter of your life. No matter how sure you are, no matter how confident you are, no matter how many precautions you took, you still say insha Allah

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you know, the story of Jehovah is a character. He was going to the market have his donkey with him tiding the dog holding the rope and went to the dog to the in his way his friend's son, what are you going he's going to sell my donkey? I'm gonna sell them and make some money today. They said St. shala is in the market there. Everybody needs a donkey and I have it. You know and my

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he went and he could distracted by somebody selling something there. He's planning to sell his donkey get that new thing that you saw. Somebody came in, untied the donkey, put it on a tree, and instead hang it on a tree and a bunch of tree and took the dog. So he came back after. After he got his he looked for his donkey everywhere. He couldn't find it has the rope around his neck and so sad. His headstone as we say is tails between his legs. And his friends told him Hey, what happened? Did you sell it? He said no. He said What happened? You said you're gonna sell it. He said yeah, it was stolen in sha Allah.

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Allah. Now he's saying it doesn't work. You know, it's about the future. The point is, no matter how confident you are about what you think you have, you should always learn to see in sha Allah. That's the ways how love the NBA has it digitally. Insha Allah who saw built on what I see the camera, that's moussaka his salon. It's not in color. Yeah, but if tomorrow, Saturday dooney insha Allah who you know saw Dean that's use of out of his Sam. Hello Miss Allah insha. Allah, me Nene. You know, Lockard sada below or pseudo Roja bellhawk lettered Harun al Masjid al Haram in sha Allah, meaning and we're headed up in Osaka Li. So, he you see many verses upon telling us that this is how the

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prophets, the messengers, this is the etiquette that we should be aware of, and we can get used to it. One of the benefits of this any saying inshallah, it will prevent you from any form of lying, because let's say I'm going to do this in Sharla. And he didn't do it, whatever happened that distracted or prevented you from it. It's it's became not a lie, because you're all said, insha Allah, that's why in when you make an oath, while law he I will do this inshallah, and he didn't do it, you don't need to pay penalty, because you have added insha Allah to it.

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Another, the fourth one, when Allah subhanaw taala said, What are tied to INR can reduce to reduce in dunya. Allah Subhana Allah said to Mohammed Solomon, to all of us, talking about the importance of being surrounding yourself with a good company,

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and good company, start with your spouse,

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your children, your family, your community,

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to the friends, the circle goes bigger and bigger, even outside, like stick with people who are good.

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Be around surround yourself with people who are good people.

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And a lot smarter said to Mohammed Salim and let not your eyes pass beyond them.

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Desiring the dominance of the worldly life

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as a very good advice for all of us is to not only be with the good people, but we don't look to other than them. We don't design even that desire in the heart should not be there. We should fight it. While I sometimes I know it is hard somebody told me it's hard to deal with some of the brothers. You know what, but the audio brothers

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Don't let the ship on drag you by looking for

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because you didn't know where you end.

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And we'll always this summer was been a layup on there's patience there is struggle

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in it. And also the loss of Allah bless you the good family, good children don't just look outside, focus because when you look far away, you never appreciate what you have next to you.

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Also this verse saying, don't be seeking the adornment of this dunion Don't be make it the goal. The goal is not the luxury of this life. The goal is to survive this life is to make sure that you go to gender.

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Then last Mandela said, while I am an alpha male, the Kareena What about the fifth don't and do not obey one whose hearts we have made heedless of our

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remembrance and who follows his desire is one though the dangerous thing you do in your life you follow those who follow their desires and what many of them we have

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a lot of people follow especially online especially no live taking role models who are just people following their desires they have no rule of law and how long they don't follow what is right and what's wrong we follow what is their heart You know, telling them I thought it many definitely Illa haha

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those who have taken their desires as their god, what kind of Emre who furutani Florida Animoto for

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those people who have described to follow their desires that are all over the place, they cannot concentrate, how I noticed this very clear those who follow the desires cannot build anything cannot accomplish anything.

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Those who have no you know, such unique ability to control themselves have a self discipline because following desires as sign of no self discipline

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cannot accomplish much in life. I asked a las panatela and you know, yeah, come in and how in Assam salatu salam al

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Nava Hobart, the fifth, the sixth one, Allah Subhana, Allah said about the story of a cover on most I said, ferratas elmia. And she and her daughter came into the car. He said, to Moosa,

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do not ask me about anything until I make to you, or I will give you information about it first. You know, sometimes we rush to ask too many questions. If we became patient a lot, we're up to the judge wants to question people's, what you need to do, just hold on, wait, on things will be clear, especially when you deal with people have knowledge with people of, you know, expertise with the leaders. You know, just wait until things clear up. You didn't need to judge people quickly and make these accusations in the form of questions. And

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here, this verse cannot be used by some, some people used it to say you with the leaders or the shoe or the whatever kind of leadership you are, it means that you have no opinion you have no objections, you have no way to say to ask questions. That's not the point from the vert the verse and let the commercial vehicle convey it.

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That's not the point. The point is, just don't be disrespectful. Just don't be hasty. That's the point of the verse. Also, there is another point we need to learn. Laser cool. lol mute club besar. In about the nestea. London new cool burrito

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Assad will see the wide the clinical side Oh.

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What Oh, and Mr. Allah will share your message we do matters. And sometimes we think that the only way to learn to acquire knowledge by asking questions, sometimes what you need to do to be quiet. Just listen.

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It's not always about the asking questions. Number seven, lateral thinking even NSE. Yes or No, do not blame me for what I forgot.

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How we need to learn how to forgive one another, how to have excuses for one another. If you have not begun to be held accountable for what you forgot, in front of Allah, what about you? Think about all those excuses for your brothers before you jump the gun.

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seminar number eight, what our total health and human embryos saw. And do not cover me in my matters with difficulty and another word, do not overburden me. And that's very true. There is people man when you deal with them, the overburden you it became such a heavy thing to deal with them. Like every time you know, it became like a struggle just to spend some times with them. Don't have this kind of quality. Don't be so heavy.

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You know, be a someone who was you know, when you are with someone, you're not a burden on the person. As a matter of fact, you're the opposite. Don't ask people too much. Don't put too much Canada on the others. That's not a good quality and unless my daughter said, teaching us through that story not to be like that.

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Number nine,

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Farah to savini. Don't be my friend. Don't be in my company. You know what? That's a great lesson. Sometimes you need to move on.

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Sometimes you just say I don't want you this way. And I'm done.

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Sometimes you have to make that decision in your life. And it became so hard to make the decision if you have to make it with someone who's near to you close to you on it tell some people who have made the decision and maybe they left their spouses

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and it was the right decision don't regret it. Maybe that you did it based on right decision, you know what move on in your life. I want to say to many people that they have broken a partnership in business. You know what, don't regret it. If that was the right decision, move on. Maybe you are broken a friendship with someone, you know what don't don't overburden because sometimes that's the right course of action. I need to move on I need to leave this person behind me and and keep going. If life moves on, we need to learn how to move on to

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you know, you will evolve past certain people. So let yourself grow and past those people and grow.

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And that's a very important lessons for us to learn. Sometimes we keep hanging on to some people that they keep dragging us down, pulling us down you know what, just let it go.

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I'm not encouraging to cut ties with people. No, but I'm carrying that you full, take full responsibility of your life and to surrounding fellow to serve me. And with respect, you have excused. Maybe we just not the best match. You know, just doesn't work. Don't make a fight don't like ruin his life here on your life. Just move on. These are something that I do believe like, whenever we reflect in the Koran you will see how much the Quran can relate to our daily life and our life and can be a guidance for us in so many areas in our life. I asked the last panel data and you Jamil in a big meeting that he always beautiful is with the best of manners and bless us and

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forgive our sins all of our give all our sins forgive our sins and forgive the sins of our parents or family members our brothers and sisters

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the living in the dead and we asked you to protect us and to protect our family and our wealth and our health and our loved one and

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from all kinds of evil

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in this dunya and in the fire alarm amin a llama had you know had you know half you know what for unknown well fertile in our store or you

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could have

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a you Accra miscellanea here you Allahumma

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salli dunya Kabbalah Amina Amina Nara mercy Alana well if I didn't know if you know if I know I could have no other gelato Ekrem Buddha taco and I fell for Lena

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eco until fairly early Dena Amata Allah Mohammed Mahaffey mark, wash for him Rafi me other gelato la mushfiqur de Maria Maria llama Africa Llama Llama Hakuna Matata, Rob bannerghatta Java Peruvian Avila Latina Amano. robina Indiana tuna ELeague

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solomo Salima barik ala nabina Muhammad when he Asahi salami lomita Sleeman kathira

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have my art class about excellence and polls and flaws of manners. Thankful knowledge will shift command 630 on Saturday, and Sr. run them and Luke on zoom 2pm on Sunday journey with the pull on and clear economic center has been designated by Harris County's telephone as a polling for voting center early voting center for the 13th of October from 7am to 7pm inshallah Dallas expecting in October 13. To see guests we organized in a way that they will be in the community hall in this area. And I hope that will be a good reason for all of us to vote this election cycle.

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